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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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14 Future Stars Who Appeared on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' —
Retweeted by ShanReading about VidCon makes me think I should be having 4PM dinner at Cracker Barrel@WendyHembrock Or Sam's dad. Or perhaps someone in a flashback. Lots of possibilities!@WendyHembrock Can't wait for this one. A Greyjoy, perhaps?Speaking of youtube, this Uptown Funk By The Movies is great fun down an Elvis youtube hole this morning. "That's Alright Mama" from the 68 Comeback Special is fantastic McShane on #GameofThrones? That's awesome news, hoopleheads!
@HistoryofMatt Eh, but a lot of time the audience just isn’t there (Firefly, Dollhouse, TSCC, etc). Much to my disappointment.@HistoryofMatt the thing with Fox is that they had the balls to green light and air all of em in the first place@HistoryofMatt loved that show. Guessing it would be a good dad show too.@HistoryofMatt lol. I need a baby filter for my TV like Twitter@jowrotethis lovely! (Though if there’s actual fire breathing consult your warranty)I’ll be watching S2 of #TheLeftovers but why the hell did they saddle their best actor/character with a baby? Ugh.Keith David and the late Roddy Piper in one of the greatest (and longest) fight scenes ever put on film: #RIP
Retweeted by Shan😢 “@hollye83: I'm all out of bubblegum.”#BlackSails already renewed for S4? Good news. S2 was a HUGE leap in quality.@artincircles Preach@artincircles I didn't know that. Grrrr.@artincircles And INTELLIGENCE was such an oxymoronGorgeous pic of Hank in here. Plus...stirrups!! @DerfelMacklin *with a baby@DerfelMacklin @saalon "PARTLY CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF SHOWERS IS COMING!"@saalon Easy job: Westerosi weatherman. "The forecast know."@saalon Good thing you're not a Stark
Mr Norrell in the streets, Jonathan Strange in the sheets
Retweeted by ShanThursday concert! (But it’s a million degrees) lord I remember most of these #old@jowrotethis @patman23 "What's that do?"@NoelMu validity@NoelMu Yep, and a Dawg, too. But there is some validy to potential of delivery/arm issues. Still.Have always thought "Hey, Hey..." is criminally underrated.Don't agree with a lot of it, but this is a fascinating ranking of all of Led Zep's songs interview with Camden Toy about his #Buffy villains but folks here had never heard Foggy Mountain Breakdown!
Ian McKellen and Tim Curry in 'Amadeus' on Broadway, 1980.
Retweeted by ShanThis would be a fucking nightmare for those of us OCD types who like things orderly always welcome love for #TopSecret
@rural_juror I kept wondering where is this noise coming from??Skype was fucking with us, but the TIST Small council (@JesseJacksonDFW @WendyHembrock @LouWSytsma) just did a listener feedback podcast@rural_juror it just changed today, right?@EHGAssist Cool. that's what I thought@EHGAssist I assume this is one that excludes participants from the first listener game time, right?.@moryan weighs in on the hysterical #7DaysInHell (and Michael Sheen's amazing chat show host) yes it was teased and promoted that way at the time@hollye83 ooooh, fun with directing, editing and long takes.@HistoryofMatt He's pretty good, despite being a Gator. :) I also love Maisel.@HistoryofMatt Indeed. I stopped subscribing to SI and basically never visit anymore. Intolerable.How on earth, in this day and age, does a major site have autoplay videos? Fuck you SI and Time.@saalon I probably miss out on a lot of this. I'm allergic to kids & kids programming and have a low threshold for earnestness@saalon @borednihilist I view it as an interesting experiment, vs a fully realized film (love the story though)@saalon @borednihilist Nope. Culturally, it's just hard to move beyond the "for kids" pigeonhole, especially at that cost@saalon @borednihilist the few attempts haven't been successful, like Linklater's rotoscoped thing with Keanu@saalon They *are* doing a sense8 panel at the TCAs today. Perhaps saving a renewal announcement for that?
@BernieDawg a word we don’t use enough #Hoopleheads@Angie_Dawg 👍🏻@Angie_Dawg I know! I thought about the martini but that’s more 007 than “oh god oh god the bullpen 🔥🔥🔥”@Angie_Dawg 🍺🍺🍺@sawilcox28 I've bitched about for years, going back to when I played. You just can't convince some people.@sawilcox28 Unless there's an errant throw/tag situation, this is the dumbest thing in the whole universe@donnadb @NoelMu I just switched to tablets after many gel years, and can confirm this new sensation@TVandDinners awww so sorry for your loss.@lafergs would she need a stamp of approval from her supervisor?@lafergs If she didn't want the job, would she be "pushing the envelop?"@lafergs spunky dames and broads could be envelope girlsChubb. Chubb. Chubb. #Chubb #GoDawgsTerrific, insightful piece on 10 #Angel episodes from @NoelMu
Still waiting for the Very Special Episode of #TheStrain where Eph gets drunk and kills his son in a rage. And we all cheer.
@DrJtotheMastro nope small college in ORFound a random fraternity brother on this boat. Cool.Representing the G on Portland waterways to ban "problematic" from public discourse.
Retweeted by Shan@1Lcampesino @artincircles good suggestionHere's 4 more. Make sure you're reading these in Ice-T's voice. Straight-up magical.
Retweeted by ShanWhoever came up with these fake Ice-T quotes needs to be hired onto the LAW & ORDER SVU writing staff immediately.
Retweeted by Shan
@artincircles she doesn’t have much of one. There’s a bit supporting triangle action but certainly not the focus as with a lot of teen shows@artincircles that’s a pretty good list@artincircles Firefly? Terriers? Freaks & Geeks? Bunheads? The Middleman? Profit? Wonderfalls? My So Called Life?@DrJtotheMastro 👍🏻👍🏻what happens in aisle 15, stays in aisle 15
Retweeted by Shan#GameofThrones characters autocorrected. Adorable welcome: a "Best of Mal" Council #FF @WendyHembrock @OldDarth @TNRLM @TuningInToSciFi
Retweeted by ShanCurrent sexuality: Carla Gugino killing mutants
Thursday Concert in the Park! at our @TuningInToSciFi podcast we're giving away a Netflix $50 gift card. Details on how to enter are here
Retweeted by Shan@hollye83 just make sure Jodie Foster doesn’t voice itMichael Sheen in #7DaysInHell: Great performance or greatest performance of all time? Oh man, I am dying here. @emilynussbaum was so right.
Retweeted by Shan@Brassafrass Did you first make a to-do of "write down 3 things just to cross them off"? #Inception
I’ve spilled every single beverage I’ve had today: coffee, beer, diet coke, tea. Think I’ll just sit the rest of Wednesday out on the couch.Steels? Argh. Steals. Also, he’s a thief. So yeah.Rudd and Douglas are wonderful. Lily and her awesome hair fantastic as well. But Pena steels the show. So fucking funny. #AntMan#AntMan was great fun. Lots of heart. And I didn’t even hate the kid like I usually do.@saalon the new avengersMovies are better as an adult, burger and #AntManGame of Thrones people: it's LEE-na HEE-dee
@1Lcampesino only if you go to Homecoming with me@postmodern_mama everyone is good but the synth actors are doing a wonderful, eerie job@HistoryofMatt lol I get vinyl as a hobby or affectation but I can’t see the hassle being worth it.
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