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The NRCC is devoted to increasing the Republican conference in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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NRCC Morning Reads For Oct. 24, 2014: Battle In Coal Country, Dems’ Desperation, New @NRCC Ads http://t.co/4OnyCVnn2S http://t.co/S1N6nWNyJ2Just 11 days until Election Day 2014. Here’s what you need to know: It’s @NRCC Morning Reads http://t.co/4OnyCVnn2S http://t.co/q6jqTjNvNC
12 days before Election Day. You know what that means…it’s @NRCC Morning Reads! http://t.co/fSuGvm8bKr http://t.co/puowDWHbm9.@NRCC Morning Reads: GOP Sleeper Races, Another bad moment for Kuster, Debate in MN-07 http://t.co/fSuGvm8bKr http://t.co/WYjES5r1gR
Thank you to our brave men and women in the armed services, who keep us safe everyday. http://t.co/IjKT26QtKmLiberal Democrat Staci Appel votes with her party a shocking 99% of the time. Watch our new ad in #IA03: https://t.co/lFPNg12vPVThis Democrat Claims No One Lost Health Care Plan Because of #Obamacare http://t.co/v3zpi11qeB via @nrcc #nh01 #nhpoliticsNRCC Morning Reads For Oct. 22, 2014: See What The Gov’t Is Wasting Your Money On; Pelosi Isn’t Going Anywhere http://t.co/wHrvtPHt3u13 days until Election Day. It’s time for another edition of @NRCC Morning Reads http://t.co/wHrvtPHt3u http://t.co/SlF9F1JXiZ
A vote for John Barrow is a vote for Obama's policies. Just ask the President himself. Watch our new ad in #GA12: https://t.co/7AqrPLNkkbElection Day is exactly 2 weeks from today. Here’s what you need to know: http://t.co/ouDO9C3GzP http://t.co/LnOIFoPqQuNRCC Morning Reads For Oct. 21, 2014: Obama Says All 2014 Dems Support His Agenda, GOP On Offense In IA, New NRCC Ads http://t.co/ouDO9C3GzP
We’re 15 days from Election Day and here are your @NRCC Morning Reads http://t.co/4pG3qbbnD6
We’re 18 days from Election Day 2014 and these are your @NRCC Morning Reads http://t.co/sLCuQNfdRI http://t.co/kn5dYKMRsC
Part of #HCSW @BarbaraComstock receives @IWVoice's Healthcare Leadership Award http://t.co/MuP5JQWRUq #VA10 http://t.co/oyUVRxhCOf
Retweeted by NRCCDay 2 of @NRCC’s Morning Reads is here! Get your campaign fix here: http://t.co/MDc5EsdiFp http://t.co/fMWliZJArE
Nancy Pelosi has $33 MILLION dollars to try to win back the House. We can't let her win ----> http://t.co/XbB3rbMLy6 http://t.co/Ggi5QW9N5M.@NRCC Morning Reads for 10/15/14: @NancyPelosi In Retreat, Dems Called Out For Ebola Lies http://t.co/Wta4CPhvmE http://t.co/TDSwyYAMQBNEW FEATURE FROM @NRCC – We’re 20 days from Election Day and this is what you need to read http://t.co/Wta4CPhvmE
What has @Ann_Kirkpatrick done for Arizonans? She's racked up trillions in debt. Watch our newest ad in #AZ01. https://t.co/MGaugw9cYLDems Offensive Hopes Fade, Retreat To Defense As They Pull Money From Yet Another Highly-Touted Candidate http://t.co/8jmebiMuT8Happy birthday to our nation's 34th president Dwight Eisenhower! http://t.co/WtHP2kZoYGHave you seen these gorgeous American Eagle Brooches? Get yours today! http://t.co/aj1cvCKHKP http://t.co/pVtAa3IF5CWhat do Nancy Pelosi and the Jacksonville Jaguars have in common? http://t.co/8jmebiMuT8
It's been over a year since http://t.co/fJmARHulHK's launch, yet the "glitches" keep coming... http://t.co/4ivSgSqNZ9JUST IN: We got a limited shipment of our American Eagle Brooches. Order now before they run out: https://t.co/cbYtfvYTDTMUST WATCH: @leezeldin's zinger hits @TimBishopNY a.k.a. "the friggin' mailman" for failing to deliver in #ny01. http://t.co/AfYKZymqEq
Kirkpatrick says voting for #ObamaCare was “right for my district.” Tell her she’s WRONG —> http://t.co/B0JBfuanZD http://t.co/Q24OS9z9W8
Retweeted by NRCC.@WoolfforNY slammed on national TV for sexist “manual labor” comment. http://t.co/GyRPJ79BvP #ny21You won’t believe how this Army vet tossed the ceremonial first pitch last week http://t.co/FPyWvbgTNK
