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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Renaissance woman: artist, writer, musician, pagan, witch, warrior for justice; jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close. I only bite if asked.

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@m_mobbs I am, goodnight@joan_evans_nyc Merci, madame@zarafa many thanks, Isobel@Frances_Roberta @zarafa @JunaidMugloo @joan_evans_nyc @ShelleyCara @Pammy789 @MontrealIndian @KnightIntoDay Hi & TY for sharing the snippetPolka music...his fave... Yeah yeah yeah, I'm going to hell. If you laugh I'll see you there.
I can hear that jackass saying now… via @Cal_HAM hat time or plausible? You decide: 7 Irregularities that suggest Earth’s moon was engineered much this... i want to be lost to the world in a featherbed army of dreams ~ RC deWinter Waving hi, thanks for sharing my art, have a great weekendTake a break from politics & check out a different kind of crazy: my latest #art 'Ascension' - … #SupportTheArts@cherokeesher2 Waving hi, happy Friday, thanks for sharing my art!Couldn't agree more!
Retweeted by RC deWinterQuick - what's the difference between a cat and a comma?'s Friday, let's go have a drink...- #art 'After Hours' - #SupportTheArtsThe grammar police, ancient Egyptian style TY @NewsLycaness calm and magick on, #WitchesOfTweetwick @tspj22 @wildthing404 @Olivia_Emisar @Eaglefly124 @MrsEeyore Madison C.E.O. Noel Biderman stepped down today - sham shenanigans? description: Donald #Trump: Equal-Opportunity #Racist you a George #Carlin fan? - and who ISN'T? Don't miss this: George Carlin: Philosopher, Poet, Preacher Hate Next Door: faces of the neo-#Confederacy in North Carolina #NC My pleasureThe brilliant Paul #Krugman in the @nytimes today: Crash-Test Dummies as #Republican Candidates for President! TY tweetheart, yer a peach Effingham #GA County Board of Ed supports #Confederate symbols via @EboniDuBose Read: LOLMore #HypocrisyOnTheHoof: The silence of the #ChristianRight re #AshleyMadison - the #GOP is soooo good at it... Pressured Scandinavian Countries to Arrest and Extradite Edward Snowden
Retweeted by RC deWinterNo comment necessary... via @dailykos 💝 TY for sharing my poetry, wishing you a wonderful weekend.@Umvelo 💝
#poetry #SupportTheArts "Hazard's Lot" Clothed only in the spirit at release, new life is given leave to grow (cont) don't know why people talk about #Christie running for president in 2016. If he's running anywhere it's to keep ahead of an indictment.@Umvelo waving hi, hope you're having a great evening, thanks for sharing my art@lorac80brat Hi Carol, hope you're having a great evening. Thank you for sharing my art, I appreciate it.@LouisXIVnTrix thank you!@tspj22 grrrl can't help it...*grin* latest #art "Cowardly Lion" Take a look.... #SupportTheArts't miss this: The Flood That Sank George W. #Bush via @VanityFair #KatrinaJust slightly out of whack...'t forget to remember this... Popular Twitter Pics @RCdeWinter with a RRR of 21,387 UPM
Retweeted by RC deWinter@zarafa @NextRoundup @tspj22 @AnOldLefty Thanks for being brave enough to share my snarky snippet. *smile*You'd think they'd be embarrassed... my mood... you love #FauxNews? How much of this applies to you? I was going to make a reference to George W. Bush, but I thought better of it...lolWhen life beats you up, remember this. no particular reason i'm feeling flirty slightly dirty i'll bet my venus is being aspected by your... RC deWinter guilty... of a feather flock together: Eric #Cantor to endorse Jeb #Bush via @POLITICO, I can't keep up, please drop me @NewsLycaness @stiNgo100 @ms_trutalk @ItsAlinaJo @keriRN @KevinMcGil @Progress4Ohio @bsonder @Kalaax008If you support the #GOP & WORK for a living, please read this. Then ask yourself WHY you're supporting them... slightly out of whack... of it... #justdoit't miss this: The Flood That Sank George W. #Bush via @VanityFair #KatrinaMy latest #art "Cowardly Lion" Take a look-TY witchsis @wildthing404 for finding him for me to paint. #SupportTheArts No worries, I appreciate your time. Sweet dreams.@ferallike I've got to hit the hay, I have poetry to write tomorrow. Have a beautiful evening. 🌻@ferallike thanks for all the good input and encouragement, I really appreciate it.Time for me to jump off the merry-go-round, have a lovely evening...may the world #tweet you gently... but I've investigated it a little and I find it dizzyingly complicated as far as tax liability etc.@ferallike if I can navigate my way through crowdfunding I might turn to that to produce the books@ferallike It wouldn't be quite the same thing in a Kindle edition at all. I don't even own a Kindle.@ferallike there is the rub, I want to produce printed art books with the poetry and stories that accompany them@ferallike but what I make on a single piece wouldn't buy a week's worth of groceries today... Can't price yourself out of the market@ferallike there are some incredibly great people here on Twitter who have bought my art@ferallike But I must admit the state of the world and the economy discourages me incredibly. I need a fistful of money and some good luck.@ferallike I believe in my work, if I didn't I couldn't couldn't continue to do it.@barbdahlia not in the suburbs, libraries have all kinds of programs for ladies who lunch and kids after school etc.@KnightIntoDay I eventually learned to stop walking into the helicopter blades. But thank you.@ferallike @planetscape if I decide to go that route I'll definitely let you know. I'm just so old school.@KnightIntoDay I was too stupid, or softhearted, to do that. I never took a dime from anybody@UltraVerified @RCdeWinter Anyone who wd ask why we need libraries is the person who is most in need of them.
Retweeted by RC deWinterSo true. I have been a martyr to the worthless. it certainly sounds interesting@barbdahlia but you know a large crowd of homeless people can be intimidating to people who aren't used to being around them@barbdahlia don't misunderstand, I have great compassion for the homelessGreat idea... But I imagine in large cities the homeless might take them over and frighten off everyone else Vincent van Gogh is my spiritual guide. Not that I'm saying I have his genius or talent, but he is the quintessential example.@ferallike people have suggested I use crowdfunding to get my books printed etc. etc. but I don't know how to beg@ferallike quite frankly I've given up praying for anything except a huge lottery win...@ferallike I doubt we have anything like that here, but I could check it out.@ferallike I hate to sound like sour grapes, but talent doesn't always have a lot to do with success.@ME_XoP that too@ferallike I did have a gallery exhibit a few years ago & sold a few things, but without heavy promo & some luck the arts are a tough row@ferallike there's no way for me to do much of anything without transportation.@ferallike I should go back to doing music, I could earn a living that way, but guess what? I don't have a car.@ferallike And poetry is even worse, nobody pays for poetry but I do love writing. And I get published, but I don't make any money.@SynapticPain @arstechnica I still buy printed books. Electronics will never replace paper as long as I can still buy it.@ferallike And unless you can somehow break out, the good stuff gets buried with all the sludge@ferallike The market is glutted, everybody with a digital camera and/or a computer thinks they're an artistSometimes when love doesn't work out it's because the universe is saving you for someone better. And sometimes you're just screwed.@banditDerenzio @KnightIntoDay and you just tweet it to your heart's content@opa1420 thank you! 🌻#youvansaythattwotimes AND #noshitsherlock, this made me spit out my margarita!
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