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PeteWadeinIndy @PeteWadeinIndy Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Tea Party member recovering from @GOP. My opinions are, at times, unintentionally offensive. PROUDLY A TARGET OF IRS FOR BEING A TEA PARTY MEMBER!

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obama democrats don't care: in CA, mexican gang Azusa 13's mission statement is the ethnic cleansing of blacks from neighborhoods.
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Its time to begin the 'Crusades" anew.... this time, kill every muslim in Asia... before they kill us all over the world.The UN decries the 'horrible acts' of Isrealis killing Palestinian terrorists... while ignors ISIS slaughtering Christians throughout Iraq!Hopefully,Obama makes a 'show' appearance in church this Sunday and, a preacher reminds him Christians are now being slaughtered by Muslims.If anyone should be given refugee status it should be the Christians Obama abandoned in Iraq #FoxNewsSunday #thisweek http://t.co/8KS07kK9Ri
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyAnyone Who Comes ILLEGALLY via @FredTanner1 http://t.co/wN5t96ZYx3 @SenTedCruz @chicagotribune @latimes @nytimes @MiamiHerald @FoxNews @GOP
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Why won’t Obama address the plight of Iraqi Christians? #ISIS Not even a condemnation? #failure http://t.co/jhXm8w013J via @ThinkerCatholic
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyMuslims can believe what they want, but murder, torture and rape do not come from God. Those that do these things are of Satan & follow him<<<<---- a proponent of being who you say you are online. Don't be someone you're not just to earn praise, followers, etc.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyNew day, new tweets, new stats. 1 new unfollower. Via good old http://t.co/qmRRU2tP8k
@AmericanHarlot nope. He should kill them all. They don't deserve policingNew day, new tweets, new stats. 1 follower, 0 unfollowers. Via good old http://t.co/qmRRU2tP8k
Obama should change his name to Osama, considering how he is allowing Christians to be slaughtered by barbaric muslims worldwide.@patriot101 @Ledamaae @SenTedCruz @JohnKerry While we are at it, Who in Congress approved this expenditure? Who?????@PeteWadeinIndy @jgm666us SanFran is sanctuary city, no? SEND ALL ILLEGANS2 SAN FRAN, Pelosi's hometown...ALL OF 'EM
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@jimgeraghty He's a typical democrat. He doesn't suffer from P-T-S-D... he's suffers from C-R-O-O-K.Such a lovely day! #summer http://t.co/fYU0xn1isl
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyConsidering the number of socialist/communist/marxists in Hollywood, you have to know that McCarthy was right.I wonder if Cuba would exist today if fired a few hundred missles at Florida? Or we be as patient as we demand of Isreal?According to Obama & Kerry, Isreal should just back off poor, little Hamas... similar to the position when JFK backed off poor, little Cuba?Reading their piece on Scallia & the DC court, I wonder why @Slate isn't just printed on toilet paper. It is fitting & easier to recycle.@GarrisonRadio wars are won when the PEOPLE have no more will to fight. Otherwise they will simply rearm and begin again.The National Guard. Always ready... but it will take more than a month to get them to the Texas border ..and they won't have arrest powers.Hollywood Welcomes Illegal Aliens .... and tells them to go somewhere else. Hey! Streisand, Steven King & Sean Penn have extra bedrooms.If the political winds turns against them, Obama will stand with the muslim.... #IStandWithIsrael@RobEngstrom @sedj4wd @USSenScottBrown @JeanneShaheen Trading in a leftist for an extreme liberal... yeah, I guess thats better... somehow.Forget unfollowers, I believe in growing. 4 new followers in the last day! Stats via http://t.co/qmRRU2tP8kIf San Francisco sank into the Pacific today, Obama and democrats would hold a fundraiser in LA tonight.@PaulFeldman3350 ...... while sending foreign aid to his muslim brothers, Hamas.Prayers for the folks of Riverside RV park in NE Washington state. Hit hard by freak afternoon wind storm.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyChristians, instead of being paralyzed when accused of hypocracy, ask how that absolves the accuser of their sin. You are saved by grace.@amandacarpenter it may also interest you, they have been found in Trump Towers & in Bill Clinton's Harlem office, (which is not surprising)Retweet this if Obama and his administration disgusts you more than it does me... surely, no one else views him with more loathing than I.@Michelle_OKC As women hang wire & other wierd ornamentsl in their face, nose & genitalia now, you should first define the term, "trashy"Obama expected to release 'Torture Report" on Bush Administration. I'm sure it will come sometime in October. It wont mention Obama or Dems@TH3R34LTRUTH @LindaSuhler One wonders how equipped they are to react to a national emergency.... wait, isn't this is a national emergency?@DixieSportsman @StephenKing More simply put, who the heck cares what King thinks? Most in Hollywood can't even decide which sex they are!
THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING IVE SEEN IN DAYS. We feel you, Bibi. http://t.co/CT1S2YZxeH
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@wcrump35 @mikandynothem Mr. WC.... sorry. I fail to see your point about 'complaining'.@gacoast69 @temi227 We might be financially wise by giving him a couple of million, rather than pay for his fundraiser costs.@wcrump35 @mikandynothem Bush has been out of office for years! And should we accept incompetence because someone else was? Thats foolish.More piling on @GovernorPerry for sending 1,000 troops to the border. RT if you think it's the right move right now. http://t.co/bh7ceRioeg
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyNo government in the world would stand by while its citizens are attacked by rockets and missiles. #IsraelUnderAttack http://t.co/CjlKLNDlQa
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndySo WHY does OBAMA say, "he didn't know about it until he saw it on the news'? http://t.co/d4YgKCKxWyMany Americans want to live like Europeans...but also want a 2,000+ SFt home with a big lawn, 2 new cars, an ATV, and a boat, included.The House passed 40 jobs bills in the last 18 months that are stuck in the Senate. It’s past time for action: http://t.co/1U4C2ZQDXl
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyThose that believe we are not at the precipice of revolt are naively optimistic or blind as bats.2 tweeps followed (thank you!) and nobody unfollowed me in the past day. Thank you http://t.co/qmRRU2tP8k.If the world believes exterminating the Jews was an unthinkable horror, what do they think of Islam slaughter of Christians worldwide?@HeidiL_RN @GoVols37872 yeah, more mexicans in our country, They have done such a wonderful job in their own shithole,
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyMake U.S. Foreign Policy simple for terrorists. We will kill you, your friends & your family. If you harbor terrorists, you're a terrorist.@hotelsdotcom What kind of dumb ass statement is that? You're not serious?????Want to deport border invaders faster? Simple. Just declare that lawyers must represent the aliens for no charge... not even from govt. !Why? Why? Why? does the U.S. send foreign aid to Palestinians and Iran? DUMB ASSES!!!!Our media and politicians warn other nations, "do not test America's resolve". Well, I think they already have ...and they are not impressed@Vote4Wallace @JohnWallace_au @sasmick Look at that photo and tell me why we shouldn't bomb these goat herders into hell !@Ezinger44 @lrnewton1 You mean there are days when you actually don't believe it?Did you know that, when asked, most people think at least 25% of Americans are homosexual? Did you know only slightly over 2% actually are?Ok, @DarrellIssa, its time to arrest Ms. Lerner and Mr. K for obstruction, evidence tampering, conspiracy and RICO. Enuf is Enuf....
