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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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The movie is beautifully bleak with heartbreaking performances and oh my god that score.This morning I woke up early and NEVER LET ME GO was on so I watched it and wanted to kill myself. But then I had coffee.@borednihilist 2 llamas got loose today in AZ. Media covered the chase
The language switching and what’s in “English” on #Vikings makes me feel like I’ve dropped acid.@artincircles it’s the end of the SOPRANOS. cut to black. Or blue. Or white. Or gold.And, I know the shippers hated her, but she was great on BONES too.#Vikings time! Also reminds me of discussing Winnick for Capt Marvel with @jowrotethis last night. She’d be great! (Also, late 30s? Dayuuum)@1Lcampesino what was the legal consensus on that one?@shanarosenberg that’s why this is an internet phenomenon. Dark gold/bronze maybe. But white? Insanity! 😁We only see red and black around here. http://t.co/4BZYn1qbIy
Retweeted by ShanHa I did this too http://t.co/FhFLwcah3s (and pre photoshop I thought blue and bronze-ish so that’s about right). White? WTF@BernieDawg well Ron (and the rest of us) would hope that’s a metaphorical pour out. Because…whiskey.@jowrotethis @Duvisited that is the correct answer. He’s not as fond of it as we are, but he talks about it on Kumail’s podcast.@jowrotethis Bambi!@BernieDawg those assessments are both correct@GeorgeDoggett yeah, I glanced at some,of the comments re The 100 and Walking Dead and its a good reminder that people are morons.@DerfelMacklin @stephsmith Wednesday and that. So no new TVD, Originals, Supernatural, Flash this week.Where’s the outrage over the REAL horrors on TV: “reality” and kids.People are complaining about KISSES on shows with zombies, cannibals, apocalypses, strewn body parts, acid fog, torture & wars? GTFO@stephsmith the 100 was new last night@jowrotethis I like It!@shanarosenberg I'm old, but I lost interest in games after the 2600. Too many buttons. :)@HollyAnderson Grateful for Bunheads and Caprica mentions. (Also *looks around* I'm a fan of John Carter)Re that LRT, the #Braves are 20th. The red jerseys are an abomination, but that is still way too low.The Uni Watch Power Rankings are back, rating all MLB teams' uniform sets from 1st to worst: http://t.co/0e2WWIXemE http://t.co/nVYmGrEYKy
Retweeted by Shan@shanarosenberg The most meaningful way to "vote"@DerfelMacklin oh man, i've been getting mani/pedis for years. A lovely bit of pampering@Junkyard_Dawg1 http://t.co/m4jQkOEwPt@jowrotethis wash that finger :)@jowrotethis or Caroline from TVD looks the part although her voice is not quite superheroish@jowrotethis yep. I was thinking of her or Rebecca from The Originals@jowrotethis throw a net over the CW. It’s like going to the shelter during kitten season.@jowrotethis true. Atwell is only 32 now. The double standard seriously irks. Did y’all reach conclusion on a youngun for CM?@jowrotethis and goop.@jowrotethis yeah. Like both those actors but if they cast the lady heroes a decade younger for no reason that’s v disappointing@jowrotethis new black panther and doctor strange are both 38. Hmmmm@jowrotethis wow. I think of her as older since she’s been acting since a wee lass@jowrotethis and Dormer 33. Those were always my 3 picks.@jowrotethis sad, that. Blunt is 32.@jowrotethis yes. I’ve long said she’d make a great Carol. Fantastic on Vikings. Too “old” for Marvel though?I'll say it again and every Wednesday: #TheAmericans is the best show on tv. Tonight's episode a master class.
Retweeted by Shan@GeorgeDoggett not the Atom I remember from the comics but I liked the shows take on itIt helps that I like almost everyone in the #Arrow cast because this plot is nonsense.
How did Thea become the part of #Arrow I most look forward to?Great Zeus what a terrific ep of #TheAmericans. So good, so creepy. Wow.@1Lcampesino that’s the best salad. Bacon, dressing, cheese, chicken, tomatoes, croutons. Mmmmm@djohnstonuga HBTD!TNT apparently had a Dean Winchester LOLZ marathon today. My DVR is happy. Currently watching “Yellow Fever” #SupernaturalWhat is "fleek" and how do we make it stop?
