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I'm so EXCITED to present to you my first solo single available right now on iTunes: https://t.co/KUi1IhAnxt

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“@ToyaWright: Jammin to my sis @TinyMajorMama new sing... This song really reminds me of the old school r&b. She did that! #WTFYGD”thx sisCheck out auntie's baby today @reginae_carter1 I'm sooooo proud of her!!! Don't miss my Nae!!😘♥️👑 http://t.co/oh3xifsAie
It's 6 o'clock so you know we ready to TURN UP! RT if you tuning in w/ us to see @TinyMajorMama + Chadwick Boseman!!!!!!!!!! #106andPark
Retweeted by Tameka Harris“@ThatShekinah: @TamiRoman @TinyMajorMama yes we can't wait to see ya” yes we gonna have a great time😘@TinyMajorMama @alexwilsonjr http://t.co/qLAFula0me Please look at this inspiring video #MYTwin was murdered cause she wouldnt rollupwindo
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisWe got @TinyMajorMama going 1 on 1 in the HOT seat on 106 today! Shes answering everything! TUNE IN!!!! #106Andpark
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@tinymajormama is #on106 TONIGHT dropping off her new video for "WHAT YOU GONE DO?" & @keshiachante is… http://t.co/elLps2lsYu
Retweeted by Tameka Harris“@Romiti_Gang_: I LOVE THIS SONG @TinyMajorMama Is the best Man i swear 😘♥️ http://t.co/EuurAWqM2r”♥️4yrs ago troubleman31 made me The Mrs.Harris this was the best day ever!! My own Fairy Tell… http://t.co/4vyno0UZxxWe got @TinyMajorMama on #106Andpark today! Plus she going in the 🔥 seat! DONT MISS THIS 1! Tune in at 6pm est.
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisTonight @alexwilsonjr I need everyone to tune in my buddy/friend @tinymajormama @tinymajormama will be… http://t.co/VbYaoOOAsH
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
Order your shirts #WTFYGD at http://t.co/q1W8R3MQtO thx for the love & support!! 👑♥️blyelharris… http://t.co/nWDzh5FERv#WTFYGD BET @106andpark 👑🍑✔️ http://t.co/Z12sTwQzZTGetting to it...in the big city!! New single on iTunes What The Fuck You Gon Do... #WTFYGD S/O to my… http://t.co/Lh6fKzFVNpY'all chk me out this Fri on @CBS with Entertainment Tonight/The Insider @ 7pm #WTFYGD New sngle avail on iTunes now http://t.co/X11fI3vG7B“@itsSeanBankhead: @VICTORIAMONET_ @TinyMajorMama 😩🙌 my girls!”😘😘♥️
Tiny (@TinyMajorMama) - ‘What The F*ck You Gon’ Do’ [Video] | Damaging The Streets http://t.co/ueFBtu6Bjg
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@TinyMajorMama Get Your Single, Video or Mixtape placed on the front page! Upload Your Music or Video Now! http://t.co/7DQshfh3jK RT
Retweeted by Tameka Harris“@fbgshawtykno: heard this @TinyMajorMama what the fuck you gon do song today im loving it #YESSSS”♥️“@Only1Jeanne: Just gone 8am 1st song I play is my lady @TinyMajorMama 🙌🙌🙌🙌😍😍”😘♥️
Yas my Nae..aunties Chocolate drop! I♥️U... @reginae_carter1 sanging that #WTFYGD 👑💘😘 http://t.co/pK94Z4uaDz@TinyMajorMama check out @IamDomani single http://t.co/cTM6cQ9NV8 #AllAboutDomani #FamilyHustleGang
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisAvailable now on ITunes!! #WTFYGD #PrettyHustle 👑 http://t.co/0CD4R7pBoF“@ksheabrooks25: I can listen to @TinyMajorMama song #wtfygd all day! I love her voice”☺️♥️Goodmorning👑🙏 http://t.co/SluwmQFBbk
«@BET Just so you're clear, @TinyMajorMama's new song "WTFYGD" isn't a publicity stunt. It's straight ... http://t.co/9iZ1ivST7P
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisPlease watch..this is a must see. Thanks in advance!!!!! Meet Sprite POUR Atlanta Reporter @QTJazz http://t.co/HURXd8cTQA via @sharethis
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
My ssssh tho!!! Yas!!!👑💘 #prettyhustle http://t.co/fnfnEn2w15My buddy @rickeysmiley kept his word & cooked me one of my favorite meals Chicken & dumplings (yeap in… http://t.co/CPLU2QvgzHIf u don't have it yet..u should!! Download my new single on ITunes What The Fuk You Gon Do😜#wtfygd &… http://t.co/arnG8IbYYUMy boys so bright tho😁 @iamdomani & @tinymajormama ♥️💚 http://t.co/ouerlkuqUxShe switched it up! My baby think she grown now..damn!! She so Gorgeous to her mommy tho..no makeup… http://t.co/uIU0ruZvAJHad a great time as I always do with this guy @rickeysmiley & the whole morning show @hot1079atl… http://t.co/EZgzMYuWuWEveryone tune into the @RickeySmiley morning show!! I'm on live talking all about my new single!! #PrettyHustle #WTFYGD
“@itsMeelah: Make sure y'all download my sis @tinymajormama new single!!! I'm loving it...Congrats sis!!! #tiny… http://t.co/qQkCVuJcIr”😘♥️😘“@TrinaBraxton: @TinyMajorMama 🙌 #WTFYGD”thx sisThank U Thank U cause of u guys my 1st solo single #wtfygd is #1 on R&b/Soul in less than 24hr! Want… http://t.co/hA3eqIuYLeThank u Thank u guys!! You guys have made my 1st solo single What The Fuk You Gon Do #1 on R&b/soul on… http://t.co/ijJqVWyGv5«@VibeMagazine .@TinyMajorMama returns to music with a new video: "What the F@#k You Gon Do?" Watch it here http://t.co/bFQqXtD9Q4» love it!
