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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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@jowrotethis VICTOR! Why isn’t he a huge star?@brawatch so funny. Such a loving homage to classic Trek@EaTmy_CupCaKKe can still win a division with a losing record! Lolz#Riseup #WeDat #FunBelt #ChickfilAIsBetterThanPopeyes #AbitaIsOverrated #SugarBowlChamps #OsiScoredAsManyTDsAsBrees http://t.co/5UShzm4RHg
Retweeted by Shan@djohnstonuga it’s a scheme by the fantasy kicker industrial complexSurprised Mike Smith hasn’t called a timeout #FalconsSo a winner take all game vs Scam next week? #RiseUp@shanarosenberg yeah, tough to do cinematically.Stunned. Honestly thought Falcons were due to lose on another last minute drive. Yay?@shanarosenberg no I haven’t. Premise seemed dodgy tbh. Could never quite buy into the world and setup.At least the Saints have Mike Smith to help them extend the game if needed.
Retweeted by Shan@djohnstonuga Falcons fan motto: Waiting for the other shoe to dropWatched DIVERGENT last night. Well cast, but kinda stupid at every turn. Makes you appreciate how much HUNGER GAMES gets right.@EaTmy_CupCaKKe Saints returned kickoff for a near TD, then scored. All in about 10 seconds. Sigh. Have a nice trip to Vegas!@EaTmy_CupCaKKe I'm sure you're enjoying this. :-)Looks like another lump of coal in the stocking from the #Falcons@stephsmith @brawatch did that work? I’ve done the paper clip thing a few times and it worked perfectly
(Arguments about millennia old land grabs & which fictional fairy tale is more worth killing over irritate the hell outta me)Three eps into #TheHonorableWoman and despite the Middle East politics it’s pretty terrific.@jwj170104 nice!@artincircles @rfsatar @Renestance oh my. Both are heartbreaking. Body is very personal to me but probably Hole.@artincircles your regular reminder that you need to take care of that. 😄@ugakerri Right. However, I'm old enough to remember games WITHOUT any score/time/TO info. So...okay? #oldESPN has new CF score graphics. Makes sense, with more horizontal space to work with, but not sure I like it yet. #changeishard
Nice interview with Amy Acker about #PersonOfInterest : http://t.co/fwP5LcRjtT
@Albatross117 yeah, probably. Previous seasons have been hit and miss but I heard this one has been kind of a shit show.@artincircles Farscape is another tricky tonal show but boy did it grab me. Some folks can't get past puppets though.@artincircles and I’m not much of a shipper, but Ned/Chuck is (with Farscape’s John/Aeryn) my favorite TV couple.@artincircles such a difficult tone and it just nails it. Verbally, musically, visually and the cast. Perfection.@artincircles good lord that show is SO CHARMING.@artincircles I watched it as it aired in standard def. now I am luxuriating in the Blurays. Beautiful! Did the first 2 eps already.What say you tweeps, should I hate watch that or just rewatch some old faves like PUSHING DAISIES and FARSCAPE?Except for a couple of movies, my DVR is now empty. Well, there’s the final season of THE NEWSROOM but I’m thinking of deleting that.@artincircles happy to help. #HashtagHashtag@artincircles copy it once. And just paste after every “break him” :D@EaTmy_CupCaKKe last night’s was surprisingly moving.@artincircles I only mute you during a tennis major. But it would be better if you used hashtags. :-)@Sockmonkey666 it wasn’t streaming anywhere so I took the plunge. Great decision. I love this show.#PushingDaisies on bluray. Glorious. Hits me right in the whimsy.This is a fun look at GONE WITH THE WIND between a fan & a first time viewer http://t.co/PNOKqDly2y@kateyrich all of them
ASCENSION had interesting, if jumbled, ideas and so so execution. Still, I applaud SyFy for attempting this vs wrestling and reality crapWorried about the prospects for my new film,"Abbot and Costello Fuck North Korea's Mom."
Retweeted by Shan@artincircles yeah, in character. But that sandwich sounds and looks AWFUL. :-)My only complaint about last night's #PersonOfInterest - who eats a sandwich like that? Ugh. Still, Amy Acker in a bear suit makes up for itI love that @andygreenwald describes BANSHEE the same way I do: a drugstore spinner rack pulp novel http://t.co/LIBH1b3uSf@artincircles Oh, I'm not worried about that. And holiday airings generally don't do well. Still...argh.@artincircles And tied a series low in ratings. Sigh. What's WRONG with people?@HistoryofMatt that was great. And 3 or 4 GoT eps. But every scene in this is like a painting. Just entrancing.@artincircles well, “real” depends entirely where you're tweeting from. 😄Honestly, were there that many things on TV this year better than “mizumono?” I don’t think so. #HannibalGood lord “mizumono” is a dark, brutal, horrifying work of breathtaking beauty. #Hannibal@GeorgeDoggett BIG difference from the basic Logitech speakers I had before.
