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Fast Food protesters prepared to do "whatever it takes" to get $15/hr. Should companies stand firm and not give in? http://t.co/61tDuGmTC8What do you think is the biggest challenge facing businesses? Use #CAVUTO and see your tweets now on @FoxBusiness.The real problem with housing: Now, hear @KathrynVasel on why many are having a hard time getting homes. It's not as obvious as you think.NOW Putin cares about calories? The conveniently timed lawsuit against @McDonalds that could ban burgers from Russia. http://t.co/UBtWgyEZMM.@GovChristie may have an eye on 2016, but now on @FoxBusiness find out which big issue could make or break him today http://t.co/CIJwpSxl0xFor once, I don't care about the dough. Just get this damn Vet fix done! On @FoxBusiness now, find out how you could help get it done NOW.8pm on @FoxBusiness - Why I change my tune on spending, for this one issue. Retweet if you're with me. http://t.co/C8XXm2OQ80Is #Obamacare imploding? Did you see this on @FoxBusiness? http://t.co/p3KG3SgcYyAre Americans looking for a leader? http://t.co/CTHBkyGOLX @FoxBusiness #CAVUTOThe media should apply consistent standards when weighing complex issues like the VA debacle. My column: http://t.co/ENpXnsKQF6What do you think is the biggest challenge facing businesses? Use #CAVUTO and see your tweets 8PM on @FoxBusiness.
The Gov't has committed $10M to producing robot companions for kids. Would you let one into your house? #CAVUTO@GovChristie won't support #GOP candidate running against Andrew Cuomo. Reply if you think this is a bad move. #CAVUTODo you think it's patriotic to pay more taxes? Retweet if you disagree with the President. #CAVUTO http://t.co/40Msf335vLNow on @FoxBusiness. Why the next terror threat is closer to home than you think. #CAVUTONow on @FoxBusiness find out why my prediction could already be coming true. @HillaryClinton #CAVUTO http://t.co/rNuDi5G9ayNow on #CAVUTO: Why I say "Stick a fork in the health-care law: It's done."Retweet if you agree with me. Coming up at 8PM ET on @FoxBusiness, I explain. #CAVUTO http://t.co/4qtpopK2U1
The h'care site crashed. Lois Lerner's computer crashed. Next, the latest agency that spent $300M to prevent a crash, but crash and burnedRIGHT NOW: Author of Arizona's controversial #immigration law @KrisKobach2014 tells me how to fix the border without spending a dollar more.Should the @Redskins change its name? Now on @FoxBusiness why the name may be here to stay. http://t.co/nNU0mPPSOnNOW on @FoxBusiness: With 47 million people on food stamps, is forcing people to work for benefits the right move? RT=YES. Reply=NO. #CAVUTOIf people are afraid to fly, what does that mean for the economy? We break it all down RIGHT NOW on @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTOAre America's best days behind it? Turn on @FoxBusiness RIGHT NOW and I'll show you why America's best days are still to come. #CAVUTOAmerica's best days aren't behind it. Tune in to #CAVUTO on @FoxBusiness at 8PM! http://t.co/4TIDqk2I6bDid you see this last night on @FoxBusiness? Meet the veteran mistakenly locked inside a VA clinic. http://t.co/OqLXVnlGJj#emac Tell me what you think of this debate on Russia, & corp taxes. I was on w/Neil Cavuto @TeamCavuto Retweet http://t.co/9jU4U9Wnzh
Retweeted by Neil CavutoRT if you think it's time for @BarackObama to get tough with #Putin. http://t.co/85WWSP6BTO
U.S. companies dodging taxes aren't economic patriots? NOW on @FoxBusiness: I give @SenatorReid a lesson in finance http://t.co/x209ZlINaAThis woman was arrested for posting this pic on @facebook. Why? The dress was allegedly stolen hours earlier. #CAVUTO http://t.co/DMU0bRL1o5With Putin appearing to be up against the ropes, is Pres. Obama missing an opportunity to capitalize & show strength? http://t.co/jinsSfxG7ePositive news for housing but reply if u think we're getting ahead of ourselves. The "Godfather of Mortgage Finance" joins me now on #CAVUTOAs if bad guys shooting at planes isn't enough, there was a RECORD 6,700 near misses of planes flying into each in 2013. Scary, no?If this isn't a metaphor, what is? A vet was trapped inside a VA center after the staff forgot he was waiting. His story now on @FoxBusinessRT if you're with me. #CAVUTO @FoxBusiness 8PM. http://t.co/gw9zb91QYbIn case you missed on @FoxBusiness last night, should the White House pay for Texas sending troops to the border? http://t.co/ixEhi9l51MJust now on @FoxNews @MikeBloomberg told me @GovernorPerry is right, and we do need to secure the border. Retweet if you agree #CAVUTOHas flying ever been more dangerous? Tune into #CAVUTO tonight on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET and we will show your tweets on the air!
