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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/EuFf839aWP

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@Zeusmokeyjedi @DanBarreiroKFAN @mnstatefair Next Wednesday at 5To all my MN pals who keep asking when they can meet me at the fair: Wednesday 8/27 , 5pm at KFAN booth for Dans show #seeyathereHere is today's newsletter from my site... so if you aren't subscribing you're missing this every week! http://t.co/hfN21glXua18 Must-Try @mnstatefair foods http://t.co/FMpwACiWuO http://t.co/Q8AQML4NwCWood fire = amazing flavor. Find out for yourself by entering to win a Memphis Wood Fire Grill http://t.co/IHjDlz0LJv http://t.co/3cNH893GhNOne-Pot Sticky Chicken Wings... one of my favorite #recipes of all time. http://t.co/NTT45N9BLsHere's the list of new foods at the @mnstatefair. What are you excited to try? Which ones sound sucky? http://t.co/NuKIBuk1qQWe’re giving away a Memphis Wood Fire Grill, valued at $3K. Details: http://t.co/IHjDlz0LJv @memphisgrills http://t.co/ZiodvfrbiN#recipe: This is the best dipping sauce for fried seafood you’ll ever make. http://t.co/qmIqW3GGOW http://t.co/xrHbfzicZpYou better get a thick skin, you better get it fast. - words of wisdom from @KatieLeeKitchen http://t.co/bdJagOeVRI #GFYPodcast
Pondering this one http://t.co/SMW9kfxMDASichuan Spice version of chili kissed bamboo shoot http://t.co/Juye2Pn33oA few of the 22 turkeys in my front yard http://t.co/HELWyv7i6y.@reneredzepiNOMA Best #ALSchallenge vid I've seen. Well done... See you in September.Yes RT @TJP_0309: @RestaurantsAct @andrewzimmern A fair nationwide law that would free (cont) http://t.co/VVyWGXyCIo@andrewzimmern hey all, please make sure to stop by Andrew's AZ canteen tonight at Target Field. Also, standup2cancerwithme click my link
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernCAN'T WAIT to try the new foods at the @mnstatefair tomorrow!!!! Here's the complete list: http://t.co/NuKIBuk1qQ1 in 5 Americans go hungry. Retweet if you agree we need to fix this problem. cc @AndrewZimmern #NCSLSummit http://t.co/xEMkCcLn4i
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern.@espn Thx for the fun chat! http://t.co/D9lN2Haken"You better get a thick skin, you better get it fast." - words of wisdom from @KatieLeeKitchen http://t.co/bdJagOeVRI #GFYPodcastIt's like Christmas, Hanukkah & my birthday all in one: The @mnstatefair starts tomorrow! My favorite food picks: http://t.co/FMpwACiWuOI asked you for your favorite "Zimmern-ism." You overwhelmingly replied with this. http://t.co/QTDZU2VWXl http://t.co/Ofes7qOMpI@Jennifer_for_OR Great meeting you! I need help getting Edina MN to allow residents to keep small numbers of chic and goat!!@musiccityfw Sept 20 21 @chefsymon @TylerFlorence @Chef_Aaron @andrewzimmern @amandafreitag @cheftimlove @TYcom http://t.co/kHqkg6jrVf
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThe incredible, edible... Butter burger @AZCanteen @andrewzimmern - #Foodtruck #StreetFood @FoodTrucksMN PERFECTION! http://t.co/CJ4pSaBKPI
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernMN's Blue Plate Rest Grp will pay livingwage for all non-tipped emps, and resumed paying the credit card fees on servers tips. #BRAVOLocation: Marquette & 9th street for lunch today in front of TCF Bank. Lunch 11-2pm. Then on to @fultonbeer 3-10pm.
