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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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Brand New LIVE 2014 Cast Recording! #MissSaigon25 https://t.co/22GYoCAAj0
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@PincurlsandPout Claire Moore's name was going around today... people were wondering if she was going to be part of the gala.Singing with Simon, watching Jonathan, and seeing so many alumni today brought back great memories. I can't wait for Monday. #MissSaigon25@DjPusung Break a leg is a traditional theater saying, which means "good luck." So you may wanna delete your tweet.
BREAK A LEG to the cast of SHREK MANILA!!!!!!!The #MissSaigon25 LIVE 2014 Cast Recording is out on Monday! Pre-order on Amazon: http://t.co/5WPe7KnFBI & iTunes: http://t.co/DOiSRWeXRv
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@gorachelleann @MsLeaSalonga Be a #RescuePH volunteer and help save our kababayans! (Pls. RT and share) http://t.co/fvHXbXZ4z9
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@Krbsb The "orig" of Shin's role is Isay Alvarez-Seña. Very, very different.@SimonBowman16 @dialadike I would actually. Seriously, I would.@SimonBowman16 Oh hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!@FacialCareCtrPh Thank you all so much!!! And, after the Il Divo tour is done, I'll need to come back for sure!!!@SimonBowman16 We seem to still have chemistry, don't we?@dialadike @SimonBowman16 Never!!!!! He's a big boy, can take care of himself.@SimonBowman16 Shut up!@SianRansc @MissSaigonUK That piece came out lovely! Thank you so much!!!First emotional gulp of the night: watching Rachelle Ann Go. Because it's Rachelle Ann Go, and I'm so bleeping happy for her! #MissSaigon25@EvaNoblezada No, thank YOU!!!!!!Kwang-ho Hong. And now my life is complete.@RoseH3112 @SimonBowman16 He sounds okay, I guess.@wickedtin @the_singing_doc I shall leave it for you two to coordinate. That said, Shin looks and sounds healthy.
@the_singing_doc @wickedtin You can always make bilin with your staff at the clinic closest to Tin (she's in QC), I guess.@the_singing_doc @gorachelleann Hang on, you can! I have a friend leaving for London in a day or so... @wickedtin, can you help???Rehearsed with @gorachelleann this morning too... my God, she looks amazing!@JonJonBriones Shucks, ang guwapo mo.Rehearsed today with @SimonBowman16... even after 25 years, there are things that just never change.Backstory's out! -- http://t.co/Zkha9m1LuC@louiespence With bells on, Sweetheart!!! xxx...which means Jonathan Pryce, Simon Bowman, and yours truly will also be performing. HURRAY!!! #MissSaigon25 @MissSaigonUKMembers of the original 1989 company of Miss Saigon will be joining the current and alumni cast members at the special gala on Monday...
Appearing on BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning with @EvaNoblezada. Tune in at around 8:50 am! #bbcbreakfast
I must have jet lag... I'm keeping normal waking hours.Sounds about right! -- I got : Maleficient! Which Disney Villain Are You Like When You Get Angry? http://t.co/G4wi1MtBWk via @play_buzzHello, London!!! http://t.co/P7VeLZOUnO
And we're nearly off! Please pray that we have a safe journey to London!!! http://t.co/W9fKPXRnOhMust also give credit to the style team: @rajolaurel for my gown, and @kusieho for my hair and make-up. I felt pretty tonight!@mhe_sol Just Rob. Nic has school so she has to stay.Still on cloud nine! Maraming salamat sa PMPC Star Awards sa lahat!!!Bags are packed, we're all ready to go. London, here we come!!! @gorachelleann and @iammarkbautista, hope to see you! Proud of you both!@smithashely69 @KatrinaBertan Wala yan sa presyo. Kung maganda siya, e di ok! Salamat! It will be very much appreciated.