Netflix's success and Putin's downfall. I connect the dots right now on @FoxBusiness #CAVUTOThe 9/11 Commission says we're facing new threats. Do you think we're ready to handle them? Use #CAVUTO with your thoughts.In a turn from the 2010 #MidtermElection, Wall St. is now betting on #Republicans. The bet now on @FoxBusiness40% of unemployed are millennials, so why's the W.H. pushing for more young immigrant workers? Watch on #CAVUTO now. http://t.co/JSzE83NFAzMore piling on @GovernorPerry for sending 1,000 troops to the border. RT if you think it's the right move right now. http://t.co/bh7ceRioeg@TheEconomist says the USA's best days have passed? Next on @FoxBusiness, why I say our best days are still to come! http://t.co/IJNR7N8rrFDo you agree with Gov Perry's plan to send troops to the border? Reply to me, and your tweets could be on #CAVUTO at 8PM on @FoxBusinessEmbattled #Detroit offers important lessons on fixing pensions. http://t.co/k5SV2jQYla via @TeamCavuto
Retweeted by Neil Cavutojoin me tonight on @FoxBusiness on @TeamCavuto at 8pmest
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.@SenRandPaul is courting Silicon Valley, which is usually a liberal bastion. Do you see him as a crossover contender for 2016? #CAVUTORT if you think it's important for the United States to be leaders in #space. #CAVUTORT if this frustrates you. RPT: The Obama Admin received a warning about #VA wait times 5 yrs ago and a warning of the border influx last yrNOW on @FOXBusiness: More are piling on Israel, but do you support the operation in Gaza?NOW on @FoxBusiness: Is @BarackObama doing a poor job handling multiple crises at once? RT=YES. REPLY=NO. #CAVUTOTune in TONIGHT to @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET. #CAVUTO http://t.co/Kr2VQ3KhvFForget where you’re flying, where are you flying over? My Column: http://t.co/4hzPchfe9x @FoxBusiness #CAVUTOWould you spend $1 million for lunch with @billclinton and @HillaryClinton? http://t.co/EWfmjzaoFQ @FoxBusiness #CAVUTOAre you leery of flying right now? Use #CAVUTO in your answer and we'll show your tweets on air tonight on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET.
I am BACK on MONDAY!! Did you miss me? #CAVUTO @FoxBusiness @FoxNews
Are companies moving their headquarters overseas unpatriotic? http://t.co/GDJzqyIl8h @FoxBusiness #CAVUTO
NOW on @FoxBusiness: RPT: We are living in third biggest stock bubble in U.S. history. Should we fear the worst? What do you think? #CAVUTOHow much would you pay to have lunch with @billclinton and @HillaryClinton? #CAVUTO @FoxBusiness http://t.co/lNrPOvlZwJWashington, D.C. may be next to ban a criminal record check box on job applications. Is this right? RT for NO. REPLY for YES. #CAVUTONOW on @FoxBusiness: Lessons @BarackObama can learn from Ronald Reagan when handling a crisis. #CAVUTO http://t.co/cidK2xg1WhThe border crisis costs you! Nearly half of all Central American immigrants are receiving gov't aid. RT if we need a solution NOW. #CAVUTONOW on @FoxBusiness: According to the @nytimes, @GroverNorquist is an "extremist" for wanting to cut taxes? RT if that sounds extreme to youNOW on @FoxBusiness: Are the latest U.S. sanctions against #Russia working? Reply=YES. RT=NO. #CAVUTODid you catch this on @FoxBusiness last night? Is the Department of Justice extorting banks? http://t.co/vn7hM2sAGh
