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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

I'm a Madam dedicated to Adam. My Adam Lambert Fan Place.

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Gonna go meet my girl on the strip, it's Block Party TuesdayAnother job interview I don't think went very well *pouts*@CrisJanLim Can't wait for this Bloody sexiness @TommyJoeRatliffTotally slow today at work, may be going home early. New company so still needs to get busyOff to work in a bit and then a job interview after, ughh
Making another website for another one of my business adventures, I swear, I can never be busy enough@christy0907 JFC, I would forget how to count at this moment
@HannaBec They did a 3 day gig, totally forgot tonite was last nite, I'm sure they r still awesomeShoot, I forgot I wanted to see Air Supply tonight :(Yay @CBSBigBrother time, Go Frankie!Just went through a DUI checkpoint, that was exciting, never seen one in actionCrazy work nite, think I'm just gonna go home tonite
Heading to work, we got SnoopDog tonite, should be fun@OutlandoGirl @316pisces ha ha, it kinda does@MarkShunock Also heard it's somebody's Bday, so we will buy 1 in @justmort honor too :) @showboybakeshop @RockofAgesVegas @BCEFA@316pisces I found tweet, it was in a twitter party recently@MarkShunock OMG, luv him too, thanx, we will B there 2 support @showboybakeshop @RockofAgesVegas @BCEFA @jairodriguez@MarkShunock OMG, my fav place, how long u guys gonna B there @showboybakeshop @RockofAgesVegas @BCEFA@Emkelicious Guess I haven't had time to check tweets lately :( @Grrrr_girl@Emkelicious @Grrrr_girl The moon on his arm, I guess it's not that new but I missed it@316pisces Oh, is that what that is, how did I not see his tweet about itHow did I miss the new tattoo & what is it about, kinda weird, wonder what it meansThere should b a camera Crew with me 24 hours, crazy niteI just changed someone's life tonight, he heWhy is Vegas so funI swear, I create the funniest shit, I just made some1 do a hair gel dance on the strip & made him pay me to do it, ha ha@saharjojo10 :)I'm gonna have some bruises tomorrowClub #2 for the night http://t.co/glklNBsQc5
This is the start of my nite http://t.co/6K6Dn8EcVvOff to work & maybe some fun after@HannaBec Ha ha, that could sound bad. I have to text my guests b4 I meet them later, so I can do from my bath :)So this new nite job is awesome. However the pre-prep kinda sux but at least I can do while I'm in the tub, if they only knew o_0Downloading all my new Queen CDs :)@Rebecca0313 Say Hi to @WARNWILLIS for us :)@Cali2KC I usually don't buy this 1 product because it's so expensive & bought for way cheaper, woo hooI love Amazon, just bought 2 hair care products for less then the 1 item would normally cost in the store :)Chill day, time to watch some moviesDamn U Raiders, but we still had fun :) http://t.co/fxuuX4ifRtMy nite is still not over@adamlambert @JaredLeto Holy Crap, look at all the pretty@iMJulianM6 Help me
I'm at a country bar. How does everyone know the routines, ha haYay, found a home for "Jr" at the container store, Yes, it is inanimate object & it needed a home :)@becca112971 IKR, ErrrrDay 4 of diet, so far so good but I think I will be cheating tonite, Raiders game party & country bar $1 drink nite :)
Still organizing closet, finding so much fun stuffYay, just got booked on a 2 day gig out if town@gagasmubitch A girl can dream :) @adamlambert @ladygagaHere's hoping for another @adamlambert & @ladygaga collaboration on his new album, I'm putting it out in the universeReorganizing is fun, now I need to find me a good size hat boxCleaning out my closet. Out with the old & hopefully in with the newBunch of @adamlambert & @ladygaga clips put together https://t.co/QhR25bRysS@LoriAndJava Why couldn't I've been there@mimmikki Right! So awesomeWaking up to pix of @ladygaga @adamlambert & @QueenWillRock is a dream come true, Pop+Rock+Royalty= :)
@DianaKat1 @SeattleSusieQ I just like hearing Queen songs being done :)@SeattleSusieQ Def not an Adam quality performance but it was different & could've been way worse @DianaKat1WWTLF on Americas Got Talent, & it's pretty good@VestaRose I know & so sad@LoriAndJava Right! these machine gun tourist places R crazy, was a matter of time & a child, ughh, gonna scare her for life, stupid parentsJust hearing story of 9 yr old girl killing instructor with an Uzi @ range. Who let's a 9 yr old shoot an Uzi? So sad for guy & lil girl@Isolde_13 Yeah, Vegas show will be awesome @asherly89@asherly89 @Isolde_13 We'll be stalking in 2 weeks, do it's OK :)@Isolde_13 Man, were missing out @asherly89 @HonoraryBrit @Tribyen@316pisces Ha ha, Right! @milestougeaux@becca112971 I don't read books, but I feel a nap in my future :)@Kitanneglam Think, I will do a movie marathon :)@danzr4ever Yep, that is happening for sureYay, I have a lazy day to do what ever I want, now what the heck do I want to do
@Isolde_13 it can be the Liam puzzle room @HannaBec@Isolde_13 Ha ha@LoriAndJava My hosting job, got stuck in a crowd, literally my lungs were getting crushed, it was so scary@LoriAndJava Yeah, job was so crazy last nite & almost got trampled at club, thought I was gonna die@LoriAndJava I didn't make it to club, so no Miley :(Crazy nite at work, didn't make it in time for Miley, so hung with my home girl @Isolde_13
Eek, trying not to stress out, they gave me more responsibilities tonite & don't wanna F it up@Isolde_13 That's where I am right now working, iheart memories :)Hey @isolde_13 does this VIP area look familiar http://t.co/0lpwQXiF1K@BUSYBEE8 Ha ha, IKR@LoriAndJava She's at a club tonite & hopefully get out of my gig in time to get thereOff to second gig, then hopefully party with Miley CyrusWTH, that's crazy “@dspyshowbiz: Adam Lambert fan beats security to hide in car http://t.co/wPxdGqIVxgWorking a double today, ughh
Off work, time to change & go watch the Raiders game with my girls@DarynD Ha ha@Edwin4NOH8 Ha ha, well mentally but not physically, Damn it!Alarm just woke me up to a strange Adam dream 0_o
@DarynD Yeah, me too 0_o#TBT with @TommyJoeRatliff @brianlondon @ my girl @Isolde_13 http://t.co/tKM6qLZbbGFinally getting my hair done :)@GlamPimpLinda Yes, it's dangerous to live hereHow did I miss this video (screen cap) http://t.co/QaZLYwyCcg@BUSYBEE8 I had a lot for u 0_o@Kitanneglam Aww thanx, it is a fun jobMy fiends rock http://t.co/GnC833PlIMLove my friends from Paris http://t.co/XZCjNW84ha
Free drinks r kicking in@BUSYBEE8 I wish u were here tooOut with one of my girls, Free drinks for ladies 2nite, gotta luv Vegas
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