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Abdur Chowdhury @abdur San Francisco

Co-founder of @altavistaschool. Formerly {Chief Scientist @Twitter, co-founder @Summize, Chief Architect @AOL}

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Getting excited about skiing by watching @SteepSkiing & his adventures in Svalbard with @ingridbackstrom https://t.co/1puphIxHB4 #FacesOfDav
Always suspected @flo of having a side gig. http://t.co/ZzPFgcAmPB@SaraJChipps See the west coast weather grows on you.@cayley She was a great dog, sorry about losing her.
Hearing @abdur's inside acquisition story of @summize and @twitter. //cc @jack @ev @biz @gregpass http://t.co/oOISOwxe6X
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@mccv just call me 🍣🍷🎿@netik @nk yes, i have used that a few times when on others computers... not sure how secure it all is...@nk @netik @1Password As long as each site has a different pwd that is an ok strategy.@netik watching hundreds of machines trying to hack my twitter password with you convinced me @1Password is a must have.@rrhoover weird how other countries have not adopted the early morning coffee need like the US.
@iano what about that router your old landlord stole?@cayley I believe you called me an academic in that meeting. :) @gregpass@ej is perfusing the kama sutra of interface design. OMG!"I had a nightmare where everybody had to submit their website to Comcast for approval before they could deploy it." - @bcherry
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@torvos Want to try our beta instead? @StevenTheApp@torvos Sorry to hear that, are you running ios 8. Could you check your battery usage and let me know what it is? CC @StevenTheApp
@sacca I use that same metric to help me gauge how much time I should take to prepare for a talk to give that value.Super proud of the @twittersearch team today. cc/ @ablegrape @abdur @ej @ruslansv @mabb0tt http://t.co/F5copt3ywd
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury
@sampullara @pandemona Ya, doesn't work for my friends. Tells them their number is not registered as an iMessage phone.#RIP Chris Dunn 11/27/2014 #LoveYou #MissYou
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@pandemona people who moved from Apple to Android still get iMessages (undelivered) so you have to turn it off when they're part of a group.@pandemona That would be great, this is killing me turning it on and off. off breaks my iMessages coming in...@iano nooooooI have to turn off iMessage whenever I have a group SMS conversation with an android user. So frustrating....@JugglingPumba Send some snow and cold to us in Tahoe please.@jkalucki Hoping that is true. See @squawalpine 's instagram feed... I cant figure out what is real and creative anymore...@jkalucki Its a scary prospect this year.I love @biz doing things because it makes him happy! A lesson for all of us. “Introducing Super” by @biz https://t.co/3wf4WJlhqX
@joshelman it's SMS or something like groupme, ie you either care or you don't.@joshelman it's called sms.
@iano always and never. True fact.@SaraJChipps @Alexis is checking out all your work on the internet. 😺
@kimhavell @SteepSkiing @iceaxetv I'm bringing the team to all of you this season in search of great runs...@SteepSkiing @kimhavell @TandemStock @iceaxetv epic day, thank you guys sooo much. I'll follow you guys anywhere... :)@kimhavell @TandemStock @iceaxetv @SteepSkiing Nice, I think that is the best picture of me skiing ever! :)@SaraJChipps data does not lie...@SaraJChipps is patient zero of at least one social network. #TrueFact@satanjeev @miguelrios @StevenTheApp I dont repeat my accomplishments. :)@squarecog @miguelrios No, was playing with groupings of items. Turns out I am in Miguel. :)@miguelrios @StevenTheApp @kristw Whats the best flow visualization tool? Been playing with @Gephi but not a lot of updates to it lately.Channeling my inner @miguelrios - What people do after they leave the house visualization of @StevenTheApp data. http://t.co/Xlpz2WRq5V@narendra @findOpenSnow me tooooooo@narendra its the 67 degrees that is scaring me... We need some cold and wet...@arctictony @mattcutts Try iCloud it will delete all your documents and then you will be so happy to use Google Drive.@SteadmanArt holding a naginata!“@altavistaschool: AVS 5th grade students community service project is helping @LavaMae with homeless hygiene.DONATE http://t.co/PKfs1bZSvi
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryOur new Crowdfunder campaign has a number of great perks for investors! https://t.co/a3vHr3CRmF
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryI love watching @kevinweil and @NathanCHubbard troll each other.
What's up? 😎😎😎 #abdursays http://t.co/2F2wNnpEqQ@christinasabee wait, was that tonight? Just kidding, looking forward to it. See you soon.@squarecog add uniq, cut & sort and the possibilities are endless....