Jump shot with Gary V and Sarah G!!! #RakOfAegis Break legs sa last performance mamaya! http://t.co/ISvJYuLwo0@wickedtin Whaaaaaaaaaat?@joannmrie Hindi ko pa alam.@wickedtin @easter_marisse @princessreanne_ Tin, those are not fans. No consideration of how their idol would feel. No admiration or love.@CallmeIane @leaco91 AYOKOOOOO.@wickedtin @easter_marisse @princessreanne_ Korek! Same with the fans that consented the action. Another wrong.@leaco91 @TheVoiceABSCBN Duration of the show lang.Stay safe... "Luis" is now a tropical storm. http://t.co/t22CRyAw1L@jbhoma And my heart is plenty grateful, thanks.@jbhoma Oh no, they're not. Not for me. My voice changes with my cycle, as does my mood. My cousin has it even worse, I know to stay clear.#AskCoachLea sa November 15!!! Premiere episode ng #TVOP2!!!!!!! @TheVoiceABSCBN #TVOPSeason2@demonsenemy Balat elepante, okay na ba yun?@demonsenemy Depende sa araw.@KatrinaBertan Nawala siya talaga, galing pa sa ninang-sa-kasal ko. Oh well... hopefully I'll be able to find a replacement sa travels ko.Because she asked really nicely.... guys, follow @FaithCunetaLive on Twitter!!! Thanks!!!@chattyfangirl @princessreanne_ @mhe_sol @idolkosilea @kusieho I refused! I'm not going to give my trash to another human!@djcheska I give credit to my monthly cycle for turning me into an even bitchier woman than normal.@missmayanm @idolkosilea @princessreanne_ @mhe_sol @kusieho Mas lalo pa.@princessreanne_ Napansin ko nga. Hindi kailangan laging nakataas ang kamay mo. Enjoy the whole experience of Blinds. Kawawa, nakakangawit.@idolkosilea @princessreanne_ @mhe_sol @kusieho PREMENA SALON sa Kamuning. That's his salon.@princessreanne_ @mhe_sol @idolkosilea Hindi totoo!!! Yung tissue na hinahawakan ni @kusieho, yun ang magpapaganda.@mhe_sol @princessreanne_ @idolkosilea Huwag na.@chattyfangirl Who knows. The fan was returned, but now, everything surrounding its disappearance is tainted.@princessreanne_ HUWAAAAAT??? Huwag!!! Stalker ang tingin ko sa ganyan!!! And the hygiene issue!!! HUWAAAAAAG!!!!!@guinghyung You take from me, you die. It's that simple.@oSuper12o Malamang ganoon nga ang mangyayari, at magpapasalamat pa ako ng bonggang-bongga. Eh hindi nangyari eh. Kaya lahat ng BOOM na.@princessreanne_ @idolkosilea Meron pa ngang fan na nung Blinds humingi ng tissue kong nagamit na. Eh kung sinisipon ako, paano na???@brattycyluuh Buti pa.@FaithEngracia Hala, bakbakan na lang.@princessreanne_ BOOM, TANGA RIN SILA!!!@lanipandy Crispy, crunchy, 3 syllables.@queen_chabilita @PinoyBeat Huwag na niya akong lapitan. Baka uminit ang ulo ko lalo. At paalisin ko sa mga marshal na strikto.@princessreanne_ Ipinagyabang pa niya ang pagiging magnanakaw? Ganoon? Boom, tanga!@PinoyBeat Souvenir... tapos hindi pala akin yung kinuha.@SteffiMartina__ Always. The practice helps.@idolkosilea It's all kinds of wrong. Kung isinauli sa akin kaagad, malamang niyakap ko yun ng mahigpit at matagal. Instead, panis na siya.@CallmeIane @leaco91 No, no, and a thousand times, no. I'd rather not know, para I can still treat her like a human being.So next time, if I leave something behind on my red chair, GIVE IT THE HELL BACK RIGHT AWAY. Because, hellfire.@CallmeIane @leaco91 Kinausap ng harap-harapan ng may-ari at ng kumuha ng fan.@CallmeIane @leaco91 Kaibigan ko ang may-ari. So siyempre, oo, kinausap ko.@guinghyung @CallmeIane @leaco91 Sabi din daw, nag-joke nung final night ng Blinds. Hindi ko daw tinawanan. Boom panes lang ang peg.@CallmeIane @leaco91 And it wasn't even mine. It was lent to me because RW was warm. Kinuha kasi siguro inassume na akin.@MartinaSMV Practice. That's the only way to get the nerves under control. A piece of advice many of the singers at Blinds should've heeded.P******, ang kapal!!!@CallmeIane @leaco91 AYON SA may-ari pala.@CallmeIane @leaco91 Ayos sa may-ari, yung ang ginawa. At ang sinabi ng may-ari, huwag niyang gawin uli. Ako nga ang mas nagalit.@magicalex1234 Highly unlikely.@princessreanne_ Ganoon kakapal??? Hindi ko alam, at ayokong malaman. Ayoko, ayoko, ayoko.@FaithEngracia I lost it somewhere in the US. I don't foresee it returning to me. Ah well... I can always get another scarf.@leaco91 Malamang mararamdaman ko na lang na kumukulo ang dugo ko.@princessreanne_ I heard she was there. I still don't take kindly to thieves, and to me, that's what she'll always be.@princessreanne_ Goddamnit. Ang kapal ng mukha niya.@princessreanne_ She'd better think long and hard about that.
@wickedtin @betsytuazon @jeffaguiman Kung si ****** pa yan, bouncing off the walls yung isang yan!@leaco91 It was pilfered by a fan that sat behind my chair at RW.@leaco91 It wasn't mine, it belongs to a friend. It was personally returned as far as I've heard.@betsytuazon @jeffaguiman My sources say no.@betsytuazon @jeffaguiman early NEXT year.@betsytuazon @jeffaguiman Sexy pa! And will get married early year! Hahahahaha!@princessreanne_ Yup. I don't take kindly to thieves though. I'd rather this person stay away from me.In other news, the fan was returned. Its owner was far kinder than I would've been. I would've voted for "exile." #thedarkknightrises
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