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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Renaissance woman with a passion for the life of the mind & the body: artist, writer, pagan, witch; jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close.

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No greater reward this side of heaven than the smile of a child. via @operationsafe http://t.co/hYeqU9rSjohttp://t.co/aduZGu0fei@zaswadosaze still breathing?Wake up, you idiot science deniers! Are we not doing anything because there's nothing to do? http://t.co/cdZICTomcr@alanp305 @flynnrita149 my pleasure, Alan@Rubicon23 thanks for sharing the snippet@zaswadosaze thanks for sharing the work...painting arrived yet?@Rubicon23 you bet@merlinskis @alanp305 I saw them back in the late 90s up in Sudbury✰*•˛❤˛•*✰ If you have recently FOLLOWED me and would like a FOLLOWBACK please let me know by TWEETING me TY ✰*•˛❤˛•*✰✰*•˛❤˛•*✰ @arkangel99 @Adenovir @deniseromano @tatn @POLICEINFLA @LibertyBelleJ @Kubed @kalifani6 @tharidgeman @ladysleuth69 @dmf71going deeper into the mystery if what i discover pleases me perhaps i shall not return http://t.co/ra4bTD2Piw@dorisatkinson @eclexia @theresamax @alanp305 @PMagouirk @SWFBerwick @fullofbalogna @Irenie_M At this point I would trade, Doris@zaswadosaze don't make me get the skillet@JEANIESBEACH ugh is right@dorisatkinson @eclexia @alanp305 @PMagouirk @SWFBerwick @theresamax in the works Doris, but it's gonna look really different@merlinskis @alanp305 I was just listening to the song “English Bay” by Blue Rodeo
@JEANIESBEACH Hey tweetheart, hope the evening is treating you gently. Thanks for sharing my work.@BeeSaysPolitics being metaphorical, I meant I don’t treat myself badly but I don’t spend a lot of money either@BeeSaysPolitics It’s a rough uncomfortable scratchy garment that fundamentalist Christians and Catholics wear for penance@BeeSaysPolitics i’m not profligate but I don’t wear a hairshirt either@BeeSaysPolitics worse than that…if I were comfortably situated I would not live uncomfortably…@BrainSpiders backatcha http://t.co/vjXjNumotN@BeeSaysPolitics she's not quite that extreme but when she opens her wallet moths fly out@BeeSaysPolitics @zaswadosaze it is sad...there's a a chunk of my mother in there...@BeeSaysPolitics @zaswadosaze ;-) it's a rather cold little story...Yankee thrift...skim milk and la vie empty...classic miser habit...@BeeSaysPolitics @zaswadosaze glad you got sucked in... Lol...thank you@merlinskis @Gi_Fulvio @BrainSpiders grand merci@merlinskis @Gi_Fulvio @BrainSpiders have a lovely evening http://t.co/Jdv2WxlZLyThe Tale behind "The House on the Hill" Read it here: http://t.co/q3iHHC11FR #SupportTheArts @bhutton48The Tale behind "The House on the Hill" Read it here: http://t.co/q3iHHC11FR #SupportTheArts @afaduln2The Tale behind "The House on the Hill" Read it here: http://t.co/q3iHHC11FR #SupportTheArts @joekoffeeThe Tale behind "The House on the Hill" Read it here: http://t.co/q3iHHC11FR #SupportTheArts @zaswadosazeThe Tale behind "The House on the Hill" Read it here: http://t.co/q3iHHC11FR #SupportTheArts"The House on the Hill" ~ #art This house has a story ... #SupportTheArts @bhutton48 http://t.co/YsWA2rVIX5"The House on the Hill" ~ #art This house has a story ... #SupportTheArts @afaduln2 http://t.co/YsWA2rVIX5"The House on the Hill" ~ #art This house has a story ... #SupportTheArts @joekoffee http://t.co/YsWA2rVIX5"The House on the Hill" ~ #art This house has a story ... #SupportTheArts @zaswadosaze http://t.co/YsWA2rVIX5"The House on the Hill" ~ #art This house has a story ... #SupportTheArts http://t.co/YsWA2rVIX5RT @alanp305 check out this gr8 bldg in #Vancouver http://t.co/M2oG5XvUCd@zaswadosaze you know what? It's a big continent@Gallaecian Mwah !Let's get happy with Wally "Happiness Has Its Day" via @weslowik@zaswadosaze even though I still don't have any wood & it's freezing cold down here and I'm fully dressed and still shivering@zaswadosaze But you should be happy, because I'm sitting here and I'm happy@zaswadosaze lmfao... anything I say here is going to be incriminating@zaswadosaze i'm not a fucking puppy, I'm a tiger...albeit somewhat housebroken@mrmanchev Benny has more brains in his tail than Bachmann, Palin, Cruz & West put together@zaswadosaze All cynics are failed romantics... I guess I haven't failed hard enough yet@Jodette7 thanks for sharing the portrait, Jody, you know I did that for Z, right?