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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. On tour now with Il Divo. Loving my life.

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@MBPangilinan @irisdimero What's a backer??? All I know is, first, sing for staff. If accepted, sing for coaches sa Blinds. That's it.Backstory is out!!! -- http://t.co/lUpaNkKG3w
cutfelt's take on #DaniGirlMNL. What a gorgeous show! See it this weekend at RCBC! @thesandboxco http://t.co/38JyD3Ghlo@geeSAMEGIRL @JustSarahG Sa Sabado po.@JustSarahG Darren is doing just fine. Singing very well today.@irisdimero Korek. The cattle call is for our staff. Once you pass, you sing for us at Blinds. I think.We are down one coach tonight at the #BosesNgBulilitKamiUlit concert. @JustSarahG is sick. Get well soon, we miss you!!!ANNOUNCEMENT! There MIGHT be one more cattle call audition for #TVOPSeason2. Stay tuned for details!!! Salamat po!!!Not sure what @apldeap's schedule looks like... I'd love for him to return. But, the man is busy, too. Pero sana, ipaunlakan niya tayo muli.Sooooooo... sino kaya ang magiging pang-apat na coach sa #TVOPSeason2? Sa totoo lang, hindi ko rin alam!!!@lilleth123 You've officially crossed the line.@wickedtin Sigh, yes.@queen_chabilita Wala po talaga sa tour schedule eh.@polengbilo @JustSarahG At hindi nakakalimutan ang nauna.@asdfg143u Flattered, but there are far more beautiful women that probably should be on the list too.Just FYI, I'll be joining @ildivoofficial in Paris, Spain, and Portugal too. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!Ang dami kong nakikitang ganito sa gym!!! Hoy!!! Ibalanse niyo naman ang mga katawan ninyo!!! http://t.co/wetGxueYzR@asdfg143u I told her that she is, in my heart, my champion. Fought to the very end. Gotta love her for that.@asdfg143u Nocturnal. Backstory was submitted na since Monday night, but with the Eid al-Fitr holiday falling on Tuesday, late ako.For this week only, Backstory will be out on FRIDAY, not THURSDAY. The Eid al-Fitr holiday on Tuesday totally threw me and my deadline off.I'm so happy for @JustSarahG that she's the winning coach on #TheVoiceKidsPH. Now everyone that said she had no credibility can shut up.
YES!!! I cannot LIKE this enough!!! Magbigay pugay sa ating mga dakilang guro!!! http://t.co/XGHjkmQJPR
@heykylabeatriz It is what it is. We never can tell kung anong bagay ang magiging issue at kung ano ang hindi.@Simply_Clinton Oh yeah, ages ago. I think it's genius and hella funny!!! I'm flattered!!!Blind Auditions in 5 weeks!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!! (But airing won't be for a long while yet.) #TVOPSeason2#TVKGrandFinale has won in the ratings game! Salamat po! Woooohooooooo!!!!!!!! http://t.co/SD3r94XjLt
@nherzjane Awwww, salamat. Nag-improve siya talaga, kaya nga super proud ako.@asherjon_jrm @abscbndotcom @TheVoiceABSCBN @JustSarahG @Bamboomusiclive You know what, so do I!@RebongMarga Kinausap ko nang matagal si Darlene pagkatapos ng TVK. Kumalma rin at nagpasaya sa party, kasama ang ibang Team Lea.Now I get a month off... and then it's BLIND AUDITION time for The Voice of the Philippines Season 2!!! Handa na ba kayo? #TVOPSeason2And we have our very first The Voice Kids Grand Champion: LYCA! Congratulations sa iyo, at kay Coach @JustSarahG sa inyong tagumpay.@jheng1215 Ha? Nakatayo ako sa likod ni Darlene! Hawak ko hanggang sa huli. Ako pa ang escort paalis ng stage.@JoMacaldo Not too early at all. Go!!!@RCaranglan @TheVoiceABSCBN @JustSarahG @Bamboomusiclive Watch it on http://t.co/QxR9IIl5dz. Meron siyang LIVE naman eh.@Kylareal Congratulations!!!!! Just heard about you and @jungeemarcelo taking the grand prize tonight!!!@jungeemarcelo CONGRAAAAAAAAAAAAATS!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!@ogiealcasid @philpopmusic Whoops... JUNGEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!@ogiealcasid @philpopmusic JUNJI!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAH, GALIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRAAAAAAATS!!!!!!! I can't shout for real, baka mapaos.Abangan din sina Coach @MsLeaSalonga @JustSarahG and @Bamboomusiclive bukas sa #ASAPFaceOff bago ang #TheVoiceKidsChampion, Kapamilya. :)
Retweeted by Lea SalongaWhat happened at @philpopmusic tonight? Someone? Anyone?