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@BCasey_94 @eyebobsOur pleasure! Thanks for having us. @MinnesotaDFL @andrewzimmern
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern9 Ways to Use Summer Tomatoes http://t.co/zshXakuOqo #recipe4 Common Knife Mishaps (& How to Fix Them) http://t.co/2mT9Yh30tp #sp @ShunCutleryGAZPACHO! http://t.co/x1uI8AMfZJ #recipeMy demo @CultivateFest Minneapolis is Saturday at 5:30. Come enjoy the free fest before http://t.co/RXqHdDBw1v
Dred Scott is buried just a few miles down West Florissant from the battle in #Ferguson: http://t.co/sOORVNo5P6 History's ironic sensibility
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern.@KeithOlbermann smartly pointing that Ditkas comments (not surprisingly) are ignorant, racist, nonsensical. http://t.co/WqrtmXa9xPOrtiz hits #460 tonight. Barring career ending injury he tops 500 next season, combined with his rings means HOF. #used2BaTwinFahk!!!! RT @dbrauer: With tonight’s come-from-ahead loss the #mntwins are on pace to lose at least 90 for the 4th straight season! #mathsLove that dish RT @LAWeeklyFood: More fun with fish heads at Hunan Mao; Rosemead. http://t.co/IdWHk5nAJbjustinchapple's photo http://t.co/BsigUY2OoD Check this out LA!@hamptoncreek @joshtetrick Were your ears burning today? Talking about your business model example of civic entrepreneurship #NCSLsummitAnother example why @hamptoncreek and @joshtetrick are leaders in every respect. Remake our world better! http://t.co/MmzjscxA0E@andrewzimmern can a long time fan get an RT?
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#NCSLsummit still abuzz re @Vassar alum @andrewzimmern hunger talk @dlee_ftw @fractweets @NewYorkHunger http://t.co/pWnfGxDAVp
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@andrewzimmern thanks for the great Yu Family Restaursnt recommendation. Can't start the kids too early #kidfoodies http://t.co/7h3AqlMxOu
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#DFLMN fundraiser azcanteen With my favorite mayor BHodges and Sam & Sylvia Kaplan @ Lake Calhoun,… http://t.co/Niwzm4YGnhThis is what a tax audit looks like! @ Lake of the Isles http://t.co/5X57Giifvt@gavinkaysen Look who I'm with!!! Your mom! @ Lake Calhoun - North Beach http://t.co/djrXiYeB7fWin a grill from @memphisgrills, valued at $3K. Details here: http://t.co/IHjDlz0LJv http://t.co/r6zrQ2PLcYHuge day, Working to fight hunger and meeting heroes. Faith in LOCAL govt #HungerSolutions at #NCSLsummit @NCSLorg http://t.co/1Bm4RzpNJfSolving hunger requires social change mvmt, just like smoking & seatbelt campaigns. @andrewzimmern #NCSLsummit
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSenator, Thk YOU 4 all u do RT @Renee_Unterman: State & local level best place for social (cont) http://t.co/ww004L2rqqContent & storytelling are key 2 communicating w/ kids re food says @andrewzimmern who amg other things writes kid books @alisongoldberg
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI was inspired by you! Homored RT @NCSLorg: What a great session with @AndrewZimmern about solving world hunger! http://t.co/Y2uAdWVSuZFood waste is related to portion size in US. Only country where 14 oz of animal protein is considered normal. #NCSLsummit @andrewzimmern
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@Renee_Unterman @NCSLorg @andrewzimmern @GASenatePress Conferences unite! We're talking about many similar programs at #NAWRS #SNAP #Poverty
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern4 Common Knife Mishaps (& How to Fix Them) http://t.co/2mT9Yh30tp @ShunCutlery http://t.co/MuuNrXpeuuSo honored. Lets kick hunger to the curb Full house 4 @NCSL hunger lunch w/ @andrewzimmern (cont) http://t.co/OylQmlogYrIntroducing Andrew Ziimmern for Hunger Partnership luncheon; Bizarre Foods @andrewzimmern @NCSLorg http://t.co/e0jlAnWDaO
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernFull house 4 @NCSL hunger lunch w/ @andrewzimmern @fractweets @RepDwightEvans @Renee_Unterman @HungerSolutions http://t.co/4JY6RaAD6h
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernMost bizarre food today-NOT! Having roast beef w the NCSL Hunger Partnership! @NCSLorg @andrewzimmern http://t.co/X3kEZSuY9b
