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If you take anything I say on Twitter seriously, you have too much time on your hands. WHITE PEOPLE PARTY MUSIC in stores NOW!!!

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Everybody #WTFO! @nickcannon #WildNOut featuring @asherroth @DritaDavanzo @TroyAve airs NOW on @mtv2!
Retweeted by Nick CannonYes, I just accepted the #ALSIceBucketChallenge from @officialmelb! I'm doing it NAKED! #AGT @nbcagtLess than ONE HOUR until @NBCAGT is on! The results are tonight. Seven acts go home, while 5 advance to the semifinals! #AGTisNextTonight on #WildNOut! @AsherRoth, Lady Boss @DritaDavanzo, and @TroyAve. Tune-in at 11/10c on @MTV2 and #WTFO http://t.co/xLowoh5zAvhttp://t.co/TdfVFxEX8e: Power 106 All-Star Celebrity Basketball Game http://t.co/niUmDBUaCI
Remember you MUST VOTE if you don't want your favorite acts to go home! Just go to Google and search AGT to vote up to 10 times! #AGTCommercial break follow spree! Use #AGT in a tweet, and you may get followed! 3-2-1-GO!Let's hope @IAMJHUD just saw #Quintavious on #AGT!You're makin' a black man blush, @HowardStern!" - #NickCannon on @NBCAGTThank YOU for watching @nbcagt tonight! #AGT http://t.co/kl2SRvWFBnWhoa. @HeidiKlum just sang "Stay With Me" by @samsmithworld on @NBCAGT! She was goooood!Less than an hour until #AGT starts! Retweet if you're watching tonight!Check out @Official4Count's music video for their latest single #California http://t.co/FcqgoHoACnWATCH NOW: "F#CK NICK CANNON" http://t.co/HpsdwfZ2fS via @hulu
Tonight at Tao NYC celebrating @SKAMartist's own Sujit. http://t.co/DK0MTY3x0I
check out #ComedyDynamics on Facebook - https://t.co/gfdFl09pZBComedy Dynamics produced the two #NickCannon comedy specials and now they’re on hulu too! Check it out! https://t.co/h9QPZaS9vP
#NickCannon will be honored by @LupusLA at #Lucky4Lupus in September! http://t.co/umliqFbN8L http://t.co/RibxsRZ9SMcheck #NickCannon out in the debut episode of CELEBRITIES REACT! See what @thefinebros made him watch! https://t.co/upfcKZDexZ
Retweet if you laughed when @HeidiKlum fell out of her chair!! #AGTTonight on @NBCAGT: @KenichiEbina returns and @TaylorComedy gets his date with @HeidiKlum! #AGTNEW MUSIC: @kehlanimusic "Collect Call" https://t.co/79xfLa9aZeCheck @JodyHighroller battle #NickCannon for the #WildNOut belt and a briefcase full of cash TONIGHT at 11/10c on @MTV2
You MUST vote for an act on @NBCAGT! Go to google, and search "AGT" then vote up to 10x for your favorite! It's that easy!.@HowieMandel is the #OneDirection of mentioning @OneDirection just to get more followers! #AGTQuick follow spree! Retweet this now and you may get a follow! #AGTisONWhat the heck did that kid just say to me? Went right over my mohawk! #AGTGoing live in less than 5!! It's Ncredible!!!!Something is different about #NickCannon tonight. Maybe it's the hair? @NBCAGT starts at 9! http://t.co/vKwoamfWbKWho else can’t wait to see what suit @NickCannon’s rockin’ tonight?! Find out LIVE on #AGT at 9/8c! http://t.co/lHpA8PrJz7
Retweeted by Nick CannonRT if you're ready for @NBCAGT! #GetMyAGTOn.@kehlanimusic's #Cloud19 is only a week away. are you ready? http://t.co/VFmmT7qFzuThe comedy is wild, the outfits are wilder. @JodyHighroller challenges #NickCannon’s style on TOMORROW’S #WildNOut at 11/10c on @MTV2If you haven't seen The Mannings new video with @directv http://t.co/nLHtay2Qsd what are you waiting for?? It's too good! #FFF
here's #NickCannon with Kea one of #StMarysNcredibleKids! text 80888 to donate today! http://t.co/iYSsONpM2X
Toronto. Tonight. Get it in at @MUZIKPOOLBAR with #NickCannon and @SKAMARTIST http://t.co/HpK4WrdH4X
tomorrow, the party of the summer with @NickCannon and @SKAMartist http://t.co/d143v9GL2p
tune in to @QVC tonight at 11pm EST to see @NickCannon talking about the #NcredibleTablet2 days until Nick goes to #Toronto to host #YTVBeachBash! Who's ready to party with him and @Official4Count? Aug 9 Sugar Beach #freeshow
brand new episode of #WildNOut with the young king @AustinMahone is on @MTV2 right now though!
