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Created backstage at the world's top fashion shows. We believe in Rock & Roll. Great Britain. And Fashion. LONG LIVE COLOUR!

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http://t.co/jLMb7v4Zca@naatizzle Which colour did you get? x@Kellyblogsalot Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kelly!
@yasmin_east Hello Yasmin, we are so sorry to hear this! Please email mates@butterlondon.com for further assistance.Black & gold #halloween mani to spice up your Monday, from @nordstromalderwood! #manimonday #notd #butterlondon http://t.co/SRu6OYeh4F@NamsFia Thanks, Naomi! Share a photo if you recreate the look - we'd love to see it!@meg_lala Thanks for the love, Megan! <3@JuneNightingale Hello Claire! We have many creme colours, without any shimmer or glitter. Check them out on http://t.co/uN63s2wtET. :)Lovely #autumn nails using @butterLONDON #notd #bbloggers @nailsmag http://t.co/sUYH9bKSyl
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Jump into the Halloween spirit with this spooky mani by Katie Jane Hughes. Get the look here: http://t.co/R4gzdleD6P http://t.co/s070HN08Ol
Just did my mani w/ @butterLONDON Ladybird. I'd call it a perfect geranium red. It deserves a post. #NOTD #love http://t.co/dUAUKbCEng
Retweeted by butter LONDON@TheSilverNail We are so glad to hear that! :)@TheSilverNail Great review, Susan! We love Bric-A-Brac and Full Steam Ahead on you!Colour Crush of the Week goes to @aishers87! Everything about this mani screams Fall. http://t.co/QReoYrBaxTThanks to @butterLONDON you can create the PERFECT Halloween nails in 4 easy steps! http://t.co/8NJDF7zbkl #Halloween http://t.co/KB8u3avtR5
Retweeted by butter LONDON@quephird @AvaDoodles This looks like Wallis to us!
@betheats Isn't she great? Hope you love the lacquers!@rthebreen :) Thanks for all of your support, Rachael!It's a @butterLONDON night http://t.co/vJgpMfwbVr
Retweeted by butter LONDON@lexihatespoetry Hello Lexi, unfortunately the Powder Room Remover has been discontinued due to evaporation. :( Check out our scrubbers!We proudly wear pink. Cheers to all the strong, inspiring women out there! #bLlookbook #notd http://t.co/CnfrwRSjct@Sydney_Brewton Thanks, Sydney! That was the goal. :)@butterLONDON I love how the nail lacquer on the website is sorted by color now! So easy to compare shades!! 😍💅
Retweeted by butter LONDONKiss our jack-o-lantern to win all 12 Moisture Matte shades! Visit our Instagram for info: http://t.co/2bUaa94Ymz http://t.co/UW8iJ6AdMJ
@misscharl Yep, we do! We think you should check them out! x.@POPSUGARBeauty Absolutely! What a gorgeous colour for fall, and weddings! xEggplant nails look good on everyone, especially Fall brides. Right, @butterLONDON? http://t.co/uLuLXFKlvV http://t.co/Kl2dcqKBeh
Retweeted by butter LONDONI can't tell y'all how much I love the @butterLONDON lipstick in Old Blighty. Definitely my new favorite fall shade.
Retweeted by butter LONDON@whitesn1021 Hello Stephanie, we are sorry to hear this. Please email us at mates@butterlondon.com for further assistance.@butterLONDON Cheeky Tinted Highlighter - Instant Cheek Bones as featured in @harpersbazaarus - We love too!! http://t.co/3rah5dh4n1
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What is your favourite part of our new Moisture Matte Lipsticks? #regram from @diaryofatrendaholic http://t.co/JskvqesdxQSeriously can't get enough of my @butterLONDON lipstick!!! New favorite cosmetics!!! #makeup #LipstickConfessions
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We can't get enough of @butterLONDON's Steampunk Holiday collections - so cool with amazing colors - http://t.co/76JBCKOCNI
Retweeted by butter LONDON@butterLONDON 💅💙👸 http://t.co/MmhHyzWlZY
Retweeted by butter LONDON@rafflesbizarre @LukeStephensMUA @Little_Fickle @perksofbeingami Our favourite might be Come to Bed Red :) x
A little glitz and glam goes a long way @butterLONDON #nailart #mlfall15bridal #bridalmarket http://t.co/2gz52Iu8L8
Retweeted by butter LONDONBeauty backstage before the show! #mlfall15bridal #bridalmarket @butterLONDON http://t.co/qdxwEHgbFd
Retweeted by butter LONDON@M_Lhuillier Gorgeous! Katie is so talented!Backstage prepping for today's bridal show! #mlfall15bridal #bridalmarket @KerastaseUSA @butterLONDON http://t.co/MKsxubcn7O
Retweeted by butter LONDON@LoveAnna111 Someone will be in contact if they think you are a right fit. Cheers!Want to win this GORGEOUS Lacquer Trunk from @butterLONDON? Head over to Facebook to enter - http://t.co/WIPXwAWyUA http://t.co/Sz5fXKUK9M
Retweeted by butter LONDON@LittleMsKelseyB Hey Kelsey! They are 6ml, or .2 fl oz. Cheers!
