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Brian Dukes @briandukes St Louis, MO

I am a web developer working for @EngageSoftware, developing websites on the DNN Platform (a DNN MVP). I also serve Jesus at @LightTheCity.

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Microsoft unleashes 'Settlers of Catan' on the web http://t.co/mmWb53jpxM
Retweeted by Brian Dukes[blog post from last year] Why I argue that 20-minute tech talks (conferences, meetups, etc) are better for everyone: http://t.co/jdTuJyzDWK
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Open Source !== I work for you for free Open Source === everyone contributes
Retweeted by Brian DukesReally liked the ideas presented in this article "Using Knockout For Progressive Enhancement" http://t.co/7MLRgp94iW
Talking about the 'mobile' part of your business will be as meaningful as talking about the 'digital' part of your business
Retweeted by Brian Dukes"Scratch your own itch. Find a simple bug that affects you & see if you can fix it," @jbrinkman via #DNN Comm. Blog, http://t.co/UvO3vWxmg9
Retweeted by Brian DukesIE: Sheep for wheat, anyone? Internet Explorer releases preview of new social Catan web experience for free pl... http://t.co/mjVQJKzw4x
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Protip: If you file an issue on github, look at the formatting and learn to use markdown if you don't know how to… #oss #github
Retweeted by Brian Dukeswhere in my experience conventions are bike shedding preventers, and standards establishers
Retweeted by Brian Dukescommon misconception on conventions is that it's all too much magic, and DRY gone mad
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Practical code examples for each of the main use cases for responsive images: http://t.co/rq2lbaFvXh
Retweeted by Brian DukesWhoa. Opera’s how-to on responsive images (by @andreasbovens) is very, *very* good: http://t.co/HADJOMejFM
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Interested in early access to upcoming features in GitHub for Windows? Reply with your GitHub handle to join our beta program. #ghfw
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@irobinson Cool, thanks :-) @jSheely
@jSheely Thanks Jon :-)#DNNCon Is Back In Florida This Fall! Save The Date! http://t.co/5aTfpNiRo7
Retweeted by Brian Dukeslove a #bible without all the extra RT @chuckcbaker: This is the first kickstarter Ive ever legitimately considered. https://t.co/ue3fnoHptw@irobinson we're looking at monitor arms for the new office, and wondered if you have brands/types that you recommend or dislike… any tips?
✽ Inheriting box-sizing Probably Slightly Better Best-Practice :: http://t.co/FDdLkMIhrS
Retweeted by Brian DukesdotPeek 1.2 RTM is here, now working as a symbol server and generating PDB files: http://t.co/DWpFkjhkoE
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iTerm 2 2.0 is out! New toolbelt with paste history, jobs, notes, action triggers & more: http://t.co/uXqs81klsX <3 http://t.co/28RonGw2h9
Retweeted by Brian DukesReminder that my book Human JavaScript is now available to read online in its entirety: http://t.co/6RBGt94a3C
Retweeted by Brian Dukes.@Shadkmusic's Flying Colours has made the #Polaris2014 #Shortlist
Retweeted by Brian DukesUsing Fiddler's autoresponder to test ypu page's behaviour when third party resources are slow or fail to load http://t.co/Kt4CTJBz70
Retweeted by Brian DukesWhen you use data to study people, ask "who gains power with this info?" If it's not the people whose data you are using, there's a problem.
Retweeted by Brian DukesSave the date! #DNNConnect 2015 announced: May 28-31 in Southern France #DNNCMS http://t.co/1fyPocrP1h
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I wonder how many production Java servers are running the Ask toolbar.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@sleuka I just submitted a #dnncms pull request with a new stored proc, thought you might want to review https://t.co/ysNhf5zwX3Some Thoughts on Collective Ownership and Knowledge http://t.co/XWbGe506Dw
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Notification preference center now includes per-channel overrides: https://t.co/6swgKofEZ5 • Click to zoom avatars on profiles #changelog
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When you've got 5 minutes to fill, Twitter is a great way to fill 35 minutes.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@PowerDNN nice :-)
So @twitter has decided it will choose which @replies you can see. Go here to continue to see all replies: https://t.co/IV4NKPnkJj
Retweeted by Brian Dukes"This often leads to teams checking in less frequently, causing more problematic merges." i wonder how much this would change with TFS+Git
Retweeted by Brian Dukes..."have found its heavyweight approach significantly drains productivity."
