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camEEla cabeYo @camilacabello97 where the free food is

i may or may not be part of a girl group called fifth harmony

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@Uber_LA hi your app blocked me from your app can you dm meGREENSBORO THX 4 2NITE!! last time i was here i auditioned 4 X factor. the girls: strangers, singing in front of people: stranger. who knew?@MTV its the new trend of 2014, spread the word pls. i call it "hunger heels"is this the new trend @camilacabello97 http://t.co/QO45uKUESk
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoi am obsessed with hozierbabe, there's something lonesome about you, something so wholesome about you, get closer to me@VICTORIAMONET_ love you a lot!!!!!!! i'm sooo happy for you πŸ’—if you haven't listened to this, you really should, love you so much @VICTORIAMONET_ πŸ’— https://t.co/uPmmPMqI2a her love was made in chinaIM SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN IM SO EXCITED FOR FALL IM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMASME https://t.co/N6mCYUzviB
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo
when you stop looking for it, that's when it appears@dinahive it's a BeyoncΓ© sandwich@singscabello love you too tay tay"i am restless. things are calling me away. my hair is being pulled by the stars again" http://t.co/QEMnMnngo5pittsburg thank you for last night, it was wonderful!!!!! Cincinnati you were so nice today, love Ohio. YOU ALL SCREAM LOUD AND SMELL GOOD
@5HonTour @julianbulian this is so cuteHELLO YOURE WONDERFUL
I SAW A SHOOTING STAR AT THE SHOW TONIGHT@JordinSparks I LOVE YOU it was so good to see you!!!!!!!!!! 🌚retweet for a follow or tweet #camilachameleonfollowspreein moonman land http://t.co/dK840wA5eVthank you so much for 1.1 million!!!!!!!!!!! SUNSHINES. im gonna do a follow spree in about 10 minutes so you can go get cerealall the broken hearts in the world still beat, let's not make it harder than it has to be
@tfiosobo i will really soonim running out of self deprecating captions http://t.co/Mpcjspz7ZG@Savan_Kotecha good to see ya last night savan!!!!!!!! say hi to genius babyreally proud of myself for not tripping last night *smug grin* http://t.co/qHIeOb8MIJ@ddlovato we couldn't have done it without you, love you so much and you looked beautiful todayINFINITE AMOUNT OF LOVE TO @MTV thank you SO much, (gonna get sappy) it's SUCH an honor, watched the VMA's since i came out of the wombSame, @camilacabello97. Same. #VMA https://t.co/JiMDOykvvR
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo@AustinMahone AHHHHHHHH THANJ YOU πŸ’ƒπŸ‘€πŸŒ€we are the first girl group to win a vma since 2008, and you wanna know why? YOU GUYS. WE WOULD BE NOWHERE WITHOUT YOU GUYS@Luke5SOS thanks so much!!!!!! you guys killed itHARMONIZERS ARE, I CANT FIND A BETTER WORD, THE SHITWHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED
the day has come. text 2 to 22444 to #Vote5HVMAs BTW I DONT HAVE A PERFORMANCE OUTFIT YET BUT ITS GONNA BE OKAY http://t.co/R8szoOmWOHtext 2 to 22444 to vote for us if you haven't, im gonna really try to be cool and not geek out tonight, but it'll be REALLY HARDby the way i see you guys literally busting your balls to vote for us, whether we win or not, i am so damn proud to call you guys our fansTHE VMA'S ARE TODAY @MTV IM SO EXCITED I CANT BREATHEi lost my silver bow ring that i was gonna wear tomorrow :( i might as well go NAKEDnice to finally meet you guys @AndreaRussett @RickyPDillon @MsRebeccaBlack @jennxpenn you're all so lovely and cool, see you tomorrow!!!! πŸ’—
a girl group hasn't won a vma since 2008 holy shit wouldn't it be so historical if fifth harmony won we have to win
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoGet ready for another #1HourOfSilence in 30 minutes! #Vote5HVMAs http://t.co/jNG1pFU6GN
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYohiiiiiiii you can text 2 to 22444 or click here http://t.co/SNAKarESOI to vote for us for the VMAS OH MY GOD #1HourOfSilenceguys ARE YOU EXCITED OUR FIRST DEBUT ALBUM IS FINALLY HERE IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME COMIN #5HReflectionNov17"SOON" IS ABOUT TO BE OVER. YOU CAN PREORDER OUR ALBUM REFLECTION STARTING SATURDAY AT MIDNIGHT EASTERN, NOVEMBER 17TH. I AM SCREAMINGBIG NEWS we showed you the new cover, but you haven't seen the special edition all colored an all.… http://t.co/acO3VPxvHu
@MTV i love you thank you so much, see you UNBEARABLY soonI'm so happy you're feeling better, @camilacabello97. See you at the #VMA, bb: http://t.co/o7SAevCAbc
