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It's sad to scroll through Instagram and see lots of "The link is in my profile" because Instagram insists on ignoring hyperlinks & the web.
Retweeted by Scott Beale@wizbee1 It's such a beautiful place.Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine @instagram so much more now that it no longer forces me to crop photos.@edrabbit Right on, it’s a beautiful place. I’ve been posting more photos on Instagram.Exploring Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine sailor annoyed by photobombing mermaid out the new @SierraNevada Oktoberfest beer made in collaboration with Brauhaus Riegele (Augsburg, Germany). does San Francisco not have a rage room? I would back the hell out of this Kickstarter.
Retweeted by Scott Beale@zoomar You can tell us, it will be just between friends.
Help @ClimateRelief help those hardest hit by the CA drought with a small donation.
Retweeted by Scott BealeChrome will start automatically pausing Flash ads on September 1
Retweeted by Scott BealeHere's why Instagram chose to break the frame:
Retweeted by Scott BealeInternational super-pal JOHN @HODGMAN tours the US starting in the great state of Maine! GO!
Retweeted by Scott BealeThe real reason Disney released that Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer over Instagram: Their follower count sucks
Retweeted by Scott BealeTrying out the new @SierraNevada Oktoberfest beer made in collaboration with Brauhaus Riegele (Augsburg, Germany). taxis testing Uber-like smartphone app Arro, plan to launch publicly in a couple of weeks
Retweeted by Scott BealeApple ad-blocking could be a nightmare for publishers:
Retweeted by Scott BealeSage advice.🎵 New update 🎵 Discover and create with music on Vine
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"The Puffy Shirt" episode of Seinfeld doesn't really hold up, but only because the regular clothes on the show look so dumb now.
Retweeted by Scott BealeThe painful irony of RTing @samgrobart's excellent article while using an extremely slow/expensive Gogo connection. took advantage of @Instagram's new widescreen video by releasing new teaser there. really wish airlines gave you the option of renting the space in front of you instead of the space behind you.One constant in the universe is that any flight I'm on I will always get the asshole who slams their seat back as I'm working on my laptop.@DanPatterson @TechRepublic That’s amazing news.Brooklyn has arrived, people. Fodor's has made it official.
Retweeted by Scott BealeTumblr’s ad server is on vacation this week. In the meantime please enjoy these framed dots
Retweeted by Scott Beale"Freebooting" is euphemism for "posting stolen video on Facebook." Facebook says it's going to stop it, eventually.
Retweeted by Scott Beale@DocPop I think the idea is that it is primarily a mobile service. What is the current resolution?This is great news! If I were that would me that I would periodically delete all my photos from Instagram.@Stammy I have never once used a filter, so having dupes of every image I post to Instagram makes no sense.@Stammy Sure, I think that’s a great feature as well, but why not give the option to disable it?@jayzombie I think it’s great for people new to photography or people who like to work within constraints like that. I just hated it.Also hopefully this will solve the annoying bug were you were forced to save a cropped version of the photo to your camera roll.Now if we could just have full @Instagram integration with @Twitter@dnsf That’s really awesome as well.@jayzombie It never made sense to me that people who wanted to use their photos as they originally composed them had to use a 3rd party app.@jayzombie Yeah, I remember our many conversations about it. This is huge for photographers. @mikeyk @kevin @instagram@GlennF I’ve argued for it for years, but was told it would never change.@mikeyk Thank you so much. This was my biggest feature request when I first met you and @kevin at the @instagram HQ back in 2010.This was the single thing that keep me from really embracing @instagram all of these years.Amazing news, @instagram is finally adding support for both portrait & landscape photos! 6S camera revealed: 12 megapixel photos, 4K video recording, flash for selfies
Retweeted by Scott Beale@baratunde @TheDailyShow @Trevornoah That's so awesome.I'm joining @TheDailyShow w @Trevornoah as supervising producer for digital expansion. It's in the server of record
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@estherbreger @tnr Great article. One of the first things I noticed about the show was how accurately @samthemovie portrayed the technology.I wrote about Mr. Robot for the upcoming issue of @tnr
Retweeted by Scott Beale@wesleyverhoeve @swissmiss Ah, thought you were referring to Went there for a wedding a few weeks back.@wesleyverhoeve @swissmiss Ha, if it’s the house I’m thinking of…what a piece of shit. @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Scott BealeThe fun Retrospecs (@8bitartwork) app turns photos into retro computer/video game pixel art.
