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Co-host of 'What'd You Miss?' on BloombergTV. Editor at @markets. Fan of poker, chess, handball, country music, and Chinese food.

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@rupertmurdoch did you see @georgepearkes' chart though? using that money. Back cover of @NYTmag this weekend.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@aaronrutkoff sea dogs? there is 'heat dome' over Iran. "Mostly clear with a wind chill of 117F"
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal#tbt 1) lagging 2) massive exec comp stock options distortion 3) doesnt synch with withholding tax data 4) doesnt synch with claims data
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalWrite all the things you want to do. Ask others to do them and sleep until they finish doing them. Sleep as long as you can.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalICYMI @LJKawa wrote really nice piece on the nuanced picture of China capital outflows
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal127 Bankers Jailed in China in Last 12 Months for bribery, embezzlement, illegal lending
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@nomizeichner thanks!@TPCarney Hmm, nah. I'm sure society will find something even more absurd and top-marking.@scottlincicome What we need is for TV manufacturers to install a V-chipThis feels like a really 90s story. are sustainable, and that depends on growth. We can shrink the debt-to-GDP ratio, but until the 2030s, hard not to run deficits.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalMany of the smarter GOP candidates are emphasizing the importance of balancing the budget. This is worrisome. Really issue is whether ...
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@reihan You're killing me. Finish the second part of the tweet.Another new all-time low in ratio of commodities to stocks this week. $CRB $SPX
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalRussia ETF since its inception in April of 2007: -51%. Stocks for the long, long run. $RSX
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@conorsen That's funny. I don't think I've heard one thing about that.Wanna try? World's first figure-eight Ferris wheel to open in September in Macao
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalIn order to discombobulate @JebBush during an interview, @LesterHoltNBC puts carbs on the table.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalThis is the top (of everything) @katiebakes Hot Pot will be (relatively speaking) Cold Pot by then.Honour Cecil the lion with a gold-plated engraved HTC One M9 - yours for £24,000
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@CAVandy You're saying your sons aren't setting up meetings with Rem Koolhaas?@peterfeld @katiebakes Done.@peterfeld @katiebakes What year do you think the last winter olympics will be played? We should do a long bet.@peterfeld @katiebakes I think the issue of bad economics, rather than climate, is the bigger threat to the Olympics.@peterfeld @katiebakes That seems like a separate issue than today choosing a location that's not in a snowy climate. Been listening to them non-stop since this tweet.On this day 19 years ago M. Johnson @MJGold became the 1st man to win both the 200m & 400m #Atlanta1996 #Olympics
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalGolden Dawn leader Michaloliakos appears on party webcast after prison release restrictions eased #Greece
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal
.@macroadvisers: GOP-controlled Congress "is writing appropriations bills that imply enough fiscal drag to cause a growth recession in 2016"
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@DrRubidium looks amazing@LorcanRK @M_C_Klein Ah@M_C_Klein I don't get it@dsquareddigest @felixsalmon @M_C_Klein Ah, of course@dsquareddigest @felixsalmon @M_C_Klein what's S4C?Three Years Ago This Coal Mine Was Worth $624 Million. Now It Sold for $1 - Bloomberg Busin... via @business
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalWeekly CFTC CoT data: gold managed money now 3.3% shorts on net as a % of OI, new low for the series.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@felixsalmon @M_C_Klein Agree!Perhaps TV executives would disagree, but for me, as long as @M_C_Klein likes our segments, there's no need for more viewers.@aliama thank you!@M_C_Klein thank you!@jenrossa oh :( I thought we just had a bunch of Bieber fans@M_C_Klein glad someone liked that oneGalbraith says Varoufakis and Schäuble had a good personal relationship.Galbraith next #WDYMFinal #WDYM episode of the week. We'll be airing out interview with James Galbraith on the Varoufakis "Plan B" @TPCarney thanks!@TheStalwart the landlord says, "did I not give you what I promised"? Basically, stop whining.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@TPCarney what's Jesus' response?@TPCarney someone should write the book: "Jesus, The First Behavioral Economist"@TPCarney go on...Microsoft in talks to invest in Uber, @dinabass reports. @matt_levine @shaneferro Right.@matt_levine @shaneferro Is it that he dislikes the success of others? Or that he feels his own success has been cheapened?Not many people are moving from California to Texas.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalClever: The Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large (CECIL) Animal Trophies ActBOOKMARK: @bpolitics campaign finance tracker, Super-PAC edition: (w/ bonus of bold-faced names who gave $$$)
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalNYC's Hottest Subway Stations, Mapped 99°F at 8th Ave Stn on the L :/
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalGood piece from @LJKawa on the mostly benign reasons for increased Chinese capital outflows
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalThis is a great story, and this in particular was a fascinating nugget that says a lot about human nature. on why the capital outflows from China may be no cause for alarm. 3 AM Phone Call [Readouts]
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal#FF @georgepearkes Crushing it on the charts today. If you're not following him, what's wrong with you?What journalism looks like. My 200+ notebooks for last 11 years @business #movingdesks
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalEesh oilNice comeback for the dollar. Not far from pre-ECI levels@freddoso @TPCarney Hmm, no. I just tweet them and post them on Facebook. But unfortunately not organized nicely.This is a great chart. Headline ECI was weak, but for blue collar workers it was blazing fast. Wow, thanks Tim!@M_C_Klein Thanks! I'm happy that independently you literally wanted to see the segment we did this week.Seems like a big red flag if you start typing in the name of a hotel in Google and "bedbugs" comes up as an autofill.@Hooper_Quant It should be on the web soon. Will shoot you the link.@M_C_Klein Start at the 12:40 mark@M_C_Klein Here's the whole show. Hatzius on productivity is segment #2 Never miss another episode!@M_C_Klein Though for some reason I can't find the video. Let me see what the deal is.@M_C_Klein We did a segment with Hatzius just on productivity and hidden deflation just this week@M_C_Klein Well, single most disappointing chart in the U.S. economy today.Today's video is about the single most disappointing chart in the U.S. economy. who is that@guan right. And they're in an industry that's economically sensitive.@_SidVerma Followed.#PuertoRico Muni Index Falls to Six-Year Low as Default Looms via @undefined #munis #bonds #distresseddebt #muniland
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalHas anyone done the defense of getting insight from cab drivers? It probably has a worse reputation than it deserves uptick in U.S. oil rigs#BEMR is now a thing. Beat earnings, miss revenue
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal4 minutes till rig counts. Control yourself.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalCC: You know who Congrats!I'll be on @BloombergTV at 4pm with @TheStalwart. Tune in to find out when you can expect to get a payrise!
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@brianbeutler @TPCarney I like this idea.//Ruble rout returns. Weakens beyond 61 per Dollar as #Russia limits interest-rate cut.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@harryh interesting@Hannarri nailed it@MylesUdland what was your guess
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