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No big news; turned out Obama was attending personal chef's bachelor party. Then headed back to Vineyard. http://t.co/BT3SQJvD50
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWhen Obama left Martha's Vineyard, took Air Force One back to DC, people wondered: Is there some big news? http://t.co/Cz1laip7Sl
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyUnderscores impression of a president who is constantly in motion, but doesn't know where he is going. http://t.co/2qW6w3MAgC
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyReuters: clashes have resumed in #Islamabad in #Pakistan between anti-government protesters and police who have been firing tear gas
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyTo a large degree, the #Obama administration's policy has been to ignore #Syria http://t.co/q2f5LRPyWV @meetthepress
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@RichardEngel the sad thing is that nothing will be done because POTUS is still coveting that Nobel Peace Price he didn't deserve.The build-up of #ISIS was predictable. Journalists risked their lives to report on the extremists- nothing was done http://t.co/gTXGk5S197
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyUK Special Forces Move Into London As Govt Fears 'Mumbai-Style' Terrorist Spectacular: London could be the sce... http://t.co/F40mw0qqc4
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWhere is #NATO operating in the world right now? Find out with this interactive map ahead of #NATOSummitUK: http://t.co/Db2Y7DCqmF
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyCar in Suspected Threat on Obama Found in Connecticut http://t.co/F59U6PWvxD
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyRest In Peace, Racist Robin Williams? - Billy Crystal held it together for a heart-warming tribute to Robin Willia... http://t.co/8m2M7YPwev
Retweeted by Susan ReaneySwedish man hospitalized in Stockholm with suspected case of Ebola http://t.co/umn3rXNH7z
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyFederal terror warning issued on the Southern border today. http://t.co/b8hYEzxUg4I left country for 9 days. No news. Came back seeing Obama w/weight loss, looks terrified & KNOWS he's in over his head and 2-1/2 yrs left!!
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@BBCWorld I don't eat "global meat" but I damn sure pay for it...$15 for a $5 chuck roast.Car bomb found at carpark of Philippines' main airport http://t.co/urv6efFqJu
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyComparing POTUS and Prime Minister Cameron re IS: http://t.co/cjBRjoA5Xr
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyVia http://t.co/LcZpPDh6Fy was a single projectile fired, does not rule out possibility more firing might take place later in day.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBallistic Alert: #DPRK reportedly conducts new testing fire of short range projectiles into East Sea..
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWar in Europe? Asks @washingtonpost As Obama claims sanctions are working http://t.co/9ossMml7ac
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyReminder: You are not cutting education when you cut the Federal Department of Education. They don’t actually educate anyone! #tcot
Retweeted by Susan Reaney
ISIS laptop reveals doomsday plan of weaponizing bubonic plague for mass death http://t.co/LTRCJfZQDl via @AllenWestMike Rogers says Obama's "don't do stupid stuff" approach to foreign affairs isn't working http://t.co/HkJ4kdwIKz
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyLibya: Lead from behind, no footprint, ignore Congress, unclear strategic objective. The Obama intervention model.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@ThisWeekABC @GovRichardson I don't agree! Now when he decides to Secure the Border, then will be the time to talk about it, NOT Before."I wish our president would show the same leadership that David Cameron has showed," says @RepPeteKing
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyMcCain says ISIS "may be one of the biggest we have ever faced” and that Pres Obama may be “in denial – or overwhelmed” by it.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@SemperBanU should have noted that the Embassy was abandoned 2 months ago. @maggiepoliticoBREAKING NEWS: Islamist militia seizes evacuated U.S. embassy compound in Libya's capital Tripoli http://t.co/ptef6yjWPS
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyMT @maggiepolitico TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) - Islamist militia group says it has 'secured' a US Embassy compound in Libya's capital.TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) - Islamist militia group says it has 'secured' a US Embassy compound in Libya's capital.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyFlorida School Board Becomes First To Opt Out of Common Core Testing http://t.co/hJU47WhGO8 #teaparty
