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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Renaissance woman with a passion for the life of the mind & the body: artist, writer, pagan, witch; jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close.

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Who needs it? RT @MzDivah67 #BlackFriday Bingo http://t.co/NDsrH269yx via @p_staatz@LeftyLee2 :-) good to see you#WiseWarriors @eeekster @kimztweet @Katly123 @RoyAtkinson @XiNeutrino @kristakay13 @USWildflowers @Serpentine202 @novapbs @missokistic#STARZ @GalwayDi @ChefSammyD @CasperHodMusic @BargeConnection @MaryPopeHandy @letlifehappen @maurbyrnemusic @TheeMikeLang#WiseWarriors @Richpf @liberalease @linnyitssn @Margaretherapy @Path2Enlighten @pinkbunny70 @Rockmedia @wcgirl1Happy Friday to you @keithroland1 @JuttaO#WiseWomanWarrior ~~~> @bannerite xo Pat#WiseWarriors @TopCat_TC @midtownNY @HostageGina @SenSchumer @RafaelSald @AP @StateofGlobe @mjfiorello @Grnsquaretavrn @AWiseLatina#WiseWarriors @SigHolmes @Soxwriter @Arianna8927 @rcooley123 @BeckyGMartinez#OneOfTheGoodGuys ~~~> @NefariousNewt@NefariousNewt Wizened soul? LOL!!! XO@mydoggyruss Mwah!@elegantdame hugs!@RodChet *grin*#WiseWarriors @SpeargunWI @wayneborean @vsog_mineeva @MarcusLuttrell @Crystalsapphire @Stonekettle @larrymasonbiz@earthforce_1 my pleasure@ohiobigcat okie dokiePop quiz: Government allied with corporations is what? Hint: it begins with the letter F. http://t.co/w5IsBUpe1KBe that one today. http://t.co/5ntcjR9GIaIs war really hell? http://t.co/1iuEIDlnnSSome day we're going to get off the fucking couch, go out into the streets and shout ENOUGH! http://t.co/Az3HQZ2wbf #PitchforksAndTorchesI would add something about keeping old white men out of women's pink parts...wait, that came out wrong... http://t.co/kF4ukChNEKAttention #art lovers: Virtual Library Offers over 250 Art Books for Free Download http://t.co/3uE3JzkplGIf this doesn't make you laugh there's no fucking hope for you… http://t.co/mhLu5jwuHD✰*•˛❤˛•*✰ If you FOLLOW me & want a FOLLOW-BACK let me know by TWEETING me to request it. TY! In Oz right now; limited tweeting.#WiseWarriors @theresamax @eclexia @alanp305 @S_WhiteBear @Irenie_M @elegantdame @TinyDancer664 @mortgageconsult @LeChatNoire4Oh is this ever true... http://t.co/OQgX9NGGabAnother damn good question http://t.co/Ymmx0T42kwImagine how quickly wars would end if they and their families had to serve on the front lines. http://t.co/as7g5mNEWEA reminder from FDR http://t.co/2DlPwMe3znPlease, retweet this out of respect for those who served - no #veteran should be homeless. http://t.co/AFaAedThOV @Senate_GOPs @SenateDems#poetry #SupportTheArts "mud bath" hobbledehoy dreamer not fitted for much of the mundane webweaver of words (cont) http://t.co/aUz8xBLiPv#WiseWarriors @PatriotsOfMars @Moe_Delaun @zachlark @earthforce_1 @38harmony @Anwar_music @robcarrphoto @rfminfos @DallasArtNews#WiseWarriors @midtownNY @HostageGina @SenSchumer @RafaelSald @AP @StateofGlobe @mjfiorello @Grnsquaretavrn @TopCat_TC @AWiseLatina @bwcjmc#WiseWarriors @howcrazy @ArtistRebeccaLS @VictoryArts @barbieinoz @blueVenus @msbuttafly112 @laerts1185 @perfectpen @HotVogue @KerryF3@mydoggyruss @KurtRexCooper @XGirlNArkham @Auragasmic @AnnBFlaw @GrooveSDC @JayandSteve @ConchGunny hope you enjoyed http://t.co/R1811gxpIb#OneOfTheGoodGuys ~~> @BrianBrachiopod #SupportTheArts ~~> @Pete_Rumney @Muzachan @marzenart @SipoArt@RayleenK I am still away....xo
