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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

And I feel quite foolish sometimes when I pray, but my thoughts are all I got so I try to make 'em brave. And I know...I know...it's gonna be a good day. #Hello

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Home, sweet home! A successful sibling road show in the books. I will remember this trip for the rest… https://t.co/IPgqS6kd9T@Lindat1229 We are through it now, but WOW!Zero visibility. Yikes! #WelcomeHome #2Blakes2SeeU2 @ State Route 35 West Virginia https://t.co/tUSB5unf3d<3 https://t.co/GaFTkDEljJGetting closer to home. #2Blakes2SeeU2 @ Ohio State Line https://t.co/7tT8icpiAE"We all buy books we won’t live to read" : la complainte d'un lecteur et ses livres non lus http://t.co/HLbZ81tfSE
Retweeted by Jennifer™@Lindat1229 LOL!DDD stop two. Guy hasn't steered us wrong yet. #Yum #2Blakes2SeeU2 @ Triple XXX Family Restaurant https://t.co/2iN73vH4qGThis massive windmill farm is like something out of a dystopian nightmare. #2Blakes2SeeU2 @ Creepy… https://t.co/gzIsHSHlMj
|LIVE NOW| Tune in now.. live again from Chicago. #U2ieTour #meerkat http://t.co/AzwT4Wfy4j
Retweeted by Jennifer™U2 bound!! @ Hotel Blake https://t.co/Au9B8j8vbTBelieve people when they tell you who they are. This holds especially true on the twitters.Post-walking-18-country-miles libations. @ Navy Pier https://t.co/s2Nuq42T2lWill she or won't she? #ThisIsATest #2Blakes2SeeU2 @ Navy Pier https://t.co/zhYVZKIfwbSweeeeeeeet! #2Blakes2SeeU2 @ Dylan's Candy Bar Chicago https://t.co/Swi9e7u104Mid-day libation. #2Blakes2SeeU2 @ Sweetwater Tavern and Grille https://t.co/vevik8dxfqMe and the Bean. #obligatory #2Blakes2SeeU2 @ Millennium Park https://t.co/QnNbLahOfMAlthough the loss of supply/research is catastrophic, let's take a second to be thankful this #SpaceX mission was unmanned.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Good morning, Chicago! #2Blakes2SeeU2 @ Eleven City Diner https://t.co/h2pzhiZ3eY
OMG. We are going to be here for ALL OF IT. This city is a RAINBOW! https://t.co/tAHmBJypOFSerendipity rules. #2Blakes2SeeU2 @ Chicago, Illinois https://t.co/lhc88ihll3As is this. Sadly, I could go on like this all night. https://t.co/kaGVB7lD6rThis is why the GOP is so damn scary. I mean, this? This is ignorant. https://t.co/Q2ggVn5N7c
<3 https://t.co/KPhYoWFofMGlen Campbell's Daughter Ashley Details Dad's Declining Health http://t.co/uXQdxaLpfV via @rollingstone#LoveWins https://t.co/4aw5SMYCcB@DMFWV Awww. You are a good daddy. I just read that there are more lost dogs on July 4th than any other day of the year for that reason."The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world." ~ Paul Farmer Yes. Yes. Yes yes yes.Beautiful night. @ Live on the Levee https://t.co/5pARaIC0DpLife is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can. {blogged} http://t.co/1mhJpDr0WVWe don't always agree, but I am forever proud to support President Obama.The Blake siblings are staying at Hotel Blake during our Chicago / U2 adventure. Life may never be the same. LOLOL@Lindat1229 I am! I am!@ErinLShaver All because of you. LOL@ErinLShaver Thank you. I am doing it.So you aren't going to help me by telling me what to do? Thanks for nothing, Twitter. :-(@dustbury HA!! No! I loved it! And seeing them in concert is a bucket list item.I AM A CONFLICTED, GUILT RIDDLED IDIOT!!!What is wrong with me? I should do it. Right? Or not. I mean, money. Plans already made for weekend. Two trips coming up in near future.Twitter, help me. Opportunity for a brother-sister road trip to see U2 in Chicago Sunday. Why am I finding million reasons to say I CAN'T.All in all, been an excellent week for humanity. Cheers, my fellow Americans. The 4th of July week ahead is going to be SPECTACULAR. <3cc: @BobbyJindal https://t.co/NKdfz90tI2Yes, we can! :-) https://t.co/B879vGh0ivLOL https://t.co/00DMqgK1yWYep. https://t.co/bwGy9kNJuW<3 https://t.co/tiwYpIBI8GStonewall Uprising, New York City, began this week 1969: http://t.co/EQqJx4xcMc
Retweeted by Jennifer™Justice, served. https://t.co/hWGVH8qIPg
I think I might be in the audience Sunday night. OMG. || U2 review: Big ideas, no-frills songs at United Center http://t.co/WoHGDFjEyp@toddgunter I hope your weekend is full of all the things that bring you joy. Happy birthday weekend!Her big news does not elicit any emotion from me whatsoever. Reading "NYT best selling author Bristol Palin" in her Twitter bio, however...I think this is really happening. My brother is a CRAZY PERSON. Thank goodness. !!!One minute, we're enjoying a post- @FestivALL Art Walk beverage on the porch, the next we're plotting Sunday trek to Chicago to see U2..Oh, good grief, America. https://t.co/EVw27ciNJZGlenn McConnell, a Confederate re-enactor & state sen turned CoC president, breaks silence: flag should come down. https://t.co/G4UhArgx1Y
Retweeted by Jennifer™@eJoelWatts @ezraklein Fingers crossed.@rkrystalli That will certainly be a fascinating look back examination someday in the distant future.@rkrystalli Interesting. The symbolism of it means little to me without the foundation of sincerity to hold it up. I never felt that.@rkrystalli This makes the great assumption that his "remorse" is real. Did it seem so to you? His comments left me cold.LOVE! https://t.co/ldkNMXLIFx
@TheMattToy :-)@DaleJr Huey Lewis and the News. Okay, not my favorite. Just the first one that popped in my head.@cgoodwoman Why is that, do you suppose?Now that I'm sick I can do something I haven't done in years... #PeteandPete marathon.
