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Sinnamon Love @SinnamonLove House of Love, Brooklyn, NY

Retired PornStar. AVN & Urban X Hall of Fame Inductee. Published Writer. Radio Personality. Educator. Mother. Grandmother. AutismActivist. Hip Hop Head. HIS.

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Because I'm happy...@IamTriple Thanks!@imanwilliams lmao!You can barely tell where her hair ends and the fur on her hoodie begins... lol! I know, I'm going to… http://t.co/b8UxJWjBY1Always good to see my @ZoiMeansLife. ^_^ Now, let's get it! Happy Friday everyone!
@RavenGaddafi Lol! Why? Was I looking crazy?@IamTriple Thank you!Sunglasses and Hot tea. Last night was mad real. I should totally be in bed cuddling my man & my… http://t.co/q1QkZAsrnA
Before the booze. Before the dinner. Before the lights, camera & action. Real Love. Real Hip Hop. To… http://t.co/q0O4zL4ocg"So, you're from Sweden, what do you think about ABBA?" -Jarobi to Marcus http://t.co/tAaPbbsYXO@JarobiWhite & marcuscooks talking about the intersection between Food & Music at the release of… http://t.co/SBOCKw30Ly@ThisIsCrazy88 I am totally not in Detroit. :)
How else will I know you can stick it out for Worst, for Poor, in Sickness, until Death we do part...?… http://t.co/SAsg0PrggV@FlyingLotus is SO wrong for not having this on You're Dead. DOOM as Viktor Vaughn, earlxsweatshirt &… http://t.co/9h09wL5EoN@EMPIREJay :) Thanks.@EMPIREJay Nothing fancy. Plain black tea. Getting inspiration from all the caffeine. :)Midnight snack while I plan for tomorrow. #determined #optimistic #houseoflove http://t.co/TYosID32vKMiles playing gothamsartwayne a lullaby. Goodnight Moon. <3 #houseoflove http://t.co/AKMSnZm3QZJoin Marcus & Jarobi White of Tribe Called Quest for dinner & conversation about the intersection between music &food http://t.co/PylB6KdZVW
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love"Piiiiizzzzzzaaaaa!" - gothamsartwayne http://t.co/1pyiVO8TpB
This guy is secretly photographing women's butts using the zoom on his phone. He's sitting in a… http://t.co/2omYCtlntPHi Manhattan! http://t.co/Ll5BDd5LWw
For all those who keep sending me messages here on FB, please stop. My Twitter auto-updates this account and I am... http://t.co/0OTJIyuMJu@ChelseaFan214 I did.@ChelseaFan214 Still in tact. Renovated, but I could tell from pics it was the place.Checkpoint at Parkside and Ocean. Flatbush Bk,
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@dvck12 Did you really just spam my conversation about one of my favorite authors with that?@ChelseaFan214 When I visited Paris last fall, I made a point of finding the hotel were he and Anais Nin fell in love. His work is legendary@ChelseaFan214 Yes of course. Sexus, Plexus, Nexus - Tropic of Cancer & Capricorn were some of my early reads in High School.@Asanda_M_ Thanks!@TheCloser38 Yes, I am retired.We can't wait to see what @DresBlacksheep @JarobiWhite & @Chialibx have in store for us at our @CMJ showcase on 10/22 http://t.co/LloG9ldweG
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@TheCloser38 I just realized you were responding to my tweet to someone about a book. If you are interested in purchasing, I can give info@TheCloser38 No I do not. Why? Is someone pretending to be me?@Asanda_M_ I also have copies of Confessions of 100 Hottest Porn Stars available as well.@Asanda_M_ I also have copies of The Feminist Porn Book (where the piece you read is from,) 50 Writers on 50 Shades of Grey for sale.@Asanda_M_ Check out my blog at http://t.co/OlxljqrLEL. You can also purchase books from me directly.@Asanda_M_ Awesome! Glad to hear it!"Come on clap your hands everybody!" -EWF #love #soul #music #sundayschool #houseoflove http://t.co/kyURIFBwny@_cultrevo @Fuckin_Rich You obviously don't know what kind of music I support. Poor marketing. Move along.Vinyl records, hot tea and emails. Perfect Sunday afternoon. Now Playing: Earth, Wind & Fire. Name… http://t.co/Q1cVTwNjNx