Retweeted by Nick Cannonbahahahaha… @howiemandel and i are twins. *internet fist bump* http://t.co/WiTq2D18N3Finally got my phone back from @HeidiKlum! Girl, watch out….I've already pranked you once, I can do it again. #AGTYou wanted a makeup selfie. It's @heidiklum, if ur confused. I stole Nick's twitter! I'll give it back b4 @nbcagt! http://t.co/MfSHa9SbDyWhat should I do with Nick's twitter (I stole his phone) before we go live on @nbcagt?! Tell me! xo @heidiklumHi everyone, @HeidiKlum here! I stole Nick's phone...so I'm tweeting! hehehe xx http://t.co/RigVd2GOzeMy people! #AGT results are on tonight at 9! Watch! http://t.co/7LNAFCFzFOHey ladies and #Mahomies, @AustineMahone is in the #WildNOut building TONIGHT. Watch at 11/10c on @MTV2 http://t.co/CWlA86Uv7I.@AustinMahone On @NickCannon Presents: #WildNOut (Exclusive First Look): http://t.co/mozvGDEgiX @MTV2 @MTV #Mahomies
Retweeted by Nick CannonCongrats to Tim Balz, @TeenNick HALO Effect August recipient! using robotics to fix electric wheelchairs for kids in need #HALOawards
Voting is so important on @NBCAGT! You can't just tweet - you have to vote! Go type AGT in to Google search, and you can vote! That easy!During this performance only…I'm following fans who TWEET THIS NOW: #WeLoveAGTHow many people have almost fell on their butt on national TV while on roller skates? Just me? @nbcagt http://t.co/67fIg6nyiEDoin my thang! #AGT http://t.co/3NBhgWuZ6nHey @DavidSpade! I see you in the @NBCAGT audience! Thanks for stopping by! #AGTDon't ya just love a good cat fight between @OfficialMelB and @HowieMandel Watch out, Howie! #AGT#NicksHatRetweet this if you're ready to see @NickCannon's shoes on #AGT!
Retweeted by Nick CannonQuick follow spree if you retweet this right now! #WatchAGTTonight's @NBCAGT has fire...more than once! Who's ready for another crazy live show from @RadioCity!Check out my boys @Official4count having too much fun in their #YTVBeachBash promo! http://t.co/CPqcYTZVub Sat, Aug 9 @ytv #freeshow#Mahomies! RT this 1K times to unlock a vid of @AustinMahone battling @NickCannon b4 it airs on Wed's #WildNOut! http://t.co/VAZyMUhLqB
Retweeted by Nick CannonWe’re playing a new game TOMORROW on #WildNOut called #TurnUpForWhat. Tune-in at 11/10c on @MTV2 to check the madness.
Want an #NCredibletablet? Share the love, win a tablet. donate today. #StMarysNCredibleKids @NCredible_kids http://t.co/ZWO5l9eKYi
Great day in Times Square to help @Comcastdreambig partner @BGCA_Clubs launch their #GreatFutures campaign. Props to our host @NickCannon.