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisWhen man says no God says yes and it's all in his timing!! I'm so happy for my Sister @tinymajormama!!… http://t.co/fC4f3WU66Q
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@Sunshine thank u girl...hope your doing great!! Checking u out thru ig😁“@Sunshine: HYFR‼️ #WTFYGD by @tinymajormama "Everyone's been asking me to do music again.....well be careful what… http://t.co/I4eowRbxao”I woke up like this!!!👑🙏 thx to u guys😘♥️✔️ http://t.co/3SquEssVGf“@SongwriterTC: “@TinyMajorMama: @SongwriterTC thx TC hope I get to u soon!!” No prob!!! I'm here😘” fasho thx@SongwriterTC thx TC hope I get to u soon!!@reginae_carter1 thank u my Gorgeous baby!! I love u more😘💘“@reginae_carter1: Everybody go check out my auntie @tinymajormama new single #Wtfygd on iTunes nowwww!!!!! You did… http://t.co/KeWFKEpsaB”What a morning!!! I'm thankful!! Have a Blessed day👑🙏☺️ http://t.co/ojRA7OqSVXCheck OUT @TinyMajorMama "What You Gon Do?" - Clean: http://t.co/cq2doYvrLS via @YouTube
Retweeted by Tameka Harris“@its_BEasy: Had to support my Auntie!!!!!!!!! #Shesbaaaaaaack #Solo #wtfygd @tinymajormama #Baaaaaanger http://t.co/NjcEqKWNOS”♥️“@_peaCEfulDESire: @TinyMajorMama of course I had to purchase aunte's single 🔥🔥🔥”♥️“@Only1Jeanne: 🇬🇧 buy @TinyMajorMama song #WTFYGD here https://t.co/PEfIHNgj0k” ♥️Yas y'all! I'm #5 on R&b charts on ITunes in the matter of hours on my 1st solo song!! Thx for all the… http://t.co/lTVhfUtpQFTwitter FAM..it wld mean so much 2 me if y'all wld chck my official video out #WTFYGD at https://t.co/C81vaBN6os right now! Thanks 4 the luv
Oh so @tinymajormama u just gon put a single out and FUCKIN SHIT LIKE THIS??!!! GOOOO INNNNN I bought… http://t.co/MCEu6nteGn
Retweeted by Tameka Harris“@RLBANKZ: Just got @TinyMajorMama 's new song on iTunes.... Great job!! Good to hear music from you again”♥️“@zonniqueswife: @TinyMajorMama yassssss ma 👏😩😭💯 you better let them know 🔥🔥🔥”♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Everyone's been asking me to do music again.....well be careful what you ask for!! Im so excited to… http://t.co/4AulkEIh5KIf u gonna use any thing to control your edges...this is the one u need! Shekinah Jo edges.. Support… http://t.co/10soyXcqJkIf u gonna use any thing to control your edges...this is the one u need! Shekinah Jo edges.. Support… http://t.co/NTfXnf4peU
I have to send a big Thank You to my bestie/partner friend that I love so much thatshekinah u made my… http://t.co/VkDv96mZqC
To my baby @authormiasha sorry I didn't see this on my birthday but I love it!! I'm so happy your home… http://t.co/KzjGqDVsyU
#FF @latochascott tonibraxton @kandi in our Xscape days👑♋️🍑 http://t.co/BarIwPmMrhMy 2 beauty queens!! princess_of_da_south & @star_omg playing while we working!!👑💯💘💙 http://t.co/Ak5BuX52HHIt's still Crab season👑♋️ these crabs were everywhere! I was scared to put my feet down at the dinner… http://t.co/WNIAR5qZsgA truck full of some red a$$ good looking boys! Ha😜@messiah_harris7 major_harris_boss @tinymajormama &… http://t.co/92TvE7u63gHappy Birthday to my hmgirl my ♋️buddy @bolabettyboop it's your day! U already turning up like u… http://t.co/F2Q1877LvG
