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I'm so EXCITED to present to you my first solo single available right now on iTunes: https://t.co/KUi1IhAnxt

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It's been exactly 2months & 1 day since you've been gone. We still think about u daily & miss you… https://t.co/PkQyPq4uWm
Don't miss our official watch party! Follow @tinystequila for all the details. #WeTVhttps://t.co/UjBZsTfPhY
HOUSTON! Join my #TinysTequila Ultimate Brunch Beauty Lounge June 13th! Follow @tinystequila for… https://t.co/8vrygigsyA
My mother said she wanted to ride the Ferris wheel one day so what better day to bring her than… https://t.co/9uwGgFeq3V
Can't forget these 3 beautiful ladies @iamlatavia & itsmeelah..ladies of the 90's where they did it… https://t.co/iTmbJfPdbo
My Madison is such a bougie dog man! I can't deal with her anymore 👑💯#MadisonHarris #TheFamilyPethttps://t.co/PxuEXkMXW3
These two @kamayatheplug & #MajorWager tripping! 👑😻🙌 https://t.co/ctOhNvl2vY
😹😹😹😹 Thx for the great laugh @shodsantiago they must of done a terrible job!! 👑😁 https://t.co/tXeOoFanGE
Good morning! Start your day with Tiny's Famous Mango Mimosas (see recipe below). Don't forget to… https://t.co/1etgzKLH1M
Join me at Atlanta's Ultimate Women's Expo this Saturday and Sunday. Tiny will be a keynote speaker… https://t.co/uFXorErH52
It's HERE H-Town Tiny's Ladies Night Out "The Ultimate Slumber Party" April 24-26, 2015 | Follow @TinysTequila https://t.co/scWmW5H3EZ
🙌❤️RT @VersaceSolo: Happy Easter @TinyMajorMama & Rip Popcorn!!! papaw got him!!! #wepray #amen 👼🙏
My nephew at the @KevinHart4real premiere up the street he hit me & say TEA TEA 😃 I just saw your family @tip & @TinyMajorMama😘 I said Yass😂
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisLOST FILE❤️ love y'all. @star_omg @TinyMajorMama 💋 http://t.co/al9DoTbdeW
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@TinyMajorMama i know this is a massive ask. Can you please RT My Journey? http://t.co/lGWp8c77zV #RichensHealth http://t.co/h7iSw4KzJz
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisYo if you have got your copy of @TRINArockstarr "Real one"...it's available on iTunes now #RealOne #Trinarockstarr http://t.co/JYrGSgueck
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
Tonight!!!! #SecretSundays #TinysTequila #NYC https://t.co/Q3oiQ1pooJ
We know these ladies had a ball this weekend!!! Thank you for coming and supporting #TinysTequila!… https://t.co/ANANTXd0DS#repost from @tinymajormama. "My girls came out to support!! @toyawright @kandi @reneegraziano 💰💰… https://t.co/nJBGpRxHlfAbout to See what this drink hitting for. By my boo @TinyMajorMama http://t.co/mbDCqO1QJV
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisRT @Lipstik_Ki: Last night with @tinymajormama #tinystequila #PrettyHustle #Wtfygd #KiWest We got some great things… https://t.co/upDOoWjGxjBlessed💙❤️🙌RT @shoprichboys: Girls Luv Rich Boys ask @tinymajormama 😎 #RichBoysClub #ShopRichBoys https://t.co/HT8NNGWwwAIt was well worth the wait omg my buddy finally #tinysslumberparty #tlnoatl #TinysTequila @tinymajormama https://t.co/vNQOfZxbRf
Retweeted by Tameka Harris😚🙌❤️RT @KennaBoo24: @TinyMajorMama Yasssss! This tequila is everything http://t.co/oC1lfMPccz#HKEG: OMG?! @TinyMajorMama's @TheRealOMGGirlz Call it Quits I will always have a soft spot for these young... http://t.co/Nm1P20pw2Z
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisShorty Corleone @Shorty_Corleone & Tameka 'Tiny' Harris @tinymajormama "WTFYD" (Go-Go Remix) prod. By… https://t.co/lKXxzyrEru
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisBeen quiet about this one...Shorty Corleone @Shorty_Corleone & Tameka 'Tiny' Harris @tinymajormamahttps://t.co/4YiVPNs5TL
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisI just wanted to say Thank you @tinymajormama 😘 I could write all day on what you have done for us… https://t.co/0i3UVhadZ9
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@Beauty_OMG @babydoll_omg @Star_OMG @ShamraStar @TinyMajorMama @TheRealOMGGirlz http://t.co/gPsDTgm4GJ
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisYas u cute my baby🙌😘😚RT @QTJAZZ: best on-the-go outfit 🙌 | @TinyMajorMama "Pretty Hustle Sweatsuit" http://t.co/zQsxmQH0r4
