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Founder and Primary Tentacle of @LaughingSquid and @LS_Hosting. Editor-in-Chief at http://t.co/KKOdFeVlJl.

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@jetpack That’s great news, thanks!Twitter’s Timeline Could Get (More) Algorithmic http://t.co/52Yjge1xbg
Retweeted by Scott Beale"The Masked Avengers" - the @NewYorker digs in deep on Anonymous in a very interesting, long read http://t.co/sQngdA9N8H
Retweeted by Scott BealeThis feature should come standard on all clown cars. http://t.co/FsAaLJ8kX6
Retweeted by Scott BealeHow does Twitter know your gender? A bit of examination by me at @BoingBoing http://t.co/vUbz58vtkl
Retweeted by Scott BealeWell played WB, well played. http://t.co/QjNrR6RFoT http://t.co/gnfoZBGiJm
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@RonenV Right on, I saw her wearing that at your pizza party and was curious who it was and what she was wearing. So awesome.. @H_E_I_D_I_L_E_E in her echohat http://t.co/xwzluegJGH
Retweeted by Scott Beale.@BurningMan 2014 Installations, Part One http://t.co/BhOY1Slikx http://t.co/dH5o8kBE5r“Facebook Is a Weatherless World” http://t.co/aKuChGoBwS via @johnbattelle Pray for Rain
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This video explains how beans become farts and it's my favorite story all week. http://t.co/vvjKG0iRpc
Retweeted by Scott BealeDispatches from #BurningMan: K Street Black Rock, Billionaires Row http://t.co/cdnwB9cr0I by @NellieBowles http://t.co/GiVXE47jUu
Retweeted by Scott Beale'A Love Story 8 Years in the Making', A Charming Film by Casey Neistat About His Eight-Year Rom… http://t.co/yNAUeAzf3S via @LaughingSquid
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Bumped into Jason Shiga and his amazing new folding comic. Piedmont Copy is a magical place. http://t.co/Qtiklfihmx
Retweeted by Scott BealePro tip from @ClickHole: When you sense someone might be about to mug you, mug them first. http://t.co/jgzWFK8GpZ
Retweeted by Scott BealePretty sure this is the first time I've seen an alert warning residents about a "simulated explosion". http://t.co/ytFf2j6NDe
Retweeted by Scott BealeBreaking: Katz’s Deli Sells Its Air Rights as Development Looms Next Door http://t.co/FVTlSveox4
Retweeted by Scott Beale@pud The timing seems related, but it doesn’t seem to make sense why i would have broke it. Nobody else seems to have that issue.Here’s more on that weird G+ issue we are having with @LaughingSquid. If anyone has any ideas for a fix let me know. https://t.co/DhonitYPAAI'm glad to know that it is nearly impossible to actually overdose on coffee. Thanks @AsapSCIENCE! http://t.co/qDeOWHhGyw
Retweeted by Scott BealeQuestion for G+ experts. For some reason our video only posts are no longer showing featured image. Others are ok. https://t.co/k4mbjwfTuK
Really glad to see Google Authorship go the way of the dinosaur http://t.co/HqOixl0bmc via @sengineland
Retweeted by Scott Beale“Medium’s CSS is actually pretty fucking good.” by @fat https://t.co/bbV5By3ZlB
Retweeted by Scott BealeWrote this for @vice about burnout and joy, after this summer of hell http://t.co/5YImxXMiMB
Retweeted by Scott BealeWith today's launch of 24 new cities, we're now in more than 200 worldwide: http://t.co/Z00gpcRSyw #Uber200
Retweeted by Scott Beale'Swatting' prank spirals out of control as multiple Colorado schools go into lockdown: http://t.co/HGwfFw3o4E
Retweeted by Scott BealeIMPORTANT SCIENCE: How a bean becomes a fart. http://t.co/vvjKG0iRpc
Retweeted by Scott BealeThe "Delete Tweet" button is now in the “••• More” menu on http://t.co/vLeiLJZeKt. For how-tos: https://t.co/aRqhz9DjzD
Retweeted by Scott Beale.@DennysDiner is opening their 1st restaurant in Manhattan, an upscale location featuring $300 Champagne ‘Grand Slam’ http://t.co/dmcsHMuohUThe iPhone 6 will include NFC mobile payments, according to our sources http://t.co/XDdCpJsWeR
Retweeted by Scott BealeHere's the invite that Apple just sent out. http://t.co/4wrKgpLXo2 http://t.co/KoWT0NrNi9
Retweeted by Scott Bealebrb doing this - Scientists agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone http://t.co/1Vk33jtXiW
