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Mostly nonsense, occasionally stamping out microbiological inumeracy, making food safer, and making podcasts.

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@johnroderick The guy the wrote Peanuts! I love snoopy.
@smoemeth breakfast of champions!
@benjaminchapman @Five_Guys it's "piping hot"
@DentedMeat @siracusa tears in her eyes.When a douchebag is an even bigger douche below the surface: Doucheberg.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@gabrielroth @johnroderick Turns out! Good read. Thanks.@smashedgoods @benjaminchapman @bugcounter augh! comic sans strikes back! it's the staph aureus of the font world!
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerBest handwashing sign ever, @benjaminchapman. #citizenfoodsafety http://t.co/QbtWnmK6GD
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Now to follow up my question with my version of the answer to the question, also phrased as a question.
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerI have, 15 years ago @deborahblum @KSJTracker Science writers & publications facing death threats for covering GMOs? http://t.co/j3B2pRhIrr
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerChyronville http://t.co/VIKXJaGzt5
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@phyllisstein 🎉🍸You know what I find really interesting about what financial analysts say? Not a goddamn thing.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@inthefade what could possibly go wrong?@Aced00d @johnroderick Mandelbrats before Mandel-- Ok, not gonna go there.@bradsucks @johnroderick mandelbros before mandelhos
.@bugcounter speaks to NYT: China, it’s kind of like the U.S. in the time of Upton Sinclair and ‘The Jungle,’ http://t.co/IyT73mbI6I
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@ttscoff Second class for me. But I'm glad my boys stuck with it.@ttscoff Eagle Scout?I'm not an overachiever. I just play one on my CV.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@MacSparky it’s like they don’t even know you.@lukei4655 😔omfg this hot dog dog is celebrating national hot dog day with a hot dog RT @tsunamino: @av And to you!! http://t.co/wJlz2RO9zI
Retweeted by Don Schaffnerwait national hot dog day and national batman day are the same day this year how often does that occur
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@lauraKstrawn @micheletjay @benjaminchapman it's on our to do list to invite @ProfCharlesHaas on http://t.co/wWupqzIkoM@lauraKstrawn @micheletjay @benjaminchapman if you don't mind being thrown into the deep end of the pool: http://t.co/s4U4NZkVsP@danbenjamin Everything’s a fuckin’ travesty with you, man! And what was all that shit about Vietnam? … What the fuck are you talking about?
@ttscoff @hotdogsladies @johnroderick who did the what now? [rushes to his overcast]@papaskitch honestly, it was wash the dishes, make and eat lunch, trim my toenails 😝 ... anyway you get the idea.Hahahahaha hahahahaha “@Kalindaargh: So true. http://t.co/qnz8drJ7ns
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerMe to my wife: Do not do the dishes, a live B2W is coming up and I need something to do while I listen. Wife: Okay, I won’t do the dishes!@FoodRiskGuy @benjaminchapman @LetendreDan details, all details. Seriously, this would be a good podcast discussion.@johnroderick was seventh-grade you as clever as you remember?
@lexfri nope, leftover pizza is one of the safest foods you could eat.It's not like there's anybody that @lexfri could ask about the safety of leftover pizza. 😝 #citizenfoodsafety http://t.co/rt4NOH3PCZ@agendaperson @johnroderick you'll shoot your eye out!@SarahThyre a butt butler cozy?@shmit yup.@shmit or bridges etc. which is the good @drdrang's expertise. Or food poisoning, which is mine ;)Customer service. Nice one, @drdrang. http://t.co/9cahyAuRzjI've convinced @benjaminchapman of the importance of the median infectious dose. Lots more food safety people to convince, @LetendreDanBig Food Is Not The Enemy http://t.co/zRHZcOVTuG #instapaper
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@lexfri @dmoren @notplayingcast Yes! Cc: @hotdogsladies @danbenjamin@barfblog casserole?
∧ ∧ (・o・) (っ / Lノ┘ ∧ ∧ (・o・)っ (っ / Lノ┘ ∧ ∧ (・_・) MOON WALK (っ / Lノ┘
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerAdventure time #citizenfoodsafety http://t.co/kWOcF1x2a8How often do I make chemistry jokes?... Periodically.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@thelancearthur zamboni driver!@ibogost @GlennF it’s a short list as Joe Jackson published in 1982. http://t.co/xo64yakIkD@alyankovic My mom posted a link to Word Crimes on Facebook. *That’s* the true measure on success.@lexfri That can’t be real. You are not wearing the hat, c.f. http://t.co/HJkoxFzrG7@GlennF Burning Pear #removealetterruinabandTwo points re: my new @studioneat ice kit: I need bigger glasses and that chisel is *really* sharp (note band-aid). http://t.co/r36TSKufVzAnd then the long-ago people, in what they would call an “irony”, were finally smothered, buried under their own renewable tote bags.