.@sarajchipps People always joke about the hardest problems in computer science but installing nokigiri is actually it.
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryiCloud is off. iMessage now off. Apple sucks at services. http://t.co/aCuTRPHsVg@iano mc flurry http://t.co/sbWhvaoFEk@jenna can't fav that. Messed up nyc. :(@jlax @iano is sad because he doesnt speak mandarin... i guess he will need to stay at pushdGreat to see @smartthings continued evolution and deep support within Samsung http://t.co/bulUIBK1dH
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryThis guy is so amazing, must watch... https://t.co/8oRFHMuFzH@mzsanford wait I think I remember that...
@cayley oh thats just an apps way of saying it misses you...
@miguelrios we are so happy for your family!!!!!
@tylr point is I don't even need that.@abdur: Anyone else have an email filter for all emails with the word unsubscribe or webinar in them?@sacca wait till you have to explain to her she can not sign any contracts until 18.
@SteepSkiing congratulations your an amazing skier and it's great to see all your accomplishments recognized. Thanks @skimagonline@united the minimum customer expectation in 2014 is first class has power. It's the norm in other airlines.@sm @united some do. Mine does not which is more the norm for domestic flights.That moment when you realize you have hours in the air and only 9% power on your iPad and @united does not have power on their planes. 😱@TheChrisSussman not possible.
Hey @scratchteam, here’s the result of putting out a public Scratch-dedicated kiosk for students at @altavistaschool http://t.co/Sb1XWxhcSL
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryAmazing video showing a bowling ball & feather accelerate towards the earth at the same rate. #Galileo http://t.co/rrVqM6zVLj
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury
@raffi @littleBits We use them at @altavistaschool and they are super cool.@iano @ej is tracking you so he can know where his branch is. FYI!OH: When your institution has that much churn you have the memory of a goldfish. Wow, this is new lets try that. @mzsanford
We get 4" of catalogs a day. It goes straight to the ♻️ bin. Who benefits from this the trees or the post office? http://t.co/cZq8Xckbfw@superguenter I gave mine up after a month of hand discomfort.Where will you go next. Ask @StevenTheApp http://t.co/tby7XuVSZsLooking at 100yrs of aggregated activity data on @StevenTheApp the most probable next thing you do is go home.@jenna @tylr yes you guys should say hi... :)Apple tech support is playing 'walk around in circles' as they transfer me form help agent to help agent. #iCloud
@abatalion pretty simple. All my data is there Friday. Saturday it's gone from all my devices, all presentations, all spread sheets.This bromance between @iano and @ej is terrifying. CC @mrtall @mzsanford @bcherry @tylr@chuangl4 I remember interviewing and knowing you would be amazing. Thank you for all your egoless great work. Good luck!Does anyone know how to contact Apple about my @icloud deleting all my data?So You Want To Fix The Housing Crisis http://t.co/pW9RoNF27B cc @pmarca @balajis
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryDont trust icloud it deleted all my documents on all my devices!!!! @iCloud
@goels slow is fine. Seriously I think they deleted all my spreadsheets, presentations, etc. iCloud is scary.All my iCloud documents just disappeared on all my devices. That seems like a super bad bug. #icloud Anyone else seeing this?
@cayley don't forget the gin. 🎿🍸🍸@cayley I look forward to you teaching me all you learn. While skiing of course.Come check out the #DeepFlight sub display at the @GoPro booth at DEMA: https://t.co/T8kqJUauS1
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury
Enter to win a heli-skiing trip w/ Chris Davenport (@SteepSkiing) from @Freeskier & @cmh_heli. http://t.co/8wTUkba9Qw http://t.co/H6yOOEj7FN
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@cayley @rsarver has charm as his secret weapon...
Tremendously proud of @kevinweil, Twitter's new head of product. And an awesome new dad, too! http://t.co/Yr3jQ5m8gj http://t.co/5ql32695x2
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury@TheChrisSussman I hate phones, good thing @ATT makes sure mine never works.
@ophir Depends on the balance of vino to wishes. I personally would error on the vino and less on the wishes.@sacca It should auto correct to MR (Monthly reach).@uberreza @davidplouffe @sacca See Wikipedia vs Encyclopedia Britannica. :) But I get your point.@iano You would not survive in the midwest. Sorry.@uberreza @davidplouffe @sacca you haven't ridden in a DC cab have you. :) Most X drivers are pro & with GPS even more reliable than a cab.
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