@TheBowman ;-) http://t.co/k1zu93lOnjSo am I @Olivia_Emisar @Eaglefly124 @wildthing404 @tspj22 @MrsEeyore@EnigmaNetxx xoxo hope you've had a lovely Thanksgiving!!!@juliehelenbowle many thanks, tweetheart@JoeKoffee @NBharuka *sticking out my tongue*Give the Gift of Preparedness - http://t.co/B0FXUx3YIa http://t.co/WxzqGOVJYahttp://t.co/bfsUCpL0zW@MarcIntheOC xo http://t.co/Xsxaqmd6Te@JoeKoffee xo http://t.co/G3i9GlZwHhXO @Nanbp @TheRReport @Penny_G @desertcronenm @Wynner4Life @gnuman1979 @SumitAndTheCity @joshshiney http://t.co/CQ7Kd9ZivlXO @elegantdame @alanp305 @theresamax @Irenie_M @ReporterPhoenix @S_WhiteBear @TinyDancer664 http://t.co/iB94QkbwIC@Jodette7 XO@bhutton48 XO@MarcIntheOC XO
Happy Thanksgiving to the #WitchesOfTweetwick @Eaglefly124 @wildthing404 @tspj22 @Olivia_Emisar @MrsEeyore http://t.co/RqYmU7bjXLOccupy #BlackFriday ! Stand With #WalmartStrikers ! https://t.co/hnmJO7iUZk @ChangeWalmart http://t.co/f58lgWiiY7
Retweeted by RC deWinterBright Thanksgiving blessings to all...enjoy. To my friends in the Northeast, keep warm, dry & safe. http://t.co/T5fJKW3ioyNew Post "Rethinking Fukushima from the Outside-In" via @operationsafe http://t.co/40GwhVqecWhttp://t.co/bP8sJ5ZdLW@Endora_ xoxo.....@olson_hill xoxo Happy Thanksgiving! Save me a piece of pumpkin pie please... http://t.co/JwPGnl7yVKHappy Thanksgiving, friends! Save me a piece of pumpkin pie please... http://t.co/JwPGnl7yVK@JoeKoffee @AnnCluck lnfao
@RhondaArtdesign TY Rhonda#CT schools, State Offices Close as Snowstorm Approaches | NBC Connecticut http://t.co/F8u8zCcrWX via @nbcconnecticutMeanwhile, back home: Winter Storm Cato to bash Northeast, Mid-Atlantic http://t.co/iVX93hSgsu@NMannas greetings from a far lefter coast@JoeKoffee no...@dorisatkinson hi Doris! I hope you've been keeping well!@wildthing404 xoxoHugs all! @dorisatkinson @alanp305 @SWFBerwick @PMagouirk @S_WhiteBear@DarkMission1 Mwah!@JoeKoffee alas no@mikeytheweasel ;-)@andygmz2000 thanks for sharing the snippet, Andrew, I appreciate it@punchumgum Sorry, I don't follow stuff like that, and I can tell you right now he's not my type.Well, it's been fun, but I gotta run...behave yaselves, catch ya later http://t.co/PGnHXo63U7@GuitarKevin_ *grin*@cjflines it's amazing, you just never put a foot wrong@weslowik lolThe old age home gets ugly... http://t.co/g5flI0VMQ6My message to all rightwing self-anointed "patriots" http://t.co/UNk1MyqYVA@punchumgum sorry, ignorant Yank here, don't know Chris HemsworthThere’s nothing wrong with Social Security that upping the taxable income level won’t fix. @Senate_GOPs @SenateDems http://t.co/Asr8fByjWLKrugman nails the GOP http://t.co/YhgnpYSBfYDo. Not. Laugh. http://t.co/XMWxIpeRpqComplacency is complicity. ~ RC deWinterPay attention, grrrls...I KNOW this is true... http://t.co/dEI1BqmfAF"Never deprive someone of hope; it may be all they have." - H. Jackson Brown Jr.A for-profit healthcare system is a death panel by definition. ~ RC deWinter“Come unto me, ye who are madly passionate and passionately mad to live,” said the witch. http://t.co/GrypZB2Rw2More legs! Au naturel. http://t.co/X26OjzMDrYArt is not an afterthought or a luxury. Art is the creative expression of the human experience. ~ RC deWinter http://t.co/qDHVXe2GXkIf you never do it you'll never know... http://t.co/y5yjvr7Cj1@aghastjan apparently, we're pretty slowPay attention http://t.co/wHhLMtNidC@PennTexx ;-) no worries@PennTexx yes?@punchumgum @sherrilee7 :-(@PennTexx :-)@AuthorBee thanks for sharing my poetry news, I appreciate it@ME_XoP thanks for sharing the snippet, I appreciate it@PennTexx Waving hi, good to see you, thanks for sharing the poetry@punchumgum @sherrilee7 actually it's been windy and raining a lot down here...Phillip Island
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