Retweeted by Jennifer™What a day! Just when you think @FestivALL can't possibly one up itself, you are proven delightfully, fantastically wrong. <3The War Memorial is breathtaking tonight. @ West Virginia State Capitol https://t.co/A8gihJGWHLMy 4th year in a row. Wouldn't miss it for anything. #FestivALL http://t.co/WZY8KTFM5zJust saw someone describe current GOP field as "fresh." LOL LOLOLOLSuch a treat to sit in on this conversation between @annasale and @DwightGarner. #WVProud #FestivALL http://t.co/WDpboevIhIDeath Sex +Money. Here we go! #FestivALL @ Walker theater, Clay Center https://t.co/dLJbcbKehRWould love to be there! https://t.co/aLsVNp1p0MHope you have a great one in store, too! <3Such a day ahead! Tons of running around, coffee date, then evening w/ @annasale, @DwightGarner, capped off with the Dance Gala. #FestivALL
@eJoelWatts I'd guess the latter. Feels true. LOLNYC grants landmark status to Stonewall Inn, iconic bar in LGBT community, site of 1969 riots. http://t.co/GXJjapEalA http://t.co/SC2P5QHbRs
Retweeted by Jennifer™@eJoelWatts He's offended that I've castrated his "they want all our guns!" posit and am advocating common sense.@eJoelWatts Maybe. I don't. I just got embroiled in political discussion I usually avoid like the plague over there on someone else's page.@cm_stover Right? I have been having fierce, fierce dreams about it of late.@dustbury A dream! :-)Dear FB Guy Trying To Bait Me - Your position would be vastly better served if you could construct a lucid, coherent sentence. Kisses xAre you an E.E. Cummings fan? You must get this book. It's beautiful and wondrous. http://t.co/SerpLzl8IKOh, Mr. Twain. I beg to disagree. The public will criticize a mole hill for not being a mountain. https://t.co/pyAZ0vVzsoFor the record, my bag of books is already packed for a month of lakeside leisure. So, yanno. I'm half way there, right?@pnuts_mama Wanna come? :-)@RicCavender They favorited a couple of tweets of mine. I clicked on the avi and it said I was blocked from viewing their tweets.Want to know what I am plotting right now? Ways to justify spending a month at a cabin on a lake in the middle of nowhere.@dutchdogdad LOL :-)@dutchdogdad Are you speaking from experience, sir? :-/@olevia Said person has favorited two tweets in recent days. Seems curious. Motives nefarious? Probably. :-)I just discovered I've been blocked by someone I've never heard of before this very minute. That's fancy, innit? LOLNeed a job? https://t.co/7JNLMs0njX@MeaganShelton @ASourAppleTree Well, it seemed important in that context. Free pro tip from a social media pro, for the greater good. Ha!@ASourAppleTree LOL@JoEllenZacks Never heard of either. LOL My perfume tastes run more to this: http://t.co/yeMGDwWpmR1) Nice work if you can get it. 2) Coty is still a thing? Who knew?! #StetsonGirl https://t.co/89KGYM4U3v@KanawhaCoAlerts @KCCDHSEM If you want everyone to see a tweet that starts with a @ you have to put a period first. Like this: .@wvamwaterThe sky is taking a dark turn here. Batten down those hatches, #CRW!It's not even remotely a free speech argument. Just like wanting stronger gun laws is not remotely a 2nd amendment argument.Wear it. Wave it. Go right ahead and show us who you are. But there is zero rationale for this symbol of tragedy to represent officially.Just move it from a place of prominent legitimacy. That's all. It doesn't belong there. By all means, keep flying it high on your own house.
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