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerMerlin Mann - Who moved my brain? Still a great and useful talk by @hotdogsladies. http://t.co/CAwgcinK6u@benjaminchapman exactly.@benjaminchapman Alas no, more like how all this shit doesn't work. Over and over again.@benjaminchapman I've convinced an upcoming visitor to spend his time in my lab doing a meta-analysis of all the literature data like this.@benjaminchapman plus I hear Pizza kills Norovirus, right?
@ilhankudeki @johnroderick please write/finish the walking across Europe book first."My only criticism is that Cook doesn’t use the Oxford comma... apt that a man whose forte is efficiency... http://t.co/j0ehtYfGXD@benjaminchapman Always ❤️“Why do the English take our language mess it up so badly?” - @marcoarment on http://t.co/7x2rWFtEbc
“@ALargeRegular: @doctorow @BoingBoing Q: how many tickles does it take to get an octopus to laugh? A: Ten-tickles” for @lexfri’s kids.Nice work @ttimsmith and @hotdogsladies. http://t.co/OfLVauZywo@benjaminchapman You were my 4th follower! Find yours at http://t.co/CX8KhGevkrMy first followers were @thibbs1, @hashtags, and @CupcakesGourmet. Find yours at http://t.co/acYiwl2EyOMy first followers were 'thibbs1', 'hashtags', and 'CupcakesGourmet'. Find yours at http://t.co/CX8KhGevkrPretty sure that’s not a food safety issues right? #citizenfoodsafety http://t.co/nobtGsBiCn
In more “Feeling Old” news, Neil Young was 43 when he released This Note’s For You.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@tsiebertz @benjaminchapman I think Peter Tosh was high when he wrote that lyric@tsiebertz @benjaminchapman It's good for the flu, a good for asthma Good for tuberculosis, even umara composis@tsiebertz @benjaminchapman don't criticize it!@benjaminchapman @tsiebertz Yah mon. Soon come.@ainzlie @benjaminchapman @phijimchan very hard data to come by for anywhere as far as I know.@Fight_BAC @kalikniel sorry, not without the peer reviewed science that supports 20 sec.@kalikniel @benjaminchapman YBA. Yeah Brilliant Agar. Named for Dr. Yeah. Didn't publish much but when he did, he was very enthusiastic.
@knit_wit yeah, posted it on Facebook 😜Anya just wrote this joke: Why did the muppet frog go to jail? He Kermitted a crime. Yep, she's mine.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@knit_wit the only time I listen to the radio anymore is when I get into the car and it’s playing, and I turn it off.@knit_wit like something something Buggywhip.@knit_wit yeah, but why can’t I do it using Skype and my microphone from my office? The fact that radio people don’t understand Podcasts is…@lexfri creepy porn music?@relaxatorium There’s a RotL t-shirt in the works for Cotton Bureau, as soon as Merlin can get John on board (HEY-O).
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerHey look, @marcoarment’s weather app is finally released! https://t.co/nYXsfVbDlJHello world. http://t.co/X3AHxMc7pc
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerIf it's only mild, they should call it perturbulence.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@benjaminchapman "Jersey City", that's in New Jersey.@lexfri you've not have the one from citrus fruit urinating in tandem... Orange co-pee?
Shut up and write Tuesdays. @SUWTues @SUWTUK @SUWTNA cc. @raulpacheco #GetYourManuscriptOut
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerFood Safety Talk 63: The Great One http://t.co/fJ75HqOCZy Pre-IAFP podcast with me and @benjaminchapman talking about rats, meat and more.@benjaminchapman retweeting for for headline alone.Does E. coli persist in strawberry fields (not forever) http://t.co/iF75N6x05J
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@capnmariam 😜@capnmariam on tumblr? I didn't ever get it.Photo: jakewyattriot: I just finished one of these Where’s-Waldo-style splash pages for Ms Marvel #7, and... http://t.co/z8mQ1rylHb
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@danbenjamin Thanks! Saw the other tweet about http://t.co/Lo19x7viMB too. I'm going to check it out. Having fun, but need 100x for 20k.@MikeRoe sorry @BenChapman I meant @benjaminchapman.@MikeRoe @benchapman and I are very happy with squarespace for http://t.co/wWupqzIkoM @danbenjamin@danbenjamin How many subscribers needed before ads make sense?
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