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Can you imagine how much more I could accomplish if I knew what I was doing?
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ソーセージは高級なほうが美味いよな http://t.co/sloT0rKLnj
Retweeted by Cam Pedersendrinking with my dad me: we're in Minnesota we should say skol dad: of course it's skol it's got ice in it
@pyry literally boats, you don't even have to pedal themhttp://t.co/cquJXOPZf3just crown dived it was the best
:O http://t.co/9IqlxuWizDi haven't biked or been to the gym all week and i feel like a dirtball :'(http://t.co/QSOHSnDdAX
"Have you dined with us before?" "No but I'm familiar with the concept of restaurants so I think I'll be ok."
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"Hanging at a college" http://t.co/YrHjIteAgy@PeaweeMatt did you forget to defragjust found a song i like and i'm afraid to listen to it because i know i'm going to be sick of it in a weekThe NSA booth's been unmanned the entire time I've been at this conference, so I'm sitting there answering questions. http://t.co/an4S1xzdIe
Retweeted by Cam PedersenArbitrary code execution via fonts on your watch. A thing in 2015. #whatatimetobealive http://t.co/DTD7CdJmsx
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@varikin you can git stash save "message"hold up http://t.co/fEEowSI1N5
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen<3 git stash
I'm working out of a waffle house today, best decision I've made in weeks
http://t.co/1EFgXRwlAyRiding an Amtrak train right now, this is the coolest shit ever
Antarctica from Space http://t.co/B4dLuTCaXQ
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@andytuba @MKEbrewco Litta Bitta!Wisconsin makes good 🍺💃🏃 http://t.co/g9tYodFZwB@jasdev idk man http://t.co/U0NoFDa6On@wlejon takin a train to Minneapolis tomorrow!In a strange turn of events, I've found myself at a gymnastics competition in Wisconsin after 2 hours of sleepThe people on my flight are gonna hate me, I had boiled eggs and brussel sprouts today 😎💨😷Takin off from SF for awhile. May your hoodies zip tight and your bike tires be properly inflatedIf the Sun was scaled down to the size of a white blood cell, the Milky way would be the size of the continental United States.
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jk i biked some more http://t.co/eNz4Q4M9SsLive by the harmless untruths that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen.@twitter please don't debind touch events on iOS orientation change, you are the only reason I lock it. Takes too long to dismiss imagesA reddit bot looks for comments with "flip a coin," replying with "heads" or "tails." It found one in /r/SuicideWatch http://t.co/65Oii4LYoK
Retweeted by Cam PedersenBoth terrorism and the death penalty are barbarism.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersenprotip https://t.co/0ARi2Oori0dankest lunch #protein #yolo #hastag #yum #squatz #booger http://t.co/ULxRHNffw2@markbao I love it but find it hard to justify monthly billing for an ssl cert :(http://t.co/XuuJWdBEYjBruhhhh http://t.co/duZ5YZhOPA
Retweeted by Cam Pedersenwhat a time to be alive http://t.co/JXIv51L2HK
Retweeted by Cam PedersenMe: "Using @sqwiggle, I've noticed that I sometimes look mad. How to fix?" @campedersen: "Listen to this on repeat https://t.co/c7WF1lMUWm"
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@cgallello add ?fb to the url
.@wlejon @elonmusk best thing SpaceX's future Mars missions could do is open source all flight data in real time so all humans can analyzeI NEED TO KNOW https://t.co/oHAz5JUHZpScore! 🚴🏼👌@sfbike http://t.co/AMnpr7NxpXHomemade GPS Receiver http://t.co/2U0t5CxVHa
Retweeted by Cam Pedersensetup for the best buddy cop movie of all time: https://t.co/5c0gqKuRUt
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@frankjpinto such a good burn
Website: ✔️ Scary name: ✔️ Awesome logo: ✔️ CVE-2015-3456 looks legit. Better upgrade! http://t.co/JZ2sJr0H5o
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@quintendf I need it to press caps lock :(
Hell: kinked pinky and no permutation of cracking or stretching will unkink it. Protip me pls?Now that is a tool kit! (A model of one of the five drawers of the International Space Station tool kit.) http://t.co/zVGjZisOd8
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@deezthugs HNNNNNGhttp://t.co/RmEE7j6Ff1
When it comes to warrantless searches at US borders--including airports--laptops are not like handbags, DC judge says http://t.co/WZMCAqr0ZX
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen.@cbsnews @thegrugq lolwutBuilt To Spill kind of day :~)Liberia is ebola-free. I know news like this isn't the stuff trending hashtags are made of, but it is great news.
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As spring continues, everyone in San Francisco will put away their winter clothes and take out their winter clothes
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen*cries* http://t.co/kDO7hKJwEf still uses SSLv3, SHA-1, doesn't support Forward Secrecy, and no HSTS. http://t.co/sSQ8XCR8Jp
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@elliotjaystocks @David_McG and inexplicably has a splash pagehttp://t.co/KaGYiGjsLyi love this https://t.co/syrqonOL8mhttp://t.co/wx6cXQ6h4v
.@imgur http://t.co/hTGEcP0CHSSenators want the U.S. to "blow ISIS out of the water" with "fancy memes." http://t.co/Ei3K9xkN77 http://t.co/EDZo3hYnUB
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@jasdev where did you get hit?@timrannosaurus yes fortunately I am a ninjaGot sideswiped on my 🚴🏼 by a minivan today and the lady didn't even notice she hit me until I yelled "DUDE wHY"😁👌 http://t.co/cpuFevBULv
Retweeted by Cam Pedersenif chewbacca is 200 years old why the hell is he still snort-roarin like a dumbass
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
"Ruling should make clear, once and for all, that the NSA’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone records is unlawful." http://t.co/qXpL8SiFEf
Retweeted by Cam PedersenPentagon credit cards used for gambling, escorts http://t.co/9ypuF1u0zdBreaking news: the Second Circuit just ruled against phone record surveillance by the NSA. We're one step closer to ending mass spying.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@deezthugs heh
there was a pigeon on my fire escape, then i played https://t.co/DtykAsKXap and he took off faster than shadowfax :~)@PeaweeMatt yeah, honestly those demands are pretty reasonable too@PeaweeMatt now they should outlaw tornadoes
2009: “NSA have had the BBN speech-to-text system Byblos running at Fort Meade for at least 10 years" http://t.co/x0hZAGxiKK by @froomkinThis Redditor ingested various illegal drugs and then forever won the Internet for Worst Crypto Idea: http://t.co/ONsDYKN7ze
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@wlejon people are messy/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools otherwise you get an erroneous error that your code signing was borked >:(SMJobBless is kind of infuriating. I figured out sometimes the helper sticks between builds and you have to delete it from
“Dude, can I borrow your phone?” “Sure, just a sec…” http://t.co/BECTMkmgG8
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@Earl_Struggz you can still MBA and work at a nonprofit - also nothing is guaranteed :~)@Earl_Struggz what benefit is there in specializing in nonprofits?@SophiesMagic 😎💨😷@SophiesMagic optimal nutrition! It made me toot too much so I stopped thoughJ'apprends http://t.co/8hGunzzZYN
@deezthugs hnnnng@jasdev is there a good terminal workflow or is this the greenest grass?(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ http://t.co/yoF8yaY16Y@micahflee see Apollo missions
@deezthugs type it into the address bar http://t.co/HcvIYgYzC9
I saw an 🍎Watch for this first time today. No computer has excited me like that for years. It was weird.@twistermc i didn't even know it was possible, THANK YOU!photoshop having a different hide shortcut than every other mac app is so annoying
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