Retweeted by Brian Dukes"Teams that want to practice frequent code check-ins, a core part of continuous integration, "...
Retweeted by Brian Dukes"We continue to see teams run into productivity problems attempting to use TFS as a version control system."
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#protip: Reminder to go back & add URLs as I mock up links... a[href='#']:after { content: ' ⚠'; color: red; }
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Latest Technology Radar from ThoughWorks tells us to adopt Reactive Extensions, Go lang, and to try out Elm, Om, etc. http://t.co/6MYNZudvkB
Retweeted by Brian Dukes♪ when they tell you sweet this, and only this, is beautiful, tell 'em I don't see it ♪ @prophiphop http://t.co/GysnFrDxCJStill time to register: What's new in #DNN 7.3. Webinar w/@sbwalker http://t.co/UVGqYrZ4Xl http://t.co/jmoltvmptW
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how to do internationalization: 1. everything you know is a cultural assumption 2. give up 3. cry
Retweeted by Brian DukesWe need less hackathons, more apprenticeships. Less bootcamps, more classes. Less rockstars, more mentors. Develop people instead of product
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I own as many slaves as my ancestors, but I leverage a global transportation network to keep them out of sight.
Retweeted by Brian DukesThis is not the jQuery file you're looking for ... (waves hand) http://t.co/ZyZ03DLsbJ
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#chocolatey has been released! Lots of sweet new features and perf! http://t.co/LYBH3a79ML
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
A photo is worth a billion SunGolds... #SummerLove #LoveLocal http://t.co/JpmBSm0EGy
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don’t miss: “@NoiseTrade: For 1 week only, download Sufjan Stevens’ full length ‘Enjoy Your Rabbit’ for FREE, here: http://t.co/s5iEr6RYeG
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#SummerSale Bundle: Bullfrog Classics 85% off http://t.co/0yt3Oc61Qg 11 timeless gems for only $9.79! http://t.co/VpBzgX5bcv
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Massive increase to #OneDrive storage plans: 15 GB free for everyone, 1 TB for Office 365 subscribers. http://t.co/JKtLLcvtLF
Retweeted by Brian DukesToday is the last day to apply for a @strangeloop_stl diversity scholarship. https://t.co/nQPvd9wpUU
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Hey #DNN developers, Engage is (still) hiring! http://t.co/k3pnRxp1mK
Retweeted by Brian DukesLoving the new branches page on GitHub: https://t.co/8OXZFBATz3
Retweeted by Brian DukesSimple Made Easy, by Rich Hickey http://t.co/2wTDUj0Erv , "Simplicity is the Ultimate sophistication", it's completely true! #Clojure
Retweeted by Brian DukesDon't forget the #stldodn Call For Speakers is open now! The window closes on June 30, so get 'em in.
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@RickStrahl Restore downloads oldest (i.e. gives consistent results) by default. You can pass in a flag to get latest http://t.co/bNDRoZGF9n@dahlbyk @mecab They look like they're working together fine, tho I just started using PSGetLineThere is no such thing as free culture. You have to work on your culture as you work on your tools. @mrtazz #gotoams
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"Guess the Programming Language" http://t.co/3JVT4Wu5Nk ..some of them are pretty difficult. Here, I'll help you out. http://t.co/Wy8GtHQPHT
Retweeted by Brian DukesI used to think readline was the thing bash still had on PowerShell... then I discovered http://t.co/XZ2GsP0T4y - Next: persistent history!
Retweeted by Brian DukesWords With Friends for #WindowsPhone is now FREE & better than ever: http://t.co/yXoZJjIbKR http://t.co/du9sxzYWHw
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Fixed a couple of issues today that have been giving users a problem in 7.3.0 #dnncms
Retweeted by Brian DukesWe're all American until the #WorldCup. Then we dig through our ancestry to find a better team to cheer for.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes6 year old: "I'm disappointed that Indiana Jones is basically Han Solo fights Nazis in a hat."
Retweeted by Brian Dukesevery time you write an 'if' statement, add a dollar to the cyclomatic complexity jar
Retweeted by Brian Dukes6yr old boy, going to 6yr old girl's party: "She likes unicorns and barbies, but sadly, not death unicorns and ninja barbies. Just regular."
Retweeted by Brian Dukes6 year old: "How do they know his name is Godzilla? He's not very talkative."