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernIt's going down tomorrow morning RT @cochonbutcher: @Bourdain and @andrewzimmern - Donald Link (cont) http://t.co/NGydlmBSu4Great having old friend @andrewzimmern on the show. http://t.co/tLzl4kZ9wg
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#Recipe: One-Pot Sticky Chicken Wings http://t.co/NTT45N9BLs#Recipe: Kugler Family Sauerkraut http://t.co/kYS0cvo8Px#Recipe: Fried Walleye w/ Homemade Tartar Sauce http://t.co/wQgVGJ7EQT.@mollymogren & I get real with Katie Lee. http://t.co/bdJagOeVRI @KatieLeeKitchen #GFYPodcast
Hedy Epstein, the 90-year-old Holocaust survivor who was arrested in St Louis, wore a shirt that read "Stay Human" http://t.co/ZKAtju9RAo
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@GarySoup @CNN @jaketapper @MSNBC Agree. Tapper interviewed by international team was beautiful expositionAm glued to @cnn all night. Can't turn away. This is awful. Where's the leadership in the city? The (cont) http://t.co/7Y6zSqaa8s@BostonToAthenry @DanBarreiroKFAN It's always a possibility but signs point to us all working things out.@dash37board27 @virginiawillis So are you Travis!@BostonToAthenry @DanBarreiroKFAN the lawyers are working it out. Dan and I dated in high school, there are odd details 2b worked through.Agree RT @reedmwsof15e: @andrewzimmern @KatieLeeKitchen @mollymogren Another excellent GFY (cont) http://t.co/gw5WYYOgvH@miggalooch You don't think what comes right after is deep enough??@JeeWPark @jordanarothman And I would accept! How's life JWP? Hope all is good w you and all my USHG budsThe best pie to make with summer peaches: http://t.co/XVoNGIJdDS http://t.co/gkNIyPOvrN
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@jordanarothman Who would be at this summit and why can't I buy a ticket to attend?I like this! MN Local Food Project! #supportlocal #yumzar #mn https://t.co/MjBvd9K4hqWe are in! RT @CochonDining: He did bit!! Chef Link accepted his ice bucket challenge, and passes (cont) http://t.co/H9HmoTTtdnICYMI, I hosted the @bbtn podcast again today, with guests JJ Picollo (@royals), @jcrasnick, and @andrewzimmern! http://t.co/LThLbjrzZF
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern.@andrewzimmern stopped by today to talk about the Chipotle Cultivate Festival taking place in Loring Park on Sat. http://t.co/R9enG5VoDD
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSomeone once told me this one is the 'perfect bathroom book.' I'm kinda honored. http://t.co/ZiBcTnOTW4 http://t.co/8wfFjoTEAMWho wants to win a @MemphisGrill (MSRP $3K) & other great prizes? Check out the contest here: http://t.co/AcwsBvcpMK http://t.co/Sw8EZGOwnz@hamptoncreek does it again. Congrats to @joshtetrick and whole amazing team http://t.co/vj8XhkYF2YOne of my favorite things to bring to a potluck. Make sure to bring extra napkins. http://t.co/NTT45N9BLs http://t.co/VPYhfFTiVIGo Fork Yourself: We get real with Katie Lee. http://t.co/bdJagOeVRI @KatieLeeKitchen #GFYPodcast http://t.co/8DYsiD79YN#recipe: This is the best dipping sauce for fried seafood you’ll ever make. http://t.co/qmIqW3GGOW9 Ways to Use Summer #Tomatoes http://t.co/zshXakuOqo #recipe http://t.co/sECXxy0pmn@SoSaidStina Without press there is no balance and accountability or window into what's happening
@JtillerJr How about authorities telling the truth and then allowing healing and rebuilding of trust?For now, here's the incredible threat from #Ferguson cops to the media. Working on a longer clip RT @gabrieldance https://t.co/SKh86ThFJv
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern30k people watching as an officer threatened to shoot live stream operator if he didn’t turn off his light http://t.co/smQ02y5aCW #Ferguson
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSpuds @ St Paul Farmers Market http://t.co/0KjskPDl0GMaking pickles. No vinegar. Just lacto-fermentation. http://t.co/NCdUFfRaMN@chefjasondady @Johnny_Iuzzini @Giants @cshepherd13 Houston still needs a QB ... Then again their D may not allow any pts this season@ESPN_Colin Last nights Vikes and giants games were pretty good throughout@chefjasondady @Johnny_Iuzzini @dallascowboys @giants I love this! Game on brother Jason!!@chefjohnbesh @SpikeTV Of course!! Hug that great Fam of yours... Rishia says hi to J...@aftonfarm We love Mill City... MPls needs an idenity@FromTheBarn We Love Kingfield
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