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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett Panelist on R4 The Kitchen Cabinet 95% chance of sarcasm, 100% chance of bleak contempt. E17 Resident

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@lesleyjones ball dresses from TK Maxx which never fit, I have nowhere to wear them to but are so beautiful and so cheap.“@DanRebellato: @R_McCormack http://t.co/4hV6VLJdfs” COME TO THIS@jennylandreth @SouthLondonGirl @zoesqwilliams @jamesofputney but I do appreciate it's a minority view.@jennylandreth @SouthLondonGirl @zoesqwilliams @jamesofputney mine is "can we have 30s style Catalan Anarcho Syndicalism now please?"@PeatWorrier I'd just rant about American Imperialism and ask what's wrong with neds.@PeatWorrier okay but that is English, not American.@PeatWorrier I have judged at BBQ comps. It is not pretty@PeatWorrier badly smoked slow cooked pork shoulder with rough spices bbqef tae fuck? No@PeatWorrier now it’s all burgers and badly done US BBQ@PeatWorrier It started down here and has spread like cancerRe this @koshersoul told me civil rights protestors often had flags removed by police as 'they were not American' https://t.co/JDffsQJpOqGuys, you can make your twitter notifications scary this halloween simply by giving yourself a female username and voicing an opinion.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@PeatWorrier fucking burgers@KosherSoul you are driving??? Will you be of pensionable age when you get there??@PeatWorrier I never said I liked gourmet burgers.@KosherSoul how's Mississippi ?White Supremacy, y'all - @hoosteen: this image @deray tweeted from #ferguson has some serious historical resonance http://t.co/WvrU4eJxRb
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@PeatWorrier I'm afraid my dear, a lot of people like that. It's gourmet#arafa 70 anys de la invasió republicana de la Vall d’Aran (1944) http://t.co/Y4Stq20pWL http://t.co/HtpnAbU6UG
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@joshspero probably voyeuristic cookingWine tastings, eh?@AnnaGiz @FrancisBrownePR @MarinaOLoughlin I am running out the door e-mail catalancooking@gmail.com and I'll see if I can help later on@FrancisBrownePR @MarinaOLoughlin @AnnaGiz hello@bittenwritten @SmokingGoatSoho @cornishgrill just a wee bit.@bittenwritten @SmokingGoatSoho my God that looks AMAZINGThe peerless @lucyinglis is up for a Carnegie. If you haven't read her book do before she wins + everyone reads it. http://t.co/lcZYTTxzFL
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@SouthLondonGirl utterly horrific.@BinaShah I know, very fast indeed.@SouthLondonGirl Jesus Fucking Christ, I couldn't last more than a minute.@loveandgarbage how hard is it to raise £400 for the food bank in Kirkaldy?@Nuala_OS @Blackhorsestow1 @MothersRuinE17 that is where I hid out.Today @CakesAuraRosa went seamlessly from business models to Britney Spear's dance moves in two quick phrases. I got lost.@BinaShah the tickets arrived!!A baby just shrieked in my ear. Where is the grotty old man's pub and does it have wifi?Walthamstow is in disguise as Highbury today and I am drowning in posh Mums and babies. Someone send the emergency services. And gin.@Happy_Appetite my knowledge does not go that far.@Gary_Bainbridge is not the other Mike Read? The Eastenders ones?@Happy_Appetite you know Clatty Pats has a new name? And I bet it doesn't have a camel in it anymore either.1. Read this http://t.co/61TFlEecZg 2. do this: http://t.co/tKh6XaKWgU and 3. follow @artsemergency
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Happy_Appetite pished fish pulling.Just 10 per cent of UK's most influential people went to a comprehensive. People should be LIVID. http://t.co/Ablz2TjeRP
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Sathnam I always get told to get off my soap box when I go nuts about this (as I regularly do)"It was George W. Bush who set the ground rules." Mighty speech by @PeterGreste, written in his Cairo prison cell http://t.co/CZ4s60Lznd
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@angelamalik nae bother x@angelamalik hurray!Customer quote of the day "This place really is the best value food in Ealing!" #EalingBroadway #modernasiandeli
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@IrvineWelsh ha ha ha ha ha!The beautiful piece for choir composed by @JamesKMcCarthy celebrating Malala will premiere at the Barbican on Oct 28th. Tickets available!