@artincircles niceOkay time for a steak and a rewatch of the #Hannibal finale.@DropEdge just don’t fall for the confetti in a bucketJust put these on my desktop. Great Zeus what a difference! http://t.co/DmIFKTGr5t@DropEdge baseball players used to pull that prank on teammates with laces. Congrats on going solo!If you made a year end Best of TV List and #PersonOfInterest wasn’t on it…shame.We have to wait until January 6th! I want to know what happens! Oh wait, I know- but I can't wait for you to see it! @PersonInterest
Retweeted by ShanTime for the usual Tuesday “goddamnit ABC!” #SelfieEveryone wakes up in the middle of the night imagining @AmyAcker in a bear suit, right? Right?! #PersonOfInterest http://t.co/WPCFy6zeUQ
Retweeted by Shan@Brassafrass Well, on third down, it's definitely Grantham. (Not sure how Guffman or Godot do in a prevent defense)Proud to be moving on up to #2 in the annual @RTDNA survey of Top Journalism Schools: http://t.co/XZRKwX1y3F http://t.co/m1p2TSdzWB
Retweeted by Shan@jowrotethis yep. That and the ability to stop retweets.It was kinda turgid last year but I’m digging #Homeland this season@TVandDinners it’s a show about magic. Poof! (It comes back. And then vanishes again. And then…)Episode 2 of #TheLibrarians was also fun. Season pass engaged.@icannotjustify could always listen to “hurt” and “jumper” for balance. :-)@icannotjustify you’d think that between “Let it go” and “Shake it off” no one would ever worry about anything ever again
Nyawww… (Who's up for poker?) http://t.co/A233vRqtTA
Retweeted by Shan@artincircles recording it but probably won’t get to it until later this week either.Confession: Terrence Malick just doesn't do anything for me. Sloppy, silly-faith screensavers. (Maybe I liked Badlands)@icannotjustify Oh, even without seeing it until now and no kids I still couldn't escape that song. :) It was EVERYWHERE
Really enjoying #Gatsby. Excessive, bonkers take as you’d expect. Also, Elizabeth Debicki…yowza.
@EaTmy_CupCaKKe 😘@EaTmy_CupCaKKe that’s the first music you’ve tweeted about that I’ve understood. 😁@HistoryofMatt lolz. Although “sharp” might not be bunk-worthy.Many ladies with sharp severe short sassy bobs. I’ll be in my bunk. #GatsbyFinally watching Luhrmann’s GATSBY. 9 minutes in, first shot of Mullgan, and…swoon.But this is probably more accurate http://t.co/NXKBxTEpugAs close as I come to festive http://t.co/cIroZVXvw3THE MONUMENTS MEN was okay but so lightweight I thought it would float away. It was pretty but I wish it had been more funOoops, here's the link http://t.co/9pvEscJrCiI nice oral history of "Hush" #BuffyFinally watched Frozen. It was cute. It also made me appreciate how well #OUAT cast the sisters for their take.All Dogs Die #prequels
Retweeted by Shan@TVandDinners at least you can buy them in the city limits againlooks great, smells great. But other than the legs, they're difficult to eat, messy and never as moist as you think.things that seem great in concept but disappoint in execution: rotisserie chickenOn @NPR with @waitwait today!
Retweeted by ShanWhat was the incident that required The Love Shack to have a sign that said, "Stay Away, Fools"? I bet that's a good story.
Retweeted by ShanWhen you can’t go back to sleep at 3AM it’s nice to find Law &Order and Farscape reruns onBuffy was shot 4x3 cuz TVs were shaped that way. Widescreen Buffy is nonsense. (Firefly was shot wide - Fox cropped it.) #apsectratiowoes
Retweeted by ShanRemember when we had to eat Chips Ahoy and Oreos separately like a bunch of assholes? http://t.co/ZN8Cyr63Jo
Retweeted by Shan
@ugajovigirl happens with new update. Don’t need to press the button; if she thinks she hears “hey Siri” she respondsFinally watched the SOA finale. So they can afford seasons worth of 3 hour episodes but not more than $20 on a critical effects shot?Look who doesn’t want HD bluray #Buffy but this “remastering” is bullshitPerhaps the funniest joke in #ParksAndRec history wasn't even on the show itself. http://t.co/G8Lk1A2aFq
Retweeted by Shan@jowrotethis hey, there’s NOT a party in my eye socket
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