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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/RHsN9TXQ32

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Do some good today... @margaretcho helping the homeless in SFrisco. Please donate, click here http://t.co/BacUYvBYzR@amck The "food" category alone is traumatizing.Minnehaha Falls #travelchannel #onlyinMN http://t.co/34o37RZz5fA behind-the-scenes take on my trip to #Kazakhstan on @gfypodcast. Listen: http://t.co/j2xhD9GpBM http://t.co/bm7bRtFQyNMy Dad’s Prosciutto and Fontina Gougeres http://t.co/kAVZHVw8Gx #recipe #Thanksgiving http://t.co/i7fb0H3owoTHE INSANELY AWESOME @lizzwinstead Year In Review shows @TheCedar 12/27 & NYE Get tickets now!! http://t.co/bIwS9U5qYC@AndyMilonakis Hardest question in food world these days... What type of chow?What you don't know about #bitter flavors. http://t.co/vkZFoSLUNZ #5Questions.@andrewzimmern found his culinary passion from @beardfoundation. Now @USPS stamps honor him http://t.co/GeOLgbScMP http://t.co/hJHBJ9dYEp
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernYou're a legend and we adore you! RT @MollieKatzen: @andrewzimmern Thanks for this nice post.Stuffed Squash from @MollieKatzen http://t.co/852GHGQkkZ #recipeNeed to make a dish for #Thanksgiving? I've got you covered: http://t.co/QLjwXojbGf http://t.co/d8iRuC62FiMy backyard right now. #onlyinMN #turkeytime 3 of them get eaten Thursday! @ home http://t.co/q32Ju3w7sv#Recipe: "The Brooklyn" Sicilian-Style Pizza http://t.co/KKry6xzUK8 http://t.co/0O9iU14l3HPecan Tart #recipe http://t.co/ObQwNMCQ1M #Thanksgiving http://t.co/N4VCY9ILqh#Recipe: Boneless Stuffed Turkey Breast http://t.co/5YoeJ6LcHb #Thanksgiving http://t.co/vlGbbY7L7Z
So proud of @azcanteen team tonight. Jose, Crystal and Asher nailed the scallop dish at US Bank event http://t.co/fcwksF63PUSo apparently some Chinese restaurants were spiking dishes with opiates... Customer loyalty program? http://t.co/6NrJJRlMEf@PleasurePamela But do they have "drop drawers" in the back?Smoking and obesity each cost the world more than drug use and car wrecks combined: http://t.co/6XIbAjrQlJ http://t.co/Bbl9XwWfnH
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernPaul and Steven from @tiliampls turned out a stellar pork belly and lentil http://t.co/lsbfW5VU7wScallop up close http://t.co/fTw3hTEeofScallop Line up #onlyinMN http://t.co/JoFubDDuxX.@tonyspizza415's Sicilian-Style Pizza #recipe http://t.co/KKry6xzUK8Perfect #Thanksgiving Turkey, Stuffing & Gravy: http://t.co/eyW90deI08 #recipes http://t.co/XLm0LuCzr4#Recipe: Pumpkin Pie http://t.co/AR0NyaaO4G http://t.co/ICeF5M7SbG.@nytimes might have gotten it wrong, but grape salads can be delicious. http://t.co/DtOJ3xohRQ #Grapegate #OnlyinMN http://t.co/WcObVYjkMe#Podcast: Horse meat, my advice for #Thanksgiving & #Kazakhstan on this wk's @GFYPodcast http://t.co/fhlIRrxxVLIrresistibly Creamy Mashed Potatoes http://t.co/FisZkTZDb0 #recipePretty please retweet Mr.@andrewzimmern? THANK A FARMER, BUY LOCAL this Sun @ Linden Hills Farmers' Market | 9AM-4PM. http://t.co/DMvSXDY7Ez
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernHow to carve a #turkey http://t.co/Db7uLIztjL #ThrowbackThanksgivingPerfect Thanksgiving side: http://t.co/QfvmfVwNAh #recipe.@JenniferMcLagan's Radicchio & Pumpkin Risotto #recipe: http://t.co/r7NbAh6Rpx
