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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

VP @CanadaHelps - I help charities to fundraise, donors to give, advisors to enable client philanthropy. Career networking and digital business enthusiast.

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Seen this @GPtekkie ?! RT @CBCSask: Filipinos bring a resurgence to the Regina Catholic Church http://t.co/9jV1r7I9jlCongrats to the Toronto Sun on managing to remove dignity from the news. #uncouthyness #Toronto #TOpoli http://t.co/VbEaoFEDW2Canadian leadership @CPAcanada conference day two. Want to see how accountants tweet? Follow #CPATheOne today. Aspiring CPA's especially!There will always be somebody more successful or more talented, but you're not running their race. You're running your race.
Retweeted by Paul NazarethGood morning :-) http://t.co/Je6fysvChM
Retweeted by Paul NazarethGrateful for those who've shared post on social business https://t.co/S5T1UOtaVJ would appreciate comments from people who us it for work!Thanks @metromorning for sharing powerful speech on #HeForShe movement https://t.co/T3KcJbV4wa - I'm always looking to learn how to supportEmma Watson's incredible speech on gender-based violence and the need for allies to end discrimination. Watch this: https://t.co/ijvcE5vEKN
Retweeted by Paul NazarethPeter Gilgan has given away $150 million in recent years ($30 million last wk to St Mike's). He's here at 7:40 to talk philanthropy.
Retweeted by Paul NazarethProud to support the #HeForShe campaign of @UN_Women http://t.co/BVMoJ4oJph
Retweeted by Paul NazarethGood morning, Toronto! http://t.co/sJGaKuJSUC
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThanks @ScottBurgesss @IanMartinGroup for sharing the post!@IanMartinGroup awesome blog by @UinvitedU Social Media Grew Up. Did You Grow With It? | LinkedIn http://t.co/6FhIVYnVCs
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWant insight into the mind of a major philanthropist? Peter Gilgan will be on @metromorning @cbcradio http://t.co/BZN1bInxyz shortly... @cbcPlease @metromorning let Peter Gilgan know how profoundly grateful the charitable community is for his leadership, investment in change!Canadian fundraisers you can listen to mega-philanthropist Peter Gilgan live on @metromorning http://t.co/BZN1bInxyz his insight on giving!Head's up fundraising peers, mega-philanthropist Peter Gilgan is going to be on @metromorning shortly. Insight from a nation builder!Costly Mistakes with Tweets, Posts & Requests. Learn more about career-limiting social media mistakes. http://t.co/1n46iBiS1g
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My social media teachers are going to roll their eyes at http://t.co/DqqNtG6gFE - this is something they're know for a while now.Why is it no one asks their lawyer or doctor or accountant how much money they make, but it's the first question they ask a charity CEO?
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth.@danpallotta & @CharityDefense March is for the cause of not one charity but all charities http://t.co/4AW7MmySWT
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThe question is not, what is your fundraising cost. The question is, what is the cost of all of the fundraising you do not do?
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWow, fundraisers, charity staff, have you seen http://t.co/pYmelBXwrX via @danpallotta ?! Cc @AFPFoundationCA @CAGP_ACPDP @ImagineCanadaNew measurement discussions around social impact http://t.co/kWvZd8wukZ @theGIIN via @karimharji cc @socialfinance @theSVX@LyraComm no I mean it's time to call in the pro's. I.e. You!@LyraComm goodness no! There is almost never a need for a NEW nonprofit. 90% created out of hubris, lack of research, need for control.So @TheEconomist @hootsuite @HarvardBiz @Globe_Careers know business is digital now, do you? http://t.co/DqqNtG6gFE use their resources!Is it time to rethink the ABC's of sales? http://t.co/iTSgZjjkg8 @DanielPink in @financialpostSo many @Globe_Careers readers send articles to soon to be grads. They NEED to listen to this http://t.co/ZYDByzjLcA via @HarvardBizPost a photo of your old cassettes and tag us in it! Here are a few @parisegirl had. http://t.co/zwHnSpvgf2
