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Is 2014 the year the platinum album dies? http://t.co/zd6m6Xt0Ig
Retweeted by BrownswoodOut Now: Swindle - Walter's Call http://t.co/jVms0oUOse @swindle http://t.co/G1XNAvxico
Retweeted by BrownswoodBig ups @AnnieMac for showcasing new music from @AnushkaUK @brownswood on @BBCR1 : http://t.co/UFFVOvvRWt #ATOMBOMBS
Retweeted by Brownswoodits 00:54am in LA I'm going to bed... Walter's Call EP is available worldwide via @deepmedimusik / @brownswood https://t.co/A4g5IJcokV x
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.@DiggsDuke: quietly compelling storytelling enveloped in jazz grooves and lovelorn hip hop/R&B rhythms http://t.co/CV9uXTROwX #bandoftheday
Retweeted by Brownswood#nowplaying @Swindle – Summer Fruits (out now via @brownswood) | Tune in right now to #stubruplayground Faisal on @stubru
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There's a Tumblr for everything, right? The inner world of @Lunice revealed by Etch A Sketch: http://t.co/RTpYDkgY28 http://t.co/swbfKPa3UE
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Julio Bashmore featuring J’Danna – Rhythm of Auld http://t.co/fpLmAzR7W3Literally addicted to this record! ♫ Early Riser – Taylor Mcferrin http://t.co/Hv0YxAFJog #NowPlayingAtom bombs, @AnushkaUK's new single is out now on @brownswood, come see them play at the #sundayjoint this weekend. https://t.co/ZQOmiQw0sm
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bounce bounce https://t.co/T8ZuWDchPbcurrent status: coffee + Atom Bombs (NameBrandSound Mix)’ by AnushkaUK on #SoundCloud https://t.co/f4XoWi69Fe
Retweeted by BrownswoodCongratulations to the BOSS @gillespeterson for his "Outstanding Contribution to Music Radio" Award from @PRSforMusic x@FranklinSounds @TaylorMcFerrin i've been sleeping. the best records take a moment to reveal their charms!3rd listen to the @TaylorMcFerrin album - hooked x.@Swindle's three-track EP "Walter's Call" is out next week; stream the full release today. http://t.co/VOgfHPGqPz
Retweeted by Brownswood.@discogs has launched a new database for every record store in the world: http://t.co/wtdaYSwrME
Retweeted by Brownswoodhttp://t.co/B40RxkP5J5FREE @Ableton Training Open Day. 25th Oct ft @MaxWheeler of @AnushkaUK / @brownswood http://t.co/eW3pcJh6ai http://t.co/ZFl1qdCi2W
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danke well ✌️ “@jeroen_alleslos: ook vers @swindle nieuwe ep op @brownswood https://t.co/ZKFNUr9LBE #swindle
Retweeted by Brownswood@DTachedUK @AnushkaUK @Amen_BrotherMCR @PedestrianUK @BluMarTen THIS FRIDAY #antwerpmansion
Retweeted by Brownswood@Defendapack Could we get a contact? Had some issues with an order. Cheers
Follow Anushka to hear the newest bits from them ♫ Anushka http://t.co/CRU5xtjcwv #NowPlaying.@AnushkaUK Atom Bombs Video https://t.co/BOY8yPIUra with thanks to #momentumfund @PRSFoundation @ace_national @deezerukMeet 'Summer Fruits' the third and final piece from 'Walter,s Call' E.p Forthcoming on Brownswood / DEEP MEDi Pre... http://t.co/sBWsELjgki
Retweeted by Brownswood.@AnushkaUK's "Atom Bombs" perfectly defines their "vocal bass music from the future" sound. http://t.co/AN2jFe8Eux
Retweeted by Brownswood@swindle 's Summer Fruits joint on @brownswood just landed in my inbox. current mood: http://t.co/ELr4kQjiCz
Retweeted by BrownswoodHave you heard ‘Walter's Call’ EP @swindle on #SoundCloud? https://t.co/IXwaOmI9z0?We were just cracking jokes that Mary J Blige should do a Mary Christmas album and then realised she already had.too fresh @swindle @deepmedimusik https://t.co/T8ZuWDchPb@huddyluddy @swindle @clash_music YAY!@brownswood @swindle #banger #longlivethejazz
Retweeted by BrownswoodTrack Of The Day... @swindle delivers light, infectious jazz-tinged grime banger 'Summer Fruits'. >> http://t.co/v8ipom0BMo
Retweeted by BrownswoodThe ghetto sound of Lisbon (via @Pocket) http://t.co/vL4Q02lzhL
Retweeted by BrownswoodBrand new track from @swindle up on @clash_music http://t.co/QFBbPnMIAhNew Anushka out today! ♫ Atom Bombs – Anushka http://t.co/MMFIHcW8ft #NowPlaying.@Anushka release their new single Atom Bombs today You can buy it here on itunes https://t.co/9uWZKqyoOzDL "Ritmo sensorial" by British producer @rukaiyarussell and #Cuban #rumba / rap band Los Niches #havanaculturamix http://t.co/oWnQ9TD1Ag
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Big ups @maryannehobbs for showcasing new music from @AnushkaUK @brownswood on @BBC6Music : http://t.co/MCvilhkJyz #ATOMBOMBS
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Today's listening is too much! @AlexanderNut on @RinseFM / @gillespeterson on @BBC6Music & @stjohnsessions on @NTSlive oh my dayyssss
Diggs Duke: Upper Hand & Other Great Illusions (with bonus download) http://t.co/oXlfWl56O4Props to @alexpatchwork for that Glenn Astro tip on the last @brownswood electric comp - his new EP on Box Aus Holz is killer!