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@WhiteHouse Bud, you need to let Congress do it's thing and you need to get your ass in gear and be a leader or get out!More Than 134,000 Petition Obama Admin. to Demand Release of Sgt. Tahmooressi — http://t.co/CgDIjoQsps via @theblaze NO DEMAND FOR RELEASEIRS ethics lawyer facing possible disbarment, accused of lying http://t.co/EBpHgVbfkGFormer AP Reporter In Israel Asserts Media 'Coverage Is a Weapon,' Shows 'A Hostile Obsession With Jews' http://t.co/x2FCFyj7nl
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyNot News: Tens of Thousands of Illegal Immigrant 'Children' Dispersed Throughout U.S. http://t.co/1bRkvZKSEV
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBritish jihadists to be banned from re-entering UK – report http://t.co/7I0q9EDR5s
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyOn @meetthepress, Senate Intelligence chair Feinstein says Obama may be 'too cautious' in dealing with ISIS--this from a fellow Democrat.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyTwelve more days on the Congressional calendar before November elections. http://t.co/H5TN2GpIPe
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyJudge Jeanine: Obama’s reponse to Foley beheading was WEAK, WIMPY and PATHETIC http://t.co/kLJ8cUX5NF
Retweeted by Susan Reaney
Harry Reid just humiliated by his own alma mater... http://t.co/eiSseQrRqQ
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyThis kind of BS is literally going to get us killed RT "FBI Natl Domestic Threat Assessment Omits Islamist Terrorism" http://t.co/zIBAmltHgA
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHouse Republicans passed a bill to address the #BorderCrisis. Senate Democrats left town without passing anything. http://t.co/7q7gtcCUkh
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyAgain, Constitution stands in way of grand Obama plans. 67 votes to ratify a climate treaty? Outrageous! Workaround? http://t.co/IkEb5LqDU0
Retweeted by Susan Reaney
Bobby Jindal sues federal government over the Common Core http://t.co/Yl6I9iyLi7
Retweeted by Susan Reaney2,866 illegals head to Harris County schools in Texas. Guess who pays for these and all the rest in Texas? #Disgusting
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyPlease read this message from @charliekirk11 and support @TurningPointUSA as they own conservative youth space. http://t.co/sli3y1VnDp
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@StateDept actually you can't do a thing but come November 2014 the American people will.@markknoller @PressSec I liked the part where the range of options included "many responsibilities" that did NOT omit golf. cc @edhenryTV#Police dog #Kye receives funeral with full honors after being killed in line of duty - http://t.co/XAq4hZSLH1 #dogs http://t.co/ZSy2w2A74K
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyMSNBC doing a retrospective on Hurricane Katrina. It's that bad.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@BostonSnob one of the voices in my head is telling me that you're tangling with a bitch that doesn't care for A-wholes. BLOCKED!@NoahCRothman @edhenryTV because..."the potus has many responsibilities" Josh Earnest!@edhenryTV Poor Josh, the potus has so many troubles on his plate that he can't identify one country from the other cc @jearnest44 @presssec.@NileGardiner writes that Cameron's talk on terror could be a lesson for Obama http://t.co/n3eN7B8Q67
Retweeted by Susan Reaney"Mr. President, your record on promises made and promises kept in the arena of immigration policy is one of failure." http://t.co/K1xWDTyEDj
Retweeted by Susan Reaney.@PentagonPresSec: Anybody who has any knowledge of the United States military knows that we are ready.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@DeptofDefense @PentagonPresSec ready for what? Josh @PressSec just stated there's no threat to the US so what are you ready for?DHS/FBI unaware of any specific, credible threat to the US homeland from ISIL - so terror threat level not being raised in US.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@Varneyco it's not the cable that needs cutting, it's the price they tack to it. @RokuPlayerI'm honored to present Lee Neukirchner with medals he earned in #WWII -- a true American hero http://t.co/0HWy0xlwnG http://t.co/l0r6MubP69
Retweeted by Susan ReaneySheriff Skipper takes the cold water challenge. http://t.co/9bKl95Re44
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyYou really have to have some nerve to fundraise in the midst of publicly declaring that you have no strategy. Is it 2016 yet?
