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Jacquie @Sadielittlelady High River Alberta

True Nobility is not being better than anyone else.....It is being better than you use to be! OWNAmbassador & Spirit Seeker

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@ann_wins @DiamondCollar1 @CanineCube @TheEllenShow @mshelly56 It is a Good Morning Ann!http://t.co/qw1KDge0IN @DiamondCollar1 @CanineCube @TheEllenShow @Sadielittlelady @mshelly56
Retweeted by Jacquie@PopcornBrains See the @MarWilliamson inspired, 'Masculinity, in the 21st Century (#Empathy)'? http://t.co/2Fz9Ykc4j3 http://t.co/pLilfSTPMm
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@OwnTV 10 Days to #FindAWay: I Believe I can Contribute to the #LifeYouWantTour exp, share #NVC, & find my Daughter!♥ http://t.co/EyPA4vF4Kc
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@Rangemom1 @shaynetraviss @GilbertLiz @awardnow @lisaweissmedia @CornyKoehl @Sadielittlelady @HealthyVoyager 🙏 Om Shanti Peace Leaders! X
Retweeted by Jacquie@shaynetraviss @GilbertLiz @awardnow @lisaweissmedia @CornyKoehl @Sadielittlelady @HealthyVoyager @MGCK Happy #SuperSoulSunday my fav day:)
Retweeted by Jacquie@shaynetraviss @GilbertLiz @awardnow @lisaweissmedia @CornyKoehl @HealthyVoyager @MGCK Good Morning Shayne! I am back in the SSS rhelm :)
@LeahRemini #LeahTLC #itsallrelative I can't tell you how HAPPY this show makes me....your family is the best Leah! HILARIOUS!! Thank you!
Just scored a discount on tickets to Growing into Grac... http://t.co/XMsFvHBmJ3
@LifeYouWantTour the Dream I have for my life is to live each day as present and conscious as possible. "Being in the moment"
@UncleRUSH I have been listening to Success is in the Silence on audible over and over again.....enjoying it so very much. Thank you :)
@shaynetraviss @ShantelFromIowa @ChefArtSmith @DollyParton @GrowingOWN @HealthyVoyager @jvanlokeren Morning Shayne! Best day of the week!@jillienp Watching you on SSS The Four Agreements. Fun to watch
@Ucla444 thank you Tony. Feeling very blessed and excited for another trip around.Nothing like celebrating a birthday with my sweetest spirit sista! #truejoy http://t.co/FaMZqcikNc
@Tori_Spelling I was just curious...when did you shoot Cabin Fever? Love it!
Needing nothing attracts everything.
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Deliver Flowers, to @OwnTV HQ✔ Tweet @Oprah, daily✔ Be prepared, for Opportunity✔ Support from @Owners, PRICELESS http://t.co/JhSuObU8YZ
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"We #GrowIntoIt as we #SayYesToIt" ~@DrMichaelBB (((@Marwilliamson @MarsVenus @SadieLittlelady @Oprah @DyanDiamond @RichOnOWN @MayaWatson)))
Retweeted by Jacquie"See, not with eyesight, but with #Insight" ~ @DrMichaelBB (((@MarWilliamson @MarsVenus @SadieLittlelady @UncleRUSH @Oprah @RichOnOWN)))
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How to Use "I-AM" To Create Your Life! (Law Of Attraction) @Bdice3 Let me know what you think. :) http://t.co/HVPpfGl8y6
@torianddean you really are the greatest party planner.....sooooo cute!
@Ucla444 @_amyjojohnson @Alyssa_Milano @LinneaMiron @ArunMGandhi @AuroraCarlson @JLo Gratitude for today....lunch with my fav Soul Sista!
@torianddean Feel better buggy. Your a good mom Tori! Lucky kids :)@shaynetraviss yummy!
