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Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya san francisco, ca

svp & gm, mobile @braintree. ex-google, ex-admob. lesser half to @tinab.

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@mgsiegler bingo.Nice $60M raise by Quixey. Deep linking is the future of mobile. .@urx http://t.co/raW7zs10oYI love cap calls.@Speroman @jalfern keep the carbon footprint low....@fredwilson meerkat next!
@danprimack which are made up of individual investors.@DonJBaron thanks, appreciate the invite but am flying in late Friday.Can't believe I waited so long to upgrade to Yosemite. Such a big improvement.
@JoshConstine you need to up your meerkat game.
VCs telling startups to keep burn rates low - but over-funding them - are like drug dealers telling their customers to pace themselves.
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaText is making a comeback. New updates are a good touch .@Postmates @Basti //The smarter you get, the less you speak.
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya
It's not an ad, it's an *action* // .@urxtech doing lots to change the way users and apps interact with each other. http://t.co/2j5OoLgp8y@neerajarora loved Boca Grande. Tickets supposed to be good too.@mdudas @rsarver if that's your definition of 'room to run' then change 'every' to 'many' and I agree with you :)@mdudas @classpass @rsarver love the business, but it's one example across thousands of funded companies. Not determinant of anything.
@pmarca how about if we privatize the legislative function of government.@chrismaddern my aim in life is to impress you Chris :)@chrismaddern wonder if he's heard of the Tesla app ;) http://t.co/ceyNNM4NkLGreat way to start your Friday morning. #NowPlaying Smiths, DM, Cure, New Order by Aunkur Arya http://t.co/rTdSjYl86I
Google makes 'mobile-friendliness' a ranking signal. Also using deep links to surface app content in search results. http://t.co/MXmGiFVeJ9Really loving .@reserve these days. Best interaction is via text, for sure. Please move to other categories & become my personal assistant!SF officially chasing Manhattan status with this new $49M penthouse at Lumina. Irrational exuberance? http://t.co/SkGBDX0tUD@tejaltshah @tinab sometimes :)Proud of the work that .@tinab and her incredible team do every day to improve safety for Twitter users! https://t.co/Rt3KEmN3C6
@davidlee very much agree. One of the main things I try to improve on daily but mostly fail at.28% of Top 200 apps deeplinked today, Entertainment/Music most linked. The future of mobile advertising via .@urxtech http://t.co/CDVEJl98y0
@offalchris .@cockscomb_sf ...one of my fav new joints in SF4 pound steak courtesy of @offalchris // I need some juiced vegetables in the morning. http://t.co/Ys2PUgFdPCNew software ups efficiency and 'sleeps' one of the motors at cruising speed. See 'Trip B'. Nice Tesla. http://t.co/nX75uGbH9k@Stammy don't think I'd ever let Hennessey touch a 458.@pmarca everyone's getting good at 'predicting' apple's rise. Never hear anyone out on a limb predicting if/when/how they might fall.Just as the dawn of a new age in watch technology is here, I'm starting my fascination with mechanical watches.@kdwalker love that city. I have an old foursquare list if you want it and have the time :)
When I worked at InfoSpace, .@Naveen_Jain_CEO proclaimed we'd be the first trillion $ mkt cap company. 15 yrs later, $AAPL is getting close.@tristanwalker I love it. Workout + life coach at $30/45 mins is a relative bargain :)You ain't lyin .@Speroman “@VentureBeat: Google exec: Marketing today means understanding customers' path to purchase http://t.co/NtAlnQWM8Y@mdudas @joshelman the irony of that statement is that the payments part of their operation isn't full stack ;) but I get your point.You need a $250K credit line at MGM to be considered for ringside seats at the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight on May 2nd. http://t.co/yb6d4Y9IWOI accept YouTube as a fundamental part of the parenting survival toolkit. Nice to see a real kids app. http://t.co/uOdGFLWWN3.@GoSoftcard had to be natural next step for G, but as an early Wallet BD guy, I wouldn't have pictured it :) @mdudas http://t.co/L5nhaOfnAj
100,000 new residents but only 24,000 new housing units since 2003. SF, we have a problem. via .@Scott_Wiener // https://t.co/qk9oq18I4DEndorsing skills on LinkedIn is one of the weirdest things ever.
