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Hot @randyblue models @AUSTINWOLFFF and @TYLERWOLFFF at Southern Decadence 2014: http://t.co/unqOnoFgMv http://t.co/OT94hKMRm0Randy Blue models Austin Wolf (@austinwolfff) and Tyler Wolf (tylerwolfff) @randyblue Southern… http://t.co/Y7a9MSUalWWatch @sebastianyoungx & @ZaneAnders Flip-Fuck @DallasReevescom @BAILEEY1 @ULTRARARECARGO >> http://t.co/esk59UtILR http://t.co/fKtAmILqtdHe asked...and I said yes!!!!!! http://t.co/aHutFseZ15
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Oh Lordy. Grindr is tough tonight http://t.co/PRuLipi1HC
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Retweeted by Queer Me NowPlaying around! 😘 https://t.co/kG6hTCvfkq
Retweeted by Queer Me NowFor everyone's information, @ConnorRogersXXX is not really Connor's Twitter account. It's just some random person pretending to be Connor :)
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