@Pierce1215 We are so happy you love it! xtotally asking for the @butterLONDON Gears &Gadgets Ultimate Trunk for Xmas. xoxoxoxo
Retweeted by butter LONDON@butterLONDON ZOMG. AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by butter LONDONThe Gears & Gadgets set is unlocked - the must-have gift this coming holiday season! http://t.co/AiSj3z3fuE http://t.co/LEGOEfZeSW@AnnKristin0 Gorgeous! x@stylecontext @DreamInLace Thank you for the love, dahlings! xoReveal the ULTIMATE gift for all of your Bezzie Mates! Last day to enter! http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA #steampunk http://t.co/lcVcvR3b6p
A colour for every occasion - the Posh Pout set has been released. Take a peek! --> http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA #steampunk http://t.co/hW1V3jfyR3@EricaChristinaD Dahling and Blowing Raspberries are such lovely shades on you, Erica! x@Skincareluv Looks so gorgeous on you! x@LoveHairBway @Abbie1510 Yes, please! <3You'll find four beautiful lip colours in today's set. Pucker up & enter to win! #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/F6VkBHpYTU
@Sarahnator83 So sorry to hear this, Sarah! Don't forget to "cap the free edge" & use thin coats when applying lacquer.@brittabrow We're convinced it's a healthy obsession. x@butterLONDON NEED ALL THOSE COLORS!!!!!! Not addicted to nail polish or anything... #AddictedToNailPolish
Retweeted by butter LONDONThe must-have set of the season has been unlocked! Shop the Steampunk Ball set now! #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/QLEdkygSFv@GlitterGhosh No it does not :)@HumbleChick1 This is adorable, Crystal! Thanks for sharing. x@Caps_Girl So glad you discovered our lacquers! Which colours are your favourite?@pinksugacupcake So glad to hear this!@nackk92 Thanks for the love, dahling!@KathLeighAnc We love you too, Kathryn! Gorgeous colour. x@justabitofRach Great choice, Rachel. Perfect for fall. x@mstrfrck So sorry about that! We are following up w/ the Canadian team. The Chav mascara can also be found on butterlondon.ca.@BigCityLilBlog Definite yay!Go NOW Reveal butter LONDON’s Steampunk Ball Collection. Visit http://t.co/r4Dn01Yi7r to unlock and win! http://t.co/r4Dn01Yi7r #STEAMPUNK
Retweeted by butter LONDONSix NEW colours, all in one set. You won't want to miss this one. #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/0Izh2BrcWh
@jenn22smith All Hail the Queen <3The Lockets & Lace set has been unveiled! Who will this gift be perfect for? #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/NxJLZY3FqKKatie is obsessed with the colours in today's set! Help unlock the fantasy here: http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/XBXbcX7vsPKeep it classy with today's mystery set. Unlock to win now! Good luck! #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/Il8rvgznzm
UNLOCKED! The Gilded Gears set is revealed. Which new colour is your favourite? #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/gTF0vx6A2uHave you entered to win today's set? Here's a sneak peek of the gorgeous colours! #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/yqEeOHrFzMYou'll find two brand new colours in today's set! Help unlock the fantasy: http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA #steampunk http://t.co/6Xl97ci5xe
Create a sultry eye with the Midnight Gander set from Steampunk Ball Collection! #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/LL3JIKl4xKYour eyes will steal the show with today's set. Unlock and win here: http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA #steampunk http://t.co/bfh4LxwhN0
@bounddreamer We love a gold sparkle tip with Royal Navy. xCongrats to winner, Krista S! Our Gears & Cheers set is now available for purchase! #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/slfw0VjTue@aramisette We can't wait to reveal today's set!! xHalfway there! Unlock more goodies! http://t.co/gnjbVHrqVD @butterLONDON
Retweeted by butter LONDONRT if you're hoping to win today's Steampunk Ball Collection gift set! http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA #steampunk@StyleList Our Hardwear P.D. Quick Top Coat didn't seem to make the list, but it dries pretty "darn" quick! Cheers xHow beautiful is this LIPPY Liquid Lipstick featured in today's set?! Unlock now! http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA #steampunk http://t.co/OtVEus2owPToday's set features a pop of colour for your pout & tips. Unlock & you could win! #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/etLa5jBlCI
The Art of Alchemy has been revealed! Help unlock the next set starting tomorrow. #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/gveiVnUyc0Sneak peek of the NEW colour in today's set! We're less than 200 entries away! #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/yhPHIOq4Sq@ArryinSeattle We're trying to sneak in a few more days of Ladybird before Fall officially comes - it's one of our favourites! xToday's set is all about colour and design. Help unlock & you'll be entered to win! #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/JUpdBkcN9P
The first Steampunk Ball Collection from @butterLONDON has been unlocked! Shop now, and stay tuned for more reveals http://t.co/76JBCKOCNI
Retweeted by butter LONDONThe Clockwork Couture set has been unlocked! #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA http://t.co/QzaPB1uG5w@MinaMacLeod Perfect choice, Mina. Best of luck to you!Unlock the fantasy! Click to reveal the FIRST set of Steampunk Ball Collection & enter to win! #steampunk http://t.co/AiSj3yLEmA
Butter London is like switching from store brand cola to straight up Coke.
Retweeted by butter LONDONWhat's in a name? Get the scoop on the BEVÉE and @butterLONDON brand names. http://t.co/N29jBYRyWc
Retweeted by butter LONDON@thepaintedrogue The collection launches tomorrow! Visit our website to learn more about how you can win a set from the collection. x@aramisette Hi M! The fun begins tomorrow, so be sure to check back to unlock the first set. xUnlock The Fantasy. Visit us tomorrow to reveal the first set in the Steampunk Ball Collection! http://t.co/p4KTx1FuWQ
@IamLauraBradley Love it! x
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