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Jane McGonigal @avantgame San Francisco

I make and play games. My New York Times bestselling book is Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World http://t.co/uGdztwUw

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@_lilchen yes! Also it was like a week before gangnam style the song blew up so I was feeling extra happy :)@jenbigham @rlk_117 @THESFMARATHON @oiselle_team @laurenfleshman I love that you can win AND chat :)@donalynbooks awwsome@thank you!"Can't Picture a World Devastated by Climate Change? These Games Will Do It For You" http://t.co/adhY0D2wlY <= @avantgame, did you see this?
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@mtcrun @kiyash thank you!! :)@_lilchen I was at that cafe!! :)@katienotopoulos @anildash I can't retweet that for cowardice/fear of the angry male gamer response but I love it.Also random fun fact. Totally coincidentally lined up at starting line today right next to a fellow GDC attendee. Gamers can run! :)@bmd101 oh boy!! Good luck. :) she will get you to the finish no doubt :)@courtwrites @peggyorenstein @StephanieCoontz @nytopinion wow! Amazing. Well done and such animportant topic.@batuwarrior we need to do photos like this in Mendocino! “@CuteEmergency: selfies wih bae be like http://t.co/Jmdelee9qF@dine_and_dash can't wait to read your write up for all the details!@Matt_Arguello and I use Nike+ for tracking. Got@coached by a friend to run my first half!@Matt_Arguello everything on http://t.co/wLf4SOUJe1 is terrific.@dine_and_dash not be lazy (only did second half for extra sleep!! Lame I know)@dine_and_dash I've never done the first half but ran a similar course for the US Other Half and agree its the best! That ll teach me to...thank you all for the #SFMarathon #SecondHalf support today. Twitter support is a huge part of the fun on race day. You're the best!!!@bmd101 also i am insanely jealous of your mom. 27 full marathons and she also could beat me in a half probably :)@techquity yay! and agree: The #SFMarathon is without a doubt the best organized and most inviting and supportive road race I've ever run!!@dine_and_dash but I kept saying to myself "This is where we earn it." the last few miles are the part that let you be really proud.@dine_and_dash PERFECT!! was it mentally tough? i really had to play mind games to finish the last 3 miles on the hot asphalt w/the sun@SeraMak @CuteEmergency soooooo cute!!@bmd101 amazing! We must have been very close at the finish. Well done!! Enjoy brunch I just ate two entrees :)@BenRothenberg @nadalnews super weird and awesome :)@G33kGrrly the server tried to talk me out of but i said do you see this medal? Being me ALL THE FOOD!!!@G33kGrrly I am 3 bites from finishing all@of it lol :)@G33kGrrly yes!!These are both mine :) #nokidding #sfmarathon http://t.co/N4dDm3GIpgMimosa toasts!! #SFMarathon http://t.co/14DFU2oNCt@neomonki thank you!! Running fashion is so much fun :)@SomewhatSquishy lol :)@MituK rofl :)@techquity yay!! How was yours?? Did you enjoy it?@digitaldraco now I want to google that!!!@manojalpa @kiyash yay thanks! We look nice and gross now too :)@bmd101 how did you and your mom so?? :)@bmd101 augh it got so got!! Still ran 2 hrs flat so was fine but made me want to run th first next time :) #shade #oceanbreeze :)By the way the red smear on @kiyash 's shirt... Bloody nipples!! Glide you did not work!! Back to band aids next time :)@dine_and_dash it was my 7th half too! So I think we found our theme!' Unlucky #7 but in a fun and who needs luck we are still awesome way@dine_and_dash ps I ran a personal worst too!! And it was still awesome!! Hope you feel the same :)@dine_and_dash how did yours go!? Highlights! :)Special thanks to @dine_and_dash for cheering along the final mile after she ran HER half marathon whHere's my hero @kiyash who gave great pep talks the last few miles with crazy sun beating us up http://t.co/ENhRRTripZ2 hours flat to the second! The 80° blazing sun made it a tougher run than years past. Now PANCAKES http://t.co/NE2bECHhs2Remember this is the BEFORE photo :) see you looking much saltier and sweater soon!! http://t.co/yfuXdD1qI9@batuwarrior thank you Rommel!!! :DAt the start line! With @kiyash #SFMarathon #SecondHalf http://t.co/qWubv9BIrOGood morning fellow #SFMarathon runners!!! See you on the course!! #enjoy #endure http://t.co/nwKr2DGLxc
Your life matters. We want to help you find hope. Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) if you are struggling emotionally or thinking about suicide.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@42ThinkDeep Some David Byrne, Fatboy Slim, Scissor Sisters and Ariana Grande...@LifeChiroSF thank you!! ^_^@pgeuder thank you!! :)@42ThinkDeep you're right! I added 20 new songs@EllenBJohnson thank you!! :)PLAYLIST TIME!! I think I'll make it a "best of" playlist, 4-5 songs from each previous half marathon playlist I've run.@Paul_Mugan I can keep this up all day! :)@jwiv thank you!! :)@TranquillityIW thank you!! :)"oh my god hello, how are you, welcome to my aquarium, would you like any refreshments, a soda?" http://t.co/m0nFZgr9Y9
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalRunning the San Francisco 1/2 marathon tomorrow, 8:15 AM - 10:15 AM, if you are in the city, you can cheer runners! http://t.co/FgG1MPTPII
@adam807 heat@tomcoates laughing out loud at that@DivaDanese that sounds lovely :)@avantgame Aren't those a scam? Post a simple challenge to get likes/shares/comments and then sell the page to a marketer or something?
