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"Should I wake you up if I get a photo of a ghost?" -Me "Nah, just text me." -@hamiltonnolan #WorstGhostHunterEver #ghostnut
"Do you want a room with a lot of reported activity?" -Clerk at the haunted Crescent Hotel "Yes!" -MeToday marks the 1 year anniversary of Banksy's "Better Out Than In" residency in NYC. Relive that past here: http://t.co/DZ79WLL9BO
Retweeted by Bucky Turco. @AmyKNelson goes inside the 64-year-old time capsule #fail in Brooklyn http://t.co/ctBCfYecb9 http://t.co/mNbXkRwUQf
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoTee from a born again t-shirt shop. @ Eureka Springs Historic District http://t.co/3L99i0VBgSI saw a cow, just chilling, in a small green lake.Has a sitting president ever applied for a carry and conceal permit?@NYDailyNews And shoot laser beams out of their eyes?
Better luck next time guys (@tsa)... It SHOULD be legal anyway. #righteousbreach http://t.co/qpuDo3IyViOh Lordy. Tonight's entertainment. Yes this is a thing that exists. @ Caravelle Theatre http://t.co/qeiGxdAKbYShout out to @Yakov_Smirnoff.I just learned that the Ozarks are the oldest mountain range in the United States. Great trip so far. #Americana #IhateHamilton #WhyGodWhy"@hamiltonnolan: Do you live in BRANSON, MO or Eureka Springs? What should I do there?" This was worst decision of my adult life.Only in the airline industry is emergency seating considered a premium upgrade. #poormansfirstclass http://t.co/Wb3bJrcusf
The way the public perceives the dangers of cyclists in NYC is the new Reefer Madness.@NY1thecall Getting tired of the bike apologists. Stop pretending cyclists r the problem. Aggressive drivers & clueless peds r real danger.@beejoli my brain just exploded: https://t.co/bqGzhL8CSh Unless they're being ironic, this nonprofit should be boycotted and then flogged.@lenadunham I don't know what's worse: You having to be told not $$ people is wrong or your fans now giving you props for doing right thing.Is there a Rosetta Stone for translating health and dental plans? Cause this shit might as well have been written in alien.@AmbJohnBolton Hmm. Good question. Even better. Why do you look like a fictional pirate?Ello is a one night stand who won't leave.@baggingspam That works.@baggingspam Yes.@bpopken Indeed. Lots of tribal bullshit.You will? Gross. #unkosher http://t.co/TraASQGMDD@feckhead @realDonaldTrump Would've worked with two orangutans.ISIS is like a bad streetwear brand -- Supreme? -- that should've never become popular, but did cause wack people didn't know any better.Transit lighting. @ Mrytle Ave-Broadway Station http://t.co/gdNJFLb5yz
@daweiner Ew, weirdo.There are lots of strange things in my family's LI house, but this life size, paper mâché,… http://t.co/VQV7odWCZY“@rachbarnhart: Today is National Drink Beer Day http://t.co/z44ZTqdB2R” Tomorrow is National Bong Hit Day."2 pedestrians killed in separate NYC incidents" via @AP By cars. And yet no NYPD ticket blitz? Imagine if was a bike http://t.co/cpbyJTCFUM@katiebakes I wish I could go. I <3 tear gas. Unfortunately I could never survive a 15 hour flight nor could passengers with my snoring.@MFHATER I wish.15 hour non-stop flight from NYC to Hong Kong. $973My uncle suggests that #OccupyCentral protesters in Hong Kong obtain some gas-powered leaf blowers to redirect tear gas back to authorities.Cop Asks for Man's License, Shoots Him When He Reaches for It - Atlantic Mobile http://t.co/GQX4oSP6yd #WTF #America“@ChristRobbins: lots of really thoughtful stuff at the NY Art Book Fair http://t.co/miSYL50atv” looks like @VICE x OP ad from years ago.“@ANIMALNewYork: Woah. Shit is going down right now between protesters & authorities. http://t.co/eZqEM28IBx #hongkong #occupycentral” chaosTruth: from #Bushwick to #Ferguson to #HongKong. http://t.co/z6l8JVKbqd“@klustout: New symbol of protest: Hong Kong's wall of umbrellas. http://t.co/1pzDsTYPXI? http://t.co/HMybv0QoV4” At US Occupy it was pizza.