Retweeted by Scott BealeAugust sucked, so I’m making a glowing #BUTTS t-shirt. One week only. Blame @stepinrazor http://t.co/JL6f0CN1lF http://t.co/nyHN1Jp6sd
Retweeted by Scott Beale"It was the best of Twitter. It was the worst of Twitter." Why people spread so many falsehoods during Ferguson: http://t.co/cnzxjbHT8Q
Retweeted by Scott BealeHow remix culture lives and dies on SoundCloud: http://t.co/Dt8UueOFAc http://t.co/cCBOx0oWkB
Retweeted by Scott BealeIt's #NationalBowTieDay, kids. Dress accordingly. http://t.co/HQRldRcxed
Retweeted by Scott BealeFatal accident occurs at Burning Man event - http://t.co/w4LIr5Ap03
Retweeted by Scott BealeHow Mork Melted the Fonz: Henry Winkler Recalls Robin Williams’s Storming ‘Happy Days’ Debut http://t.co/lXTE7whOwb http://t.co/q7qYJnbfnv
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@Veronica Ha, I didn’t even realize it was raining. Maybe I should try to leave home more often.At Burning Man, caught between the desert and high tech: http://t.co/SlxqgvwWVw http://t.co/hI8iMdJsKJ
Retweeted by Scott BealeSanrio's Shocking Reveal: Hello Kitty Is NOT A Cat http://t.co/Uvi63kWUPQ
Retweeted by Scott BealeA peek under the #Hyperlapse hood, from our engineering team: “The technology behind Hyperlapse from Instagram” http://t.co/DyIf0Y2sk9
Retweeted by Scott BealeCool! Behind the Scenes: The Build at Burning Man: http://t.co/yltIWL8Bqf via @make
Retweeted by Scott BealeIf you are in Austin, you should try to pick up one of @AustinBeerworks’ 99-packs of @AnytimeAle tomorrow. http://t.co/2WqpOND57r #beerGet on it: @Twitter just opened its analytics dashboard to everyone (not just advertisers): https://t.co/j24Assuf3t
Retweeted by Scott BealeGoats, how do they work? http://t.co/DZnUHc1G6O via @jtotheizzoe#spaceporn RT @LaughingSquid: Gorgeous Photo of the Milky Way in the Night Sky Over Yellowstone National Parkhttp://t.co/jmDNzzvRGl
Retweeted by Scott Beale@wesleyverhoeve But you’ll lose all of those precious YouTube views!Toddler Breaks Out Into Hysterical Laughter While Watching His Mom Feed a Very Accommodating Ostrich http://t.co/wAKNB9Pu7I@bengold @RickWebb It’s an odd location. The only reason I can think of it being there is because it is across from Pace University.@neetzan I always knew you were on the right side of history.@RickWebb Let me know. We can pretend like we are getting food after seeing Rocky Horror. For me, it was always a Dennys.@RickWebb Ha, stop by and say hello or I’ll meet you there. So weird that they are building one so close by.Wow. Dropbox pro is now 1TB!
Retweeted by Scott Beale"This is how blogging was in the early days. This is how blogging is today, if you want it to be." Preach @fredwilson http://t.co/BNZ7eY46H0
Retweeted by Scott Beale@Skype Any ETA on when you’re going to restore group chat profile pictures? Helps distinguish between multiple chats. http://t.co/aWwiM7clDs"I never expected any of this from mason jars." http://t.co/WFxpiNNP8o
Retweeted by Scott BealeIntroducing a more powerful Dropbox Pro: http://t.co/AnmdPqqJf6 http://t.co/9ZvCFhA6zN
Retweeted by Scott BealeThere’s something rotten within gaming culture. @mistertodd thinks it’s time we cut it out http://t.co/BZtnmQ41yp http://t.co/blotcekKnk
Retweeted by Scott Beale.@MacLethal throws down some invaluable life advice while rapping incredibly fast to Mozart's 'Tukish March' http://t.co/SOtQHOO3TS
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The Relative Cost of Bandwidth Around the World | CloudFlare Blog http://t.co/s6rwEOYjQm
Retweeted by Scott BealeIntroducing the Canon Lens Experience! Featuring detailed articles about 15 pro photographers, who all love #Canon! http://t.co/mtM0lAQ3xs
Retweeted by Scott BealeUber Begins Testing Lunch Delivery With UberFRESH http://t.co/GU6jat94T7 by @drizzled
Retweeted by Scott Beale@jetpack Awesome @BruteProtect looks like a great service. I just installed on @LaughingSquid & it already blocked an attack. cc @photomattWe're delighted to announce that the folks over at BruteProtect have joined the Jetpack crew! http://t.co/fqxUi5Kkx2