Fight back against the failed Obama agenda. Learn how you can cast your vote today! http://t.co/in3polnpLKObama says his policies are on the ballot this November. But you can vote against them now. Find out how: http://t.co/ouzo27rpIkSurprise, Surprise: More http://t.co/zN9rxebMN7 Glitches Over A Year After The Website Rollout http://t.co/5HSCwFVWnM
You Know It’s Bad When Even Jimmy Carter Is Criticizing President Obama’s Foreign Policy http://t.co/TdqRfGjc7i
RT @Andy_Tobin: @Ann_Kirkpatrick repeatedly picks the party line over national security. #AZ01 http://t.co/PeZTESQnaR.@CollinPeterson is using his private plane to fly to...Vegas? #MN07 https://t.co/B90lYND93JCan she be trusted? Democrat @Ann_Kirkpatrick sided with Pelosi instead of voting to secure Arizona’s border. #AZ01 https://t.co/gf0ibCd1RVWe can’t trust @repjohnbarrow He claimed to oppose Obamacare, but voted 24 times to keep it. #GA12 https://t.co/LyB8xGCJyh.@RepBera said Congress shouldn't get paid without passing a budget. Why didn't he vote for one? #CA07 https://t.co/VNx3JGhLuE
WATCH: White House Doubles Down: “No” Regrets On Obama Saying Policies Are On Ballot http://t.co/Se5eIdLbJDRT @AndreaBozek: the @DCCC triage has begun. Retreating in key swing districts to shore up Obama seats. http://t.co/ps1fN0DHWODemocrat @PeteGallego will help radical environmentalists strangle Texas' economy. After all, they own him. #TX23 https://t.co/GQQ2RQ0FRSDemocrat @JoeGarcia promised to stop corruption scandals. Instead, he became one. #FL26 #Sayfie https://t.co/pCVOINL0nl
BREAKING: Medicare To Reduce Payments To Three-Quarters Of Eligible Hospitals http://t.co/QstOasnkECWatch Elise Stefanik Deliver The Weekly Republican Address http://t.co/qBiWRF9YZv
Obama is not on the ballot this year. But his liberal agenda is. Help us fight back: http://t.co/YO4e2CKhu2 http://t.co/YqtIqr2JUQVIDEO: Barack Obama: “Make No Mistake,” My Policies “Are On The Ballot” In November http://t.co/aU1VhasvcZBREAKING: Republican @EliseStefanik has been selected to deliver this week’s GOP Weekly Address! http://t.co/IqtheHsf2tObama: 'I am not on the ballot this far. But my policies are.' We agree. http://t.co/YqtIqr2JUQThank you Chairman @Reince for showing that the Republican vision and #GOPPrinciples are the best way forward for America..@Reince showing Americans what Republicans mean when we say we stand for growth and opportunity. #GOPPrinciples
Have you seen the @CRNC’s latest ad? https://t.co/Raj8qwEyzWIn spite of what she says, here are 27 reasons why @NancyPelosi actually is a factor in 2014 http://t.co/mH9U4QyxioWATCH —> @NancyPelosi just threw in the #2014 towel: http://t.co/ewdSjfNI2MAndrew Romanoff has Pelosi. @RepMikeCoffman has every mayor in #CO06. http://t.co/Tjx6UNC70L1 Year After Epic Website Fail, Support For #ObamaCare Is Still Dragging Down Dems http://t.co/MOGRt9bknY
Thanks for your support! RT @GrndLkNatv: @jonathanmc07 @NRCC Thank you!! Gotta have $$ to win our races!!“It’s crunch time…control of Congress is hanging in the balance.” - @tedcruz DONATE TODAY: http://t.co/YO4e2CKhu2 http://t.co/IwkqTQ0xCxIn 35 days, we have a chance to stop them from controlling America. http://t.co/YO4e2CKhu2 http://t.co/qLxXY6WG1NPresident Obama’s Competency Collapse Part 2: Why His Latest Comments On The ISIS Threat Should Trouble You http://t.co/7khzzgKCGy
Happy #NationalCoffeeDay, America! We know how President Obama will be celebrating. #LatteSalute http://t.co/y6B7qLHR6n
.@NancyPelosi says she’s ready to take back the House. RETWEET if you agree it won’t happen. https://t.co/NTBvaHdGLo http://t.co/5OOPEKBeGQ
Holder’s time in office, much like Obama’s, was marked by nothing more than scandal and partisanship http://t.co/kuTPuKchDiBREAKING: Attorney General Eric Holder To Resign http://t.co/kuTPuKchDi
FACT: @Ann_Kirkpatrick votes with Obama/Pelosi 84% of the time. That’s wrong for Arizona. #HorizonDebate #AZ01 http://t.co/Oa4jeCWpX2