As casinos close, unions cave? Is the brink of collapse the only thing that makes unions back off? The details now on #CAVUTOIf you think Washington is making it tough for businesses, wait until you hear one factor that could drag companies down. Now on #CAVUTO.NOW on #CAVUTO: How the mess at the border could impact the way you bank. Are you worried?Is #Hollywood leaning more conservative? NOW on @FoxBusiness the big time actor who says it's time for a change.RT if you think this is too extreme. Democrats @DevalPatrick and @SenatorLeahy comparing #immigration to the Holocaust. #CAVUTOAs debate over illegal immigrant children goes on, do you think we should focus more on U.S. kids in need? #CAVUTO http://t.co/WRe8V5jiSH$100B and counting. Gov't grabbing cash from banks, and instead of returning it to taxpayers, it's keeping it. RT if you want this to stop.Next on @FOXBusiness: The head of the @CatoInstitute on why he says Washington is extorting banks and keeping the money for itself. #CAVUTODid you see this on #CAVUTO last night? Comcast operator nearly refuses to let customer cancel his plan. Watch! http://t.co/cFIMNR0oeoRT if you agree with @RonPaul that the border is indeed a mess and there's nothing secure about it. http://t.co/oRITacOrqz #CAVUTOAre businesses leaving the U.S. because of high taxes unpatriotic? What do you think of Jack Lew's statement? http://t.co/STkwgqMXtg
RT if you think the U.S. needs to simplify its tax code. We discuss RIGHT NOW on @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTONOW on @FoxBusiness: @comcast operator caught bullying customer trying to cancel plan. RT if these kind of practices make you mad. #CAVUTORT if this scares you. Experts say "everything" we watch, read and buy online will be controlled by the government by 2025. #CAVUTOIs Israel on its own? New poll shows Republicans and Democrats have never been more divided on the #Israel and #Palestine issue. #CAVUTONOW on @FoxBusiness: Is going "smart" a "dumb" idea? Why the more we embrace "smart" technology, the more vulnerable we are to cyber hacks.NOW on @FoxBusiness: How penny stock Cynk Technologies ($CYNK) went from being 6 cents to over $20 a share! That's almost 40,000%! #CAVUTOWith 90,000 illegal children expected to cross the border this year, RT if you disagree with @SenatorReid. #CAVUTO http://t.co/cdNOymz3bhNOW on @FoxBusiness: @RonPaul responds to @GovernorPerry's comments on his son @SenRandPaul's policy on #Iraq. http://t.co/AejrjA3ZscRON while you can! #CBO says financial ruin is upon us because of our debt. Don't say @RonPaul didn't warn you! He responds NOW on #CAVUTODo you believe in second chances? Should @PeteRose_14 be in the Hall of Fame? We asked Pete himself. http://t.co/dAeekjxzvT @FoxBusiness.@cvpayne is CHARGED. Treas Secy Lew says co's should stop fleeing US tax rates in the name of "economic patriotism". Whose side are you on?BREAKING: Texas group backs out of plan to buy hotel to house illegal immigrants #CAVUTO @FoxNews.@LEETERRYNE wants to know where illegal minors are being housed. Do you support his push? RT for yes, REPLY for no #CAVUTO @FoxNews
Thousands of jobs out the window? @Staples is ending its plan to put mini-post offices in its stores after #union protests.Thoughts?NOW on @FoxBusiness: Do restaurants have the right to force you out if you are just playing on your phone at the table? Reply=YES. RT=NO.NOW on @FoxBusiness: Private investigators are using #drones to catch cheating spouses. Is this legal? #CAVUTONOW on @FoxBusiness: The dangers of foreign investors buying up U.S. properties and not populating them. #CAVUTOThe "Hit King" joins me now on @FoxBusiness! RT if you think @PeteRose_14 deserves a second chance and belongs in the Hall of Fame. #MLBSeveral Democrats are admitting #immigration won't be a winning issue for them in November. Do you agree? Reply=NO. RT=YES. #CAVUTONOW on @FoxBusiness: Politicians aren't the only ones ignoring the #VA mess, so is the mainstream media. #CAVUTO http://t.co/TKweplBiLeThe White House is rushing to fix our roads and border crisis. But what about our veterans? RT if vets should be our #1 priority. #vasurgeDon't miss @PeteRose_14 TONIGHT on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET! #CAVUTO http://t.co/oCEENeHjVCYour next seat on a plane could be a bicycle seat. Willing to fly like that if it means lower fares? #CAVUTO @FoxNews
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