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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more: http://t.co/n3Sn7vx4w0

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@mercedesny1 @thekenyeung I am honored and goal of life has been met.@brooke @april_conyers @Gawker First Avril Lavigne and the Nickelback dude, and now these two. I hate this world.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@april_conyers @Gawker so true. #truelove #inconceivableI give up on love. RT @Gawker: An American family in ruins: Honey Boo Boo's parents split http://t.co/WknLZGS8R8@jfuentes NO way. Omg that's amazing. How cool is that???!Welcome to the @AugustSmartLock team, @bharatvasan! Read more about his new role as COO: http://t.co/bDkLFTlDu6 via @recode by @DawnC331That is amusing. #leanWhat?@brooke Cringe worthy watching Brooke pimp her soul for these tech CEOs. Lean in, not suck up.. @businessinsider @techcrunch @Valleywag
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@sexworkerslives @businessinsider @TechCrunch @Valleywag please stand on your own not behind a mask. Also U are funny!So many women in the news this AM! @FortuneMagazine's #Broadsheet has it all! #womenindigital http://t.co/K4Rvz61mKi http://t.co/wQq2KsqAxO
@prafter @jswartz guys. A tad dramatic. I get the need for drama but departure is a bit much. He is CTO. A massive job. As is exec chairman.Larry Ellison's new gig: Chief technology officer via @FortuneMagazine http://t.co/unHszUCdrb
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@mlevram @larryellison I don't think you have more free time being CTO....ask any CTO.If I were writing an article on today's news I'd totally make the headline #CTOistheNewBlack #ORCL@BrierDudley welcome to an old old old old played out joke.@brianshall why would u ever venture away from @Spotify.....my crack, my love. :)Read @larryellison's last interview as CEO. Product product product. #CTOistheNewBlack #ORCL http://t.co/gsxkLdvPFf@samfbiddle @jguynn @USATODAY U want to throw your resume in and see?@akwyz just like Evan Goldberg of @NetSuite@jguynn @USATODAY like parents each is a parent. Not a co parent. Each is a CEO. Not co CEO.@akwyz he is a trendsetter!When @jasonamaynard told @larryellison he would miss him on Earnings calls, Larry laughed & said "Oh I will still be on these calls!" #ORCL@adamlashinsky @FortuneMagazine MISLEADING HEADLINE LASHINSKY. CTOs are people too.Larry Ellison: "I am going to continue doing what I have the last several years." From conference call. $ORCL
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@ashleymayer NO question. A kilt with a cashmere V-neck.New roles for Ellison, Hurd and Catz at Oracle simply formalize the arrangement in place since 2010. http://t.co/f0VpQwRABR
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@ashleymayer Then maybe people would read the news correctly. And Larry would wear a kilt!What if Larry quit Oracle so he could go be the King of Scotland?
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@jguynn I was there with u! But remember it was in reaction to Craig saying something first!!!@samfbiddle #ENTERPRISESOFTWAREMADNESS!@brooke @larryellison :) Love it!
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingAnd for those looking for comment my comment is this: LARRY IS CTO YO. #ORACLEGuys @larryellison just became the MOST OVERQUALIFIED CTO on the planet. THAT IS THE NEWS! Pretty awesome. http://t.co/kFV5Cn7TDUScooter Braun and Tiesto Invest in @Splice, a Cloud-Based Music Creation Platform http://t.co/tlBwdA7EwC via @billboardIt's Time To Rein In Shady Small Business Loan Brokers http://t.co/PxH0dZ8RhU via @forbes #Fundera #SMB #lendingNetsuite slams rival SAP in newspaper ad http://t.co/4x1rnoZGZi via @ahess247 cc @ZachNelson @larryellison #WSJ http://t.co/pKplQeUyBjThey say imitation is the highest praise. I agree but I also think it is b/c @cpinfor is in need of new billboards. Cc @netsuite @infor
LA wins this round. http://t.co/XNodvwqhgA@dannygunter thank you Danny!!!!@lazerow email sent!Anyone know how to build a server in Minecraft 1.8? Asking for a friend....Woman sitting next to me on plane began eating a massive cookie. I looked over at her. Then cookie. She offered me some. I took it. #proud@jfccohen thanks so much!! Sadly I'm already on way back to NYC.@taylorbuley @samfbiddle @realdanlyons I think he means Dan who has like a bajillion followers.@samfbiddle @realdanlyons haha I was just checking that out too! Like... A lot.@realdanlyons seriously thank you so much for having me!! It was such a blast!! #INBOUND14Music Collaboration Suite Splice Raises $4.5M From True And DJs, Launches Public Beta http://t.co/Zq7a2W2wP1 by @joshconstine
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingCloud-Based Music Platform @splice Opens to All Musicians cc @smart @scooterbraun #Tiesto http://t.co/mMAvLfRdLp via @mashable@jill_rowley @simonsinek sad to see someone using TED in their bio to validate themselves be so vile & classless. #shameful@jill_rowley @simonsinek so sorry you didn't come see my talk at #INBOUND14 where you could have learned a thing or 2 about Larry and class!"Nope we don't do RFP's. We won't take time away from our existing client" #newwayofdoingbusiness @brooke #INBOUND14 #pressrelations