@Ucla444 @_amyjojohnson @Alyssa_Milano @JoshuaMorrowYR @jasalata @DanishaDanielle @Oprah So grateful for all my Spirit Teachers :)
@torianddean @lifetimetv I am crying my way thru this season..vulnerability = courage.pulling for your whole family. Stay on the spirit path
@Oprah @wilkins_donna Are ya ready for Chris Koch! #SuperSoulSunday So very cool that you know him! #DreamBIG@Oprah @SuperSoulSunday Thank you for saying that you are not a naturally happy person....I feel the same way I work at it! :> shame lifted!@MalikaGhosh @Oprah @shawnachor @OWNAmbassadors what a fantastic photo Malika...congratulations!"Happiness is the Joy we feel striving towards our potential " perfect definition don't you think Super Soulers? #SuperSoulSunday
Retweeted by Jacquie@Oprah @SuperSoulSunday Because I'm Happy! http://t.co/bM2GZJFUUK
@GabbyBernstein watching your Kundalini yoga video and look who showed up! Lol http://t.co/vc5ERLOFfm
@JanelleBrown117 Now your talking! Shift your perspective! Go Janelle :)@DrROMILA Happy Birthday! The fun is just beginning.....life gets better and better.Please help me with something I am writing. When you see a penny on the street do you pick it up? RT = Yes; favourite = No. Thank you!
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"Do your eyes light up when your child walks into the room?" - Toni Morrison @Oprah @DrShefali @OprahsLifeclass @OWNAmbassadors #Lifeclass
Retweeted by Jacquie@Oprah wish you would have found @DrShefali years ago when my kids were kids! Lol. Buy the book to give my kids for my future grand kids@Oprah My kids took me for a free Oprah Chai on Mothers Day...best gift ever! #lifeclass http://t.co/QctS7R6seE@OWNTVFans @DrShefali @Oprah the 2nd best gift is a copy of The Conscious Parent...I'm buying 3I have had a deep sitting since the beginning of my spiritual awakening that there had to be a different way 2 parent..thank you @DrShefaliYay ! Saw my tweet!! @OprahsLifeclass @DrShefali @oprah #lifeclass
Retweeted by Jacquie@Oprah @OprahsLifeclass OMG....my satellite just went out!!! What timing.Here we go let the Parenting Revolution begin@DrShefali on @OWNtv right now! #Lifeclass
Retweeted by Jacquie@Oprah @DrShefali watching #lifeclass right now! Ready for many Ahas!
Retweeted by JacquieThis is so cool that @Oprah hasn't been as excited about a book since #ANewEarth - Great work @DrShefali on #ConsciousParent
Retweeted by Jacquie@Oprah @OprahsLifeclass My mind is open and ready for @DrShefali !! http://t.co/kv1912g21s.Lifeclassers join @DrShefali & @Oprah for a revolutionary discussion on parenting in 15 minutes! RT if you'll be tuned in! #Lifeclass
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@Oprah @DrShefali Thank you from all the children of the world! Today's show is shifting souls everywhere! #SuperSoulSundayIt's the ordinary moments that call for connection. We miss the innate extraordinary in the ordinary moments! AHA! #SuperSoulSunday
Retweeted by Jacquie@namastebooks I will be looking up your website immediately after the show!the person who's been labeled the black sheep: the one who absorbed the neg energy of family @DrShefali #supersoulsunday @OWNTV w/ @Oprah
Retweeted by Jacquie@RichOnOWN @DrShefali so very true!Allow your children to listen to their inner voice. They will discover their passions on their own! @DrShefali #SuperSoulSunday
Retweeted by Jacquie@Oprah @DrShefali All we need to do as parents is to help our children discover or stay connected to their true self. #SuperSoulSunday@PanacheDesai @DrShefali @Oprah totally agree! Best episode yet!@Oprah @DrShefali I know many parents who PAY their children for good grades! I DID do something right. emphasized effort not grades #SSS@SheriSalata @DrShefali @Oprah Don't you wish we could have a do over as parents ....knowing all I this now! Love it!.@oprah #supersoulsunday this is not about judging parents but ushering them into their own wholeness
