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If you take anything I say on Twitter seriously, you have too much time on your hands. WHITE PEOPLE PARTY MUSIC in stores NOW!!!

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The day is finally here!! Our debut album will be released on....... OCTOBER 7th!!!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! #4Count #4locos #NCredible
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#NickCannon will be at the #PepsiPopUp on September 6th in Toronto. check out the @PepsiCanada Facebook for info! http://t.co/ZrVmyAAuv8Talent can take you so far, but #FitTea and Hard Work can get you across the Finish Line! http://t.co/jZHR7bmKmt #sp http://t.co/N7mb9rytHc
#TBT #NickCannon rocking a mohawk on the Kids Choice red carpet in '06 beside Whoopi Goldberg http://t.co/k5YkoN3rdnTonight #NickCannon's wrist wear on @NBCAGT was courtesy of @traxnyc. http://t.co/uYrud1gZjO
Live in five on @nbcagt! #NickCannon getting his final touches! http://t.co/bhQX03hxHR#NickCannon hosts @NBCAGT results tonight, LIVE from @RadioCity! Who's watching?now casting for a #NickCannon produced docu-series. read details: http://t.co/Mr1uqIm4hBWhat is #NickCannon's pre #AGT meal tonight? Cheese balls! http://t.co/ZoZ2bTN58ohttp://t.co/TdfVFxmNU6: Kehlani http://t.co/M90eeS2hE5Last night's AGT semi-finals look styled by dandridesigns Katja with suit by paulsmithdesign, shirt by… http://t.co/AzROJAnsQIDOWNLOAD NOW: @kehlanimusic #Cloud19 http://t.co/5amptxRdZR http://t.co/1mDiATNdjDtonight at 11pm on @MTV2 #WTFO with special guest @TechN9ne http://t.co/cwckuFo5Ss
Voting is now open for #AGT! Make sure you VOTE, you really can't just tweet! Go to Google and search "AGT" to vote right now!Commercial break follow spree! Retweet this now and you may get followed…especially if you're watching @NBCAGT! #AGT#NickCannon takes a selfie from the judges desk at @NBCAGT! Who's watching? #AGT http://t.co/PmOGQl2soy#NickCannon is lookin fly tonight on @NBCAGT! Retweet if you agree!
Now Playing on @hulu: "F#CK NICK CANNON" http://t.co/48zBFHj1ghJoin @lupusorg and Nick on 9/20 in LA for #WalktoEndLupusNow. Register today http://t.co/L2WlacGZCh
So excited! @NickCannon will help us donate 4000 sackpacks in #NYC today @NYCDHS @NYCSchools @BXCharterSchool @LHOutreach #ODFcares
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@NickCannon #TeenNockTop10 please do Shower by BeckyG
Retweeted by Nick CannonYaaaasssss!!! Love me some One Republic!! #TeenNickTop10 @NickCannon 😍😍
Retweeted by Nick CannonI can't wait to see @AmandaDilks2 new moves😍👯#TeenNickTop10 @TeenNickTop10_ @NickCannon
Retweeted by Nick CannonI see my boo on TV! Tune into Teen Nick right now easy coast @ColetteCrazy @NickCannon @cherrytreerec Xx
Retweeted by Nick CannonI love @AmandaDilks2 dancing!💕👯 love you Amanda! #TeenNickTop10 @TeenNickTop10_ @NickCannon
Retweeted by Nick CannonNY Senator @RuthHassell thanks @NickCannon for helping donate sackpacks to NFWL @ElectedWomen across the country!
Retweeted by Nick CannonWe want thank @OfficeDepotFndn and @NickCannon for making this wonderful event and awesome pic happen for our kids! http://t.co/T8nnGtU9Xg
Retweeted by Nick Cannonthe @YTV Summer Beach Bash airs this Saturday at 6pm et/pt http://t.co/9MY7Whp1yw
FRESNO: Tonight @ 10! The premiere of @kehlanimusic's #FWU inside the #B95 Slow Jams w/ @djkayrich! #YoungCalifornia http://t.co/1QqOfC7C0oNick will be playing in the @POWER106LA #Power106AllStars Celebrity BBall Game on 9/21. Tix on sale TODAY http://t.co/5qjTrjrPzS.@NickCannon takes on #icebucketchallenge NAKED then challenges @HowardStern @howiemandel & @SHAQ. https://t.co/e8jQKppdSF
Retweeted by Nick Cannonhttp://t.co/5GaY055D9J … <---Nick's ice challenge#NewNationalAnthem @Tip http://t.co/PX87uR1vpuCheck out #ComedyDynamics on @facebook and watch "F#CK NICK CANNON" on @hulu. https://t.co/gfdFl09pZB http://t.co/nMJNc5DqM7
Everybody #WTFO! @nickcannon #WildNOut featuring @asherroth @DritaDavanzo @TroyAve airs NOW on @mtv2!
