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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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@iheartLeaS Not true. @apldeap will be back with us.@angelikuuuhh Apl is coming back. Watch the video I tweeted about. His name is first on the list of coaches. @apldeap @TheVoiceABSCBN@cather0 @JustSarahG Compromised immune system, but she made a donation already.To dearest @gorachelleann, MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN!!!!!Get ready for Season 2!!! #TVOP2 @TheVoiceABSCBN http://t.co/Crt7fhb7bH
Time for an evening of theater. #rabbitholeph #redturniptheater http://t.co/zYi3kYXryA
@luckymanzano It's an easy mistake to make.@jedmadela During your number, sigawan kami sa likod. Tapos Darren joined you pa. Nagwala na kaming lahat.@jedmadela You were all so cute dancing along with us!!! Even the kids!!!@IAdelaCruz Nag-Extra Jos ka ba?Said it before, and I'll say it again. @jedmadela is not a tao. Grabe ka, Madela!!! #KapamilyaAllOutWaiting for my turn at the ABS-CBN Trade Show. Will be singing with @JustSarahG, our other TVOP coaches aren't in town yet.@gorachelleann Naku, pagaling ka!!!!!Backstory's out!!! -- http://t.co/yz3cCNorxDOh yeah. http://t.co/6dEf5ItQyM@min_jao The travel is for work, not pleasure.@a_abella @MBPangilinan A separate visa is required by visitors to Ireland. There's a visa waiver program, but not for the Philippines.@min_jao Definitely not.Next on the visas-to-procure list: IRELAND!!!@NotSoWittyUN Yup, ALL of them. My UK visa has been officially secured!
La ganadora del Premio Tony @MsLeaSalonga acompañará a @ildivoofficial en su concierto en Madrid e 4 de noviembre http://t.co/LYEPEV8GEe
Retweeted by Lea SalongaHaha, I'm sure I have a few more things to add to this list, but for now: http://t.co/V2Xsfms6B9 #BetYouDidntKnow #StarCinema
Yes! Yes! Yes! Makes this available everywhere NOW! http://t.co/qeDhdDEDIm
@apldeap @Fergie @MannyPacquiao @enrique305 @BrunoMars Atta boy, Apl!!! I knew I could count on you. See you soon, I hope!Just played this game to its completion... IT'S FANTASTIC!!! https://t.co/shJhhUxAwQ"Princess Lea" is nom'd for a Filipino Readers' Choice Award! Scroll down to the Children's Book category and VOTE! http://t.co/CkkBJ0sAUS
Ganda the number of @JustSarahG, @realeriksantos and @jedmadela on #ASAP19 with @Gerard_Salonga and the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra!
Oops: https://t.co/shJhhUxAwQHere's Aga Muhlach's #ALSIceBucketChallenge. Thank you, Aga, you were such a great sport to do this!Not sure if everyone will be able to see it, but... https://t.co/x9CBxWehB0@ericjohnsalut In general, or we're you referring to something specific?An ALPS bus left a mark on our car while on EDSA. Damn it.Benedict Cumberbatch's #IceBucketChallenge? Yes, please! -- http://t.co/pIP0idVyPT
Best #ALSicebucketchallenge EVER. http://t.co/iUFU29xNczAnd here's Seb's! -- “@sebdivo: Challenge accepted...the ice bucket. http://t.co/WusRJFCxAV@sebdivo AWESOME!If you have room for just one more #ALSicebucketchallenge, let this be it. http://t.co/7UQd6N5KKo -- http://t.co/aly5WNqQMW@kelly_phelan Let Urs know I did it! Have the others done so as well? I'm gonna go out on a very short limb and say no.
Challenge... ACCEPTED!!! #IceBucketChallenge #ALSA.org http://t.co/ybSsxkhDdZUhhhhhh... make that 35 minutes.Bad news: my laptop was closed while I was out, so the upload had to be restarted. Good news: upload has about 10 minutes left to go.@jedmadela Alin doon?@jedmadela @gomezshaira02 DRUNKEN KARAOKE!!!Also, after drenching yourselves with ice water, visit http://t.co/5GtAnhu2Ys or your local ALS charity and make a donation!Nominees: @DarrenCriss, #AgaMuhlach, and my fellow TVOP coaches @apldeap, @JustSarahG, and @Bamboomusiclive! You have 24 hours! Have fun!#IceBucketChallenge is taking a while to upload, but it's on the way! But I do have a list of nominees for this challenge (con't)...Backstory's out! -- http://t.co/dACLt8VtI4
Today, I got an #IceBucketChallenge from Divo Urs Buhler (via @kelly_phelan). Will take of it tomorrow. Who should I challenge next?@MingNa @SofiaTheFirstTV Totally great! And no one sounds like you... xxx@Saftabi13 No she wasn't. My daughter wasn't the voice of anyone.