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@avantgame This are tricks to help improve your Facebook reach. They always get likes and comments, people feel smart, the page goes up.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@tomcoates :)Hilarious, note the 205,000 comments proving this person wrong. Also: Berkeley. Duh! http://t.co/CHag09va87@MissPaaj wow! very admirable :) I gave up and am lying on a couch watching tennis and tweeting :)@blueshenlung you definitely win :)or, holler, if you'd rather BE in a boat. #BayAreaLife@lostintheflog #BayAreaLife! :)Thermostat says it's 90 degrees inside my house and we have no air conditioning! holler if you're in the same boat :)@somethingbetter @gamasutra aw thanks :)ICYMI: We're looking to hear who your game dev heroes are, developers! We'll feature the best answers on the site.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@NicCageMatch @copystar 30,000 FAVORITE!Honestly, just leave. It's close enough to 5 and the hottest day of the year. Hit your local ice cream joint & spill ice cream on your suit.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@mtcrun of course, now I'm all like "well, I want to run as fast as last time", except I'm two years older and not in a good way :)@mtcrun last time we ran this 2 years ago it was super-relaxed and didn't track pace and wound up running pretty fast and super enjoyed it!@mtcrun awesome!! I'm going to rewatch the last video and email yoU!!@TheJadeAria @Snellopy I sent him an email too so hopefully we can get his attention :)@TheJadeAria @Snellopy :) although I just noticed Snellopy has been off Twitter for like 2 years lol :)@Paul_Mugan did I say that? lol :)@OneMrBean it's fun, makes us all look forward to it all the more :)If you've played SuperBetter with a friend or family member as your ally + found it helpful, I'd love to email w/you! quantum_jane@yahoo.com@OneMrBean happy to get the Choice Chamber update today! ^_^ keep it up!!@Snellopy I'm wondering if you might be willing to chat via email with me about some of your ally experiences? I'll DM you my address! :)@Snellopy I just found your fascinating in-depth comparison of Habit RPG vs. SuperBetter! thank you for such an interesting analysis :)This is a fascinating, long-term player comparison of Habit RPG vs SuperBetter. Really appreciate it. http://t.co/Xlilzowi2o@mtcrun did you talk about allies in any of your videos? did you have any good ally experiences? I'm gathering stories for the SB book!@mtcrun I'm watching some of the all-star SB videos today and really enjoying yours :) I have a question for you -- do you remember...
@StevenBeynon @Slate you read the part where the more senior/promoted you were the more you interrupted? who's going to fire the boss?Okay, so far only men are responding to that study I tweeted with replies you "You should just do a good a job" "you don't have to be rude'@StevenBeynon @Slate yes, if you read the article, that's exactly what the study shows. give it a read!@rangerd hahahahaha rock me mama!How to Get Ahead as a Woman in Tech: Interrupt Men http://t.co/4pstXMhH0t via @slateThe chapter on Quest is done! Next up: Allies! :) #SuperBettertheBook #May2015@avantgame just watched your fantastic GDC13 talk. But I have to know: Did Daisy or Étienne get their next quest?
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal.@RAStemen not yet!! they are here on Twitter somewhere, we need updates from them! Daisy and Etienne where are you?!@davehogg @DetconOne awesome! also there must be something about McGonigal/McGonnigal blood that creates Chita Rivera LOVE :)Congrat Eyewire players on mapping your 150th neuron! Science + gaming for the win! http://t.co/9vGvGgyNKe
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