Retweeted by Scott BealeThe @BernieSanders 404 page is pretty awesome.!
Retweeted by Scott BealeFrom @Foursquare to #VR we talk with @Timoni about her path into #design on #StoryInABottle
Retweeted by Scott BealeHow to Advertise on Laughing Squid
Retweeted by Scott Beale@mari18 I had no idea they even did this kind of thing. Very cultish.One more reason you should use HTTPSEverywhere. AT&T Hotspots MitM you with ads.
Retweeted by Scott BealeA Little Bit of the Manuals
Retweeted by Scott BealeAre you watching #MrRobot? Maybe you should be:
Retweeted by Scott BealeIt is with extreme sadness that we report WDBJ7's Alison Parker and Adam Ward were killed in an attack this morning.
Retweeted by Scott BealeGet pumped up for your your day with a few enthusiastic Walmart chants! Fatone To #OneDirection: “Everything Is About To Be Terrible”
Retweeted by Scott Beale@textfiles As a lifelong VW owner I’m rooting for the little guy. Go Dad!
I'm really proud of this remix.
Retweeted by Scott BealeFirst #LosAngeles telephone station, 1899. A call to San Francisco in today’s money was $14.70 per minute.
Retweeted by Scott Beale@textfiles Oh crap, sorry to hear that, it was a great car. Thanks for all the rides in it!@jeffrey Agreed. Of course now he has to try to top curating an entire amusement park. Maybe next up is an installation on the Moon?@jeffrey That was our phrasing, saying it was directly from him vs other coverage. I guess we’re just so used to saying “official trailer”.@ekai Right on, I'll check it out.Banksy has released the official trailer for his "Dismaland" bemusement park. has launched "Digitize the Planet" to help people digitally archive their data. @LaughingSquid @FRiFFest That’s really awesome.@ekai @790KFGO That’s awesome, how did @LaughingSquid come up?Great interview with Alan Adler, inventor of the Aeropress Coffee Maker & Aerobie Flying Ring. without comment: An @Uber passes a commuter riding a penny farthing along San Francisco’s Market Street.
Retweeted by Scott BealeThey're blasting "Panama" in here. Second time I've heard it this week. I think I've reached peak David Lee Roth. Ha, I would say that's about right. /cc @hilljam@hilljam Ha, the hippie character in the musical? Not sure @johnwlaw would agree. The whole thing is pretty ridiculous.
Tomorrow over at ProductHunt, I'm talking my favorite things and taking AMA questions. Sign up for a reminder here:
Retweeted by Scott BealeLegend > Boyfriend Annoys His Girlfriend With a Relentless Barrage of Puns Based on the Names of IKEA Products
Retweeted by Scott Beale"Burning Man: The Musical", a new musical being made about Silicon Valley and @BurningMan Sorry about that. It looks like it was an option on one of our ad networks. We've tracked it down and disabled it.Every website, 2015. /via @sixtus
Retweeted by Scott Beale.@textfiles has launched @archivecorps, a volunteer collective to help save physical archives.
So, I'm announcing the formation of @archivecorps, a collective to save physical archives and stores when time is of the essence.
Retweeted by Scott BealeWe are making cool scarves a thing, because humanity deserves it.
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Good news! The bugs are gone.
Retweeted by Scott Bealebreakfast in Mystic
Shocked to learn that a personal hero of mine, Sasha Petraske, has passed away.
Retweeted by Scott BealeHow @textfiles and a team of 60+ volunteers saved >50,000 rare technical manuals from destruction. Incredible.
Retweeted by Scott Beale.@HRLori said this Amaretto Sour at @EngineRoomCT is one of the best she's ever had (excluding her's of course). Not to worry I can also go days without leaving the house.@hunterwalk @swarmapp Ha, I had no idea, haven’t really had a chance to check out the new version yet (been traveling).Mystic Pizza Bravo, amazing work on this one. shuttered today. Good people worked there. Particularly good thoughts today of VLOGGERCUE
Retweeted by Scott BealeAwesome! A real-life first person shooter game controlled by random folks on #Chatroulette. @DavidMReynolds.
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#tbt: Here's a video of that amazing Lifesize Mousetrap at the 2010 #WorldMakerFaire! Shot by our pal @ScottBeale. 🐭
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