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyGeorge Bush warned us about pulling troops out early from Iraq?? http://t.co/jA1DEkt1G8
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyThere are many options for US action against ISIS. Here, via @robertcaruso, is a good one: http://t.co/MQWWa4vUIK
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@SpeakerBoehner and our borders are still not secure!The national debt is $17.7 trillion, an increase of $7.1 trillion in the 5 & a half years of the Obama presidency. http://t.co/5kEWBLvlw6
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyIslamic jihadists capture 43 UN peacekeepers in Golan Heights http://t.co/pswao3fpZZ #g8m
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@AP @APEntertainment BFD...move on.#MTPol MT @FoxNews: 'We cannot appease this ideology. We have to confront it at home and abroad' PM Cameron on #ISIS http://t.co/kzISQEAsR6
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyJosh Earnest: Obama does have a strategy, and it is to pretend we are not at war with ISIS. http://t.co/8EwHbjBJOa Does this help?
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyI have a suggested 2-part strategy for dealing with #ISIS: 1. Locate them 2. Bomb the hell out of them
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@GerriWillisFBN the last Hollywood movie I watched was the first Batman, no, I don't go to the theater anymore.Ratings Change: Cook Political Report moves Ohio governor's race from Lean Republican to Solid Republican. @JohnKasich #OHGOV
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWhy Obama Backed Off More ISIS Strikes: His Own Team Couldn't Agree on a Syria Strategy http://t.co/J4hl5Srtbt via @joshrogin, @elilake@AC360 @JimAcostaCNN why expect a man that can't even secure our own borders to have a plan that would combat ISIS?Right on, Andrea Tantaros: you stop ISIS with a bullet to the head [VIDEO] http://t.co/PGMufeQIoB #IStandWithAndrea @AndreaTantaros
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@EliLake well that's a ludicrous statement, the man can't even secure our own borders, not having a strategy has nothing to do with ISIS.@WhiteHouse ah so the POTUS screws up a press conference yesterday and y'all decide it's time to issue a gender pay gap announcement? ROTFLReuters: Russian news agency reports #Russia's defence minister's plane denied permission to fly over Poland on return flight from Slovakia
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@JedediahBila The "political winds" have changed; he's standing with Islam.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyLaptop reportedly seized from #ISIS hideout hints at bio weapons attack http://t.co/zVE6UshoXD
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWATCH David Cameron's FULL press conference http://t.co/HFq5rZfaku via @trscoop
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyNevada Obamacare Exchange Isn’t Paying Its Insurance Brokers http://t.co/xCJqifl0G1 via @DailyCaller
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWhite House Scrambles: We Have 'Comprehensive Strategy' for ISIS http://t.co/KIoe40hrPm via @Newsmax_Media
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@BretBaier @stephenfhayes @TheJuanWilliams @krauthammer a potus that can't secure our own borders and he's expected to secure us from ISIS?Obama articulated a mission in Syria, then muddled it with small strikes & no regime change. He is doing same now http://t.co/S42gzXxQuB
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBritain raises terrorism threat level to ‘severe'; WATCH David Cameron’s FULL press conference http://t.co/OoV6RonMmT
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@SpeakerBoehner we've got a president that lacks the ability to secure our own borders, why would we expect him to have a strategy for ISIS?@presssec @vj44 we've got a president that lacks the ability to secure our own borders, why would we expect him to have a strategy for ISIS?In case y'all are trying to figure out why Obama doesn't have a strategy for ISIS...it's because he designated them as a JV team! @presssecMedical Examiner's van just left scene at Laurens Road plant, where 2 people found dead. No indication from authorities of public threat.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney" True story RT @NolteNC: If ISIS was the Tea Party Obama would have a strategy.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyImpressive presser on terrorism just concluded by UK PM Cameron @Number10gov. POTUS should watch & take notes.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBREAKING: Obama raises American threat level to taupe.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyRT @EamonJavers: The toughest spin for any Washington flack is always: "What he said was X, but what he meant was Y."
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@BrendanBuck @StevenTDennis just a thought guys, Obama's speech yesterday on ISIS secured the Senate for Republicans.RT @dcexaminer: In just 6 months, 37,477 illegal immigrant kids released, only 280 deported http://t.co/RDZlqBKQP5
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyCameron: Resolute, clear, unwavering in the face of Islamist terrorism. Also, don't vote UKIP.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney
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