Retweeted by Nick CannonYes, I just accepted the #ALSIceBucketChallenge from @officialmelb! I'm doing it NAKED! #AGT @nbcagtLess than ONE HOUR until @NBCAGT is on! The results are tonight. Seven acts go home, while 5 advance to the semifinals! #AGTisNextTonight on #WildNOut! @AsherRoth, Lady Boss @DritaDavanzo, and @TroyAve. Tune-in at 11/10c on @MTV2 and #WTFO http://t.co/xLowoh5zAvhttp://t.co/TdfVFxEX8e: Power 106 All-Star Celebrity Basketball Game http://t.co/niUmDBUaCI
Remember you MUST VOTE if you don't want your favorite acts to go home! Just go to Google and search AGT to vote up to 10 times! #AGTCommercial break follow spree! Use #AGT in a tweet, and you may get followed! 3-2-1-GO!Let's hope @IAMJHUD just saw #Quintavious on #AGT!You're makin' a black man blush, @HowardStern!" - #NickCannon on @NBCAGTThank YOU for watching @nbcagt tonight! #AGT http://t.co/kl2SRvWFBnWhoa. @HeidiKlum just sang "Stay With Me" by @samsmithworld on @NBCAGT! She was goooood!Less than an hour until #AGT starts! Retweet if you're watching tonight!Check out @Official4Count's music video for their latest single #California http://t.co/FcqgoHoACnWATCH NOW: "F#CK NICK CANNON" http://t.co/HpsdwfZ2fS via @hulu
Tonight at Tao NYC celebrating @SKAMartist's own Sujit. http://t.co/DK0MTY3x0I
check out #ComedyDynamics on Facebook - https://t.co/gfdFl09pZBComedy Dynamics produced the two #NickCannon comedy specials and now they’re on hulu too! Check it out! https://t.co/h9QPZaS9vP
#NickCannon will be honored by @LupusLA at #Lucky4Lupus in September! http://t.co/umliqFbN8L http://t.co/RibxsRZ9SMcheck #NickCannon out in the debut episode of CELEBRITIES REACT! See what @thefinebros made him watch! https://t.co/upfcKZDexZ
Retweet if you laughed when @HeidiKlum fell out of her chair!! #AGTTonight on @NBCAGT: @KenichiEbina returns and @TaylorComedy gets his date with @HeidiKlum! #AGTNEW MUSIC: @kehlanimusic "Collect Call" https://t.co/79xfLa9aZeCheck @JodyHighroller battle #NickCannon for the #WildNOut belt and a briefcase full of cash TONIGHT at 11/10c on @MTV2
You MUST vote for an act on @NBCAGT! Go to google, and search "AGT" then vote up to 10x for your favorite! It's that easy!.@HowieMandel is the #OneDirection of mentioning @OneDirection just to get more followers! #AGTQuick follow spree! Retweet this now and you may get a follow! #AGTisONWhat the heck did that kid just say to me? Went right over my mohawk! #AGTGoing live in less than 5!! It's Ncredible!!!!Something is different about #NickCannon tonight. Maybe it's the hair? @NBCAGT starts at 9! http://t.co/vKwoamfWbKWho else can’t wait to see what suit @NickCannon’s rockin’ tonight?! Find out LIVE on #AGT at 9/8c! http://t.co/lHpA8PrJz7
Retweeted by Nick CannonRT if you're ready for @NBCAGT! #GetMyAGTOn.@kehlanimusic's #Cloud19 is only a week away. are you ready? http://t.co/VFmmT7qFzuThe comedy is wild, the outfits are wilder. @JodyHighroller challenges #NickCannon’s style on TOMORROW’S #WildNOut at 11/10c on @MTV2If you haven't seen The Mannings new video with @directv http://t.co/nLHtay2Qsd what are you waiting for?? It's too good! #FFF
here's #NickCannon with Kea one of #StMarysNcredibleKids! text 80888 to donate today! http://t.co/iYSsONpM2X
Toronto. Tonight. Get it in at @MUZIKPOOLBAR with #NickCannon and @SKAMARTIST http://t.co/HpK4WrdH4X
tomorrow, the party of the summer with @NickCannon and @SKAMartist http://t.co/d143v9GL2p
tune in to @QVC tonight at 11pm EST to see @NickCannon talking about the #NcredibleTablet2 days until Nick goes to #Toronto to host #YTVBeachBash! Who's ready to party with him and @Official4Count? Aug 9 Sugar Beach #freeshow
brand new episode of #WildNOut with the young king @AustinMahone is on @MTV2 right now though!