@MRNBA_ Brooklyn@imanwilliams @FedEx I hate excuses from a major company like this.@DBtheStar They haven't misdelivered. It disappeared at a sorting facility.@DaShoutoutShow @FedEx Of course. I expect better.@ELLMACKEY @FedEx They don't know why it hasn't shown movement in 2 days.@MRNBA_ The last time the package was tracked it arrived at the Jamaica distribution center on 10/16, still 2 days late. No movement since.Its rare I take a customer service complaint public. To have an overnight package 4 days late & now missing is unacceptable @FedEx.This is the 2nd time this has been sent. This is ridiculous at this point. From a customer service standpoint, @FedEx is dropping the ball.The @FedEx CSR I spoke to just before 2pm said he would call back in a couple of hours. 6 hours later, I am still waiting.Completely livid with @FedEx. A check was overnighted to me on the 13th. Delivery has been in limbo since the 16th when it arrived in QueensOf course when I called @FedEx & they didn't have any more information than I already knew from online, offering an apology & investigation@NelNellington Yep! Can you DM your contact?@NelNellington I was actually thinking of you the other day. I want you to make me something in December. ^_^@NelNellington ha!I have never seen a Black squirrel before. #nyc #uws http://t.co/kOUNBy7tWJ@Bl3ss3d_2aT I haven't kept up with the new girls, but there are always good girls entering the biz every year.@Bl3ss3d_2aT @IceLaFoxxx @ChyanneJacobsX :) I get that a lot.@Bl3ss3d_2aT Elaborate?@ChelseaFan214 I've seen that and own the book. Big Kubrick fan.Now watching: Burnt Offerings http://t.co/iQuK1UNosz
Had left over pie crust from my pot pies the other day so I decided to make mini Peach Cobbler!… http://t.co/cztAGh52ttWatching Lord of the Flies. Its Horror Flick season. Time to scare myself silly! http://t.co/yd0gSctOBnCabbage & Bean Soup with Smoked Turkey served with Brown Rice. #glutenfree #canelaskitchenhttp://t.co/Tb1GCChky3@StephenShoots not a big one. Something small. ,:)Wash day. My white hair has zero fucks to give about a curl pattern. #naturallysilver #naturallygreyhttp://t.co/VCHrnBMIyr@StephenShoots 10 months. And after having 3 teeth come in last week, now there is another one coming in.#jarobiwhite will be at @Ginnysupperclub next week to speak with Marcus during his #MarcusOffDuty book launch! Tix @ http://t.co/gfU4zFl0zd
Retweeted by Sinnamon Lovegothamsartwayne is becoming a pro at posing. I told him to smile and he turned it on. Then cried until… http://t.co/fuCNQc8UElMy current situation... gothamsartwayne just climbed in bed with us. Good morning! http://t.co/j8TtNLCb5FGrateful.@BTrustyNO2ATL Thank you. Everyone should have that.
My favorite... http://t.co/vm8DcQLYO7Get 'em baby! http://t.co/FEeRfhFoHz#datenight http://t.co/pERWKjwtL6So we meet again... http://t.co/Vz3X11Q47yStopped by the Bryan Morris Gallery opening after work. Obligatory bathroom shot. ^_^ http://t.co/MOijiTMRc0@JoeyRoxx85 Thanks. :) I don't need pics of myself however. I totally know what my body looks like. I have had it a long time. ^_^@Jimmyevans15 Yes it is. However so far there are 2 cases in Texas. I don't live in Texas.@304_smith To meet me?@MalcolmGarvey lol! Its the WORST. I want to be asleep right now, so badly.So ridiculously organized for the day. Even my emergency cell phone chargers are fully charged. Smh.. what is going on with me? #grownupCame in from work last night Dumb tired and crashed at 11p. Now its 4:38a and I am wide awake. FMLWe're proud to launch #MarcusOffDuty, @MarcusCooks's latest cookbook. Dinner/Convo w/ @JarobiWhite of @ATCQ Tix here: http://t.co/zNK3bVF13e
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveOn Oct 22 (Wed) a special set is hitting the stage at CMJ.. Chi Ali, evitaN (Jarobi and I) and Black Sheep Dres all together..NYC..get ready
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love
Sleepy girl. I am going to sleep SO good to tonight. :)When you have a busy day and the train is fucked up and throws off your entire schedule <
@MistressZariah YES!@TheFatherChris Hey Father Chris! ^_^Screening @SinnamonLove in @TristanTaormino's Rough Sex 2. Hot scene, awesome negotiation. Friday at OISE @utsec http://t.co/76qS6xgLGU
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveI have a laundry list of things to accomplish today; including transcribing another 25 recipes for my blog.@KillerJoe College shouldn't be "same old same..." You are learning something new daily, academically and personally.@Keepn_It_Rell I bet! The most tedious part of fall@FoxxFiles As long as you use your powers for good!@logan724 Same!“@SinnamonLove: What's on everyone's plate for the day?” Georgia O'Keeffe painting lesson for 1st & 2nd Graders! #ilovemyjob
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@Zapthunda Awesome!@Silus60 I did not say anything about lunch.I love it! When I asked what's on everyone's plate, 4 out of 9 responses were about food. ;) Are you guys ready for #canelaskitchen launch?!What's on everyone's plate for the day?
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