Leaving San Pedro on helicopter ride to Belize airport & see these ppl swimming with the sharks!! I… http://t.co/5GAAO79Vsy
Look at this huge dog...Mini horse! She bout my size..lol 👑♋️ http://t.co/jWOfHmbfQqIf u don't have this app u should Daily Horscope! Mine be so on point!👑♋️✔️🍑 http://t.co/gdPc5UoaEL
It ain't over we still going!! #cancerseason 👑♋️ http://t.co/uN54uiqVpJThis pic tho was the best ever! This took me bck!! shamrastar u said it was gonna be good & it was… http://t.co/rx6bfbxI4e👑♋️💯 http://t.co/TVYZnHGWGm
Congratulation to the Newest Sexiest Mom I know my friend @miamilano u did that girl..he is gorgeous… http://t.co/3Ej8u3EdiYHappy Birthday @TinyMajorMama Love you much https://t.co/o1bjMt9L6P
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisGuess I founded something to do on my bday.Go meet my babes @QTJAZZ @Beauty_OMG @Star_OMG @babydoll_omg http://t.co/4iodcnZ2VG
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisThx to my team 51minds for my cute sunglasses! I love them..#Fendi #AlexanderMcQueen👑♋️✔️ http://t.co/LgwDk4Fjm5I had to post this... It made my morning!! 2/3 of 3 Piece & a biscuit sanging HBD to me!! Thx… http://t.co/AawDf45r8eThanks to all my birthday msgs!! They put a big smiles on my face!! I love u guys fr! 👑♋️🎉💝🎁🎉🎊🎂 Turn… http://t.co/BLjrLwhNoe@ItsKelsiee awe thank u! You've always been auntie's baby!!😘😘Happy Birthday to me!!! Coming to America..lol!! Just getting started!!! But it's me & eclass1982 day… http://t.co/hgmRKy9mIN
Enjoying my babies @star_omg @tinymajormama & princess_of_da_south before leaving the city...… http://t.co/hcNT6O0xKOKickin it at the crib with my babies major_harris_boss & my Madison http://t.co/0SeeFJkzyu
Made it bck to the states...to come celebrate Baby Jett's 1st birthday!! My baby boy major_harris_boss… http://t.co/2KgSMzgYSTThx😻RT @xoBeyond_Beauty: I think @TinyMajorMama should sing again her voice is incredible 😍☺️👌This train station is over a 100yrs old...Leaving Paris on the train👑 http://t.co/Wz1e7tGb5n
1yr today 3 days before my birthday..I lost the best man/ father/ I've ever met!! He made me who I am… http://t.co/CKmdBuOoFYWoke up like this in Paris👑♋️😜 http://t.co/MMHHExBPY2Had to ♋️s birthday in 3days 👑🎉💝 7/14 or 7/77😜 either way I'm Lucky Girl! Blessed🙏 http://t.co/4XitFPvb5j
Me & my baby boy!! This kid is Major👑😏😜😻 My LuvBug http://t.co/XZXMLa1j1P
Feel me👑♋️🍑✔️ http://t.co/UZuhdn6ly9#rp This sssh funny..damn I shoulda known @kevinhart4real was a ♋️ we all dat!!😁 HBD 👑🍑 http://t.co/Fqi6Egw4IO
👑♋️🍑 http://t.co/2JLKeRpRo5Somewhere in the A..👑♋️🍑 http://t.co/Nw2YHISoRHI'm finally getting some fireworks 2days later thx to @peeweeakaroscoe http://t.co/PwyLCIfggx“@LadiiRackz: I see my love @TinyMajorMama #KandisWedding”😻😻
Recap from last night in NO at the Essence festival 2014.. Prince one of the best to ever do it!… http://t.co/0Wj7foESOaDon't miss my first tasting event for Tiny's Tequila in New Orleans at #SecondVine. Second Vine Wine… http://t.co/lFfXQ5bLyXMy World...My Rock & my Majorkid...one of my many LuvBugs👑😘💘 thx to my big sis michellerich46 for the… http://t.co/1vnWhxXe23Who said Prince wasn't gonna perform none of his hits!!!👑 http://t.co/5rbMJFrOKA
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