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Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya san francisco, ca

general manager, mobile @braintree. ex-google, ex-admob. lesser half to @tinab.

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Twitter ios8 profile page is gorge.@thisisamul btw that was Benji from the Howard Stern show :)@thisisamul wow he's really digging himself a deeper hole. Still questions whether they should have tried harder to get the video earlier.@thisisamul what happened?
@sehgal @satyap @Penn I remember drinking a Zima at Smokes at age 17 in '93 thinking 'damn, this is the best party school ever!'@mdudas @semil what the mainstream discounts is the homerun opportunity for the smart few. Like venture capital.@Speroman what about Devin Hester fans?Tampa Bay seems pre-occupied with the Scottish referendum.Julio Jones providing some much needed support for my fantasy team this week. Thanks dude.What's gonna happen to all the good scotch?@jimgoetz a suited-up @omarh !!@Accel @ryanjsweeney @LightSpeedPOS Well done gentlemen // @john_k_locke @vas @RWong
Google makes more 20-30 yr bets than any co.“@verge: Larry Page wants a Google 2.0 that will build cities & airports http://t.co/Yse96xo093@jordankobert happy birthday jordoOk. IOS8 is super buggy on an iPhone 5.@georgechen should have had the discipline to wait until Friday.iPhone 5 definitely slower on iOS8.Trending searches in iOS8 App Store. Nice touch. http://t.co/RY6nVyMAdSSome wealthy LA school's vaccination rates as low as South Sudan's. Is this the height of American stupidity? http://t.co/ZZMwnxJFxi@hunterwalk either he's trying to sell his book or he's not really a libertarian. Or both..@SwiftKey on iOS8. Big day!
@ai glad I ordered the same one :)Our Apple Pay docs are now live. https://t.co/gD3UxrE26q
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaHey @Sprig - I'm getting the 10-15 mins msg every 10-15 mins.
Congrats to Mojang(@Minecraft) on $2.5B deal w/MSFT! http://t.co/ixZOyReyDK >great to see another @braintree partner join the unicorn club!
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya.@ESPN_Numbers is my favorite sports show right now. @jemelehill and @michaelsmith know how to bring it.Steaming carrots and potatoes for the little one. Beaba is an awesome product to make your own baby food! http://t.co/E2eQAq6mOl
@pmarca right, and always strands of hypocrisy running thru these stories, b/c leagues & media act only under pressure, not moral obligationAnd of course Alshon Jeffery is playing today, after I bench him.
@hunterwalk 'being a douche'Really eager to see 'Boyhood'. Filmed over a period of 12 years. http://t.co/BrAxVPKK3TManagement training courtesy of reddit: http://t.co/VdMRwkgrwg
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@jmilinovich @urxtech merely the mannequin for a cool shirt from an awesome company :)Freshest startup t-shirt ever .@urxtech http://t.co/Aotyzz0CPy@Sonos can't find the equalizer in my iOS app anymore. Was it removed or is it related to being in the beta program?
9-0!!! BEAT LA!!!! http://t.co/XN2nJNIcFE@naval the dude democratizing VC also puts disclaimers in his tweets. Love it and Kudos :)If it's true that Porsche is adopting 4-cylinders, I will blacklist them. But right after I get a Turbo. http://t.co/cjSaYgsQyn@ayanonagon @benemills 'the Ben Mills collection'@ayanonagon @benemills nice. Are you investing in a new pant portfolio? :)@ayanonagon my order for the 64 kept crashing so I ordered the 128 and it worked :)@ayanonagon specs?@ari_mir could only get in via the iOS app -- and seemed like 128gb was the only one it would let me order. So I ordered it :)@hnshah so frustrating.
Real or kit? http://t.co/8zANvYJ3CTBtc ecosystem well-served by going after big institutional money movement. Interesting piece by .@mikejcasey http://t.co/VHc3bY4ryvWhat do people use to keep their Mac healthy? My Air feels like it's slowly dying.Anticipating a .@TeslaMotors sw update is more exciting than iOS/Android updates lately. Can't wait to see you v6.0. http://t.co/uQm09EKlN7Jon Stewart's take on the NFL. Awesome. Take an 8-min break and watch. http://t.co/wlzSDD6s51@mdudas @semil twitter on your phone getting you close ;) re Apple Watch apps, quantified-self data sent to my doctor would be useful.