Retweeted by BrownswoodNew Releases in World Music #5: Havana Cultura Mix - The Soundclash! http://t.co/JQIcSyQkCd http://t.co/gZtLwYpeMr
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5th album in the #HavanaCultura series coming ! 9 electronic artists+Cuba's finest singers. http://t.co/djjrpSph1I http://t.co/Dzzlw5KG27
Retweeted by Brownswood4th @gillespeterson Worldwide Premiere, @E_W_H's By & Bye (Yoruba Soul Remix) http://t.co/R1vVbKYQFX @somethinksounds http://t.co/IQdNswJWxO
Retweeted by BrownswoodBig ups @maryannehobbs for showcasing new music from @AnushkaUK @brownswood on @BBC6Music : http://t.co/jxtOsavtsF #ATOMBOMBS #6recommends
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@gillespeterson did you watch the Genesis doc on iplayer?FREE DOWNLOAD: 'HAVANA CULTURA MIX' http://t.co/O4rfc49jZ4 via @djmagREAD: Interview w/ Will Ozanne @GangColours: http://t.co/Gg4D1Fzbdn “Invisible In Your City” out now @brownswood. @LuluJames @gillespeterson
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Smash And Grab // Swindle http://t.co/45jsRVfwdc via @wordpressdotcom@gillespeterson @_HavanaCultura_ - The Soundclash - http://t.co/bn6nduOwou @brownswood
Retweeted by BrownswoodCompiling @BBubblers 11 - POW!
@huwstephens smashing @swindle walters call :) YES♫ Smash and Grab – Swindle http://t.co/uFF59ufpcG #NowPlaying@frederictoye @Bandcamp @DiggsDuke sorry to hear this. email emily@brownswoodrecordings.com and i will sort out for you.hasn't @photayy got the best hair in this game?.@Bandcamp store reup! Diggs Duke - http://t.co/s21FBusxQA Danay Suarez - http://t.co/wBbIEMCXS1 - Bubblers 9 - http://t.co/MXfjv4BBe4Brownswood @Spotify Updates and new playlists! http://t.co/4Cux9GSrDI http://t.co/Pkxf8EuKrZnice interview with @AnushkaUK in @HUCKmagazine http://t.co/aVl8oWrYK3Just announced: @annacalvi to play a special show with @heritageorc at the beautiful St John-at-Hackney church http://t.co/kcJxVQ0tNK
Retweeted by BrownswoodListen again to @gillespeterson northern soul special on 6 Music http://t.co/LK6l0k71nxNEW TO PRE-ORDER: Various Artists - Havana Cultura Mix - The ... http://t.co/msdBgOx4GX | https://t.co/9OCr7CKbTp
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Gilles Peterson's Best of Havana Cultura - new music from #HavanaCulturaMix coming soon http://t.co/H3tXhOGX23 #NowPlaying
@radio_coco good night coco! xElectro-soul from @raumskaya - 'U Knew Before' Feat. Daymé Arocena, on @_havanacultura_ - http://t.co/PbkQWFjGbl
Retweeted by BrownswoodTake a look at our available funding schemes here http://t.co/XN5LubKdAq #funding #music
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'U Knew Before' : Powerful vocals from #Cuba and electro-soul from Russia. #havanaculturamix https://t.co/nmLzrKixdY
Retweeted by BrownswoodNews: Gilles Peterson to release Havana Cultura Mix: The Soundclash!: Gilles Peterson’s forthcoming Cuban comp... http://t.co/eddu8nA6dJ
Retweeted by BrownswoodLove playing music to people who love music for the love of music
Retweeted by BrownswoodKick Kick Snare - Anushka: Atom Bombs http://t.co/iicJedEKq0@brownswood @raumskaya @_HavanaCultura_ yeah! Daymé rules!!
