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Axe-Static Process @axestatic Oregon and Greece

We love GUITARS, we love MADONNA, we love Madonna playing guitars.

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Sorry I've been so quiet. Running around doing Madonna promo. My next design and build is for legendary Alvin... http://t.co/HyJM3XDSiu
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@axestatic @iHeartRadio @Madonna @montepittman @RickeyPageot @kevinantunes411 @nickirichards @KileyDean 👺❤️🎼--#RebelHeartBand
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessThe fact that the #Queen @Madonna is a Guitar Player #SoHot 🎸❤️🎸❤️🎸💋 http://t.co/kr0Dv53XZc
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process. @iHeartRadio @Madonna and her #RebelHeartBand @montepittman @RickeyPageot @BrianFrasierM @kevinantunes411 @nickirichards @KileyDean....and we meet again. #tootsieroll #water #carservice #LAXtoJFK #IHeartMusicAwards #Rehearsalshttps://t.co/AwqFTLJULb
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessThe AMAZING @nickirichards thanks her friends & fans for the bday wishes! https://t.co/2GV5MgNWsL We love you NR!Currently mapping out #Goshttown by @Madonna #Acoustic so I can play it on my Guitar ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎸🎼🎸🎼😤
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cc @kevinantunes411 RT @ili4n4b: "Love Profusion" ROCK cover for #RebelHeartTour https://t.co/53Jtoohzm0 @Madonna @guyosearyFinally, after those stupid Hard Candy and MDNA albums, she writes something that I… ♫ Joan of Arc by Madonna — https://t.co/VHFU0pVwn4
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process6 days to #Madonna performing at the iHeartRadio Music Awards #iHeartAwards http://t.co/57nOyenCfv
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessGood to have my bro @jasonyangviolin over to the house today... Yangsingtons!!! #mdnaviolinisthttps://t.co/Qeaa0Y0g0U
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest lady, not to mention super talented, @nickirichards !!! Have an AWESOME day! xooxoo - the axestatic girls!
Here's me & my espguitars FRX in between performances on theellenshow. We had a great time this week… https://t.co/JYit55aI45
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWASHINGTON, D.C.!!! September 11, 2015 BFM Consultaion Seminar is going down SOON!!! Dont wait until… https://t.co/syz1aSa9OQ
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessI wAs channeling Ginger Rogers.,,,,.I didnt know she was A ❤️#rebelheart http://t.co/pj00sbjYLx
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Monte plays with Madonna on the Ellen DeGeneres Show! http://t.co/IMayZDjVvP http://t.co/w00yjWlnXm
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process"Gonna Dress You Up In My Love" Ellen! #MadonnaWeek on @TheEllenShow! #RebelHeart http://t.co/g3wDWz2Es1
Retweeted by Axe-Static Processafter the headbanging for the Dress You Up solo we DEFINITELY need a @montepittman guitar solo for M to do the same on tour! @Madonna@ladymadonnathe his bday is on November 19#DressYouUp air guitar moves never go out of fashion 🙌👯🙌 #RebelHeart #TheVirginTour 30 years http://t.co/T2OwNRq7Lz http://t.co/sHs2lxvlW6
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process.@Madonna Performs 'Ghosttown' http://t.co/kWolRxdoyX via @TheEllenShow #RebelHeartBand #RebelHeartPianist #YamahaPianos
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process.@montepittman @nickirichards @BrianFrasierM @KileyDean @kevinantunes411 nothing but great things 2 say about the @axestatic ladies #HepHep
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@RickeyPageot awwwwwwww <3WATCH: Madonna and Ellen: Bathroom Concert! http://t.co/40Rk8wr8JM
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessOMG @Madonna playing air guitar and doing the hair thing!!!!! i LOVE IT!!! #DressYouUp @TheEllenShow that song is soooo good
@BrianFrasierM @montepittman @nickirichards @RickeyPageot @KileyDean @kevinantunes411 love you too!!!!Check it out "Ghosttown" http://t.co/bH83wI8FwT @Madonna @TheEllenShow #RebelHeart #RebelHeartBandcan't say enough good things about the #RebelHeartBand @montepittman @nickirichards @BrianFrasierM @RickeyPageot @KileyDean @kevinantunes411Tell Me How we got this far.,...,.,,,.,every man for himself. #ghostown ❤️#rebelheart http://t.co/ktA7MUxQXg
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWe want Madonna in Greece Again! @Madonna
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessGHOSTTOWN at a cafe in the centre of Athens! GREECE LOOOOVES YOUR NEW ALBUM, M! We're waiting for you!!! @Madonna @guyoseary @LiveNation