Retweeted by Jacquie@Oprah @DrShefali first commercial and I already want a "Do Over" as a parent of 3 grown kids! #SuperSoulSunday This is my path@Oprah #SuperSoulSunday can say how excited I am for today's show!!!! Been waiting for this....my true passion@torianddean You are on the right path....stay the course ;)@torianddean YAHOO! Way to go Tori! I LOVE that you are taking the spiritual route to heal!!!! and tapping is so great! I am so excited
@Oprah so sweet of you to call Amy and Derrick on #dancingwiththestars ....you would be my icon as well! FYI
@ann_wins @mybestlifecoach @ShaunProulx @JoshuaWhitley11 @DiamondCollar1 awe....soooo cute !@Oprah AMEN! I am exhausted!@torianddean WOWZERS!!! @BishopJakes is preaching for you tonight on @OprahsLifeclass Tori! Help has arrived....with love!@Oprah @OprahsLifeclass @torianddean Please Please watch tonight's Lifeclass with Dean!!! So life changing. You will love it!I LOVE that (((@SadieLittleLady)))! I was just teaching someone abt 'outuition' (scarcity vs Abundance) @OprahsLifeclass @Oprah @BishopJakes
Retweeted by Jacquie@OprahsLifeclass @Oprah @BishopJakes I am here... #Lifeclass! Kundalini yoga has really helped me tune in to my instincts and intuition
@Oprah Anything OWN lifts me higher! @OWNTV @OWNCanada Much gratitude form this spirit seeker! http://t.co/uaNbQ0cMhc@SaraBareilles @GrowingOWN @Oprah @OWNTV Hahaha...funny how your phone BLOWS UP after an @Oprah tweet....energy is amazing!@Oprah That was FANTASTIC!!!! Made me tear up Oprah. Blessed to share in the journey.@ariannahuff @MalikaGhosh @Oprah Sooo Good! Excited for #SuperSoulSunday tomorrow!
Retweet to #VoiceSave Audra
Retweeted by Jacquie#VoiceSave please save Audra @NBCTheVoice
@goldiehawn Beautiful! lucky girl...
@Oprah @BishopJakes http://t.co/Hd33sjyqQr@Oprah @BishopJakes I can't keep up with reading all the fabulous tweets during #Lifeclass...let alone tweet anything out myself! LolMy tweet fingers are cramping! #Lifeclass #BucketsofAhHas!
Retweeted by Jacquie"Nothing will ever be like it was.." Loved you making that a point @BishopJakes #LifeClass
Retweeted by Jacquie@GrowingOWN @Oprah glad you made it Britt!"You cannot build from what you did. You must build from who you are!" - @BishopJakes @Oprah @OprahsLifeclass #Lifeclass
Retweeted by Jacquie#Breathe and change the tide of your mind. -Dr. Romie #Mindfulness #Meditation http://t.co/vYkdwc6vfK
Retweeted by JacquieOh my @torianddean ....you need to be watching @Oprah #Lifeclass tonight! You will love it!@Oprah #Lifeclass so excited for @BishopJakes ....saw him at Toronto's Lifeclass....he is my favorite!
@RichOnOWN @VisitOceanside So beautiful Rich. I so appreciate your passion and talent in photography.Keep your life in balance! @VisitOceanside #VisitCA http://t.co/PW7uZ9egj4
Retweeted by Jacquie@MastinKipp @SuperSoulSunday @Oprah Hahahahaha....oh Canada....gotta luv us...eh!@PanacheDesai @DeepakChopra hi friends . If you know anyone in need of bright spirit to create content or social media DM @PRanganathan
Retweeted by Jacquie@RichOnOWN @DalaiLama So True....So True!@ann_wins @Oprah @EckhartTolle I tried to read it some time ago, but it is just now starting to resonate with me.@ann_wins @TheEllenShow absolutely...thank u!@Oprah I am so glad for PVR as I am going to have to watch #ANewEarth a few times to absorb it all! Loving it!@ann_wins @TheEllenShow hahaha. It's funny I get a certain feeling, which I have learned to recognize, when I do I tweet out what inspires@ann_wins @Oprah @AshBenton Thank you....enjoy your warm sunny day!@ann_wins @Oprah @AshBenton are you in Alberta as well Ann?Oh #SuperSoulSunday ....you fill me up like no words can describe! LOVE to all of you in the Twittersphere @Oprah @TracyMcMillan Thank U@kenlikebarbie @Oprah @lizkinnell Funny how simple it really turns out to be.....love it!@lizkinnell @Sadielittlelady luv that pic.. Yes that's the same as "spiritual partnership" said a another way. #SuperSoulSunday
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