@_sujinckim Email the casting director and ask if you can send a video audition.I meant no disrespect, but I humbly ask for forgiveness if that's how it came across. Sana mapatawad po ninyo ako sa aking pagkakamali.Ohhh dear... I offer my deepest apologies to Daniel P and his fans. In building up JK I neglected to think that I might hurt other people.No power voting tomorrow. One vote per sim, per round. So please vote wisely! Let the most deserving kid win! #TVKGrandFinaleThat really is Rein's dream. Classical music talaga ang hilig, mula pa noong Blinds niya (Kulasisi). Salamat sa Phil. Opera Company!There are other great things happening with TVK kids. Rein Pineda will begin classical training with the Philippine Opera Company soon.Darlene, baby girl, happy ako sa iyo talaga. Wala akong maihihingi pa sa iyo. Kahit ano'ng mangyari, champion ka na para sa akin. Salamat.We are tired, but happy. Thank you all for watching! Tomorrow our Grand Champion will be crowned, and s/he will deserve it. #TVKGrandFinaleAnd now, the competition begins. #TVKGrandFinaleHere we go!!!@mjfelipe I'd love to see the link to this article. Would you send it to me?It's #TheVoiceKidsFinale tonight!!! 6:45 pm, on ABS-CBN.Another set of Pinoy leads will hit the West End: @iammarkbautista, @Natalie_Mendoza, and Gia Macuja-Atchison will star in HERE LIES LOVE!!!@iammarkbautista Just heard. CONGRAAAAAAAATS!!!!!!@AngeliPV And that was around the time I met you!
@DeltaGoodrem Thanks, Delta!!!!! xxx@_luigicue You were fantastic. Truly something special.To my dearest @JustSarahG Sarah Geronimo, a very Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!@imcalledtoffee Ngyahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!@imcalledtoffee @rebranger Consider me a member of your target audience. Gusto ko pa ring mag-isip! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!To the cast @rebranger Reb Atadero, Shiela Valderrama-Martinez, Luigi Quesada, and Mitzie Lao, and director @imcalledtoffee, congrats!!!Watched #DaniGirlMNL tonight. To say it is good for the soul is an understatement. In its simplicity and execution, it was perfection.
@reanneivyyy Haaay naku. Hindi na yan babalik.Returned to the gym today after a long absence. It's comforting to know I can always go back. #prodigalgymgirl@smithashely69 I'm following the account she told me to follow.Backstory's out! (Correction on The Voice Kids sked for Sunday: we're live at 6:15 p.m., not 7:30 p.m.) http://t.co/qHIxcP9LLc@Ronhiphop I couldn't have said it better myself. Kind of, "Is that all you think that Filipinos can be?"@lilleth123 Oh goodness no, but it IS that time of the month. That might be it.Suddenly craving DiFara's pizza... anchovy and garlic, with lots of fresh basil on top. Yummy!
Let me add this one: "Oh, you're Filipino? My nanny/housekeeper/maid is Filipino too!" Resting bitch-face, DEPLOY!!! http://t.co/6kytGqTiw4The Voice Kids GRAND FINALS!!! Saturday, 6:45 PM, and Sunday 6:15 PM. Note the time slot change for SUNDAY!!! #TVKGrandFinalsThis coming weekend will be bittersweet... I'll be glad that it's over, and not glad at the same time. Sigh. What a blast this has been.@MattOrtile Haha, you're welcome! Thanks for creating it!!!Despite UP's hot start, Ateneo still leads after the 1st qtr, 23-21
Retweeted by Lea SalongaOh yes, FINALLY!!! @DarrenCriss @NicoleScherzy @shaymitch -- 21 Annoying Comments Filipinos are Tired of Hearing http://t.co/6kytGqTiw4@bong_domingo No worries.@bong_domingo @mhikeSM @arconagbuya To call it out as lame without knowing the full and thorough explanation might be rushing to judgment.@bong_domingo @mhikeSM @arconagbuya We may not know the reasoning, but for sure there has to be a legit one. con't@bong_domingo @mhikeSM @arconagbuya I don't think members baptized prior to 1914 would be shunned. That would make no sense.@bong_domingo @mhikeSM @arconagbuya I can dig celebrating the registration, as it can be seen as recognition of legitimacy. My opinion only.@kho_quanli @darlene She isn't an American citizen. That's one consideration.@bong_domingo @mhikeSM @arconagbuya With all due respect, calling someone out as "lame" kind of is. Stating facts with proof is fine.@mhikeSM @bong_domingo @arconagbuya Hang on, let's not be so quick to judge. Judge not, lest he be judged.Ahem! Might you know an Asian kid that might be perfect for this? Check this out! http://t.co/A6iAHMYmYB
Fell in love with this. Passed this piece of art whilst walking by the gallery displaying it. Might… http://t.co/LGv2fp9IFD
How appropriate, mine is BLUE. -- I got : Your aura is: Blue! What is The Color of Your Aura? http://t.co/sf936C53d3 via @play_buzzThis is what happens when you see the light. ANIMO ATENEO!!! #OneBigFight http://t.co/mfWs1hgnx1@byxspeaks Sumakit ang bangs ko din, kaya medyo pilosopo ang sagot ko.@r0nsterrr Trying, trying, trying very hard. You have no idea what goes on in those coaching sessions, but yes. Trying, trying, trying.@einehsreb_D Ahem. Mukha ba akong young artist ng The Voice?@aaneperez Need to check if their guardians are the owners.@RhodaPeriodico The staff was comparing him to a young Piolo or Jericho. I'm curious to see him grow up, he just might be like them.@DawNuttt She was crying because, "Mami-miss ko po si Kuya Tonton, aalis na siya bukas!"@EmMostoles I honestly don't know.@theteambabes I invited Charlene and Atasha. I already know Aga won't show.@aaneperez Because I only found this out LAST NIGHT. #shocked@aicinksss I told him, "You're good. You're very good. No one has a voice like yours."Oh, FYI, bawal mag-Twitter ang mga young artists ng The Voice Kids. According to the staff, any Twitter accounts by the artists are fake.@hellolaureana STRESSFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!@leamourxx I say they are uneducated buffoons who need to learn a thing or two about manners and conduct. The kids could teach them a lot.
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