Retweeted by Nick Cannonbahahahaha… @howiemandel and i are twins. *internet fist bump* http://t.co/WiTq2D18N3Finally got my phone back from @HeidiKlum! Girl, watch out….I've already pranked you once, I can do it again. #AGTYou wanted a makeup selfie. It's @heidiklum, if ur confused. I stole Nick's twitter! I'll give it back b4 @nbcagt! http://t.co/MfSHa9SbDyWhat should I do with Nick's twitter (I stole his phone) before we go live on @nbcagt?! Tell me! xo @heidiklumHi everyone, @HeidiKlum here! I stole Nick's phone...so I'm tweeting! hehehe xx http://t.co/RigVd2GOzeMy people! #AGT results are on tonight at 9! Watch! http://t.co/7LNAFCFzFOHey ladies and #Mahomies, @AustineMahone is in the #WildNOut building TONIGHT. Watch at 11/10c on @MTV2 http://t.co/CWlA86Uv7I.@AustinMahone On @NickCannon Presents: #WildNOut (Exclusive First Look): http://t.co/mozvGDEgiX @MTV2 @MTV #Mahomies
Retweeted by Nick CannonCongrats to Tim Balz, @TeenNick HALO Effect August recipient! using robotics to fix electric wheelchairs for kids in need #HALOawards
Voting is so important on @NBCAGT! You can't just tweet - you have to vote! Go type AGT in to Google search, and you can vote! That easy!During this performance only…I'm following fans who TWEET THIS NOW: #WeLoveAGTHow many people have almost fell on their butt on national TV while on roller skates? Just me? @nbcagt http://t.co/67fIg6nyiEDoin my thang! #AGT http://t.co/3NBhgWuZ6nHey @DavidSpade! I see you in the @NBCAGT audience! Thanks for stopping by! #AGTDon't ya just love a good cat fight between @OfficialMelB and @HowieMandel Watch out, Howie! #AGT#NicksHatRetweet this if you're ready to see @NickCannon's shoes on #AGT!
Retweeted by Nick CannonQuick follow spree if you retweet this right now! #WatchAGTTonight's @NBCAGT has fire...more than once! Who's ready for another crazy live show from @RadioCity!Check out my boys @Official4count having too much fun in their #YTVBeachBash promo! http://t.co/CPqcYTZVub Sat, Aug 9 @ytv #freeshow#Mahomies! RT this 1K times to unlock a vid of @AustinMahone battling @NickCannon b4 it airs on Wed's #WildNOut! http://t.co/VAZyMUhLqB
Retweeted by Nick CannonWe’re playing a new game TOMORROW on #WildNOut called #TurnUpForWhat. Tune-in at 11/10c on @MTV2 to check the madness.
Want an #NCredibletablet? Share the love, win a tablet. donate today. #StMarysNCredibleKids @NCredible_kids http://t.co/ZWO5l9eKYi
Great day in Times Square to help @Comcastdreambig partner @BGCA_Clubs launch their #GreatFutures campaign. Props to our host @NickCannon.
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
Our own @FredMaahs teaming up with @NickCannon to spread the word about @BGCA_Clubs! http://t.co/KYdWdOyWfR
Retweeted by Nick CannonWhen the 3pm bell rings, Boys & Girls Club doors open. Join @BGCA_Clubs to open the door for kids at http://t.co/7QHEv3ACme #GreatFutures
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