Honor to meet you!!! RT @millcitywriters: Met @andrewzimmern at @WashburnCenter tonight. That was a bit of a day-maker. #BizarreFoodsScallop crudo spoonandstable from gavinkaysen @ North Loop http://t.co/ey2YrM8HruBison tartare at spoonandstable from gavinkaysen .... Superb @ North Loop http://t.co/seJI4YvnvEFrom @FreshTartSteph's Twin Cities Chef's Table: Mushroom Soup with Fall Compote http://t.co/cSEEEQVCQZ #recipeAdd this killer Pumpkin Pie to your #Thanksgiving menu http://t.co/AR0NyaaO4G #recipe#Recipe: Stuffed Squash from @MollieKatzen http://t.co/852GHGQkkZYou mean to say why isn't Unilver suing Kraft? Good question. Because they don't pose same threat (cont) http://t.co/gqQ9i90xhhMayo petition spreading: https://t.co/Bxpqh3pjvY cc @IAmTomorrow @Change @andrewzimmern
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThrowback Thursday!! RT @andrewzimmern: #Video: How to Carve a Turkey http://t.co/Db7uLIztjL #tbt http://t.co/q70whR3FaUMy favorite new store!! EVERYBODY should check it out RT @EggPlantSupply: OMG OMG @andrewzimmern paid us a visit! http://t.co/MMHUumALwx@johntedge @potlikker Will do!!!Hey @andrewzimmern please give listen to @potlikker NEW Gravy Thanksgiving podcast; Lumbees, Kluxers, collards: http://t.co/xInxTYxZtk
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernA perfect gift for the young adventurer in your life: http://t.co/u06M7j7gfm http://t.co/y3aX3ettkkNeed to make a dish for #Thanksgiving? I've got you covered: http://t.co/QLjwXojbGf http://t.co/6DV2zmxpC4#Video: How to Carve a Turkey http://t.co/Db7uLIztjL #tbt http://t.co/q70whR3FaULocal flavor has a stamp of its own! Buy @USPS Celebrity Chefs Forever® stamps now: http://t.co/SENJBSWrFm #ad http://t.co/6peO8sZvNTGreat Instagram Follows #onlyinMN http://t.co/PCC3rj3j0T#Podcast: @mollymogren & I talk about @spoonandstable and the @hamptoncreek lawsuit. Listen: http://t.co/Kj4qHPUyAzMinnesota: We're doing #ThrowbackThanksgiving! Send your favorite classic Turkey Day pics to info@andrewzimmern.com or share with #OnlyinMN.My sweet & #spicy roasted pumpkin seeds #recipe http://t.co/C0njG5afik
@kathlanpher @DJJasonNagel @nytfood @DavidTanisCooks @SamSifton Grape salad is good tho!.@andrewzimmern now has 60,000+ signatures asking @Unilever to drop lawsuit against @hamptoncreek https://t.co/6204CMcPpZ #mayowars
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#Recipe: Crab Rolls with Thai Chile Sauce http://t.co/ud6mk8sCWL@nytfood @DavidTanisCooks @samsifton Lefse Wild Rice casserole Hot dish Jello salad Pan fried ruffed grouse Pheasant in cream gravyI think grape salad would be a great marketing tool for Minnesota. Let's embrace it. #grapegate http://t.co/s8sABrVWAd
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern.@DavidTanisCooks shared more info on his grape salad on Facebook http://t.co/iUUXA8Ni7R #embracethegrape #grapegate http://t.co/TeEZ7L25IV
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernLove it!, RT @bourbonbarrel: @andrewzimmern ur barrel is up next! #eatyourbourbon @BizarreFoods http://t.co/lKsvxLdEjyCongrats to @sweetcornchips ABC’s Shark Tank this Friday @ 9 pm ET will feature my @babson @foodsol friends!Try out my Billi Bi #recipe http://t.co/dig7duQuDl #mussels#Recipe: Chive & Crème Fraîche Mashed Potatoes http://t.co/FisZkTZDb0 http://t.co/lVZoOpQI8jSteamed Green Beans with Toasted Almond-Mushroom Pesto http://t.co/QfvmfVwNAh #recipeTry this savory Cauliflower Cake #recipe from @ottolenghi's cookbook, Plenty More. http://t.co/BPVmYd9XqS@rlach @cjaeckle @GaudetMatthew @EricGabrynowicz @AlexRSaenz @HughAcheson I'm 10-7 and like the MN Wild chances. #stateofhockey@cjaeckle @GaudetMatthew @rlach @EricGabrynowicz @AlexRSaenz @HughAcheson @NHLBruins @penguins It's a great season thus far!@MrsKatrinaH Split open. Marinate with minced shallot, salt, fresh rosemary, olive oil. Char rare in grill or sear rare over high heat.@DrewBaileyScott Very kind of you. Love your fave Tolkien quote...@klydon15 Turkey
