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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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While watching an episode of @ScandalABC Season 3, @BellamyYoung and @JonTenney made my iPad burst into flames. Wow.You are the only one responsible for what goes on in your life. You can use your power to stop what is no longer good for you.
Retweeted by Lea SalongaBukas na! 8:30 pm sa ABS-CBN! http://t.co/BAnQax8SoaThanks, Bruce McKinnon, for activating my tear ducts at 4:08 am. http://t.co/E2NsTxpDuIOnly 9 more Musical Affairs to go....... @ildivoofficial #AMusicalAffairIsang tulog na lang. Handa na kaming lahat. #TheVoicePHisBackThree episodes to go in my effort to catch up on @ScandalABC Season 3. It is handled, I am fine. #IAmAGladiator@Westy_TMUK1993 Born in 1971. Turning 44 this February!!!After tonight, I'll have just 9 shows left. Oh goodness, we're nearly done. I'll definitely miss it. #AMusicalAffair @ildivoofficial@bianca_morris @menchuly That's where I met you. We were in Singapore for Carnage!@bianca_morris Oh hurray! Wait, didn't I meet you before? With Tita @menchuly?Congratulations, Coach Sarah @JustSarahG!!! Now on to the next round. POPSTERS!!! You know what to do!!! http://t.co/Doabw7MIlI
My @ScandalABC viewing session got derailed, there were more pressing matters that needed attention. But, I've got a long car ride tomorrow.@kategolezxx No, I don't. It can get overwhelming.Enjoying a rare night off in my pajamas... my bedmate will be the remainder of @ScandalABC Season 3. #IAmAGladiator@extremitus That's the point.@michaellferrer Is "STUCKED" even a word?@extremitus With the amount of traveling I do, it'd end up stolen or left behind somewhere.@KylaKayaaang Yeah, that's mine. I also have Line and Kakao. But not ASK.fm.I wish... that a few Metro Manila theaters will show this on Christmas Day... http://t.co/x9ezOlAUme@iluvleasalonga @Spotify Yes indeed, I do have one. It's linked to my Facebook account.
@reanneivyyy Haaaay naku. Malamang hindi.I don't own an ask.fm account. I was just asked if I do, and I don't. Find me only on Twitter, FB, Google+, Tumblr, and IG. Thanks.@itsmeabhieeee I don't own an ask.fm account. Whoever set that up is an outright fraud.@itsmeabhieeee Nope. I don't own an ask.fm account. At least I don't remember setting one up.Catching up on @ScandalABC Season 3, jaw is dropping every 5 minutes. Looks like I'll be pulling an all-nighter tonight.@FaithEngracia Baka hindi sila nakinig. O absent.@Mar1288 Only two. But if love to learn more. Spanish and Japanese, I think.@PinoyBeat Marami. MS Bway 99, TPOS Manila, FDS LA, wedding, birth of Nic, first date w/ Rob, touring Europe, Carlyle 3, LM 07, etc.@gmarjulius Glad I saved your life. You're welcome!@FaithEngracia Yup, and people thinking red-letter was wrong.Only now has anyone ever asked me if that lyric was correct. Not since its release 22 years ago. Has the term "red-letter" become obsolete?Just posted the definition to the term RED-LETTER DAY, including its origin. That lyric in A WHOLE NEW WORLD is absolutely correct.red-letter day Origin early 18th century: from the practice of highlighting a festival in red on a calendar.red-letter day, noun a day that is pleasantly noteworthy or memorable. "many a trout angler has had a red-letter day on Loch Awe"
@abepotz Yup. Red-letter is correct. http://t.co/3iM6LSkhJC@ajibanda Yes. "Every moment red-letter" is correct. It means special. Etymology: http://t.co/3iM6LSkhJC@chayt33 I mute trolls.@johoward40 Oh thank you! It was made by @rajolaurel.@Mar1288 Oh come now... his post didn't merit that amount of anger. I called him out. That should be enough.@kategolezxx See it or not, it's common sense. And again, it's rude.Agree or disagree: staging that is too literal and realistic doesn't always leave room for poetry and imagination. What do you think?
@bigbadbawang He's still super guapo and sexy, Gar. And he's in his 70s.@iamdhenx Sure... for being ever-so-slightly rude.@bigbadbawang @sgee75 @angelica_eSGee @TheVoiceABSCBN That may be a franchise question, not an ABS-CBN one.Kindly acquaint oneself with the mute button. It can be your best friend on Twitter against annoyances. You're welcome.This play is BRILLIANT!!! Whichever side of the pond you're on, go see it. #CuriousIncident #WestEnd http://t.co/LLb2MhKjYb@TrinetteL @SimonBowman16 Nope, nada.@SimonBowman16 I agree, it's beautiful!!!@UrinetownUK I shall! Thanks ever so much!!!@SimonBowman16 @Jeffjeffdejeff @UrinetownUK You cheeky bugger.@Jeffjeffdejeff @SimonBowman16 @UrinetownUK Brilliant! Might I pop in at stage door to say hello then?@Jeffjeffdejeff @SimonBowman16 @UrinetownUK Yup, but only for one night. Seeing Curious Incident tonight!@Jeffjeffdejeff @SimonBowman16 @UrinetownUK Oooooooh!!!!! I've never actually seen it... methinks I officially need to see this!@Jeffjeffdejeff @SimonBowman16 So, Jeff, when do I get to feast my weary eyes on you? xxx@SimonBowman16 Oh indeed! 20+ years is way too long a gap to not see you! xxx
We're baaaaaaack! http://t.co/86nmP2f9baWe're baaaaaack!!!!! http://t.co/6gauHbTu20@PlacidoDomingo Greetings, Sir! Saw you as you were leaving your hotel, but was too start struck to say hi. Met you at the 1993 Oscars.@iamdhenx it's just you. I dropped some since the tour started.