Retweeted by NRCCRT @Andy_Tobin: Why did @Ann_Kirkpatrick vote against a bipartisan plan that would let people keep their plans under #ObamaCare? #AZ01.@Ann_Kirkpatrick refused to attend the #HorizonDebate in 2012. Hopefully she’ll stay for the whole thing this time. #AZ01This Democrat Wants Your Kids To Weigh In At School And Have It Reported To Department of Education http://t.co/NyqVFIyIoo #me02BREAKING: We've obtained this email from @BarackObama wishing @Ann_Kirkpatrick luck on her debate tonight ---> https://t.co/MwX7uuOWq8 #az01Check out these 7 headlines Nancy Pelosi did NOT want to read today. http://t.co/3HR91MKi5G41 days until the #LatteSalute Election. Drink your coffee until then in our "We the People" mug: http://t.co/eb7KgXyEOy
Did you catch the #LatteSalute? http://t.co/zsoTIyGBpBWait - did President Obama just salute the Marines with a LATTE in his hand?! http://t.co/nV7iZwQG4bWhy did @RickNolanMN vote to release terrorists from Guantanamo, and then vote against funding for our troops? #MN08 https://t.co/EAIUxHsO8QDemocrat @Ann_Kirkpatrick likes to talk about her boots. She's using them to step all over #AZ01 taxpayers. WATCH: https://t.co/DjzS8sk4D8Americans have been stuck in neutral for two years, but @BarackObama still insists on playing politics. WATCH: https://t.co/2Jhf95AZRjNEW @NRCC Web Video: Our Country Is On The Wrong Track And Obama Is Obsessed With Playing Politics http://t.co/s6DetkQo0k
Check out Arizona Republican @Andy_Tobin's first TV ad, highlighting Washington's outrageous spending. #AZ01 https://t.co/oHMizlIYau.@WoolfforNY holds presser on environment while investing close to $1 million in oil and gas companies. http://t.co/aul7VSaFNL #NY21
Why does Democrat Staci Appel in #IA03 support passports for terrorists? Watch our latest ad. https://t.co/ED7SDxeoYtIn a world like this, why did Democrat Dan Maffei cut funding to fight terrorism? Watch the latest ad in #NY24. https://t.co/UiZQ6pmH9yToday, NRCC Chairman Walden talked about the impact issues like terrorism are having on 2014 http://t.co/4t9YwA3Xz5 http://t.co/kRqMXBbDw1
Democrat Ron Barber had a chance to vote for border security. He voted no. Watch our latest ad in #AZ02. https://t.co/MjY7irHA5w1.9 million Americans may lose health insurance. Find out why: http://t.co/6xtkiUsrzL #ObamaCareDemocrat John Barrow voted for taxpayer-funded abortions, and voted against life. Watch our latest ad in #GA12. https://t.co/aiglsA1Oq2
Democrat Nick Rahall is using dishonest ads to hide his support for Barack Obama. Learn the truth. #WV03 https://t.co/eGvG8wQ37lGuess how Democrat @RepScottPeters spent your cash? Watch our latest TV ad in #CA52: https://t.co/T71Yqb3BzKFormer Obama DHS Official: State Dept Tried “To Skirt” Security Requirements In Benghazi http://t.co/jzpa50QOR7The #Benghazi hearings start today. Let's get to the bottom of this. http://t.co/AW1HleLshqHave you seen @BarbaraComstock's latest TV ad? #VA10 WATCH: https://t.co/ulz7sUWugB
Rep. Rahall staffer reportedly deletes Facebook account featuring 'pro-terrorist imagery' http://t.co/F2R7vZojlV #wv03 #wvpol
Retweeted by NRCC
Keep @LegInsurrection's Mandy Nagy in your thoughts while she recovers from a stroke. http://t.co/GSNEvleTT950 days! Are you with us? It's time to put a stop to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi: http://t.co/cINDfsrFIJ http://t.co/fHDn4Tync1RT @BarbaraComstock: Check out our new TV ad: "Trusted Aide" https://t.co/L7Pprg8Vmi #VA105 Reasons Why It’s A Very Bad Morning For Democrats Like President Obama And Annie Kuster http://t.co/bAk5luhIVy
#AZ01 candidate @Andy_Tobin delivered the GOP Weekly Address this morning at Picacho Peak. Watch it here: http://t.co/diECOTs4xS
After supporting #ObamaCare, this Democrat is experiencing higher healthcare costs: http://t.co/6QtkvXnJKO
RT @Andy_Tobin: Honored to be selected by @JohnBoehner to be the first Republican House candidate to deliver the Weekly GOP Address. #AZ01WATCH: White House on what “victory” against ISIS means: “I Didn’t Bring My Webster’s Dictionary” http://t.co/LsIox3VQAuCongratulations to @Andy_Tobin for being chosen to deliver the Weekly GOP Address! http://t.co/ZmgsL89I6v #AZ01 #AZRight
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