@samsifton has done it again… Americana in every bite. Happy Turkey Day http://t.co/Usz0VMVaM5i spent a day with this man years ago shooting one of the first @bizarrefoods very sad news... http://t.co/KGKAYjSm04Chive & Crème Fraîche Mashed Potatoes http://t.co/ru4lbSCsnl #recipe#Recipe: Steamed Green Beans with Toasted Almond-Mushroom Pesto http://t.co/FgaN8ymYz9 http://t.co/qCcZMbffEhMinnesota: We're doing #ThrowbackThanksgiving! Send your favorite classic Turkey Day pics to info@andrewzimmern.com or share with #OnlyinMN.This is so cool. Happy for Jack and Josh. Happier for our Cities!! #onlyinmn #exploremn http://t.co/QmoM2NSDcY@Delta service better despite merger with NW @United a disaster sinkhole effect! http://t.co/WeY5NtnNjF Via @ulteriorepicure.@nickkokonas's commercially available ticketing platform is one step closer to reality http://t.co/kPAt2pnRdv http://t.co/GgxH0WbYTR
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernTrue entrepreneurship equals leadership Please help N.U.B.I.A grow! https://t.co/Uix1RS2Y1PChefs catalog dot com RT @imdjsmom: @andrewzimmern The handle is beautiful. Piece of art. Going online to find where I can get one.If you can eat it, this blade can cut it! Get your hands on one of my Shiwu Chef's knives: http://t.co/mA7brYdbI1 http://t.co/871DhJmJ8e150,000 and 700,000 -- two numbers that explain what's happening to the TV biz http://t.co/YKUKsxhj3h
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernOur goal? Clean and efficient #cookstoves in 100 million households by 2020. Join us: http://t.co/Rhem0DJnMP http://t.co/D5KBc6OEXJ
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern.@gubbeen's Roast Crown of Goose & Stuffing http://t.co/tG3k8YmgOg #recipe#Recipe: Sautéed Pork Tenderloin with Apricots & Mustard http://t.co/cDUPlG42TR http://t.co/g7a4LwNA8vHunger Mission. Hope begins with a meal! $1.96 Call today 952-858-8300 11/18 http://t.co/ro7UG4oSNL
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernKuyrduk... A simple braise of horsemeat...seared in sheep fat with onions. Simply delicious @ Алма-Ата. http://t.co/nWxNx2MqsUSimple. Best. Beshbarmak... Five finger food... Horse onions and noodles @ Almaty Kazakhstan http://t.co/TFnHZxOLpcRaising money for the Homeless with WCCO and the Union Gospel Mission. #WCCO http://t.co/8YBzajM0kw
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWith Sergei and Pavel ... Sergei was a major in Russian spec/ops before doing private security. He… http://t.co/ZKRef0UZG9I may never leave this part of the world. I feel like they really get me. Photo via @mrattnight @… http://t.co/lYuOyTHkaaKazakh street life w Lenin statue at top @ Алма-Ата. http://t.co/9KqpsHPsS6Riding the bus in Kazakhstan rush hour. @ Зеленый Базар http://t.co/Qm7ELPdhwTSoviet Square @ Almaty Kazakhstan http://t.co/SiDn3FDMtjYes I did RT @YesChef72: Wait. You just said "the last time I saw that much sausage hanging, I was at the NYAC." @andrewzimmern 😳🔊 19s https://t.co/ffYlQ0NBTT
Kazakh meals are all about their meat and milk culture. A dozen items on table all made w milk @ Nura, KZ http://t.co/l0HigAkVmhGiant eagle as big as a teenager @ Nura, KZ http://t.co/XOdsubNlksI get the sheep head at my setting as the guest of honor @ Nura, KZ http://t.co/Y1Fb7NGqEXDinner time @ Nura, KZ http://t.co/euYQ8Al683
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