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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

And I feel quite foolish sometimes when I pray, but my thoughts are all I got so I try to make 'em brave. And I know...I's gonna be a good day. #Hello

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Day one of @Insanity (Modified). My number = 19. Yowza. I've go nowhere to go but up...Today was a very, very good day. Is there a better word than "happy" to describe being filled with joy at the very prospect of being alive?
Always be Batman.
@takeme2keywest It was gorgeous! Hosting the son's girlfriend's family for a cookout, but we may end up at the ballpark, too.Well, that was a kick ass Friday night! :-) Hello, sun.
Afterparty. hard to learn these two things: 1) You can't save everyone. 2) You can't even always *help* everyone. But why?!270 intakes. 212 happy clients. 2 pissed off people who hate me. That's not horrible, is it? Then why does it feel so CRAPTASTIC. :-(You guys REALLY need to come down to the levee and pray. Erm, play. Tonight is going to be legen-waitforit-DARY!
@JillWrites ;-)@JillWrites Trouble.
Husband has a business dinner at Chop House. So, I'm eating a bowl of mixed berries the size of my head and a brownie. :-)Nothing like an incredibly last minute invitation to be a presenting guest at an organization's lunch meeting. Tomorrow. LOLOL@cm_stover Ha!The branches on the tree of life are shifting:
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Jason Segel on the 'Amazing Dichotomy' of Playing David Foster Wallace in @EndOfTourMovie
Retweeted by Jennifer™@WVHotDogs @Candace07 Pickles? On the side, maybe. *shudder*SOOOOO good. || Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear "Dreams" Fleetwood Mac Cover // SiriusXM via @YouTube@WVHotDogs @Candace07 Is that KETCHUP?!?!?! Dude.Turns out my grandma cold is actually strep throat. So. There's that.Color me SHOCKED. /sarcasm almost have 1,000 followers! Encourage your friends to follow us at @fightalwv!
Retweeted by Jennifer™A new day filled with new possibilities. Still have my grandma cold, but I will power through! #RedBullMagic #ICanFly
If you haven't read this book, you should. It's wonderful!'m sorry, but WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL? is my favorite politifact.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Man, this would be invaluable in the Charleston area. Trust me. I know this. to this too much today... LOL
Wow. This is potent. Dude. The show cannot go on without that joke. :-DLet's make his birthday wish come true!
Retweeted by Jennifer™Grandma date: a sweet girl, two new books, a pink bunny named Ice Cream Flavors, and some froyo.… scene at LA Coliseum as @SpecialOlympics USA brings house down. USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸
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Learned this weekend: for a young-ish grandma, I am too old. Sick baby, headstrong 3 year old have my number. And call it out often. LOL
@BeingHolli Hang tough! 8 days will fly when you are on your vacation!@thommarshall @BeingHolli Excellent!!!My boy!
To fend off dementia, run -- or dance, bike, power-walk or step
Retweeted by Jennifer™My girl. <3 my way to see the puppies! Errm, babies! I'm almost there, Henny and Davis!'t imagine why
Retweeted by Jennifer™Gov. Pence declares it Jeff Gordon Day in the entire state of Indiana. @rtv6
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Photo I found in field during genocide in Rwanda 1994. I often wonder who she was and what happened…
Retweeted by Jennifer™Oh, man. Shalom, good sir. is a weekend full of grandbabies! Gammaw and Gampaw flyin' solo for three days of fun. :-) It's like Christmas! <3What, it's NOON?! How did that happen?!?!
Miles and miles of titles I will never have time to read. #SadTruth beautiful, haunting, and (not so) abandoned Land of Oz
Retweeted by Jennifer™Mom called this morning, finally home after two weeks in the British Isles. Had the time of her life. I'm so thrilled for her. <3Let's gooooooooooooooooooooooo!! is a lot you can do. Including volunteer with us! Visit to learn more.
Retweeted by Jennifer™I can see my next appt. but I can't get close. Was 15 mins early, now 4 mins late and counting...Stuck on Smith Street while a poor, struggling trucker works on his 5th attempt at backing in a warehouse.
It's been a little minute. Anyone know what week we're on? #Week30ish #AFewWeeksLate I'm okay with its never ending aftermath sucking all the oxygen out of the GOP primary room for a little while longer.This woman. Love her. | Nicole Kidman, in a Rare, Down-to-Earth Interview, on Her New Adventure via we need is a Kennedy to enter the race and we'll be golden. LOL sob pyramid. Look who is on top. #ClimbHigher
Retweeted by Jennifer™@abradacabla L O LI think it truly epitomizes the utter of lack self-awareness that breeds the vast Right Wing Hypocrisy we all know & love.Jennifer Rubin bemoaning "lowest form of moral equivalence" after getting paid for writing them up for 4+ yrs is the richest thing EVAH.So much popcorn. :-p the R primary, candidates get "disqualified" for engaging in meaningless trash talk, not making reckless promises
Retweeted by Jennifer™golf twitter > 2016 political twitter
Retweeted by Jennifer™If you wear or own clothing or jewelry from someone who died, I would love to interview you & take your picture:
Retweeted by Jennifer™Their show was all this and then some.
Wow. Yeah. It is.@pnuts_mama I would have liked a lot more of that swagger from Day One. But I love it now.So many people I follow and respect from both papers...I wish everyone from @charleywest and @wvgazette godspeed and bright futures. <3@bitmapped They are probably available in the recycle bins of Charlestonians who thrive on wishful thinking in re: recycling in Charleston.What is it about social media that makes people think they have been given free license to be a jackass?Please take your condescending tweets and shove them somewhere, thanks. And you, over there? Can do the same with your superiority complex.@dustbury It's been a long time coming here, but I think it was time. Still. The end of an era...Yes. This.! I think tihs is great, but also sad! are great explorers, but our selfie game could use some work. #GoToWV @ Highland Scenic Highway country eats to cap off a fabulous day exploring this state I love with the one I love.… No biggie. Except it was the COUNTING CROWS. A totally amazing evening. Oracle employees & families jammin' in the sand.@takeme2keywest at an outdoor bar about 20 feet from the stage. Turns out, it was a private concert for an Oracle employee conference...@takeme2keywest When we were in the Bahamas a couple of years ago, we stumbled on a little concert on the beach. We snagged deck seats...Holy moly! Nope. Just not a Hillary fan.
@jkarsh THIS. Right here. Spot on. @nicole473OMG. New bucket list entry.'s about SCOTUS discussing Ali's refusal to fight in Vietnam War. Danny Glover as Thurgood. Langella as Burger. Plummer as Harlan.'Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight' is quite compelling on my TV in my air conditioned house. Never heard of this film. Unbelievable cast.I want to go out in the sun. I want to walk downtown to Street Fest. I want to take my dog. It's reeeeallllly hot. LOLnot an uncommon example of humanity in SC: Leroy Smith helps white supremacist to shelter & water as heat bears down.
Retweeted by Jennifer™THE SUN! #ProofForPosterity #NoFilter @ The Sky
Geeeeez!!! No. Don't believe you. this so much. Summary of my 3 yrs as manager at Taylor's. || HUMANS OF CHARLESTON — Andrew Yianne Photography' a little "meh" about either choice.Husband on a golf trip. Do I walk downtown and see what trouble I can find, or stay home, make myself dinner, and watch a movie?It's been a busy summer!
Interesting. I always find if I'm screaming, I'm losing. Which, hello ineffective!
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