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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/RHsN9TXQ32

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It will blow your mind RT @MoRocca: Raspberry Jello Salad, Tater Tot Hotdish & (cont) http://t.co/5wX9Rw8fD6@andrewzimmern @CHEFSCatalog Congrats on a wonderful line! Love the Romulus and Remus salad service and Shiwa knife! http://t.co/zHlX9tve15
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernCleverly named wooden spoons by @andrewzimmern just hit my wish list http://t.co/NhwtT2iIZW
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernClaim your seat for the Friends of @BeardFoundation Dinner in #Minneapolis on 10/29. You won't want to miss this: http://t.co/Qr1hzlVRmbI'm so proud of the #cookware collection I created along with @CHEFSCatalog. Details here: http://t.co/iFl0Ep3UJj
Johnny Cash, 1968 http://t.co/7V5KJEr95P
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThe book tour has begun! Hope to see you there. This is gonna be a blast. So thankful!!! http://t.co/kBXpkY9YS9
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernIf SF Giants win series, is Bochy a lock for HOF? I think you have to go with that…puts him over the top...Wonderful @AndrewZimmern & his marvelous mother-in-law & I make Minnesota culinary classics tomorrow @CookingChannel! http://t.co/BHHutrRxGV
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThese dumplings are @andrewzimmern’s fall gift to you: http://t.co/nGOzEevthl
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThanks! Very kind of you. My fanily appreciates it too RT @PalmBeachTim: @andrewzimmern (cont) http://t.co/bqN6sdw40zTOKI!!! Get on this... Amazing hot sauce... Cool entrepreneurs https://t.co/Z2ZAp0oXOnThis is the best #soup I've ever tasted. Get the #recipe: http://t.co/2CEpoJdSU9#Minneapolis: Join me on 10/29 for an incredible dinner with the @beardfoundation. Details here: http://t.co/Qr1hzlVRmbIntroducing my new #cookware collection with @CHEFSCatalog. Check it out: http://t.co/iFl0Ep3UJjEvacuation at my office building. Oh joy💞 http://t.co/nklWi9GceaWe're out for lunch at the Ford Center by Target Field tomorrow. We're going to serve up our new @SweeTango apple hand pies! They are YUMMY!
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernNo joke: tomorrow night @morocca My Grandmothers Ravioli visits my mother in law. And the whole family is there. Cooking Channel !Former Times editor Jill Abramson speaks at BU http://t.co/nGhKH2hFn6 Reveals working on "killer journalism" site w/Steve Brill
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernJoin us on Thursday at Food Day featuring @gailsimmons and @andrewzimmern! #BabsonFood http://t.co/U3cY1m5DHM http://t.co/9h3ylV2AYf
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernIt's @SweeTango Tuesday! I'm sending a dozen of em to one lucky follower. RT for a chance to win. #SweeTangoTuesMy #recipe for sweet & spicy roasted #pumpkin seeds http://t.co/6V19YGgUwVMeet me at the action tank! As Entrepreneur in Residence I'm at Babson Food Day, Oct 23, all day: http://t.co/4iTaMLQmxg #babsonfood
Best I've ever tasted, and I drink a lot of tonic water. Check it out on boylanheritagedotcom and go… http://t.co/Un3Quh0KxlCongratulations on 20 yrs at F&W @fwscout ! Looking forward to your visit to MPLS 10/30 with @andrewzimmern. http://t.co/WJKDc9EvDq