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@SneidiTee those custom covers are righteous! All about Wesley Snipes.@sparkcbc Here's a bunch of my old mix tapes, custom-covered, severely emotional. http://t.co/AW5XTpbtOc
Retweeted by Paul NazarethA great post by @UinvitedU on Social Media http://t.co/tI5C0STfiC
Retweeted by Paul NazarethTweeting accountants?! Yes indeed @CAGP_ACPDP peers. Check out #cpatheone today, live from the @CPAcanada conference!You need to follow social media global experts @mitchjoel @unmarketing @DanielPink @garyvee here's why http://t.co/DqqNtG6gFENew nonprofit resources from @ServiceOntario http://t.co/ayyeg5XFpf cc @Hilborninfo @CharityVillageThanks @RHBDaveHowlett for sharing your perspective on social media at work! http://t.co/6ohYrpEVw2 via @LinkedInPulse"Social Media Grew Up. Did You Grow With It?" by @UinvitedU on @LinkedIn http://t.co/GVkr3mcraC
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@TwitterCanada will you be testing this in Canada? http://t.co/ODYGRXeG9o“@JasonShim: "Social Media Grew Up. Did You Grow With It?" by @UinvitedU on @LinkedIn http://t.co/xwTyqkRFYc” #BRC222
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWow, thanks for your comment on my @LinkedIn post @nelson_jill http://t.co/8i598GJnGC - that's .. http://t.co/a07PNE4uBdSocial Media Grew Up, Did You Grow Up With It? - Reblog from @UinvitedU http://t.co/BNx2xXXxhL #SocialMedia #Tips
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth"Social Media Grew Up. Did You Grow With It?" by @UinvitedU on @LinkedIn http://t.co/xdsQmSXVDp #socialmedia #career #success
Retweeted by Paul NazarethYes @JasonShim ! It's time to scale up big time. That's why I headed to #pnpTO and @APRACanada to find resources like this, thank you!@LyraComm welcome, I have to stop making people feel better. This is their business, important work and causes. It's time to go pro.Charity leaders, send your prospect researcher to @APRACanada conference, Oct in Toronto! http://t.co/Aom90UX1CV #APRAC14"Social Media Grew Up. Did You Grow With It?" by @UinvitedU on @LinkedIn http://t.co/3JNI6BGC1d
Retweeted by Paul NazarethOk, I panicked @GPtekkie @claremcdowall @itscherjones @ajenkins @unmarketing http://t.co/DqqNtG6gFE - too much?@maragulens have a great day! Would love to connect some time about CPA Canada!@maragulens this is me https://t.co/Exb8U7T0J0 I work with accountants across Canada to help them make donations to charity tax-smart@maragulens no, I'm following along via hashtag. I'm someone who is trying to encourage professionals to engage social media as part of jobInteresting... cause marketing conference in Toronto http://t.co/Y4VIeyStlF @CompCauseCaWhen I panic about social media strategy, I watch @Socially_Good @Socially_Active @ajenkins @LyraComm http://t.co/DqqNtG6gFE you should too.Charity leaders, @PwC_Canada_LLP wants to send you back to school! Amazing opportunity http://t.co/S9E4gQxucB via @HilborninfoEver been to a Text & Tweet fundraiser? This is what it looks like. @MPEastVan http://t.co/inPPw9AeOK
Retweeted by Paul NazarethHead of @TwitterCanada raises her game. I'm going to too - will you join me? http://t.co/DqqNtG6gFE cc @kirstinestewart @Globe_CareersDon't miss the @InclusiveGiving Plenary at #AFPCongress - an amazing line-up of guests, moderated by @MehtaKrishan: http://t.co/FB1T9P5TVO
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@CPACanada’s National Conference kicks off today. Tweet with #CPATheOne and connect with colleagues
Retweeted by Paul NazarethI'm stocking up on Red Bull now. Oct 4 @sbnuitblancheTO #snbTO It's coming.Eek, thanks for sharing this @AmyCSays more charity-chill in the air. http://t.co/eESNhYB2Ld cc @GlobeDebatePeople tell me professionals don't use Twitter. Guess what, accountants get it, check out #CPATheOne today http://t.co/DqqNtG6gFE #socbizI'm following #CPATheOne hashtag today and following all the social media tweeting @CPAcanada members! Advisors who get social business!Nice ad @CPAcanada love the word play! http://t.co/tqB3fgIopI
Retweeted by Paul NazarethAccountant leadership @CPAcanada is in town today. Even they are on the Twitter! http://t.co/DqqNtG6gFE #CPATheOne http://t.co/oltB7LMW0VThanks @thisLeeRose this is stuff you've no doubt been feeling for a while. Also, you suited up like JGL! Well chat Indochino-wear soon!A stellar @LinkedIn post from @UinvitedU: Social Media Grew Up. Did You Grow With It? https://t.co/zl8LKjzM4Q #SocialMediaSuitUp