Retweeted by BrownswoodFor a quick insight into the history of the @_HavanaCultura_ collab with @gillespeterson here is a good pace to start http://t.co/dANPdjhPMANew track from the #havanaculturamix project U Knew Before by @raumskaya & Daymé Arocena http://t.co/v1UQ17y4ix - sublime! @_HavanaCultura_Big ups @TODDLAT for showcasing new music from @AnushkaUK @brownswood on @bbcr1 @1Xtra : http://t.co/UsEhsmp17k #ATOMBOMBS
Retweeted by BrownswoodWalter’s Call by Swindle http://t.co/TSqcN0nPZJ #Swindle #Radio1 #NowOnR1
Retweeted by Brownswood“@brownswood: Anushka free download: Atom Bombs VIP http://t.co/oYnYAv0oug” <- coming on the next show when it's #allmusic on #tingsradio
Retweeted by Brownswood@TheConstant_G hello how can i send you brownswood stuff?Listen to Anushka - Atom Bombs on @hypem http://t.co/YxZSegeg9XListen to Anushka - Atom Bombs (NameBrandSound Mix) on @hypem http://t.co/CS3Iu4lZ3w
The new @swindle on @brownswood is amazing music.
Retweeted by BrownswoodFor those that don't know I have been nominated for the @MOBOAwards 2014 best jazz act! vote here and RT! Thank u! http://t.co/6PnNDkzTbf
Retweeted by BrownswoodFirst acts announced for the Worldwide Awards 2015 are @TaylorMcFerrin @lil_silva @clap__clap http://t.co/isqbiUEHEq http://t.co/6lm9SIHzaK
Retweeted by BrownswoodBrownswood for Dummies X ♫ Introduction to Brownswood Recordings Brownswood Recordings http://t.co/GcSvAr93Bx #NowPlaying
The Black Opera – Beginning of the End feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow (Prod. by Tall Black Guy) |... http://t.co/7TnXeOfDz0
Retweeted by BrownswoodCaught @AnushkaUK tonight. Great show and some serious pipes on display. You need to hear this record.
Retweeted by Brownswood
Back in the UK for Anushkay tonight at Shackwell Arms @AnushkaUK @brownswood http://t.co/wVYcUQByYQ
Retweeted by BrownswoodUpdates in the Office! ♫ In The Office Brownswood Recordings http://t.co/8t9Ap01UqK #NowPlayingAfter taking Europe by storm this summerAnushka play their first London headline show at the Shack tonight,... http://t.co/c0PHCvcEBJ
Retweeted by BrownswoodAnushka UK tour and free download: Atom Bombs VIP http://t.co/LddWNZZVU8Big ups @monki_dj for showcasing new music from @anushka @NameBrandSound @brownswood on @bbc1xtra @BBCR1 http://t.co/nUvAiLgf3n #atombombs
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Mans in NewYork
Retweeted by BrownswoodNang tunes, nang label, nang nang. Free treats from @brownswood records!! :P http://t.co/7RUZ0RBiIN
Retweeted by BrownswoodDetails of the 2015 @gillespeterson Worldwide Awards here http://t.co/Bu0XvIbula #WWA2015Worldwide Awards 2015! http://t.co/aPMBoy7BRB http://t.co/IiDlGSRb2N
Retweeted by Brownswood.@Swindle's previewed another cut from his "Walter's Call" EP; the piano on "Smash And Grab" is everything. http://t.co/G8j9OfULV3
Retweeted by BrownswoodThere is officially only 1 'Sonzeira: Brasil Bam Bam Bam’ box set left. Who wants it? - http://t.co/6AGedUtqkb http://t.co/ulWHQCPNNoBig ups @AnnieMac for showcasing new music from @AnushkaUK @brownswood on @BBCR1 : http://t.co/2iklnZpQYU #ATOMBOMBS
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@WeRoll2012 hi i only have your french number...how are you guys travelling this evening? Do you want to share a cab?
special guest @ChakaKhan right now with me and Bluey @Incognito_world on @BBC6Musichttp://t.co/B6Is6B5Dqr
Retweeted by BrownswoodAfter @gillespeterson switch over to radio 4 to hear @AnushkaUK on #looseends 💅
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