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@gailsimmons @foodandwine See ya Thursday @babson #babsonfoodI want a Bang Mo, been dying for a good one since the last time RT @HughAcheson: @pawkhrua @robertsietsema its your typo! Run with it!@POPSUGARFood @BizarreFoods Next time dinner is on me... You braved the Sansho buttons like a champ#Recipe: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds http://t.co/6V19YGgUwV http://t.co/klRp8ivs6UAnyone who buys table for #JBF Dinner in next 48 hours will get private lunch w/ me incl DVDs, Books, Tshirts http://t.co/uJ8inrJydwStarting this month, for every coat sold via @CoatsDirect, 1 will be donated to an @susincnyc resident http://t.co/bA4rocf6J9 #coatforcoatThis guy is a piece of work. Oh sweet lord, deliver us from the Greg Abotts of the world http://t.co/0V4pxydzYJ@nicole_franzen One of the nicest and smartest guys in the biz and amazing culinarian, mentor and always teachable. Gold standardA pop-up in the UK has a menu with nothing but salvaged food waste & a "pay what you like" fee http://t.co/A9k6ccUc4T http://t.co/PNrJkDm18i
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernMinneapolis James Beard FoundationDinner tickets on sale, still tables left!! http://t.co/uJ8inrJydwHere's your first look at @Empellon al Pastor, now open in the East Village: http://t.co/DyYowGWyry http://t.co/qWVTkVv3f2
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@KitchenAidUSA You guys are amazing! Thx for all the help this past weekend in the kitchen!Irish country bread that’s even more magically delicious than Lucky Charms: http://t.co/6jQqHdjtk2 @andrewzimmern http://t.co/hjh2L9l6KM
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernMississippi River fly overs are great for future duck blind placement @ Little Falls Dam http://t.co/jYtGPCy4wg@babson #foodday http://t.co/dlcKudr24Z last year’s Food Day was awesome. See you Thursday for 2014 edition!This week's @GFYPodcast is #pumpkinspice. Why not? Everything else is! Listen here: http://t.co/OaSrg4CqNk http://t.co/Y3Upr0GHbTIncredible! RT @FoodFilmFest: Hey @andrewzimmern @BizarreFoods! What'd you think of this year's (cont) http://t.co/1qc6cuae6z@DinnerMariah @Mariobatali @Bourdain @GordonRamsay Flattered!Mandatory reading. 😪 RT @mollymogren: 267. Why I Quit My Really Awesome Job. http://t.co/DEOoq3wPej on @bloglovin#Recipe: Beef Cheeks and Wine Tamales http://t.co/o3WtNRlBIh @penguinrandom #cookbook@dhmeyer Brother D... Amazing people made our superb meal a TRUE experience... Chef/Joey/Erica all made a special night more memorable.Show your @GFYPodcast pride (or just get a cool hat)! http://t.co/umQNalSj1E #goforkyourself
I don't even drink, but this, With roasted goat, roasted rabbit, roasted pork shoulder trio made knees… http://t.co/2GTLoy174IWorld class team at Maialino tonight should be in charge of running our planet. Simply stunning for Foodworks annual. Perfect. @dhmeyerSlow roasted baby goat @ Maialino http://t.co/bvc7f5AtnBThen a box of truffles appeared and several shavers. Brilliant @ Maialino http://t.co/0hBPmkIRUhSalumi. Including my new "best ever" mortadella. @ Maialino http://t.co/LG7UhupN6RFluke @dhmeyer 's USHG Maialino ... Start of a breathtaking meal celebrating huge successes of the… http://t.co/yBQWDfcqpU@Kheffernan212 I will be in Minnesota! Grrrrr. We will figure out this out... And we need to talk Costa Rica and Panama rooster fish too.@fwscout's Chicken Stir-Fry with Celery + Peanuts http://t.co/tO3zT5ZgCC @kitchenmistakes #recipe#Spoiler! @andrewzimmern's box includes Smoked Olive Oil. Prepare to drizzle it on everything. http://t.co/edwxiKQPDD http://t.co/37wRaf0db9
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI would bet big $ that Minnesota leads league in last minute losses over last 5 years... Just sayinYeah baby!! You too K.. RT @ennuigo: .@andrewzimmern just got a free pound of @biggayicecream for knowing your hometown! Hope you're well.Spicy Thai Shrimp Salad http://t.co/cdI3ob4E3K #recipe http://t.co/YaIYNtbCiE@Ozerskytv #meatopia is an event that I really wanted to go to... And see an @azcanteen booth at for next yearJaternice from Polashek's in Protivin Iowa with fried egg, AZ hot sauce, brown butter vinaigrette and… http://t.co/duDBll40QpYou made it awesome! RT @b4products: set 4 #Oktoberfest ,sponsored by @villagevoice &presented (cont) http://t.co/pbBZjrBcCQThe winner. Don't even think you can hoist a stein as long as the