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWay to go @Socially_Good you + others caused a panic attack this weekend http://t.co/DqqNtG6gFE --- Thanks.*closes thesaurus* Thanks @RasheedaQureshi ! RT On point & pithy! Via @UinvitedU https://t.co/S5T1UOtaVJThe fact that @to_social_media exists means this is real http://t.co/8i598GJnGC cc @globebusinessJGL and Social media grew up, did you? http://t.co/8i598GJnGC via @LinkedIn #SocialMedia http://t.co/9OLq3NBNI7I like where this is going! @colludos here's the scoop on the awesomeability of @JasonShim http://t.co/U8yGKAe8Or via @techsoupcanadaThis is a VITAL listen on getting hired after graduation http://t.co/ZYDByzjLcA @HarvardBiz http://t.co/JZ6yjFUYbF
A Day in The Life of a Social Media Manager: How to Spend Time on Social Media http://t.co/URGkzqYiVe by @kevanlee http://t.co/pb8zlVv0rS
Retweeted by Paul NazarethTrue wealth comes from giving http://t.co/iF2w2EfLAL
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@JeffGignac longest blog post every year is Networking MVP ( the Golden Crab ) award http://t.co/u205hcgcZmMidtown fundraisers, an FYI @KJWCanada @genovesebrown @BradyHambleton @blequang @jessiesitnick via @ArundelGibson http://t.co/qESesec6Vk@ArundelGibson what do you think? http://t.co/Kjaxhc2D2mAnd @colludos see @LinaDuqueMBA in @forbes http://t.co/Cz1Vai4WUD and @Globe_Careers http://t.co/aYKkbWeSgH a social business guideSo, @LinaDuqueMBA check out @colludos site http://t.co/RMcczkYP6o this is business design, development that I'm jealous of.Very selfish @LinaDuqueMBA @colludos two of you quickly becoming people who help me do more, better. Star NazTeam members!Darn @ArundelGibson I'm going to be traveling for work to the east coast. Won't be there but would love to help spread the word!Thanks @RachinTO check it out charity world. Batmen for good. Cc @Hilborninfo @CharityVillage @ImagineCanada http://t.co/88JAfuCQ1gYou have no idea what you've done @LinaDuqueMBA you and @colludos should keep on touch. Your minds compliment each other! Women of power.Today Leonard Cohen is 80! Listen in to @cbcradio to hear a discussion on his legacy in his own words. Fascinating man. @cbc @cbcmusic@colludos it would be a great gift to have your design work in my office!Sending some of these in the mail this week. Who wants one? http://t.co/sspbqwq5E1
Retweeted by Paul NazarethHot diggity dawg! Supporting charity staff education http://t.co/S9E4gQxucB we should all thank @PwC_Canada_LLP ! Via @HilborninfoOh that was @cbcrewind? Fascinating to hear Adrian Clarkson speaking with Shelaugh Rogers about Norman Bethune! cc @cbcbooks @cbcsundayIntroverts, it's ok if you're not a social butterfly http://t.co/UXMYnaJKXZ @susancain in @huffpostOver 15,000 Canadian charities use @canadahelps to fundraise! Check out over 129 videos http://t.co/XkqJJzcbkM on how to raise more $An absolutely beautiful day at @torontoWOTS today! Great to see @walrusmagazine @torontolife @Spacing at #wotsTO http://t.co/GTbjW2edJsYes I did @davidpleonard I heard you and @walrusmagazine were at #wotsTO crazy early when it was apocalyptic out! http://t.co/2WUAnWAgblYou had several areas at #wotsTO @torontolibrary ! Great job engaging at @torontoWOTS this year! Cc @ab81 http://t.co/0oiQNOyEIwIf you have kids, love shopping, have folks visiting #Toronto @LiveAtTheShops is a great outdoor space! http://t.co/fk7247NPcjMissed you @davidpleonard but thanks for reminder about @walrusmagazine booth at #wotsTO ! Renewed subscriber now! http://t.co/q53jcDeivwDon't we seek moments that elevate us in philanthropy? Asks @KeithStonegate http://t.co/retKJE9ZYiThanks @torontoWOTS - @walrusmagazine found and pin acquired! #wotsTO http://t.co/ncvDg05a3ULook the book booth is being mobbed next to a civic debate magazine - #wotsTO is the antidote to FordFest #TOpoli http://t.co/EhQjDmlUH0Can anyone at #wotTO tell me where the @walrusmagazine booth is at? Trying to renew subscription. @torontoWOTS#wotsTO I give you the League of Extraordinary Poets!! Wonderful to see poetry supported at @torontoWOTS http://t.co/nLgSiwRBks
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