DALLAS! You've asked and now it's HERE! Today, we will host two tastings in the Dallas area. Stop by!… https://t.co/0GkKoTxp2kTONIGHT IT'S GOING DOWN! Turn Up! #TinysLadiesNightOut #Atlanta #Tequila #TinysTequila #ATL #TLNOhttps://t.co/CCexuouwgT
Don't miss the #TinysLadiesNightOut #Atlanta Edition Party at Taboo 2 with special guests Jagged… https://t.co/JoWTNZYk03
😚 maybeRT @OhhhhhBanks: @TinyMajorMama are we getting another single!! #WhatTheFYouGoinDo was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
I hope y'all have your tix! This wknd it's going down! I'm bringing @TinysTequila & my #TinysLadiesNightOut to the A! #TinysTequila #TLNOATLComing soon😚😚RT @irenemorton26: Come on @TinyMajorMama bring y'all show back on. It's the Best Reality Show Ever❤️❤️❤️❤️😚☺️RT @taurusdolly: @TinyMajorMama of all the people out here today, when I make it I gotta work with this amazing woman ! 🙈💃😍🎶Aye🙌🙌RT @aimn2please: What The Fuck You Gon DO? by @TinyMajorMama #np AYE… turnt up😚RT @20babygirl65: I am missing #FamilyHustle my favorite family @TinyMajorMama u the best at everything you do and an inspiration to women🙌😻RT @NoFilterNita: @TinyMajorMama @Iamalexrodgers how he don't got time but tweeted you first???! 😂 what a loser. #MoveAroundYh @tinymajormama ❤ we caught you riding round in the 242 :) https://t.co/B330CZHL2g
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@TinyMajorMama why so you have so many people hating on u and @Tip Don't worry you got blessings coming yo way don't give him no attention
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@TinyMajorMama Keep doin ur thing girl ur an inspiration to all workin mommas. its impossible to truly hate on u n ur fam ur all so humble
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
☺️🙌🙌RT @_BurtonWorld_: @ThatShekinah and @TinyMajorMama need to come back on 📺😆😂🙌☺️RT @bipolar123436: @TinyMajorMama you got a lot of work on your plate and being a great mother give praise much love& paid bitch nicca don't forget that! U got pressure tho @Iamalexrodgers: @TinyMajorMama your husband is a shoe shinning coon and so are you😚😚RT @HarrisTwyla: @jermainedupri @TinyMajorMama ms tiny u are such an inspiratuion to me keep doing u ms momma im lovin itYas🙌RT @highprofyleent: @TinyMajorMama New @IamDomani: - Ya Dig Prod By @Joe_McLaren_5se & @Wheezy5th : http://t.co/BcqZkrakKv #HustleGang😊RT @taurusdolly: @TinyMajorMama would love if this beautiful woman would notice me again 💕😚RT @3rdcoasthoney: @TinyMajorMama I love your eyes! I wish I could get mine done like that, they're beautiful!@TinyMajorMama Got our Itinerary for your ultimate slumber party next weekend! #geeked http://t.co/HLYuLpijvE
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@thescript and @TinyMajorMama where fucking amazing tonight! By far one of the best nights I have ever had
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@Iamalexrodgers @GlobalGrind & your my pet monkey bitch! 🙈🙊🙈 PhuckUSayin 😹😹
Ex-Power 106 DJ Big Boy Given Green Light to Be on Air for iHeartMedia: The longtime L.A. radio personality is... http://t.co/ph1X2lENgF
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I'm loving the soft Lavender Purple Hues on this lovely little lady!!! @tinymajormama I can truly… https://t.co/xWaQhc0WQE
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@TinyMajorMama I love your song what the fuck u gone do I hope u do more ms lady but u are really doing your thing I applaud u
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
🙌RT @ThatSoJalen: @TinyMajorMama giving life with "wtf u gon do" #repeat http://t.co/lbrkP2r2lf #LoveYou😚😚😘RT @Akbar__V: @TinyMajorMama u never switched up u always remained humbled@TinyMajorMama where u been we ain't talked in a week big Cuzzo. We ain't related but she cool as ever. Waiting on that new album young lady
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisRT @xo_DorkSB_ox: Lil homie @tinymajormama came thru to the new spot and forced me to hav a snow ball fight. lmaooo… http://t.co/rFYX9ccUuNXscape -love is a funny thing This my shiiiiiiiiit! @TinyMajorMama @Kandi we need this kind of music back! 😢
Retweeted by Tameka Harris😚RT @embracelaughter: @TinyMajorMama You have such a kind heart. Love watching the Harris family on Family ... http://t.co/lAjfTaqzjOI enjoy @ThatShekinah @TinyMajorMama @TRINArockstarr Look 💖 u next an @TinyMajorMama I need to link up with u😎💸#PH# http://t.co/ZTTJJR9bVD