David Letterman Honors Robin Williams With Moving 10-Minute Tribute on The Late Show—Watch! http://t.co/K71zZYBNb5 via @eonlineGorgeous article. -- Postscript: Robin Williams, 1951-2014 http://t.co/x5vcZAz35Q via @newyorker
@EvaNoblezada Soon enough, lovely!!! Soon enough!!!@gorachelleann Malapit na ako dumating diyan!!!! Muaaaahahahahahahaha!!!!Oh my goodness, #LycaMMK hit a rating of 38.4!!! That is PHENOMENAL!!! Congratulations to our Little Superstar!!! @TheVoiceABSCBN@labelmonte03 That would be all sorts of WRONG.You have only 6 days left to listen to @gorachelleann and @EvaNoblezada on @elaine_paige's BBC Radio 2 show!!! http://t.co/3FMAJtIiozNo ice needed! This is for Uncle Tommy. -- Join me in supporting @alsassociation in creating a world without ALS! http://t.co/ng2Dc0CkT1YES!!!!!!! And @AndrewRannells is cute in this. http://t.co/HMG4hUXUvm
So, that's 2 duets with @arielwinter1, thanks to Sofia the First. And I like how this one really turned out!Lyca's life story tonight on MMK. It's starting in a bit! And yes, the kid actually can act. @TheVoiceABSCBN @Bamboomusiclive @JustSarahG@MingNa I'll be right over.To @SofiaTheFirstTV fans! @MingNa and I pay a visit to the show by playing Mulan. The episode, "Princess to the Rescue," is now on iTunes!Oh, these photos are just beautiful. And taken in my favorite city. -- http://t.co/4I6nTMFm1dIt's not too late to ask for help. Thank you, @gabbietatad for writing this. http://t.co/qUvrFwvIn2Finally, answers!!! -- http://t.co/e3vT6905FOThanks, Baby Gil!!! -- Mitoy makes album debut @philstarshowbiz http://t.co/Vr58CKcKUX via @sharethis
Good-bye, Genie... http://t.co/2K0QrnZP5k
46 Women shot.. http://t.co/3ffS1GNTOr
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@KRYSTAR0DRIGUEZ @WillChaseMe That pic deserves an OH MY GOD!!!Found out that @Aladdin gave their audience FriendLikeMe lyrics to sing along during a reprise in honor of Robin Williams last nite. Bravo.
Retweeted by Lea SalongaBackstory's out! -- http://t.co/Ahe7Qt1OcVHi, Manang @MsLeaSalonga ! We're @SideBblog ! We're #Blogging SOON! #TheOtherSideOfLife #ComeToTheOtherSide http://t.co/DqZwFp6pOy
Retweeted by Lea Salonga
This is how I shall remember Lauren Bacall... the last line of this scene is one she's probably most famous for. http://t.co/kx0GI1hkWUYou are a good man, sir, for standing up for those women being catcalled. http://t.co/z55X6C6FfDOh, Miss Bacall.......@mollysiobhanxx October. Check the Il Divo site for the schedule.@jedmadela I'm good at many things... maybe this will be my new project.This is the stuff of LEGEND!!!!! Carol Burnett and Robin Williams. Watch the whole thing. -- https://t.co/za7xpSJ2al@jedmadela Give me time... ika-career ko yan. Hahahaha!!!Yes, there are days I feel absolutely like this... it's called being human. http://t.co/tF6pisS9b8@MMdeMesa Please get in touch with @SheillaHabab26 for possible schedules. Thanks.God, @joshgad, why you gotta make me cry like that? http://t.co/e1hgbsf184Olaf (@joshgad) remembers his friend and idol, Genie (Robin Williams) http://t.co/51YJysKOBd http://t.co/k71KjpF6Bj
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@lilleth123 We were.@lilleth123 One cashier in ER. The guy has to call each insurance company one by one, explain what procedure was done, then receive payment.@lilleth123 There were louder whiners than me. We just wanted to go home. Hubby was unwell, hence the late night visit.
@lilleth123 a When you're in a hospital ER waiting 45 minutes to pay the bill, you'd whine too.@MBPangilinan There are far more pressing matters than a birthday.@MBPangilinan The only one who has any right to expect anything is the guy with the birthday. No one else.Inefficiency on top of one inefficiency piled on yet another inefficiency. I'll be an old woman by the time this line gets to us.@MoiPaloyChorizo Yes, it is. @SheillaHabab26 can help with that.Aga isn't on Twitter. Greeting him here would be futile. Besides, he's already been Facebook'd and texted. Tama na yun.@bmliveinsider @bigbadbawang @JustSarahG Girl ka ba, Pancho?Lily is hanging out at the base of my chair. I guess she knows Mommy's not happy today.To my friends at @aladdin, you better be singing EXTRA HARD TONIGHT!!!!!!RIP, Robin Williams... still wishing it wasn't true...Gotta love it when you're out to dinner with good friends and receive a wonderful wine recommendation.… http://t.co/hDU8kLdy7gReally, @Delta? -- https://t.co/HybTaRAQoi
I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of doing visa paperwork. But it means I get to travel, so it's a blessing!
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