Seemingly, Obama can use Executive Orders anytime the matters will have a negative effect on America.Obama simply cannot act to close the border or deport invaders!.... but he can to promote homosexuality in the workplace or wedding chapel.I’m ready to engage with my 6 new followers in the past day. I know them via http://t.co/qmRRU2tP8k@Victoriaokane @slewfan Good question!As long as majority americans allow, socialist policy will advance, bouyed by media created social guilt."Will U send kids back into desert?Our future is now... I meant, now... i meant now....I meant now....err, now ...now...White Privilege: A term created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons. #whiteprivilege
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@becca51178 @DaytonaJarman @DLoesch @pscully1812 So, in your opinion, 'strong women' should let people piss on them without any reaction?@becca51178 @pscully1812 Perhaps I would agree if she had taken her profile pic with her boobs hangin' out.....?@JD_Crow @becca51178 @DLoesch @pscully1812 Well... I guess she would have appeared less of one had put a sports car in her profile photo?@politicoroger @R_U_Srs Is using troops to stop border crossings as extreme as gunbattles with terrorists & drug lords in the streets of TX?@AdamZebra @JonathanHoenig @bruceanddan @wlsam890 Obama will delete anything to keep inflation fully under control. Underware cost is next.Can you imagine the ugly mess this fool will leave when he goes?Scott's oldest daughter here. My dad says if this picture of Ted Nugent gets 1,000 retweets I can get a cat. http://t.co/TpmfHUj5iP
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@GordonRamsay @ATT I'm sure the Chef meant to tweet "KRAFT" food service, rather than "CRAFT".... correct?
LEADERSHIP! Isreali soldiers find rocket launchers in a school yard while Obama double bogies on number 4.I have to wonder why black pastors support Obama. Afraid of losing their jobs? ABORTION - PREMARITAL SEX - HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGECONSERVATIVE LESSONS: Cannibals do not eat their own; only outsiders. Why? Because there would eventually be no more cannibals.Conservative Lessons: Two jealous dogs. Ones brown;One black. One dog kills the other. Who will help that dog kill the wolf that hates both?"Leadership" Isreal & Gaza at war. Russia walks out on UN. ISIS gains in Iraq. Marine rots in a Mexican jail. OBAMA goes on Jimmy Kimmel.Lincoln quoted the Bible, saying, 'a house divided against itself cannot stand'. Truth never changes nor do the consequence of ignoring it.I pray that foolish liberal partisans will soon come to realize they are forging the very political chains that will enslave their children.What will happen when conservatives are finally pushed to the limit and the TP actually becomes what they are accused of being?@DLoesch @gatewaypundit TOY GUNS???? HAHAHAHAA! You gotta be kidding!@Vote4Wallace Just returned (great food @capitolgrille ). Read one of your earlier posts. I,too, fear we live at the precipice of conflict.Captol Grill.... There's just nothing bad on the menu. Ever.Off to meet my son-in-law for lunch at Capitol Grill. Woo hoo!@Vote4Wallace @kitjop @CANARYorg I'm told Putin never misses an Obama speech. In fact, he makes popcorn and invites friends over!@AmericanThinker The treatment of @DLoesch, @SenTedCruz & @glennbeckshow remind me that, too often, conservatives gleefully devour their own@PeteWadeinIndy @DLoesch @SenTedCruz > @AmericanThinker watch Movie "Absence of Malice" on game of hiding behind Op-Ed> journO hit job.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@PeteWadeinIndy @DLoesch @AmericanThinker @SenTedCruz It's pure propaganda with a High School mentality. Low info voters will buy it.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@PeteWadeinIndy @DLoesch @AmericanThinker @SenTedCruz sounds like a smear campaign to me
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@AmericanThinker I read the article accusing @DLoesch, @SenTedCruz & others of supporting amnesty. Are you hiring high school kids, or what?@AmericanThinker You fools infering @DLoesch or @SenTedCruz somehow supports amnesty is far from a simple mistake; its malpractice.According to @Rasmussen_Poll, 84% of #democrats support Obama. That, in itself, makes them traitors.Wondering how to grow on twitter? I gained 1 follower in the past day. This is the app: http://t.co/qmRRU2tP8kSatanic Arabs prize the deaths of Jews above the lives of their own wives and children.No war in history has been won by 'surgical strikes'. Calm only lasts until an enemy can raise another army.You must kill the will to fight.@OregonCounsel @StarCoreOne02 @JCourt No. We need the guts to kill them, AND THIER PEOPLE, until they no longer have the will to fight.Our nation elected leaders from the party 'booed God' during its national convention. Those same people now expect God to bless us. Fools...
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