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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett Panelist on R4 The Kitchen Cabinet Never knowingly over jolly E17 Resident Presently the calçotada whisperer

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@anyabike well yes that too
@TheBuddhaSmiled sometimes big business and the right thing co-incide. Sometimes they don't@TheBuddhaSmiled yes. One is moral policy, another is pure political ideology.FREE INSIDE: special offer with tomorrow's Daily Telegraph http://t.co/EF84UX9kju
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@ShirleySkye3 @CateDvineWriter @ianscara123 @RouxScholarship @AndrewFairlie1 I think he's down here already 😔@keimiller and tweeting on behalf of insecure narcissists we deserve sympathy. And a kick up the arse.@keimiller ah. In that case insecure narcissists.@zoesqwilliams well you know Lord Buccleugh might want the whole of Scotland to vote Tory, so we should listen.@keimiller mistakeFraser Nelson there, talking bolloxIf Martin Freeman educates his kids privately, he knows importance of school choice. Tory free school programme bring this choice to all.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@PeterAlanRoss can you report back any food news?@findlaynapier And fetish partiesLesley Riddock suggests finding a suitable venue to host a land reform rally. I can think of a few in the north. http://t.co/plnOXz5tDY
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@findlaynapier so that kids don't cut themselvesThere was really a great political agency in Gaelic communities in the period and this is persistently overlooked and even dismissed.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackBeen revisiting some texts on 19th century Gaelic society today, focusing on housing issues and rent strikes in the period.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@AndreDang that is AMAZING!@AndreDang hurray!!!@Stuart_Hepburn or one of them. 20 years late I know.@Stuart_Hepburn I think I just watched your episode.@MarkDiacono wow!! Huge congrats!!!@loveandgarbage Hamish McBeth is on You Tube@Stuart_Hepburn did you write some Hamish McBeth episodes?@TheRealBaglady owls Wendy. Free owls.@tamdeanburn actually it's quite subversive. They'd never do those stories now.@tamdeanburn I will look out for you.@tamdeanburn you're no whisky Bob??@tamdeanburn please@tamdeanburn oooh when are you on? (Don't make me watch every episode)Although I quite like the idea of a poaching, spliff and roll up smoking policemen.I am most definitely twenty years too late for Hamish McBeth.@IrvineWelsh Ach no. Yer the Jerry Sadowitz of letters. 20 years ahead.@IrvineWelsh ahead of the curve Welshy. Way ahead.@DianaHenryFood I've found it on You Tube. No cliche left untouched so far but joyful lack of Glasgow accents apart from the polis.I have never seen an episode of Hamish McBeth@GlasgowsDA just a massive wild guess and I am probably completely wrong.@GlasgowsDA indeed but the police just want to show the licence holder who's in charge.@GlasgowsDA they’ve probably had a fight with the licence holder.@rachelgillon ta@rachelgillon @BBCRadioScot @kayeadams @ShirleySkye3 what time was this on at Rachel? (I want to iTranny)@scottygb most of the downloads from BBC radio 4. they aren't technically podcasts, but they are mostly magnificent.'Cure for a cold: take your toddy to bed, put a bowler hat at the foot and drink until you see two.'@peter_watts but I'm sure I could find some old descriptions like the preceding@peter_watts I think it hasn't such long and devoted following@ska_dad what a treat!@BriW74 oh it's lovely'Talisker is not a drink, it is an interior explosion, distilled central heating; it depth charges the parts, bangs doors and slams windows'It seems we have been arguing about whisky tax since at least 1796. Surely it'll be solved soon.@Chris_FayPR catalancookingATgmailDOTcom Thanks@lickedspoon @MarkDiacono @AndreSimonAward oooh yes, good luck!!Dipping into an old Derek Cooper book and bang straight into @andywightman territory and land reform. Took a whole 5 mins.@moutet no idea, it’s just a hypothesis.@JLewisland you get one of your staff to get you one in a less salubrious place in London and bring it to you.@caitlinmoran @thepooluk AND you’ve just crashed! Congrats! Good position to be in! ☺️@DanRebellato @mattleys okay let’s sort some dates@mattleys @DanRebellato oh and your company obviously #ALLaboutthewine@mattleys @DanRebellato come with us Dan. Then we can order more of the menu and try 2 bottles of wine.@DanRebellato @mattleys yes. Except for the Blue Nile. But they are not human but Divine Beings so they break the rule.@MooseAllain bollox 😫@mattleys also their wine list is FAB and good value. Mark ups are pretty decent.@mattleys we have to go. They have Romesco sauce on the menu and I HAVE to criticise it.@MooseAllain tweetbot is less than a fiver dear Moose and the ads disappear by magic.@mattleys do you know about this? https://t.co/PqBA6d48BB@IrvineWelsh was 1/2 watching the leadership do dah on Sky last week, I realised that they are just ignoring a fire and fiddling.Once again @danhancox's amazing work on gentrification. http://t.co/T2Y2R4Y5SD@moutet someone who didn’t want a woman and knew they couldn’t put in another male Jew or Wasp?@helenlewis @AdamRamsay that just looks like Borgen.If I was being generous to the cook I would say ‘probably needs more work as there is a glimmer of hope But the cook is me, so I shan’t.But it did look a bit like weird 1960s sludge.I’m filing lunch under ‘that flavour combo didn’t really work’ rather than ‘what the hell were you thinking Rachel’ So not all bad.@phillipwjones oops@eatravelivemag THIRTY SEVEN MILLION@phillipwjones I have never eaten in either man's restaurant@MartynMcL @fidelmacook who’s leaving?Jamie Oliver has sold 37 million books http://t.co/mpD3jKkD31@iskandarv well yes you have a point thereThe cinnamon up my nose isn’t helpingAnxiously waiting to see if lunch should be filed under ‘interesting flavours but not quite right’ or ‘yuck what were you thinking'@DianaHenryFood @mccartney_jenny this wellness industry needs to come to an end and soon.@Lunya me!!The registration for "Open the doors of Mugaritz" has already started on http://t.co/360aGQpTar … You can be the first to try our new menu!
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@parkersarms ha ha ha!@parkersarms depends on the piece tbh, it probably wouldn’t be as rare as you'd like.@parkersarms yes. Years ago.@parkersarms ha ha ha!@faisalislam can you do a You Tube video on how to read those those graphs. I can’t be the only one that doesn’t understand them.@jennylandreth @mattleys while Dave looks shifty as he realises he smells like his cat and Osborne.This is a it OTT even for me. Look at what rich people have for dinner! https://t.co/jcNchiUMh8@AdamCoghlan @youngandfoodish @kkrader @IACPculinary I really hope it isn't.@kitlovelace how the hell did he manage that?@timothy_stanley @joshspero I am waiting for someone to appeal to the "lazy feckless singletons"@mattleys @jennylandreth oh I think it would smell good@ShirleySkye3 what time at Shirley?"The Chaos Of Ed Miliband Propped Up By Alex Salmond", Francisco Goya, 1799 http://t.co/kO7pyCFh9X
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@mattleys @jennylandreth the chaos of Ed Miliband could be an after shave@harikunzru oh Gawd@IrvineWelsh @terrychristian when they are not moaning about how the left hates wealth creators.@jayrayner1 @DrAnnieGray can we start being like this to Darby? https://t.co/y6LPnqRGpc
@francesbarber13 it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time,,but it is an amazing feeling when you start to understand things. x
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