Heading to Birmingham now! #IlDivo #AMusicalAffair @ildivoofficialThere's nothing like a lovely meal with a friend in a town I love. #CicchettiLondon http://t.co/2lJWXiU7Y4I just saw Placido Domingo go through our hotel lobby. Star struck. Big time. Such a handsome, talented man.
Back in the UK! Looking forward to Birmingham tomorrow! #IlDivo #AMusicalAffairLets see who gets the most RTs? Haha testing! #TeamLEA #TeamSarah #TeamAPL #TeamBamboo @MsLeaSalonga @Bamboomusiclive @JustSarahG @apldeap
Retweeted by Lea SalongaA carnival in front of the palace. #Amsterdam #IlDivo #AMusicalAffair http://t.co/0Gww00nHC2#Amsterdam #IlDivo #AMusicalAffair http://t.co/tSOHPB7uU8Late night walking tour with a friend in #Amsterdam. #IlDivo #AMusicalAffair http://t.co/2cgaDI4yWj@ZiggoDome Thank you! I am having a marvelous time!!! #ildivo #amusicalaffairNachtwacht by Rembrandt. #Rijksmuseum #Amsterdam #IlDivo #AMusicalAffair http://t.co/dQsoAqCbVoThe Rijksmuseum. #Amsterdam #IlDivo #AMusicalAffair http://t.co/Oxs403lbCRExcited for tonight's concert at Ziggo Dome with @ildivoofficial. Lots of friends in the audience tonight!!! Yahoooo!!! Lezdoodis!!!
Spent a lovely afternoon at the Rijksmuseum. The Night Watch by Rembrandt is quite something.Can You Feel The Love Tonight? https://t.co/jANKjjkwo7 @ildivoofficial + @MsLeaSalonga vanavond @ #ZiggoDome!
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@apldeap Ay! Sayang wala ako diyan.Backstory's out! -- http://t.co/iDRLVOI7oc
Start asking your questions WHEN THE TELECAST BEGINS. I'll do my best na sabayan ko from Dublin. Tenks! #TVOP2 #TheVoiceOfThePhilippinesWe will NOT have an #AskCoachLea session on Oct 26 when #TVOP2 premieres. But ask your questions anyway and I'll get to them during a break.11 days until The Voice of the Philippines Season 2, Kapamilya! @MsLeaSalonga @Bamboomusiclive @JustSarahG @apldeap http://t.co/5QdPleiT68
Retweeted by Lea SalongaCan you guess our opening prod song based on this picture, Kapamilya? :) #TVOP2 ngayong October 26 na! http://t.co/TrLgG5tPae
Retweeted by Lea SalongaMalapit na! RT @TheVoiceABSCBN: Finally, the long wait is almost over... #TVOP2 ngayong October 26 na, Kapamilya! http://t.co/OlZuA0NXqi
Retweeted by Lea SalongaOnly 10 days left! #TVOP2 premieres on October 26!! Gooo #TeamApl ✌️@WeAreTeamApl http://t.co/E27R8m9ef6
Retweeted by Lea SalongaHERE WE GO!!! “@TheVoiceABSCBN: Finally, the long wait is almost over... #TVOP2 ngayong October 26 na, Kapamilya! http://t.co/NnlaTWYtzQJust got an email from one of our #TVOP2 production peeps. The premiere episode will air VERY, VERY, VERY SOON. Not much longer to wait now.@dialadike I'll be at Cardiff working on Sunday, so I won't be able to see it then.Damn, Tony Hadley still sounds amazing! #SpandauBalletTrueGold
@barrman The tour has already been this past spring.Beware of "reliable sources." They may very well turn out not to be. #ZeroCredibility#Hamburg #IlDivo #AMusicalAffair http://t.co/pHWrtcp5BtPassed this while walking... not sure what this building is. #Hamburg #IlDivo #AMusicalAffair http://t.co/NY3Di53YOBAwwwwww yeah!!!!! I saw posters like this all over Germany. #TheVoiceOfGermany http://t.co/lriJaP6KK3Congratulations to the cast of #HereLiesLoveUK for what I'm sure was a smashing PRESS NIGHT!!! Mabuhay kayong lahat!!!@carlosmarin_ Oh lovely! And that cake was really good!!!@ASTERrifique They've already done one. Two, actually.With @carlosmarin_'s birthday celebration came a beautiful, delicious cake and glasses of prosecco. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Carlitos!@SimonBowman16 @dialadike Never.It's officially our final evening in Germany. Thank you to everyone that came to see the shows! You were all so wonderful!!! #AMusicalAffair@dialadike @SimonBowman16 Oh Jill, when did he ever behave?! Besides, he's more fun when naughty. Ha!@SimonBowman16 Cheeky bastard. Like you don't know me! Of course I'll be good! For you, even better than. xxx@SimonBowman16 Loving your Twitter's cover photo. See you on the 19th in Cardiff!!! Excited to perform there, and to see you!!!
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