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessEllen DeGeneres takes on Madonna's Music video #MadonnaWeek -- http://t.co/eQCqCsR1kC http://t.co/pcsP7J4ETq
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#TBT "Your love for me will grow because this is who I am, you can Like it Or Not" @Madonna #TheConfessionsTour http://t.co/KwzXBY8Vc2great backing vocals from our lovely and talented ladies @nickirichards & @KileyDean #RebelHeartSingers #JoanOfArc @MadonnaHad a great time performing on @TheEllenShow More performances to come. #MadonnaWeek #RebelHeartPianist #NeoRagtime http://t.co/bwmsyM7Dkj
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#JoanOfArc first ever live performance on @TheEllenShow today! #MadonnaWeek http://t.co/95RYoygsIt
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#Ellen #madonna #RebelHeart #madonnaweek #jyoung #TheYoungs #Younglife #myjob @ Warner Bros.… https://t.co/8RDm5pWPuZ
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessATLANTA, GA!!! September 1, 2015 BFM Consultaion Seminar is going down SOON!!! Dont wait until the… https://t.co/20sl2LKEQk
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBy @_sarah_mills via repostwhiz app: @brianfrasierm featured in the recent issue of Drumscene… https://t.co/BYnXFonAuV
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessCracks me up that it says "Huck" on his trailer. With dearest @guillermodiazyo on the set of #scandal . Amazing time! http://t.co/eEcpRIMIk9
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@montepittman Loved your guitar work after the bridge through the end of song on @TheEllenShow today. #JoanOfArc was amazing! #MadonnaWeek
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@BranGarland that's the @montepittman magic!That guitar breakdown/solo near the end was so gorgeous. Whew! - Madonna Performs 'Joan of Arc' http://t.co/f7Pubf9iDj @ManCannibal
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@BrianFrasierM <3@RickeyPageot you guys rock!!
I told you that @Madonna sings AMAZING just with an acoustic guitar.... @montepittman@montepittman I need to attempt Joan Of Arc @madonna on my guitar ... loving it on @TheEllenShow ❤️👑 #rebelheart
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process2nd day of theellenshow with @madonna TODAY!!! #RebelHeartDrummer #bfmlevelup https://t.co/0u4MT26RaX
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@MDNAMafia @MADONNA it's a good song!OMG!!! JOAN OF ARC LIVE is BETTER THAN GHOSTTOWN!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process. @Madonna performs "Joan of Arc" on @thellenshow http://t.co/DYOd7p1elo AWESOME @montepittman @BrianFrasierM @kevinantunes411 @RickeyPageotold songs that @Madonna should perform on #RebelHeartTour: Swim, Love Profusion. The Power of Goodbye, Bad Girl, Nothing Really Matters
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#Madonna performing #JoanofArc at The Ellen DeGeneres Show short clip #MAdonnaWeek credit:... http://t.co/P5FUy4n0dV
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@annaclare @madonna @justinbieber @TheEllenShow hilarious!!@theellenshow I HOPE @madonna sings #RebelHeart I picture her with a guitar. THAT would be amazing!! & #Ghosttown #DevilPray @guyoseary
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process. @Madonna performs 'Living for Love' @TheEllenShow https://t.co/V4VsHIbH4w #RebelHeart
WATCH: #Madonna announes her week on @TheEllenShow ! http://t.co/GwPhcl2QS6
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessS/O to BFM Consultation Client bryantdrumz_official #bfmconsultation #bfmlevelup https://t.co/fxcHfm9wvA
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessEllen every day this week! Don't miss it. @madonna @ Ellen Degeneres Show https://t.co/S1OacFRg9E
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHappy to see guitar covers/lessons of @madonna's new album online!! check out "Ghosttown" acoustic guitar lesson! https://t.co/hsjqO71OMj@SeymourDuncan #DimebagSet I'd put them in my Gibson Les Paul... classic guitar with extra power from SD blades!Howard Stern and Madonna - Exclusive Video Highlights http://t.co/sQ0AQOAW7U
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process
GHOSTTOWN on Jonathan Ross! #Ghosttown #rebelheart #Madonna #RebelHeartBand http://t.co/jiiOCv4ANv
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessIt's official, Madonna's new album #RebelHeart has entered the Official UK Albums Chart at number two.
