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"While #Facebook is certainly a platform for narcissists, it is a mistake to assume that Facebook causes narcissism." http://t.co/UoG29AbcTvDon't miss PsychAlive's upcoming #Webinars: http://t.co/3Fcuvy4VDiLearn how to be both #compassionate AND #assertive at the same time: http://t.co/tyzityNEUF
How #Jealousy Destroys #Relationships http://t.co/o0qkvJmYc3"Life teaches us that interpersonal stress is inevitable." http://t.co/qj99J1KiNi
How To Tell the Difference Between Real Love and Fantasy: http://t.co/PpT1HrrvLF"When parents’ own emotional needs are met, they offer their children a sense of stability and security." http://t.co/U3VReZ25fhHere is an exclusive, PsychAlive interview with one of our favorite #mindfulness experts Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn: http://t.co/GE9kTpaSyd
What To Do When a Loved One is Depressed: http://t.co/OJB6DoNDzVHow #Deception Destroys a Relationship: http://t.co/VS3UHGzB0v"Love makes life more meaningful, and therefore more fragile and frightening to lose." http://t.co/ZFdhNK0b80Read about why self-compassion trumps self-esteem: http://t.co/L48HBhKG4g
"No matter what goes on in relationships, it’s important not to feel hopeless or at the mercy of someone else." http://t.co/w9rsmlNMA1'Your Worst Enemy is Within' by Dr. Robert Firestone, Ph.D.http:/ http://t.co/I0NmYHf7wxDo you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? This post explains how to identify and treat #OCD: http://t.co/t1tkrvxJQZMindfulness - Hope for Changing the Future http://t.co/xMtZnEYFDh
Eight Ways to Actively Fight Depression - http://t.co/aW0I5bRrmc via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAlive"This is so serious that it’s important not to take it too seriously." ~Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn on #mindfulness http://t.co/zgEmgIq9kC"When it comes to technology, we must lead by example." ~@DrLisaFirestone #parenting http://t.co/ueVWtHnM4o"Time is precious and not worth wasting when it comes to the people who make us happy." http://t.co/TUF9mLsUz7
"To get through a rejection or any painful occurrence in our life, we need to stand up to our critical inner voice." http://t.co/8pZY6EpXBbDid you know #generosity may actually increase you lifespan?! #GiveMoreToLiveMore http://t.co/io15gQfoJyThe Problem with Compromising TOO MUCH in Your #Relationship: http://t.co/UG50NEJiGg"People often utilize Facebook 'to look important, look special and to gain attention and status and self-esteem.'" http://t.co/nyxmq8Pi2c
"Much of our inability to access our personal power comes from a fear of suffering, painful feelings, or failure." http://t.co/e1c8chRp0dWatch this clip with Dr. Dan Siegel on how you can actually change your #brain: http://t.co/LTUsUYOxyh“What can I do to stop hating myself?” – How You Can Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice http://t.co/9jopwA3yMB
The danger of listening to your anti-self: http://t.co/Fw4hCHuVlEHow to Create a Mindful Marriage: http://t.co/G9vh2U0wtb
"Don’t be quick to pick apart your friends. Accept that they are human and that they will make mistakes." http://t.co/3h9Ho9r5IxSign up for this #CE #Webinar: "Helping Clients Stop Self-Sabotaging" http://t.co/b1bsLSdvwdIs There a Cure for #Narcissism? http://t.co/IZrTfGca8KA Child's First Encounter with Death: http://t.co/oroZrHYmoM
Read about how parents need to develop as their children get older: http://t.co/GMyX1FK6GS"Being our best is the surest way to bring out the best in our partners." ~ @DrLisaFirestone http://t.co/t46UDK9br0Is Your #Technology Use Hurting Your Kids? http://t.co/10BRqPC64d by Lisa from @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveCan we learn to fall in love with someone with whom we don’t initially feel that special “spark?” http://t.co/yTkEUbvLaN
"The familiarity/comfort we feel with someone can sometimes leave us crossing lines or forgetting to show gratitude." http://t.co/f5j7RbchdPSpotlight on #Parenting: http://t.co/yDdG0cuczJ"Sometimes just being present & available to a loved one who's hurting is the greatest gift you could possibly give." http://t.co/DZhKLNiPqpWhen you have #OCD, your brain deceives you, setting off false alarms and warning you of dangers that do not exist. http://t.co/TritIyLdkT
"Being generous and kind encourages fosters a sense of community, a feeling of interconnectedness." http://t.co/ffB8vwa0h9Learning How to Hold the Content of Our Pain Within the Context of Our Spirit http://t.co/DdqL2itF4sNeurobiologist Dr. Dan Siegel on "The Importance of Mindfulness" http://t.co/HAatUr5C0O"If we stay in the moment with our partners, we are far less likely to build a case against them." http://t.co/Hz2hpw7SEa
"People who formed secure attachments in childhood have secure attachment patterns in adulthood." http://t.co/LS1a2eTr6m"We learn from the earliest age to look to others to determine our self-worth and deservedness." http://t.co/2RLyuTuxM4"...the closest one can feel to another person is to feel one's separateness...." @rwfirestone @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAlive"It’s amazing how people will suck the marrow out of rejection." ~ Dr. Robert Firestone http://t.co/jrEQiYyX2mCheck out our new video page, featuring clips from experts like Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Peter Levine & Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn http://t.co/krBAd1kNXD