Retweeted by Tameka Harris😘RT @AutumnMaybee: Mama, your hair!!!😱😱 I looove it! Purple always looks good on you tho 😍 Luv you! 😘 @TinyMajorMama
RT @SonyakayR: I think @Kandi & @TinyMajorMama needa go to the @OWNTV and get some sitcoms for us started theres to much tyler perry shows😚😉❤️RT @lavaman1997: @TinyMajorMama your tattoos are hot
#TinysLadiesNightOutATL event is completely SOLD OUT! Thank you everyone for your support and I will… http://t.co/MqrXDn72cV
Guess what? Due to popular demand we have opened up a few more spots for single and double rooms… http://t.co/2hWAbgeIOr
#RichBoys x #HustleGang #Twinning #March7th #TheBiggest #TwinDay #Ever @tinymajormama and Maya… http://t.co/9xPUFAl4l6
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisQuick Shoot With @shoprichboys and That Kid @tinymajormama 🙌🙌💯 #PhotoByMB #RichBoys #RichBoysClub http://t.co/RjPZu5PVil
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisIt's official NEW YORK! Join me and darrellreid for my official Tiny's Tequila New York Launch Party… http://t.co/JB6d2m5aWEPresenting The Art Of Luxury Grooming/Beauty Lounge Day Party NBA ALL STAR WEEKEND EDITION 2/14 at a… http://t.co/mLL3Czq0w5
Gotta new package to push today. Shouts to Tameka 'Tiny' Harris @tinymajormama @TinysTequila & DMV… http://t.co/NRxMstbZMg
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
SOLD OUT! Can't wait to see you all! #ThankYou @TinysTequila #tinystequila http://t.co/6A6LU9VXhl
@MsApril16th @TinysTequila damn not sure bae hopefully not to long😉#picstitch @tinymajormama my @tinystequila on the way !😍 yas I support my favs period ! tiny@ajormamma http://t.co/rUeNMziKDv
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
@TinyMajorMama U Don't How Much I Love Ur Song "WTFYGD" I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH <3 #ILoveYouTiny #TeamTameka <3
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisStill bump their CD's!!!! #TBThursday @Kandi @TinyMajorMama http://t.co/hNLUMR3RR0
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
It's HERE #Atlanta! Tiny's Ladies Night Out "The Ultimate Slumber Party' March 13-15, 2015 W Hotel… http://t.co/WB3vwkonwM
#Xscape is getting an #UnSung. This group needs it! They should reunite. 4 talented singers. @Kandi @TinyMajorMama @tvonetv
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisMyMajorBaby.. Check him out on the cover of @nvisionedmag his daddy taught him this😜#MajorMakingMajorMoves #Twinning http://t.co/0afhEWUvp0
Check out my Lil Brother @myguymars he's a super producer & artist.… http://t.co/q4utGKf9e0ATLANTA!! @tinystequila Presents.. Tiny's Ladies Night Out "The Ultimate Slumber Party' March 13-15,… http://t.co/8q0vUvXgCF
Everybody be asking me who do I wanna meet da most between @TinyMajorMama and @Tip I wanna meet them BOTH duh but when I meet tameka ima cry
Retweeted by Tameka Harris#rp @prophethector Morning got kids off to school back to bed for me!! Have a Blessed Day👑🙌 http://t.co/G8TY3zZjTu
🙌🙌🙌 http://t.co/Hnn7eNKc0u😚😚🙌RT @__songstress: @TinyMajorMama Just got hit to your single! I love it!! Record more boo!Good Sunday fam...Hope u all have a Blessed one!!🙏👑UeahRT @tupacselenas: @TinyMajorMama does he have grills on❤️u 😘RT @MsApril16th: @TinyMajorMama @sheikhofchic lmao I love u tameka we just alike #nochill😘😘😘😘😘Caught my twin @king_harris_8 slipping last night! He was so tired he fell asleep with fang grill in his mouth!👑😹❤️ http://t.co/vHjhj7f6lc@sheikhofchic I never said u were gay...but u are hollering DOG!!!@sheikhofchic night?! Yo big ass need 2be running around yo apartment complex! U ain't got time 2sleep.That lazy shit obviously got u here@sheikhofchic look better than yo out of shape bitch ass! Don't be mad at me cause im a girl & U not! I didnt do it😂Wanna be a hoe so bad😜Fa sho lets do that when we get bckRT @domgotbeats: @TinyMajorMama thanks!!!! We need to get back in.@sheikhofchic u & your comment dumb as fuck! Get yo life hoe! I can where u can't know that!!!!@TinyMajorMama Everytime I Hear WTFYGD I Get MY Life!!!! I LIVE Tiny Keep Up The Good WERK. U Helped Me Though My Relationship :) #THANKS
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisHave you heard??? @tinymajormama and troubleman31 youngest son Major Harris has graced our latest… http://t.co/5NhJuqMnny
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
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