@pmarca @waynep @semil +1. I'm sick of the 'pressure' but I can't ignore it either.via .@jamilghani // Target leads charge on 'bricks & mobile' experience. Mobile users 4x as likely to visit in-store. http://t.co/pluhlAjxXRHow important are OneTouch mobile payments in ecommerce? Hear it from CEO of @janedeals w/ 72% of sales on mobile> http://t.co/u5bKCjMzLG
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@waynep have a strategy. make something people want.@jmuller @crampell There will always be a big contingent of idiots in this country. AP History was my favorite class in 20 yrs of schooling!@nihalmehta I'm gonna steal that word..@bgurley once again keeping it real for VC. "This is the most crowded party that's ever been thrown" via @WSJ // http://t.co/yyZZwtOMYIhttp://t.co/DyinAb6rPI Sees Immediate Uptick in Revenue after Integrating with v.zero: http://t.co/TcvQitNVhC | @JaneDeals
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@satyap @homebrew @hunterwalk well done gents.Proud to power One Touch on http://t.co/AgzjbwpkTq where 72% of sales come from mobile/tablet. Awesome! https://t.co/9W7yol6QYl .@janedeals
@BenedictEvans @indysen @ericjackson @hblodget @rabois Tesla is successfully getting Prius buyers to 2x their car budgets. Good 'marketing'A great uplifting read from Oliver Sacks. May trigger your inner existential-crisis, which can be a good thing. http://t.co/eNKg8d97gnHere we go. “@AshleyLutz: 70% of Walmart's e-commerce traffic is through mobile, not the website”
@1Salil new account? :)@hunterwalk @PhilzCoffee that said, I *love* me some Philz.@hunterwalk @PhilzCoffee broadly applicable to the small co & the juggernaut in many industries. Doesn't make small co a great investment :)@gnef great, thank you sir@gnef thanks. And they handle paying all taxes etc?What's your favorite nanny payroll software?The folks .@urxtech seeing real data from wiring up music category in the app ecosystem. #deeplink nice @jmilinovich http://t.co/wmQOia1rgV
@mvboeke in fact, you have the guts already, let's find you a shell and a shoehorn :)@NathanCHubbard @annbordetsky let them see the Nathan and @kevinweil show every night. That's how I make sense of Twitter.@mvboeke vs 3rd party like Singer building less than 50 cars per yr.@mvboeke right. I'm talking about classic 2002 shell with some e90 mechanicals. OEM produced. No reason that would cost more than an e90.@twistofmatt of course. But they've made a big bet on the gigafactory which positions them well.@twistofmatt @monkbent you've clearly never driven (and possibly never heard) of a Tesla.@mvboeke precisely. But they're the only one, and in the wrong price range.@mvboeke beautiful. Waiting for the day when we see retro designs fitted w/ modern mechanicals become a thing.UMass institutes an embarrassing interpretation of US law, bans Iranian nationals from eng/science curriculum. http://t.co/LJikmXmjCD@Postmates can I use the service to deliver a package between 2 residences in SF or is that no longer available? Thought u could do that.This guy ate at Benihana 579 times last year. .@tinab @vipulsahai http://t.co/aPQmelr7ZSfinally got us a table at Kusakabe this saturday .@tinab // I worked so hard for it, didn't even have to use @reserve or anything like that.@sacca higher guilt factor too.
@mvboeke @Sonos I believe you can use TuneIn podcasts@erickschonfeld @hblodget @rabois agree that they don't need Apple. But also don't want them to be anything like GM :)@hblodget @rabois @erickschonfeld Apple will make great cars if they acquire $TSLA and make Elon CEO.Fancy seeing one of these. http://t.co/yh4Wr8KHwl
@pmarca I suppose. But Tim Cook is no Elon Musk :)@ai @DanielleMorrill timing the housing market in SF is generally an exercise in futility.@erickschonfeld after they fix autocorrect."Fixing autocorrect was too hard....so we shall now build..........Cars." http://t.co/XpDJlOzDy3 #AppleCar
I'm gonna miss this guy. Amen. http://t.co/KDAOkna4so@dunn embarrassed to say I haven't visited the SF one yet. Need to fix that.Apple pulls a Google, investing $850M in solar farm to power their HQ. http://t.co/0Aq3NcdmoT
This is almost the exact car that started my love affair with cars back in the 80s. Man, if I had extra space. http://t.co/5NhOrOd2Xr@fredwilson brilliant. This should be standard use case for ride sharing inventory so long as service doesn't suffer.Why do people put 'strategy' in their titles? There is no strategy-only role and there is no role that doesn't require strategy.
@vipulsahai right. They lost my viewership because of that + this cool broadcast network we are currently conversing on.@vipulsahai TwitterI see what you did there Kanye. How creative of you! #Grammys@tinab cheese, runny egg, some form of pork, butter, salt, bread. What else is there.Admission: I'm terrible at giving anything less than 5 stars to anyone working for an on-demand service. Have done it once or twice in 4 yrs
@pmarca @bozonit was grabbing on to the 'no marketing' part. And yes I understand they have an inside sales force, I own one :)@pmarca true. Tesla is a good example.Brian Williams embellishes one story = worldwide controversy Fox News lies unapologetically for 20 straight years = #1 cable news network
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaMy vote for next Twitter TV ad campaign, with a crisp new slogan...“@adambain: "You're not?" http://t.co/lJDPAUIQuM@adambain this seriously needs to be a national ad campaign!
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