You Don’t Want What You Say You Want: http://t.co/omHmI6b1L4"For centuries we’ve been fed fairy tales, telling us that love should be easy, or else it isn’t #love." http://t.co/fqQK5AAWxGThese skills can help you improve any relationship: http://t.co/he1o2nBogf
Why Are We Hooked on Rejection? | By Dr. Lisa Firestone http://t.co/9VSN66M1lWWe can learn to accept #anger as a natural part of life without allowing it to hurt us or the people we are close to. http://t.co/m5ndefiOwJ
REMIND YOUR #KIDS: Everything you write and say can be permanent when using social media and digital devices. http://t.co/wGJE2HYNLA"It is important to understand that narcissism stems from underlying feelings of inadequacy." http://t.co/u4bIisuJ9XExpert Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn discusses the many approaches to #mindfulness in his exclusive interview with PsychAlive: http://t.co/NmmFybepM2
Is There a Cure for Narcissism? http://t.co/0L3vufI0sF"Like any physical ailment, depression should be taken seriously and treated accordingly. " http://t.co/vqEChrW1KF"#Mindfulness allows us to be more patient with our children, more present with them." ~@DrDonnaRockwell http://t.co/7ZnFgzGGg5Is mental illness is bigger problem for our children than we think? http://t.co/SMPRHrcaJW
"Choose Compassion Over Cynicism" and other tips for keeping your friendships solid throughout the years: http://t.co/JoS8GQxzyySeven #vows more couples should make when they are getting married: http://t.co/XKbOY8cafTHow Do I Know if I Have a Fantasy Bond? http://t.co/fx0rHoE42lRead about #attachment patterns in both childhood and adulthood: http://t.co/1xFKmHhSHA
Studies are now showing that generosity is actually (selfishly) in your best interest! http://t.co/ZdFe9WxJkd"When we give to others, we don’t only make them feel closer to us; we also feel closer to them." http://t.co/R71wVWam3VUnderstanding and recognizing the warning signs for suicide can save lives! http://t.co/OgR3Vc3hS1How to Let Go of #Anger: http://t.co/OJpNPQ23Y1@DrLisaFirestone will explain how to help clients stop sabotaging themselves in this upcoming #Webinar: http://t.co/6XuCayPttw
#Mindfulness and #Business: The Secret to Success? http://t.co/ceF2Nm97zFRead about the affect of #selfies on self-esteem: http://t.co/me9yKliUmm"Generosity is both a natural confidence builder and a natural repellant of self-hatred." http://t.co/u7W58IpFFBHow to Become More Adult and Successful in Your Life - http://t.co/MBPAcITeCr via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveExercising increases the neuro-plasticity of your brain and releases endorphins, which help to elevate your mood. http://t.co/kk5rz8GfY8
Hope for all imperfect parents! You can repair your mistakes by understanding the concept of "rupture and repair" http://t.co/k2vlUMTyZfIf a child shows an unusual amount of anxiety, fear, anger, stress or pain, it's important to get the help they need. http://t.co/Thq2SiaugOShould our goal for our kids be for them to be happy? http://t.co/7k3eJMxIUR
"In a very real sense, it is safer to be vulnerable and open in relationships." ~ Dr. Robert Firestone http://t.co/xWQGi5Yhmd #wisewordsWhat conditions lead to narcissism or low self-esteem? http://t.co/Vsy2MVuxVt
Is your relationship unhealthy? This article can help you evaluate your relationship by looking at warning signs: http://t.co/xqBhkWafJG"Kids only truly benefit from praise when it is sincere and when it is based on real attributes." http://t.co/IUxlkqXsnWRead about the Four Steps to Fully Practicing Generosity: http://t.co/51awADP6iD
How to Stop Violent Behavior in Children: http://t.co/W6nW5B3BlE"It is important to challenge the methods you still use to protect yourself from pain and anxiety." http://t.co/5ZEz16H5XA"Practicing generosity is a mental health principle, and it could be the very key to a happy and healthy life." http://t.co/0qeLZukn9UImperfect Parenting: http://t.co/lCh99KiyUi
Read about the benefits of #SLEEP on your body and mind: http://t.co/bRdgGvrlnGUnderstanding Your Role in Your Child's Development http://t.co/33bmw2yfju"What looks good on paper isn’t necessarily what makes people happy in the long run." @DrLisaFirestone http://t.co/xB6ytbpTsXOvercoming the Real Pain of Break Ups, Affairs and Rejections http://t.co/GwyjA33p3V
"Every day, an average of 160,000 children in the United States stay home from school for fear of being bullied." http://t.co/qpnyybzladTips for How to Raise an Emotionally Healthy Child http://t.co/my2zVA9QAbHelpful tips from @drlisafirestone on how to actively fight #depression: http://t.co/EPH84dj0fP@mikesmi99441249 Reaching out is an important step. You can read about isolation here http://t.co/yUuEHcDhAF or call 1-800-273-TALK for helpUnderstanding Fear of Intimacy http://t.co/YY29TfmCTQ
Dr. Diane Renz offers her "Steps To Healthy Lifestyle Changes" http://t.co/wWreOIm7VcRead about the warning signs for violent behavior and how to prevent it: http://t.co/hmvXmqjBvG@PsychAlive Why have we integrated tech so fully into our lives?: Blurring The Lines of Physical and Virtual .http://t.co/vFxbaM2ErO
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