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
Our own @FredMaahs teaming up with @NickCannon to spread the word about @BGCA_Clubs! http://t.co/KYdWdOyWfR
Retweeted by Nick CannonWhen the 3pm bell rings, Boys & Girls Club doors open. Join @BGCA_Clubs to open the door for kids at http://t.co/7QHEv3ACme #GreatFutures
@NickCannon, why are you dressed like Lionel Jefferson? #AGT
Retweeted by Nick CannonTime shines in my @RafaelloandCo timepiece you saw tonight on @nbcagt! http://t.co/icjcbUuaSBSpoiler: Also moving on in the competition is @BailaConmigoST, and @davidandleeman! #AGTSpoiler: Congrats to @Miguel_Dakota, @Westimonials, and @DanNaturman for making it to the semi-finals! 2 more to join the party tonight.Grabbed @duttypaul before he went onstage! #AGT http://t.co/GGMRAXnX16Look who I'm hangin with during the commercial break! @enrique305! He's on #AGT tonight. http://t.co/GFdrCWHMxVTurn it on! @NBCAGT starts right now!30 minutes until the @nbcagt results show! Who's staying in the competition?.@chrissyteigen & @michaelstrahan are reppin’ the #BlackSquad TONIGHT on #WildNOut at 11/10c on @MTV2! http://t.co/9nqvO0u0Iw
Don't forget to VOTE for #AGT by going to Google and typing AGT in the search box! Then click on your favorite contestant to vote!The hustle paid off! @nbcagt live shows are such a rush! http://t.co/MOX72YwAz5Did @OfficialMelB really just have another buzzer fail on #AGT? Yes. Good job, Scary Spice!That's right! Follow @nbcagt for all the secrets from backstage!#AGT is on! Let me know who's watching!special thanks to @MrFlawless1 for hooking up the Hublot on the wrist!Minutes away from America's Got Talent! @iamSean_Luke are up first! hip hop tap dancers! #AGTFollowing people who tweet THIS now: #AGTat9Check out these @LouisLeeman shoes I'm wearin on @nbcagt TONIGHT! Retweet if you're ready! http://t.co/QVlMZ0vZrW
Have you bought @Official4Count's new single #CALIFORNIA yet?! Get it now: https://t.co/sDWptsx6Pl
Retweeted by Nick CannonThanks to ShelbyandSandy for the art http://t.co/GhsAsRPI50
Staying refreshed at the @ncredibletablet launch party thanks to @lalpinawater! #kiainmalibuCelebrating the launch of the @ncredibletablet at the @kia estate - What a great party! #kiainmalibu
Share six words about the Giver and you can win big @getschooled http://t.co/nZhS3nxQhS
AUGUST 9th! Sugar Beach! Be there!! #4Count #YTVBeachBash http://t.co/L8V21AiS6a http://t.co/cBTezL512l
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
“@smoss: Bout to takeover #WildNOut sorry nick i gotta get you! #mr106 http://t.co/dYu6WpqoCR” BRING IT.ready for an all new episode of #WildNOut? tune in to @MTV2 at 11pm for the brand new with the dude @smoss! #WTFOHere's who is on @NBCAGT's FIRST live show from @RadioCity on 7/29 at 9/8c! http://t.co/wp26TQIaa7Go tell @NBCAGT if you are happy or mad about the results!#ItsAYes for @AnnaWClendening @Westimonials and @TheKelliGlover to come to @NBCAGT live shows!Agree with #JudgmentWeek decisions so far? Retweet for YES; Favorite for NO!#MiguelAndJaycob are BOTH going to @NBCAGT LIVE shows!!!! *girls scream*Oh NO! @Miguel_Dakota and @JaycobCurlee are on stage together! Who will get sent HOME?! @NBCAGTWhy does @HowieMandel always pace when he argues with the judges? #AGTI'M JUST AS NERVOUS AS YOU, AND I KNOW THE RESULTS! HAHAHA… #AGT
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