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Im from Scotland. Lovesanything 2 do with hedgehogs, Peter Andre and Olly Murs. Born with spina bifida but doesnt let that stop me getting around.

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Retweeted by louise Brown Now, I love Arg & I think Paul is a fab singer, but really??!! He wishes he had some of @MrPeterAndre looks, lol.😝🙊 http://t.co/CxbtAYeBEv
Retweeted by louise Brown
@mrchrisandre hi chris any chance if a rt since im heartbroken couldn't get tickets 4 Glasgow concert, 1st 1 I have missed :'( love Lou xxxReally hope the final season comes 2 Netflix soon in UK @SonsofAnarchy @sutterink #FinalRide xxx@HunnamDaily @sutterink omg Bobby aint dead is he???@HunnamDaily @SonsofAnarchy @ECharlieHunnam @sutterink I really need 2 stay away from here on Tuesday's as cant watch #SOAFinalRide yet@stinsonxhunter so happy for u getting ur kickstarter project funded xxx
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Retweeted by louise Brown @MrPeterAndre plz tweet me back every getting reply but me :-[ xxx@MrPeterAndre hope u will come back to Scotland as I'm heartbroken I couldn't see u this time as disabled seats sold out right away xxx@radioleary gutted u not doing Scotland, would love 2 have met u xxx@rickygervais @DerekTVShow will there b another series of Derek? Xxx@LeonAndJune watching u both on Fridays always cheers me up u r best couple on @C4Gogglebox xxx@charlessims_ @Mario_Falcone Omg defo Charlie tango there, plz say it calmed down once dry @charlessims_ ? xxx@juicetou @SammyEgan1 @BlingBottle congrats xxx"@OverloadGen: KEEP HASHTAGGING #OverloadGenBaby for a follow or a DM ❤️ RTRT" #OverloadGenBaby xxx :-PLAST CHANCE RT FOLLOW @BlingBottle @juicetou #follow #win
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Retweeted by louise Brown Well done Marky Boy ur best dance yet @MarkWright_ bet ur so proud @michkeegan @nannypat_carol @BigMarkWright_ xxx
The more you know yourself and what you want in this life, the less you let things bother you. #GoGetIt
Retweeted by louise Brown @MrPeterAndre plz can I get a tweet 2 cheer me up, found out my grandad has cancer again 4 second time :'( hope u enjoying Scotland xxxRT please #su2c http://t.co/xTpmuTYR9u
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Retweeted by louise Brown R we getting @C4Gogglebox or not? yet again been delayed sso davina can just muck about@danwootton it should already b on, its pathetic how much has been advertised on this that not been showed@shinelikeaceleb congrats 2winner xxxWith over 600 #selfie entries we have a surprise announcement coming soon ! To thank all who entered #competition 😮😮😉 http://t.co/EMD4lVT1Au
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Retweeted by louise Brown Guessing scheduled programmes on #StandUpToCancer r out window, meant 2have 25mins of @C4Gogglebox but got 1min
@Mario_Falcone cant wait 2 get it xxxMy 2015 calendar available here... https://t.co/w2x36psePb http://t.co/cc41PSjW74
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The best day of the week is #TellerTuesday @ECharlieHunnam http://t.co/KlitugpDj4
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@OharaDavies @RickyRayment omg its the double of mine xxx http://t.co/Mq46Kam128Find The #davidbeckham #tshirt mr @Mario_Falcone was #wearing in #towie Here http://t.co/LiSmPHmXWV #fashion http://t.co/76YVSgUNgK
Retweeted by louise Brown For everyone asking no code is needed for free delivery . Still taking orders up to 1pm tomorrow x
Retweeted by louise Brown @MrPeterAndre best day of my life in 2010, gutted can't c u on this tour sounds like its a great #bignight xxx http://t.co/p7ZcDTEOJZ@MrPeterAndre sounds like I'm well missing out on a great #bignight with this tour, I'm so heartbroken I couldn't get tickets xxx@SparklingRings @juicetou @StrawberryChews congrats xxx@juicetou @nails2beauty @SparklingRings congrats xxxAlso running a FB comp so follow and share http://t.co/qL4RayUy7W for a chance to win your choice of box. http://t.co/iAdK993J2U
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Retweeted by louise Brown @SparklingRings @juicetou :-PWe are going to pick a runner up for our @juicetou comp! Another #icoinic winner to be drawn at 10pm http://t.co/vZpHZUvZzJ
Retweeted by louise Brown @ClaireaBellaLtd cant wait 2 c it xxx#ClaireaBella #Advert #Tomorrow MTV 12:29 19:13 19:49 ITV2 13:48 17:15 VIVA 18:08 E 18:12 20:06 21:10 ITVBE 21:30 http://t.co/R7VBoMcuTg
Retweeted by louise Brown Welcoming our new followers, we have another AMAZING competition this week with our good friend Tom...
Retweeted by louise Brown @juicetou @SparklingRings got everything crossed I win, would mean world 2 me xxx@SparklingRings @juicetou genuinly would love 2win both these as love both so much xxx
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