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWhat's Rebel if not Athens, Greece??? #RebelHeartTour @guyoseary @LiveNation @madonna
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessΠοπ Αρτ. #popart #streetart #Madonna #mrbrainwash #athensvoice #popagandagr #Athens #Greechttp://t.co/hlGHEJFrxx http://t.co/vw8z5xu1AD
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@montepittman please do an acoustic guitar version of Ghosttown 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process14y passed since #DWT introduced #RockGod @montepittman I`m already excited to attend #RebelHeartTour & to cheer loud http://t.co/nPAh1zReuY
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessCurrently practicing in my guitar: Crazy for you by Madonna.
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWatch the Jonathan Ross show with @Madonna https://t.co/ywynnoqZD1@Sandelfim after seeing @Madonna you'll want to buy a guitar because @montepittman is her #RebelGuitarist and he rocks!Serious question, buy a guitar or go and see Madonna?
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BFM Consultaion Seminar coming to a city near you SOON!!! Dont wait until the last minute to get… https://t.co/JmT0i6itiJ
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process3 hours to go until The Jonathan Ross Show is aired on @ITV ! #RebelHeart #Wossy http://t.co/sBEVgBVyUW
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#WaitForIt...... #RebelHeartGuitarist and #RebelHeartPianist hotel Shenanigans..... #Tourlife #NYChttps://t.co/ouj4deHDPY
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@Madonna Athens, Greece need u one more time! Come back for a live concert my QUEEN! <3
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#RebelHeart in Athens ! #GraffitiHeart @Madonna @guyoseary http://t.co/ZTayhFmrgM
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessOk guys, it's about time @montepittman and @BrianFrasierM do each a solo on tour!!! @Madonna @kevinantunes411 @guyosearyI would love to see Madonna playing the guitar during performing Rebel Heart ❤️
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMy favorite #Madonna #rebelheart song today - It's called Rebel Heart and the guitar is great!!! https://t.co/ApUPrlaIHh
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessTonight we are finally going to see Madonna on The @JRossShow ! #ITV http://t.co/X8DfzDMSwr
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process
Don't forget to follow us on #Spotify @DessyDiLauro #newmusic coming soon. #neoragtime http://t.co/axThhb8ULB
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process3-hour drive to #NorthPole for some skiing. Soundtrack for ride: @montepittman @RickeyPageot @dessydilauro @Madonna! http://t.co/M4tbUTmCsZ
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessCan't believe @Madonna took the guitar hook out of the song Rebel Heart. Boooo. The demo was better!
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessAdded a new video: "Guitar Solo Madonna Secret" http://t.co/42qjuR43xv #video
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#cover of "Devil Pray", from Madonna's new album. #guitar #harmonica #vocals #madonna #RebelHeart @YouTube https://t.co/vMMKHYsyjZ
Retweeted by Axe-Static Processguitar solo!!! RT @TheOneRitz: Please @Madonna...if you're gonna play guitar, make it INTERESTING!!! No more Turn Up the Radios, okay????
Check it out @madonna on the @HowardStern show https://t.co/kue1PLpWeM
This Friday I'm returning to Reign Nightclub in Hoboken with my whole live remix setup. Jersey knows… https://t.co/WJjpj1URCh
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process“@axestatic: @montepittman @Madonna might need this @ESPGuitarsUSA for the tour! http://t.co/MmnXDx8UEm @SeymourDuncan ;)” Whoa! He might!
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@montepittman @Madonna might need this @ESPGuitarsUSA for the tour! http://t.co/qNvBZ2ftBN @SeymourDuncan ;)How about some #DevilPray chords?? #guitar https://t.co/52umZi6cOB @Madonna #playingguitarisawesomeok, I see Rebel Heart (the song) being SUPER big on tour!! @Madonna @montepittman @kevinantunes411
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessCan't stop listening to the song #RebelHeart 🎶 The acoustic guitar & @Madonna sound like magic together! http://t.co/0YRmiKoPdQ
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessGo for it! #guitarrocks RT @rodneywoods: #RebelHeart from @Madonna's Rebel Heart album is so good, makes me wanna pick up the guitar again<3#RebelHeart guitar chords!! This is a fun song to play on guitar! @Madonna https://t.co/PJoehVnqwWI wonder if Howard will ask @Madonna who she thinks will win the Lobster Taco eating contest? Me, @salgovernale or @rudysarzo -@SantosCooks
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessAnd you think I've lost MY marbles?... 😉 Congrats @madonna on 13 amazing albums! ❤️ @ WOODHULL… https://t.co/b6eF2fCq2A
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#AskMadona on Instagram Q&A [Overview] http://t.co/l1wIfy1b5a http://t.co/rwaZEVdwIc
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessNew Madonna​ #RebelHeartTour dates added in Paris and Amsterdam http://t.co/ZSqMSUFxdy http://t.co/JsDg2CIlez
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