Retweeted by Brian Dukes6 year old: "Daddy, I'm just one level from winning Mario! The guy says Princess Peach is in the next castle!"
Retweeted by Brian DukesI just realized that this year is the 15 year anniversary of @martinfowler’s Refactoring book. #classic
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@jSheely It's amazing how much difference a little thing like lambda syntax can make… #typescriptIntroducing the IE Developer Channel http://t.co/emoS1PxgV2 A preview version of IE for web devs to see what we are working on next
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@LastPassHelp I maintain the @chocolateynuget package to install http://t.co/TEKJrVVvpl on Windows, who can I talk to about the installer?
software designers win by separating things that can be considered separately, lose by separating things that must be considered together
Retweeted by Brian DukesIf the World Cup was about which country spent most on education, per capita, Ghana would win. http://t.co/wWrPi6wCNd USA? Out in round one.
Retweeted by Brian DukesThe vicious car of the I-90 Serengeti is stealthily stalking its next victim. Be aware! http://t.co/qPhoRWGf0H
Retweeted by Brian DukesApparently, lots of confused media inquiries about blog title. Look, we just to make sure they don't set us up the bomb.
Retweeted by Brian DukesSPREAD THE WORD!!! @Noisetrade is giving away our debut album! Get your #Free DWNLD here: http://t.co/LPss4CBzrS #ERRBODYLOVESFREE
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@jSheely yeah, surprised to see portal.css off by default… @oliverhineNice to see @oliverhine getting some props for his #oss contributions to #dnncms in the developer quick start http://t.co/TvKXDzS2FyBlogged : How upgrading my site to DNN 7.3 made it 25% faster and the pages 43% smaller. Result! #dnncms #dotnetnuke http://t.co/LhSTHmjuEV
Retweeted by Brian DukesLooks like the #dnncms folks actually filled out the developer quick start with some good info for this release http://t.co/TvKXDzS2Fy
I'm in a meeting right now talking about a possible future for Windows Live Writer. I think 20k RTs of this would help.
Retweeted by Brian DukesRegarding Tesla patents http://t.co/gGBWoInh6C
Retweeted by Brian Dukes"3% browse with IE9 and 14% have a disability. Why do we only cater for the former?" http://t.co/VVQp5cj9ju via @FionaTaylorG
Very interesting to see Node.js drop their requirement for a CLA in order to contribute: http://t.co/8egoUiR7vb
Retweeted by Brian Dukeshttp://t.co/EwJKUa537p
Retweeted by Brian DukesMade the mistake of typing "hot" into Bing. Now grossed out about American culture.
Retweeted by Brian DukesImpressed with the #DNNCMS 7.3 release. Most significant core improvements made in a long time. Good job @DNNCorp
Retweeted by Brian DukesLatest DNN 7.3.0 packages are now available on NuGet http://t.co/QXywDmSJXN #dnncms
Retweeted by Brian DukesHi @DNN 07.03.00 http://t.co/9obDMb2E8z #dnncms
Retweeted by Brian Dukes"took me a while to figure out that my dyslexia was the reason I and cmd-line centric programmers would never agree" http://t.co/OZlzffj2LA
Retweeted by Brian DukesIt took nearly 8 years, but you can now apply CSS `line-height` to <input>s in Firefox 30! https://t.co/pRwYYHzfoS https://t.co/XNWsLxE8EA
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#dnncms Future Tech Strategy 4 as per @sbwalker "Rely on industry standards (avoid proprietary lock-in) ie. #HTML5, #Javascript, #CSS
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#dnncms Future Tech Strategy 3 as per @sbwalker "Emphasize technology platform agnostic scenarios (ie. WEB API Services)"
Retweeted by Brian Dukes#dnncms Future Tech Strategy as per @sbwalker "Provide migration path to new modern Microsoft Infrastructure (OWIN/Project K)" #evolve
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
All my single div drawings will be of food from now on. Just kidding. Sort of. http://t.co/4Mx4A7miAg
Retweeted by Brian Dukes@jSheely Expect to see the release tomorrow. #dnncms
Retweeted by Brian DukesNew dotPeek 1.2 EAP build introduces Process Explorer: http://t.co/OqHkrZ7q1U
Retweeted by Brian Dukes"principle was that anyone should be able to hold anyone accountable" http://t.co/t59WKPTgOf The best teams hold themselves accountable.
Retweeted by Brian Dukes
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