Ferguson police tell protestors "You have to move. You constantly have to move" or be arrested. https://t.co/x5bdXfqy2D via @dlatchison011
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoSeems Justin Bieber has got a new job.. As a female mannequin http://t.co/Kc0bZpkkSV
Retweeted by Bucky Turco
Sorry sir we couldn't turn on your uncle's landline because we called the phone that has yet to be turned on & there was no answer. #Verizon"At first we were afraid to take the subway, but then a police officer said we'd be safe." -Elderly women from Alabama“@ANIMALNewYork: Guardians of Punxsutawney Phil Tout Immortal Mascot Mock NYC’s Amateur Groundhog Game http://t.co/1bjs034cX8” @BilldeBlasioInspired by @andylocal's garbage bag-piss story, here's ANIMAL's list of things dogs CAN and CANNOT pee on in NYC. http://t.co/gF2H1BTDuaWhoa @gawker and @ANIMALNewYork offer their 2c on the dogpee/trashbag question: http://t.co/QsbpqbzZwG http://t.co/PpfKHk9IqY
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@petersim Nah x incalculable, exponential digits.I'm so glad I signed up for #ello yesterday. It was such a game-changer. My (social media) life will never be the same.Moment before train operator went to inspect. Apparently there were workers on the tracks & radios weren't working http://t.co/b5mxj8tRSt[mild] CONTROVERSY over these religion-themed Barbies http://t.co/fIKVO7rYB4 http://t.co/TmlKosXnOM
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoGroup to hold a 'police-choking-black people-to-death-is-okay' rally in Staten Island this weekend: http://t.co/0cxME0TBNc"Millennials are a communicative generation, accounting for 689 million word of mouth (WOM) impressions about brands per day" -CMR
Jeter just scored a goal. #sportsnut@Kelly_Salih Lots of newsstands in NYC carry them, which is even more perplexing since shelf space is so limited. Something's not adding up.How does Chuckles continue to exist? Who the hell buys these gooey throwbacks? #askingthehardquestions http://t.co/oW612Fv4Il“@CoorsLight: ...You can’t tell, but the bottle’s wearing pinstripes. #2 #FarewellCaptain http://t.co/dD2mJjbmyL” Pour one out for Jeter?Fun fact: 1 of the founders of Ello is Paul Budnitz, the guy who either helped or ruined the vinyl toy industry when he started Kid Robot.I wrote again about absinthe and I hate fun. http://t.co/aJQNwNxXf8
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThis is the first evidence I've seen proving #MRAs may be on to something: http://t.co/1fM5cNeK07ANIMAL was born out of Soma NYC, a lowbrow art gallery/retail space. Here's an we placed in @Vice for $1k in 2002. http://t.co/iCOxSNoAik
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoGot absinthe? @backdoor_pharma is here to ruin the fun and the romance. http://t.co/DiMSCU9zlu http://t.co/IwpELIsdwP
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIn article trashing our latest action, @ANIMALNewYork gives a great run-down of our past work! http://t.co/eLY2DndRMZ Plus you can comment..
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@brigode Yup. This is a MUST have. HA!@krucoff That bird is dumb and always will be.@realsugarqueen I got you.I was told this was the next new thing: https://t.co/F4rzo1pAh0Wow. According to AP, Attorney General Eric Holder is resigning. Benghazi?“@ANIMALNewYork: Groundhog-Gate: Homicidal Mayor Killed Ceremonial Animal http://t.co/exprxozl3m” First he ate pizza with a fork, then this!