Champ can. #nycwff http://t.co/fONxPszYmCThis team rocked if today #nycwff Oktoberfest at Studio Square. azcanteen you are the best http://t.co/Uy8zqMJbCXEpic Oktoberfest #nycwff with DBGB, Empellon, Brauhaus Schmitz, Edi and the Wolf, Mabel's BBQ, Bronwyn… http://t.co/vDzxIBPfuA#newyorkselfie @ Studio Square http://t.co/Th8wZ9K5VL#nycwff selfie @ Studio Square http://t.co/ocAqqfkVB6The best French Onion Soup you'll ever have. #recipe http://t.co/2CEpoJdSU9Oktoberfest! See you all in an hour RT @AZCanteen: It's a fancy Canteen day in NYC! #nycwff http://t.co/42MoGDxzBrAhem... http://t.co/9l1JmUQrs5@azcanteen ! RT @sparks0344: @andrewzimmern Your food truck provided excellent grub at twin cities fall feast food truck rally yesterday!@brianstelter @cnnreliable Great show today, I believe cable is dying and re shaping to streaming/subscription/opt-in models will be future@fwscout book party book signing panel discussion was so enlightening w @mariobatali @kengoodmanphotohttp://t.co/UH0aLI8MLyBreakfast Benedict @ Nomad @ The Nomad Hotel http://t.co/BCOljYvNesAppetizer for breakfast at Nomad @ Nomad @ The Nomad Hotel http://t.co/QxoNMQMwvmMy favorite store in NYC ... Evolution http://t.co/bqIp15IrSDDinner at Balthazar #nycwff http://t.co/gCtf0N5Trq@LyndsayBeez @MVoltaggio @BryanVoltaggio That was fun wasn't it?![NEW PHOTOS] @marthastewart, @andrewzimmern, @emeril and more, we just added new photos to our #NYCWFF album: http://t.co/zmYO6JtPvv
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern🔊 9s https://t.co/S0TSpP2Lfr
@kittenwithawhip Sage lemon and honey infused in hot water. Sage is a great expectorant etc... Oh, and 36 NyQuil caplets...@andrewzimmern paso a saludar porque le encanta la #cocinamexicana ! @ChefAzari @chefalexruiz @chef_dtellez #NYCWFF http://t.co/YBq3FYQUso
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernDana Cowin’s Little Secret: http://t.co/7SgRQSW7iD @fwscout @foodandwine http://t.co/H6ZVcOSBTuIn the #nycwff grand tasting tent: @fwscout and @andrewzimmern http://t.co/IQGR9dxXUB
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThx! RT @ShunCutlery: @andrewzimmern cooking paella on the north stage @NYCWFF. Looks and smells amazing! #nycshun http://t.co/2UVAtRm8rFThank YOU RT @sofritomagazine: @andrewzimmern #NYCWFFF Thank you http://t.co/7YUVWWhHvL@MexicoCityLive @chefalexruiz @azaricuenca @chef_dtellez Oct 27 Monday @bizarrefoods is in Mexico City for Season PremiereSi! RT @MexicoCityLive: @andrewzimmern at #nycwff #MexicoCityFlavors w @chefalexruiz @azaricuenca and @chef_dtellez http://t.co/n3ezVnkpRb@JHochstat @torymcphail @travelchannel @Commanders_NOLA Bizarre Foods Delicious Destinations is going to be awesome. thx ToryWith the nicest sweetest of friends... rachaelray see you in February @ Pier 92 http://t.co/y6Ncyhy24S#nycwff epic talent pool. Wow .... Huge thanks to all who make this happen... DevInc, CReAM, Lee, CJ,… http://t.co/g2cGIEVrdo.@mollymogren & I discuss @OzerskyTV's best new #restaurants list on this week's @GFYPodcast. Listen here: http://t.co/OaSrg4CqNkOne-Pot Sticky Chicken Wings http://t.co/hSosnsM5Zj #gameday #recipeSimple & delicious....Sticky Rice & Peanut Sauce #recipe http://t.co/rZ43VALQQP@ChefBianco Thx MW... See you soon I hope!Americans killed in 2014: Ebola 1 ISIS 2 Televisions tipping over 150 Obesity 400,000 Heart Disease 600,000
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThx for the fun! RT @AnthonyMasonCBS 3 time #JamesBeard award winner Best TV Host @andrewzimmern next #TheDish @CBSThisMorning Saturday!@cbsthismorning crew really knows how to roll! Thx a million for having me @ CBS Broadcast Center http://t.co/RIyOqxSnNQ#Recipe: The Best French Onion Soup http://t.co/2CEpoJdSU9 http://t.co/ld7ZqOd8Wx@AnthonyMasonCBS @CBSThisMorning @BizarreFoods Looking forward to it! Been staring at you from the fishbowl for an hour and a half.
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