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Mostly nonsense, occasionally stamping out microbiological inumeracy, making food safer, and making podcasts.

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@johnroderick not too ping pong?May you live in interesting times.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@hotdogsladies yup.@benjaminchapman °C for Canada day!@drdrang Don't you think that @KatieFloyd is a little disappointed with all our workflows?Erm. Actually, "Synecdoche, New York" was NOT directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. So.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@KarlVanHoet Karl! I've missed you buddy. How's everything? Neck beard okay? Prednisone dosage okay?@jxpx777 @jaredsinclair @hotdogsladies @KarlVanHoet I miss Karl. Someone should go check on him, I haven't heard from him in a while.@siracusa @freemanoshea 458, 459 whatever it takes.Reconcilable Differences 4: Ohio Intervention http://t.co/cGBMtgeG3M
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@dansturm I suggest a bland, flavorless diet. You won't live longer, but it will feel that way.@dansturm as a wise man once said "the risks of not eating still outweigh the risks of eating"@dansturm Cooking will help with vegetative pathogens. Won't help with spore formers or Staph toxin. If spoiled, cooking won't help either.@hotdogsladies John is helping all of us.PSA: s01e04 of Reconcilable Differences drops tomorrow AM. Please listen and tell your friends. John's HELPING me. http://t.co/JM7MLohjUu
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@dansturm @hotdogsladies not recommended.Happy Canada Day, from your undercarriage.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@johnroderick I think you're thinking of Nørmãłę@hotdogsladies one does, one does.
@danbenjamin trust in Buddha and keep your mic dry...
@hotdogsladies Does it mention poop? Because if it doesn't mention poop it's probably not suitable. So I've heard.Ranking All 50 United States of America From Best to Worst, @hotdogsladies and @danbenjamin, FYI re: number 50. http://t.co/OISfduoYSn
@danbenjamin Not just you. Thank you for verbalizing this. It was making me uncomfortable and I thought it was only me.
These go to eleven.Retweet to spread the word. #LoveWins http://t.co/JJ5iCP4ZWn
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@johnroderick @cal_wexley @Slalom @pike_place pike up baby!
@hotdogsladies @RecDiffs @siracusa "I'm sure I'll only want to use this as my background for a week." http://t.co/6J2KVSnOAG
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See, this is how you build a winning coalition: “@monsters77: @johnroderick for the win http://t.co/4Jr5BIazMF
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@hotdogsladies @drdrang Every Damn Day.
@swilliams @hotdogsladies so what?
Jun 22nd 1990 - @simonpegg's first attempt at the Golden Mile in @edgarwright's #TheWorldsEnd http://t.co/WVYmyyjWoJ
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@insane_irish Weird image. Not too clear. What's the source?@hotdogsladies An hour and a half at that temp? Safe and USDA compliant. http://t.co/B4qGSEd0QI Rock on!Cc: @benjaminchapman https://t.co/JPSgUs8VJu@hotdogsladies be safe.
Expressions of sympathy aren’t enough. It’s time we do something about this.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@johnroderick THEN I’M NOT VOTING FOR YOU* *I do not live in Seattle
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerI’m headed down to the Fremont Solstice parade now to ride naked*, covered in glitter*, to earn your vote. *I will not be doing this
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerFCC restricted time constrained over-produced radio broadcast recordings downloadable from the Internet are NOT podcasts.
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@rstevens naan happening here.@hotdogsladies karma is a bitch, baby.Holy crap. Dan is right. Amazing. https://t.co/apxKf0q4Ir
@johnroderick @kevinbehringer @hotdogsladies at least we can all agree on cheese, right?
@danbenjamin @adamengst @jamesthomson @jdalrymple I have ~1 year worth of data with *me* that suggests its a useful approximation.@xkcdbracket I want to write in @KarlVanHoet !A window into why it took USDA so long to recall Foster Farms chicken as hundreds fell ill - via @foodsafetynews http://t.co/UQDhSW2gqh
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@mbbatz according to @BetteridgesLaw, No.@siracusa @hotdogsladies turns out.