“@mercerarts: The #climatebear....is going to be interviewed on @allinwithchris tonight on @MSNBC http://t.co/klOY1y9991” 👑 #herobear@buckyturco Secretly, I'd make the @CurtisSliwa @GersonBorrero segment twice as long if I could. #funny
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoSecretly, @errollouis must hate @curtssliwa, he's too good of a political reporter not to. #onlythingihateaboutny1 http://t.co/rCS6VrjiClSomeone discarded "the 90s." http://t.co/JNJ3F1wGjK“@ANIMALNewYork: Parting Shot http://t.co/EjlthiQdQS” The dismantling of that Kentile Floors sign def got more media play.@RightOfWayNYC @Scoboco @ANIMALNewYork I just wish everyone -- media, politicians, etc -- would admit this is a tragic but rare occurrence.@KeeganNYC There should be cars in the park or traffic lights. Frederick Law Olmstead would be pissed.“@ANIMALNewYork: Anti-Bike Hysteria Hitting An All-Time High http://t.co/qXxEAmImbC” Screw red lights and ride fast in Central Park.@brianvan All red lights should be treated like 4-way stop signs.A cyclist having to obey a red light in Central Park, when no one is around, makes no sense and is silly.Thanks for sending the most utilitarian promo swag ever @ThatKevinSmith & @worldsbestever. http://t.co/lrJGdLFHL7“@ANIMALNewYork: Walking The Entire High Line In A Minute And A Half http://t.co/tOAGR9e6JP” Wherein @aymanndotcom speed walks w/ steady cam
“@ANIMALNewYork: nice VEW http://t.co/1Rpw49lDUr http://t.co/nPQ6ZNUfE3” I SEE what you did there @mfortki.Bro Defuses A Bomb Like a Ninja In ‘Counter Strike’ http://t.co/fN7xivTdVW via @BroBible
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@buckyturco I'm also really all my apps working at half speed or not at all! #thisworldwillendinincompetence
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@buckyturco my apps will stop working on IOS 8 so needless to say I'm saving a lot of battery power
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoSo glad I downloaded ios 8. Now my iPhone's battery last 4 hours. Great work Apple. #gadgetnutThe @washingtonpost scooped everyone on hero bear http://t.co/3Xfv0ah7fn from Wall St. protest http://t.co/xpAW5ySTHo http://t.co/6lp3PYYQx7
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoRegarding yesterday's #FloodWallStreet protest: Cops > Demonstrators.Great argument about signage in NYC's transit system @bimadew, now please go focus on getting tube trains air conditioned. Thanks. (cc @MTA)Some great photos of yesterday's #FloodWallStreet march by @AmyKNelson: http://t.co/s5WawypuxP“@ANIMALNewYork: Obnoxious Protester Breaks Out Impromptu Song, Becomes Worst Thing At Wall Street Protest http://t.co/R5c1TbqQ1J” 👎MTA control panel. City Hall station. http://t.co/VUqkxaqAJXStraight up refugee status on today's M42 bus. Whatever the max limit is, we've reached it.A clueless @Morning_Joe & just confused white balloon with the helicopter attached at yesterday's #FloodWallStreet protest with carbon ball.
Earlier, I spoke to the #FloodWallStreet polar bear. I spoke to him for exactly 13 seconds. Here him roar: http://t.co/DlfLupBppG@brandonwenerd @AmyKNelson @ANIMALNewYork Dammit, no.NYPD pushing back #floodwallstreet protestors earlier near entrance to Wall Street. (Photo: @AmyKNelson) http://t.co/lZKJe9RFbj
Retweeted by Bucky Turco#ArtistNotebook @shardstylee http://t.co/5n6U9K5NAC http://t.co/JDBxNu4sC3
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoI'm on with @AmyKNelson reporting on #FloodWallStreet march. Follow @animalnewyork for updates. Here's a polar bear. http://t.co/AnmLkBI9NB
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