Retweeted by Shan@d_m_elms a friend and I say “science!” after a sneeze (even better if like from a Thomas Dolby song)@DerfelMacklin I know. I just went to look at who else was in that. I think SyFy or somebody show it in repeats for a while@DerfelMacklin I had a big crush on Lisa Zane. She was great in Profit, too (another overlooked one season FOX wonder)@DerfelMacklin yes! With Lisa Zane as an evil queen@shanarosenberg @borednihilist correct historical term, but that always makes me laugh & think of a serial adventurer eg Scarlet Pimpernel@artincircles Dammit. I really want this to come back. Corporate synergy? Netflix? Something?Love this piece on science fantasy http://t.co/sjaBpFrjdG@artincircles Ha! I didn't catch that. Fantastic.Watching Lee Pace in "Halt and Catch Fire" and, personal question, is there like a enlargement pump, but for eyebrows? #inadequate
Retweeted by Shan"Where are my DRAGONS?" "They're coming, lady. Lotta traffic on the 101, but like an hour, tops." http://t.co/TNkdQG7xU3
Retweeted by Shan
@artincircles it took me a second and I was trying to place him b/c he was just in the Man in the High Castle pilot@artincircles most shows would have had an obvious “previously on”@Sockmonkey666 agreed. And cast additions have been really solid, tooMichael Sam’s wedding might not end well LOL http://t.co/RpAiHZTC70@Sockmonkey666 it did have that sparkle. Although AoS has been really good for me lately@Sockmonkey666 indeed. I really loved it.Okay time for hopefully not last episode of the wonderful #AgentCarter@NoelMu the Outrage Industrial Complex is so exhaustingWell, this is crazy of course http://t.co/7ld0TWMaIG But the only thing worse than Craig is Jean Ralphio@artincircles I don't follow him (love him, but too many tweets) but I check them out occasionally. It's kind of adorable@artincircles He does. Virtually all the CW shows@DerfelMacklin it is, isn’t it? I haven’t read much about it but I’m really digging it
@artincircles I know. Sometimes, the irrational hate can go away, like Angel’s Connor to Pete Campbell (Pete’s awful but fun awful)The redone Ultron origin makes sense to me http://t.co/jzOqYssByX I also think the movie end of WATCHMEN was a good choice #nosquid@artincircles I’m sure the actress is a lovely person but I root for her to die every time she shows up. Ugh,Tory.Apps that only line up if your iPad is horizontal? Fuck you.Bravo @MalloryRubin on this http://t.co/fGwPHB5HQY (Willow here agrees) http://t.co/YEUMLCrWPiWow, SUPERGIRL continues with the interesting casting. Benanti and now Flockhart. Nice@rural_juror Just the worstFan of college football and Oscars? this is A+ http://t.co/EURhKYaT5nOh die in a fire "Patricia Arquette whitewashes feminism" backlash post. http://t.co/Nd8x518sgw
Retweeted by ShanApparently, I'm still not over spoiler whinging this morning."Achilles' Heel? where does that expression come from?" DON'T TELL ME I HAVEN'T READ THE MYTH YET.Hope Patricia Arquette's pillorying teaches other stars: NEVER deliver an acceptance speech without 1st consulting a panel of policy pros.
Retweeted by ShanWhiny, entitled "spoiler culture" drives me up a fucking tree. Get yourself some bubble wrap and hide in the cellar.Also, if you're complaining about GONE GIRL "spoilers" months after the film (& years after the book) please go soak your head.The Oscars presentation last night was a mixed bag. But the graphic design and set design was on point. Gorgeous.@jowrotethis or…Peter Bishop has great taste.How am I just now seeing the “Love Hangover” Mad Men promo? Also, DAMN MeganCan't sleep Travolta will touch me can't sleep Travolta will touch me can't sleep Travolta will touch me can't sleep Travolta will touch me
Retweeted by ShanAnother benefit of PST: the Oscars are (mercifully, finally) over and maybe I’ll have some popcorn and watch The Walking Deadhey, spiccoli, next time you want to make a green card joke, how about you give a latino a chance to joke about your domestic abuse charges?
Retweeted by ShanDisappointing if it’s not Gwyneth’s head #Oscars
@rural_juror there is absolutely nothing that escapes the take offense brigadeDamn Jessica Chastain looks spectacular #Oscars@poniewozik well, it would make me actually consider campingBetween Arquette’s righteous feminism and the fuck yous to the play off music, the acceptance speeches have been A+“…and don’t forget to watch my new CSI show with Dawson” #OscarsFUN FACT: @arnettwill was wearing Val Kilmer's Batman suit from Batman Forever. Really. #EverythingIsAwesome #Oscars
Retweeted by ShanThat dress doesn’t like Klingons #Oscars@HollyAnderson #tradinguphulk
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