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingOk if you're at the #INBOUND14 conference in Boston come join the 5 people who will be in audience to hear me babble. http://t.co/4GIjoKZq4T@nichcarlson @om just the Twitterverse seem to be somewhat. I say peter Thiel gets what he wants. People talking about peter Thiel.Forget what Peter Thiel has to say, I question the media who just take his word for gospel and are too timid to challenge his arguments.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingLove that @charitywater is at @HubSpot's #INBOUND14 conference here in Boston. Excited to speak here this morning! http://t.co/JaYUkprt8Q@socialtraveler wow why cancelled???Yet another jewel in the crown of @Mariobatali empire. The @nytimes looks at Brooks Headley, @DelPosto's pastry chef. http://t.co/PSNV1PxCfTI took the shuttle from NYC to DC last week. Today to Boston. Confirming the fact that I'm an alien and Blackberries still exist. #NYCgirl
Cannot say this enough. Don't have credit card debt. Pay it off every 30 days like @mcuban says. http://t.co/9RkzrxDaXy#BabyGosling #TheWorldWeepsL'Oreal Retools Online Shopping Cart Thanks to Digital Mentorship Effort #womenindigital http://t.co/eMthtzalQtThis is terrible and everyone should be ashamed. Clear Channel changes its name to iHeartMedia http://t.co/nOc1RA1Nev
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@kevinroose @Wealthfront YOU.Hey financial media. STOP USING the term "ROBO-ADVISOR". At least w/@Wealthfront. You are wrong. http://t.co/GA3tSBfClCI was riveted by this part of the @tim_cook interview. He was passionate & blunt around privacy issues. #Apple http://t.co/VwPNz9NXkFI am listening to a lot of @ThePiercesMusic right now and frankly, you should too. http://t.co/WdZ2aW9aXVI've long given to @charitywater thx to intro by @brooke, but saw @scottharrison last night & was so impressed. Great biz model, great work.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@rstephens YEP. The parsley os for the bad breath!No denying it. I've become THAT girl. #spoileddog #NYCpuppy #kale #parsley #enzymes #fishoil #sorrynotsorry http://t.co/CJo0C84F74
This is my niece. Sort of my sister but really like my child. She's a star. She hates attention @haleyhammerling http://t.co/0jOlNBNUKT#mustreads from other sites: Hey, CMO: Larry Ellison and Oracle Want Your Business / by @Kantrowitz / http://t.co/CQ3g0zQwLB
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingHonored to be on this list. More honored to work w/everyone @BrewPR! 20 Entrepreneurs Shaking Up NY's Tech Scene http://t.co/WEPxN9XQvXMOST important news this afternoon. Tom Selleckat http://t.co/Q4vzHKqQOqGuys I know you thought it was impossible for @robinthicke to more of a douche. Erroneous -> http://t.co/Cem6WdzDGrIt is a really big deal when Larry Ellison spends his time to talk marketing tech and Oracle's plans to win there. http://t.co/Q6YXcrBIAD
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingMet up with Larry Ellison at his home in CA earlier this month. Here's what we spoke about: http://t.co/nte93uVtvW http://t.co/zw86tRg4qw
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWhy parents are raising their kids on Minecraft http://t.co/pNBLvjA8YW via @vergeBest cover. EVER. #LarryLovesYou #Oracle #marketingcloud #AdAge http://t.co/mwBxcxwBtYLarry Ellison strategic vision on @AdAge cover: "Hey CMO: Larry Ellison and Oracle Want Your Business" http://t.co/R07v7zZM2r by @Kantrowitz
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingOh hey did you see @AdAge has a killer interview with Larry Ellison? Larry talking to CMOs. #CMO #Cloud #Oracle http://t.co/Ihf4H1fKQA
@IanGertler @garyvee twas a busy week.@brooke ;) http://t.co/TKhbD39jeQ
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@benparr @garyvee wait I'm confused. #MissAmerica is fashion?I'm so confused. @garyvee is a #MissAmerica judge?
New blog post! Check out what the @spotifyartists team has been listening to this week: http://t.co/DytGiqFXrH
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingBridging the divide! http://t.co/Ye6bK1QzO8
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling
Martha Stewart seems really nice. The kind of nice where houses fall on them in the land of Oz. #wicked http://t.co/7kP1mooZtdBut then you take a cab & the driver has 1010 WINS on at full volume & won't turn it down which is the stuff of nightmares. Uber wins.Four people who like computers - building and coding them, on occasion. @waltmossberg @KatieBoehret @brooke @teamkano http://t.co/zAivnk2Shr
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingNOOOO RT @danprimack: Sorry hipsters, kale is genetically-modified food. http://t.co/1cShtsYwm0@danprimack way to ruin a day.@pkafka u should follow more people than just me Kafka.@SyncBP @Uber no all good. Still love uber just encountering these issues on regular basis.If I type in my actual address but driver relies on inaccurate GPS coordinates anyway what's the point? Too many GPS fails lately. Cc @uberDear @Uber. 2 things. When u say car is 2 mins away, I order and then it says 13 mins this isn't ideal. 2nd...@supaspoida I do I do. Just wish there was a magical and fast way.I wish I could start over on Facebook with the whole friend situation. I didn't know how to edit way back when. #thisis40My fave weekly playlist on Spotify is by @Roystonlangdon Roy's Top Twenty This Week Royston Langdon on #Spohttp://t.co/IT3ZoUVCOmLesson in this. Always have cash. Always. #paper
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