@zaswadosaze and that's why I'm so lovable...there really are people who do appreciate someone who doesn't bullshit@mrmanchev my cat is brilliant...lol@zaswadosaze laughing my ass off, leave it to me to put a political spin on everything!!!!!!!@zaswadosaze lmfao?!!!!@StuartFJones backatcha, Stuart@Jodette7 well, I hope you get to use it once in a while@zaswadosaze you! You're worse than any nun in a convent about my romantic inclinations@zaswadosaze oh crap! Not about the US, the US will and does sink to nefarious bullshit@Jodette7 :-) maybe someday I'll have a car again, but I'm not holding my breath@Jodette7 ah well...enjoy and good luck with it!@PmMole you bet...@Jodette7 :-( I like new cars myself, but it's no fun to have to buy one unexpectedly@Jodette7 jody, good to see you, what's new?@zaswadosaze is that why you're always warning me about the nefarious intentions of every man I express an interest in?@zaswadosaze @Jeanabella thank goodness, you were almost too normal ...lmfao@dorisatkinson @eclexia @theresamax @alanp305 @PMagouirk @SWFBerwick @fullofbalogna @Irenie_M it's been ugly cold up here all day@dorisatkinson xoxo ... Thanks you sweetheart@dorisatkinson @eclexia @alanp305 @PMagouirk @SWFBerwick @theresamax wonderful sky@dorisatkinson @eclexia @alanp305 @PMagouirk @SWFBerwick @theresamax that's a shameless pink, Doris! ;-) lovely as always@PmMole I am an unapologetically shameless romantic, and proud of it too!@zaswadosaze @Jeanabella my, you are waxing full poetic for someone who's so Californicated... Curtsying in appreciationYou are the result of 3 billion years of evolution, act like it http://t.co/KrCb4X84vM@Jeanabella @zaswadosaze xoxo Yer a peach, Jean...this crone says thank youswim for your life... http://t.co/wSYmMuGr8tEntrepreneurs must
@bhutton48 smoooch@Dr_N_Saltzman @joan_evans_nyc thank you sir, and xoxoxo Joan@walkingdead1981 unwinding from a weekend of family@StuartFJones groaning loudly@KathrynGoldman I saw him another lifetime ago at Forest Hills in Brooklyn, New York, just fabulous, I'm sorry I've never seen him sinceCelebrating Leonard Cohen's 80th birthday with one my favorites, "Lady Midnight" http://t.co/4ECwwQ4NO6@StuartFJones here's one for you (Stuart)@alanp305 @PMagouirk @eclexia nice! TY AlanOne of the #StarsInMyTwitterFirmament @OfficialFEATURE bright blessings#PreparingFORfallWINTER2014issue x #recap Connecticut's Artist Expressionist: @RCdeWinter http://t.co/VQjSJl6OQq via @OfficialFEATURE
Retweeted by RC deWinterThank you @OfficialFEATURE #PreparingFORfallWINTER2014issue x #recap Connecticut's Artist Expressionist: @RCdeWinter http://t.co/P12LTJxFRE@zenMurr @wildthing404 thanks zen, I've been better but it was fun all the same@wildthing404 and I did... And I will! I will call you tonight when I get home@wildthing404 and what's so funny? Lmfao!!! Just a little worse for the wear@RoseBellitzia it was a family party, roast, my aunt's 90th birthday party, I never drink on a real gig@oceanMude @RoseBellitzia thank you for sharing the video, I think *grin*@bhutton48 agreed....xoThank you! @Quixi The Quixii Daily is out! http://t.co/VO0xiH1OE1 Stories via @RCdeWinterThe Quixii Daily is out! http://t.co/kHTzpgUFmp Stories via @RCdeWinter
Retweeted by RC deWinter@1jdadam thank you for sharing my poem, xoxo@RoseBellitzia TY much Rose, I was not at my best, having had a little too much but it was fun anyway Music was my 1st professional careerSnippet on Sunday - A half-assed rendition of the tail end of "When You Wish Upon A Star"...yes, the wine was flowing http://t.co/azj9Bs8hP3Snippet on a Sunday Afternoon: http://t.co/SEpLG8XFmJ via @YouTubeMy pleasure #WiseWomanWarriors @Irenie_M @theresamax@Bdreamer7 @DarkMission1 @bhutton48 curtsying in appreciation@twchristi @bhutton48 xoxoxo, TY and bright blessings for the autumn equinox
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