@pogobeta @danbenjamin "business expense"@the_deange epidemic of what?@danbenjamin nice!@johnroderick Dudebri. From the Latin.Times 1000% https://t.co/NAcaPCptF6
@FrankCharlton @johnroderick @VoteRoderick handsome!@benlobmueller @hotdogsladies @jdalrymple Could be worse. I thought I was having a stroke.I Just picked up some Roderick for Seattle merch. You should, too! https://t.co/bAz174XmKG
@danbenjamin @hotdogsladies @natetehgreat Yes to both. Also you were serious.
@benjaminchapman people hear recall and they think "outbreak.@RecDiffs handsome!@danbenjamin please interview @drdrang. @drdrang please agree to be interviewed.@hotdogsladies @_RelayFM So so very good. Enjoying every word.Reconcilable Differences #2 - "Thrown to the Wolves of Puberty" John & Merlin address humanity and military school. http://t.co/Xv8p3cVXFl
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerThe unseen women scientists behind Tim Hunt’s Nobel prize. My piece for @guardian http://t.co/sux0jt8aUV
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@danbenjamin @hotdogsladies thank goodness, I've been worried about you.The Talk Show Live, with @gruber and @pschiller. http://t.co/KtlYmTAJRX
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@hotdogsladies @marcoarment turns out.
@AmyJane i'm in!s01e02 of Reconcilable Differences drops today. In which @siracusa helps me be a less horrible person then deposes me about military school.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@caseyliss @siracusa 🎉🎂❗️➡️ @marcoarment
People who don't think bathrooms are funny haven't thought enough about bathrooms.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@jeffinitelyjeff @imyke, @hotdogsladies talked about the release strategy for @RecDiffs on this weeks B2W.@hotdogsladies @danbenjamin love that @OvercastFM targeted link.Here's a feverish @danbenjamin doing my favorite Back to Work sponsor read of the year. https://t.co/vfBQZrHttE
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerIn the last few days: • @film_girl interviewed @tim_cook • @gruber interviewed @pschiller I like the new Apple.
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerI just bought some culture#like. I'm expecting big things, @hotdogsladies.
@mbbatz @benjaminchapman BOOM!@benjaminchapman Danyluk & Schaffner model, Food Micro 38 (2014) 52-55, says 8 °C gives > 3 log increase in 1 wk! http://t.co/3UAlTgfTMH
Explosive picture. http://t.co/kUS7agnzMw
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@danbenjamin as long as it's not an explosive diarrhea picture.Turns out.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner"Mann liked WATCHMEN movie. Possible psychopath. Must investigate further."
Retweeted by Don SchaffnerRocket: 20: The Hiking Simulator, perspiration quote is by Edison, imagination quote is by Einstein, @siracusa https://t.co/zW9Z16PhIP@marcoarment Yuck. I couldn't ever write it correctly. That's how gross chicken salad is!
@hippo2011 @benjaminchapman hard to say, depends on the other years data and trends over time.@inthefade http://t.co/aXxfoorWYK@benthompson Ah. Yup, the key is to only take a carry on.@benthompson have you considered global entry?Rolled 1xD20, single roll, in the backstage tent. The forces of evil have no chance http://t.co/sAg0rdI6u3
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@ProfCharlesHaas @EPA @Kenwardjr turns out science is complicated.The Charleston Gazette | @EPA says new study doesn’t show #fracking is safe Per the Sci Advisor https://t.co/PJRO2fiW5N @kenwardjr
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@hippo2011 http://t.co/L9HAKWo03k@hippo2011 it's something that I had forgotten. The last time I owned a watch was the early 1990s.Accidental Tech Podcast: 119: Promoretired. This redeems @marcoarment for his love of tuna salad, in my eyes. https://t.co/17cebT89qaVirgin America row 9 is a non-recliner’s dream: you can’t recline, but neither can the row in front of you, with exit-row legroom for free.
Retweeted by Don Schaffneralready said it http://t.co/b8GIeZEQnR “@bugcounter: Curious about what @barfblog and @benjaminchapman will say https://t.co/3FOhiNXXlk
Retweeted by Don Schaffner@barfblog @benjaminchapman Thanks, after I tweeted I noticed @frankyiannas was quoting a 2012 study. Figured you'd have seen it.@LetendreDan @benjaminchapman Not lame. Just a food safety nerd. Like the rest if us.Turns out it's rather convenient having the time on your wrist.@LetendreDan @benjaminchapman because that's a normal thing to talk about at the bar on Thursday night.@benjaminchapman 😁
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