Retweeted by Scott Beale@jayzombie @rstephens @parislemon I do it all the time with photos. Now posting to Twitter, that’s entirely different annoying extra step.@rstephens @jayzombie @parislemon Why is that? I can’t imagine he wouldn’t appreciate the value of sharing video as it was originally shot.@rstephens So @jayzombie has a good solution to prevent square cropping of Hyperlapse videos on Instagram by using the Squaready video app.@jayzombie Yeah, you know me, not a fan of square photos or video. I’ll check out that workflow.@rstephens Yeah, that’s is nice. I think that videos & photos should always be shot at full size.@jayzombie Seems like a lot of extra pre-processing, considering it is an Instagram product. I guess I’ll have to see what it does.@rstephens Oh I’ve always hated the forced square cropping on Instagram. So much so that I use Whitagram to post landscape photos.Save the Fav, Twitter's Digital Body Language. By yours truly, your favorite. @nytimes. http://t.co/wsKXpDojzF
Retweeted by Scott BealeSo Hyperlapse shoots full size, but Instagram crops to square. Curious to see how that is going to work out.@wesleyverhoeve @RickWebb Ended up emailing myself the direct link. The app store seems to be one of the most Un-Apple like things there is.@RickWebb App store search is beyond awful. Not showing up for me either.Agreed and Facebook video embeds are even worse. We avoid using them if we can. RT @CaseyNeistat: why is @facebook video player so terrible?Tonight I'm performing in Brooklyn along with @rushkoff to raise money for our friend @sethkushner's medical bills http://t.co/vwUK3OE9ra
Retweeted by Scott BealeAs a weird dad, I want this. http://t.co/C1vW2AN42V http://t.co/h7wr81CRne
Retweeted by Scott BealeDoggie in Transition http://t.co/pDHdAzjIYw
Retweeted by Scott BealeHandy list by @rrmutt on why he won't sign NDAs http://t.co/e40S11CCTm Bookmarking this for future use.
Retweeted by Scott Bealealright @ProSyndicate and the other people who challenged me, here's my Ice Bucket Challenge -- https://t.co/e25suyC2Pw
Retweeted by Scott Beale
Facebook pushes back against News Feed click-bait http://t.co/H5PSX4ypxO
Retweeted by Scott Beale@AntDeRosa @buffer Our process: click on extension, select Twitter, Facebook & G+, then “Add to Queue”. No other changes.@AntDeRosa @buffer Yeah, that’s what we use, but it sounds like we are having different results.@AntDeRosa Actually, maybe that’s not it. Not sure why when you post the url shows up in the caption, it doesn’t for us.@AntDeRosa Do you post directly in @Buffer or via the Chrome extension? We post via the Chrome extension, so maybe that’s the solution.@AntDeRosa Yeah, we cross post to Twitter, FB & G+ all at the same time.@AntDeRosa So my question is, the example link I just send you, is that the format FB wants now? Their update was a little confusing.@AntDeRosa For example, this is one of our FB posts directly from @Buffer, no changes made: https://t.co/6RnD8GPvbL@AntDeRosa Actually I’m thinking about when we post manually, we don’t change anything when we post via @Buffer.@AntDeRosa We just manually remove the link when posting to Facebook using @Buffer.@andrewhyde Unfortunately checkins are way down for me as well & I miss the days of randomly meeting up with friends that I see checking in.The first thing I wrote for @LaughingSquid is about @jimmyfallon and this pleases me. http://t.co/jK56DpwvSh
Retweeted by Scott BealePlease give a ten tentacle salute to our newest @LaughingSquid blogger @glentickle! We’re excited to have him aboard.Burning Man gate temporarily closed due to rain and hail. http://t.co/ktWzyEReOo
Retweeted by Scott BealeEpisode 10 of season 2 of the show "Rectify." Never before has anyone so accurately portrayed how the justice system works. #RectifyFinale
Retweeted by Scott BealeInspired by @ftrain, I wrote How to be Polite… for Geeks. https://t.co/QMHnQrkrqC They say don’t be a dick, but they never tell you how.
Retweeted by Scott Beale@textfiles @Beschizza Pierce Hawthorne lives!'The web encourages bad behavior. But there are smart ways to respond.' @stephronyt Dealing With Digital Cruelty http://t.co/UmDSpfVZrh
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