.@TheDailyShow talks NFL tonight. Catch it. It's brilliant.@vipulsahai no apps :)Vegas for the night. ✈️✈️✈️Well the new @braintree office is insane. http://t.co/QwZL97ZUuL
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaWe will support Apple Pay. Read more here => https://t.co/Te6t4T0B85
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya
Will it blend?#applewatch@Stammy yes please.I think we're about to see major disruption in the pants industry. #iPhone6Plusaw man...production issues.@sehgal $FRNCNE
Week 1 fantasy. Saved by the Andrew Luck.NFL announcer calls MSFT Surface tablet an 'iPad-like tool' during broadcast. http://t.co/z1bEmjc4WA@mdudas @Tan_Hack minimum viable bet = jersey. You got off easy :)@davidlee @gracelee @tilt congrats :)@suvirsaran @ChefMartinYan hope you didn't miss the boar scissor-cut noodles. Outstanding.Anytime I see onigiri I think of you .@georgechen // introducing spicy bacon onigiri. Insanely good. http://t.co/qXq4zpXPaGVery proud to announce GA for the One Touch experience + support for bitcoin via our friends .@coinbase @braintree http://t.co/r9MQHg4O6tComing soon to a checkout near you - a seamless Bitcoin experience w. Braintree + @coinbase! Join merchant beta: coinbase@getbraintree.com.
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaPayPal's Braintree Embraces Bitcoin, One-Touch Payments http://t.co/SQEdoVhqGT by @kimmaicutler
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya.@mcuban and @Scobleizer about to rap. #TCDisrupt http://t.co/pB6WwUB92J.@jayhp and the @braintree crew doing their thing at #TCDisrupt http://t.co/bMOdXAri68My boy .@omarh talking about what he looks for in founders. The other side of the table. #TCDisrupt http://t.co/xMOfx8hRPMIt's #TCDisrupt time.
Dinner should be good tomorrow. http://t.co/2iuSK6GqBl
IKEA taking the piss out of Apple. Easily my favorite commercial of the year. I want a bookbook. http://t.co/VqGKPMfixY
6 days to Super, Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya of Braintree will speak at #TheMoneyEvent on September 11
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@neilwadhawan looking straight up presidential in that pic brother.Vote for the 'What You Want, When You Want It' panel at #SXSW2015 w. @aunkurarya, @samshank, @anthonyha & @tripadler- http://t.co/c6lS5Fj1qd
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya
@pmarca no t-shirt, just cuff links. Aside: there was no 'cooler' post-graduation brand at our alma mater in the 90s than Arthur Andersen :)
@pmarca consumption model has to change. Bye-bye theaters, hello streaming. Also VR feels like a good hedge for that industry.
My new favorite beer. Picked a few of these bad boys up today. http://t.co/lnwZvlqtPj@toddmaclean unroll his cuffs.@benemills well done, on both counts!.@Maynard asks whether too many startups are overvalued, and rightly anoints AdMob a unicorn :) http://t.co/mk5Ldqk3Tz@omarh @Speroman @waynep @thomasschiavone @mikefyall @jasonzmorse Sotheby's auction!
@williamready @braintree eye of the tiger!In my 25 yrs in Valley/SF, social community was the core. W/ some economics as an extra. Now it feels like a social veneer masking greed.
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@georgezachary I feel the same way. But great to have a successful VC say so publicly.Mobile commerce is exploding in Australia. We're more than happy to help. // @KlasBack .@braintree http://t.co/26sVS1bvXB
@adambain jakarta rocks!Is there an ethical issue with putting up your first pick in the fantasy draft up for sale? Or do normal free market rules pertain?Recently discovered .@mysummerheart // pretty awesome. thanks for your work.
Curious to see how much you're obsessing over your Twitter analytics report .@mdudas and whether you've started whiteboarding already :)Love this clever cross-promo from the .@GametimeSF crew. http://t.co/zqYCbTMp6hWow, http://t.co/d04CZrGNNL is beautiful.Get PayPal via the .@braintree v.zero SDK in Australia, France, Germany, Sweden and the UK. Well done team! https://t.co/lruidma2Ob@mdudas not sure but apparently you can get a mean burger thereIf this sad story doesn't crystallize the absurdity of American gun culture, then I just don't know. http://t.co/4C6XecMivz
Jackass CA state senator trying to thwart Uber and Lyft gets busted for DUI hours later. The Internet thanks you. http://t.co/tuAZZzsdh4@loganlahive 'the internets own boy'. It's awesome.
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