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackThanks to @maelduin_ross for this eyebrow-raising footnote from Richard Burton's translation of Arabian Nights... http://t.co/qy5p3j2kNE
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@parkersarms oooh that’s great!Conclusive proof that sex was invented in Scotland 385 million years ago You're welcome world. http://t.co/KYaHM2MCgW
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackAlmost every news outlet yesterday promoted "two year sentences" for trolls story. Nobody checked to find out proposal adopted in March.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@IrvineWelsh “proof that sex was invented in Scotland” never something I thought I’d readTo learn more about the #Catalan Literary Autumn in the UK please visit http://t.co/Br73Xgt1dA
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@sarahditum @PatrickStrud does the devil pay well P? If he does, is he hiring?@sarahditum @PatrickStrud I assume “so-called independent journo” means “gets his wage packet from the devil”@helenlewis even Jeremy Clarkson@Happy_Appetite that seems to be everyone’s business model@thoughtland wow. Looks really interesting.@christianward ah I see.@anthonyqkiernan yes I do.@christianward to what end?How does an app like Quip actually make money? Why do the developers do it and make it free?@TrishDeseine @ArpegeLive *envy*I'll be talking food with @RichardEhrlich and @JamesSteen100 on Thursday at Waterstones, Chichester @WaterstonesChi. 6.30pm. Come along!
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@TrishDeseine @ArpegeLive ahhhh that’s Passard! That stuff is AMAZING!@MartinRowson working as a mod must be the journalistic equivalent of nursing at Broadmoor.@TrishDeseine @timhayward I have to confess I have no idea who Passard is. French. Clueless about them unless the Spanish mention them.@FelicityCloake ask @lesleyjones she’s the cockapoo Queen@timhayward ha ha!@timhayward “esteemed journo. We’ve opened a new restaurant. The food is good, the price is reasonable for the quality. Please visit Yours”@timhayward a lot of the rest is PR creation of story. They can hardly send you >@timhayward a friend of mine has small kitchen garden in Homerton, makes huge difference to chefs. Therefore makes difference to food@timhayward but one of the reasons it looks so outstanding is the way she deals with the paints.@timhayward but the PRs won’t be able to sell it. Like microwaved veg.@timhayward I think in a city centre the centralised prep kitchen you saw was a much better idea. For the restaurants and the staff.@timhayward true. And most people can’t.@timhayward oh God I know. Sadly we do work much better. But the Spanish are better at life.@timhayward not exactly a propagandist’s wet dream that one.@timhayward ‘we’re the place serving you the best food because our chefs are happy and they don’t leave us@rankamateur @timhayward I see it a lot in Spain in places you go to for a ‘day out of town’ People love it.@timhayward I think chefs like it, so it increases their morale and therefore how long they stay in a place for. And that affects the food@timhayward I think it does have appeal to some consumers@condedelamaza hangover from Framcoist propaganda. Like most of the food journalism.@CoercinABull ha ha!@alinstone oh yes please@NesrineMalik no I have seen quite a few Spanish women say the same.@NesrineMalik oh God, how awful.@SejalSukhadwala that's Sweden's though, not ours. Someone told me, so it's all good. But thanks.
@waltonsimon that's mostly crap rather than obscureThat thing when you are writing about something you know is far too obscure for any UK person to pay any attention to at all.Pffffft (work again)@Pundamentalism it must be really late because that REALLY made me laugh.@lesleyjones Bergerac and fake coal has fire after eating roast chicken.“@lesleyjones: LESLEY'S BEDTIME QUESTION What do Sundays mean to you?” IT'S BACK!!!@angelamalik @DrAnnieGray good question . . .@DrAnnieGray who are the cakes for?@lesleyjones HURRAY!!!! It's BACK!!!!@WeeRascal thanks x@BobbiByrne the book I was telling you about was Borderliners by Peter Hoeg. Remind me next time I see you and I can give you my copy. X
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