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYohi. you're right. what about this? #5HNewReflection http://t.co/GMgsjDmhf7@cuddlybutera thank you i love you lotsthanks all of you guys who came to the airport 😩 sorry we didn't have much time and it was a bit rushed, we're late 4 vma rehearsal!!! ILYSM@MALIKSLUTIE i'm feeling sooooo much better thank you lovely πŸ’—THE VMA'S ARE SO SOON ERMAGERD. text 2 to 22444 or click here http://t.co/86gx5lcQ6t to vote please!!! LETS DO DIS SHIZZ #Vote5HVMA
thank you so much for all the love πŸ’— i saw all the trends and i love you all so much, i feel so much better and the girls killed it tonighti missed you guys tonight :( https://t.co/9WwrEkuAlMif you're at the meet and greet i really am so sorry i asked if i could go and try but i have to go into the ER to get looked at :(PHILLY MEET N GREET. im currently in the hospital cause we wanna make sure it's nothing serious and i feel terrible :( please forgive me@AustinMahone YAAAAAAY THANKS πŸŒšπŸ‘¨πŸ’—πŸ’ƒIM SORRY IF IM A LITTLE QUIET AT THE MEET AND GREET TODAY I DONT FEEL VERY WELL :(we needed you then, we need you now. let's do this. http://t.co/TSeHZA995E or text 2 to 22444 πŸ’— love you guys@Savan_Kotecha doing really well SHANKS πŸ’— And you? miss you by the way, i hope we see each other soonNEW JERSEY you were magical. i hope whatever tiring shizzzzz was going on in your life was forgotten about tonight, i love you lots and lots
NEW JERSEY i'm so excited to see you tonight πŸ’— it's gonna be rad@Savan_Kotecha savan i laugh so hard when i go through your tweetsHAPPY BIRTHDAY @ddlovato I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO SO MUCH πŸ’— wish we could be there 😩 have a magical birthday and say hi to the fam πŸ’—@stolenby5h AYYYYYEEEEE LMAOI TEXTED MY EX THE LYRICS OF REFLECTION LMAOOOOO http://t.co/nDCaTpFD7x
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoi called a little girl bobby joe at least 11 times before realizing she was saying Abigail u guys scream too loud at the shows
i KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN I WAS NOT MEANT TO DO A DANCE ROUTINE WITH CHAIRS AND NOT FALL AT LEAST ONCE LOL https://t.co/faidqz6c3mGUYS IM SO EMBARRASSING I TRIPPED AND MY CHAIR FELL DURING THE CHAIR ROUTINE IN BOSShiiiiiiii 🌚 we're working with @DoSomething to encourage all of us girls to be our own BOSS. i'm the… http://t.co/LZFB4VZ0sW@NormaniKordei LOL there were a couple hotel guests walking the halls that are gonna think twice about their choices@LOHANTHONY I JUST SAW THIS OH NY GOD i think we were both freaking out over someoneif you'd like, text 2 to 22444 to vote for us on the VMA's. lots of 2's. https://t.co/NtKkWpfSDkhow i spend my days #Vote5HVMAs @FifthHarmony http://t.co/Q9YA2QZYdM
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo@LOHANTHONY THANKS SUGARLUMPS really really appreciate it πŸ‘½πŸ™‡πŸ‘¨ hope you're doing well πŸ’—losing an earring while i sleep kinda really grinds my gears man@dinahjane97 @drunkcabello what can i say im learning from the best cheenz 🌚
@MTV do they think it's Picasso and then you have to correct them and say it's me? Must be exhausting. HAHA JK I LOVE YOU A LOTI AM SO EXCITED FOR THE VMA'S OH MY GOD @MTVhi i love you πŸŽ€ http://t.co/l3tEn1qcN3@RadGiselle LOL i won't 🌚 nice meeting you today. YOURE BEAUTIFUL DARLIN
BO$$TON. i met someone wonderful with a sign that said and it made me laugh. i love you guys you make me happy thanks for tonight πŸ’—if this picture had a voice it would say in a southern accent "THIS TOWN AINT BIG ENOUGH FOR THE THREE… http://t.co/AyNAMexEdR
@whoranzarry i am marianne Marianne is me@rawrlea AMAZEBALLS. be my friendWHICH 5THHARMZ GIRL ARE YOU? πŸ‘½ you can take this quiz at http://t.co/EWIkxoQmYO and find out. the one that wears the bows is weird though.THANKS @TheVampsband FOR HAVING US TONIGHT. i say we ditch our bands and make one big BAND and headbang and wear ripped tees all the timeNEW HAMPSHIRE you were beautiful. i was really feelin ya tonight. i love you loads and loads and loads πŸŽ€@CHVRCHES i πŸ’— your melodiesthe cabello's newest family member, hi leo πŸ’— my mom asked my sister and i to come up with names for… http://t.co/m1puxjuAQti used to not believe in horoscopes but whenever i read my sign's characteristics (Pisces) i'm kind of tripped out by the accuracy@teencabello it looks so nice!!!!!!! you're one of those people that can rock any kind of hair@alexafloher song of the day is take me to church by hozier bc "she's the giggle at a funeral" is a magical lyric@loislovesariana it's not a party unless it's a banana party@AmandaWaple1 probably a book that isn't about sharks@maria_mcpolin THATS SO SICK I WANT NANDOS@starlitcabello okay!!!! love you too you're wonderful
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