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33/Genderqueer/Bi. I'm a Heavy Metal loving GLAMBERT who loves Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen, Alternative Rock, Rap & ElectroSwing. #LGBTQ #Saulibert

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I'm off to bed, haven't been well pass few days@QueenWillRock @adamlambert Don't forget to stop by Montreux and say hi to Freddie while in Switzerland next year http://t.co/CPo2qRYCT7
Anyone know if Adam's ever seen Freddie's memorial in Montreux, Switzerland? http://t.co/XIVHM3WcV3@adamlambert @QueenWillRock So excited to know you're gonna be rocking UK & Europe in 2015!"Metal will never be like Britney Spears or stuff like that because this is true music" Sven Kopperud(Dimmu Borgir) via @HeavyMetalFilm \m/Finnish Language Report: Heavy Metal Fans Learning Nordic Languages To Better Appreciate Their Favorite Bands http://t.co/ZGFD9EKJgC
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂FINNISH METAL FACTS: Did You know that Flame Throwing Guitar was invented in 1981 in Finland by Sarcofagus: http://t.co/DUQAwK6iUR
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@LMM170 Hopefully soon. I think he's "Berlin"Gotta catch up with the second ep. of Madam Secretary, missed it because power outage on Sunday :( lol #thankgodfortvondemand@LMM170 love all the twists and turns they do, always keeps me on the edge of my seat lolI love @NBCBlacklist !! One of the best shows on TV!Holy shit!! The Blacklist was so freaking good tonight! #insane #TheBlacklist@LambertLover19 aww thank you, bb, so are you :)I'm so stoked for all UK & European Glamberts! Good luck to everyone trying to get tickets! <3@xHollyGlambertx you're welcome!! :)@BluelaceDragon probably lol@xHollyGlambertx Yay!! So thrilled for you!!! :))Adam is gonna freak out when he sees Gaga's tweet lol@ladygaga @adamlambert Aww!! Gaga, so sweet of you to tweet Adam!! He's gonna freak out! Lol. Love you!!!@adamlambert miss singing with you and Queen! You do Freddie so proud every night, so happy for you!
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂
Signing off for the night, gonna go make sure I've got everything updated over at Saulibert Forever than bed.. g'night guysI'd love for someone to do an Arabic Remix for one of @adamlambert's songsArabic music <3@adamlambert Kantik - Arabian Night (Original) Club Music Mix EDM: http://t.co/OGrky2Kshn#nowplaying araabMUZIK - The Prince Is Coming -- this is so sick!@adamlambert araabMUZIK - The Prince Is Coming https://t.co/NLvsoTNLKr #sickness #edmAstrology on the Ceiling. Fairmont Hotel Penthouse- San Fransisco http://t.co/vrenqdRQxV
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Araab Muzik - For Professional Use Only 2 https://t.co/emXwHwt1ac @adamlambert #ArabicEDMTitanic soundtrack Arabic Instrumental اغنيه اجنبيه بايقاعات عربيه: http://t.co/0Fu6X3ZYzU <3 so beautiful#Homosexuality is not a choice, but #homophobia is.
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@WipeHomophobia: #Homophobia kills #LGBT http://t.co/cC8HsUf0KK
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@featheredraven I don't have a religion lol better that way for me.@featheredraven Makes sense to me. My best friend is my protector.@featheredraven I'd start at the library if you wanna do research@featheredraven you could probably find out through town records@featheredraven that's good to know.@featheredraven wow that's scary, did you burn sage afterwards?@featheredraven yes when you're not expecting them is when they scare me lol. other than that, not afraid of 'em.@featheredraven yes a ghost who talks to you lol@featheredraven yes lolBest 'Bang Bang' ever: Cher Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) 1987: http://t.co/y1h8nastRvThe Fairmont Hotel is allegedly home to a number of ghosts including WWII soldiers who once stayed on the 7th floor http://t.co/USe3swypIvFairmont is haunted lol http://t.co/USe3swypIv@adamlambert haunted hotel lol http://t.co/USe3swypIv@coptoit One of the many things I love about him.@NotoriousJ_A_N Me too! Esp. since the holidays are coming up soon. I start doing Christmas shopping next month. lol@coptoit I believe in Adam, always have. He's a very smart business man, more intelligent than some ppl give him credit.@Tankosaurosrex I may ;)@Tankosaurosrex he works there ;)@Tankosaurosrex haha i need to :))@coptoit nor does putting down the tours with Queen. entitlement is ugly.I will support Adam on anything that he does. #Here4AdamI want Adam to achieve all of his dreams & touring w Queen is one of them don't tear his dream down. Adam's solo stuff is worth waiting for@coptoit This so much! Tired of seeing people complaining.Why don't people just trust Adam, his record company and management team to do their jobs. They probably don't need armchair quarterbacks.
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@Tankosaurosrex yay that's awesome! :)@Tankosaurosrex Oh cute guy said hello to me and asked how I was at the store earlier, lol, made my day :)@Tankosaurosrex yeah been treating it with ibuprofen & a heating pad, as far as everything else, been doing pretty good :) How about you?@Tankosaurosrex I've been so-so, got a bad case of TMJ (swelling of the jaw joint) on left side, hurts so bad@Tankosaurosrex Thank you, J <3@TheOrigFRODO Thank you <3AustriaCan't wait to hear the dates tomorrow! Excited for Europe! :)Romania!I'm off to bed, haven't been well pass few days, lots of pain. g'night guys
Earth's water older than the sun, came from interstellar ice http://t.co/9fY45jQhUB via @CNET@LambertLover19 I definitely will :)@amy_monks I hope so too.@amy_monks yep I think he's "Berlin"@LambertLover19 oh I may be returning to the fanfic world soon :)@LambertLover19 aww you're welcome, bb, love ya lots :) <3@bmoschetti I can't see pictures of animals like that, always makes me very emotional. I unfollow anyone who tweets them.oh no not again :( https://t.co/DibiQWJ4JA@bmoschetti who's tweeting them? don't want anything like that in my feed either.Gay people have been accused of being unfit parents, more likely to be pedophiles . - http://t.co/ak9284c2nm
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@WipeHomophobia who'd wanna be? lol, being queer is more fun #LGBTlet's get one thing straight as long as it's not me:)
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@Jacob_B_Shaver @NadiyaaAnd I've had straight women refer to me as "one of the girls" a few times w/o ever realizing how disrespectful it is
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Being a gay MAN does not make you "one of the girls." Let's be more respectful, shall we? #SURVIVORSANJUANDELSUR @NadiyaaAnd #Homophobia
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Omg, new Machine Head is gonna be so sick!! \m/@kardamdoll you're welcome! :)@SugarAngelBeth aww I understand.. you're welcome, love ya tons <3
Off to bed, super tired, g'night guys <3They're calling the #OklahomaBeheading 'work place violence' 'HERO' had a concealed carry exercising his #2A #ccot http://t.co/lUd8Jsssab
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@SugarAngelBeth Is there a way you can let me know what happened? if not here maybe on FB?@kardamdoll aww they're so cute!! :))@SugarAngelBeth Yay!! So glad to see you back on Twitter!! :)@MariaaQQ you're welcome! :)@mmarielle44 You too :)Just renewed my membership for Adam's fan club, been a member since the site began :) @adamlambert911 calls released: FBI investigating claims Oklahoma beheading suspect tried to convert others to Islam http://t.co/JbrTmX5h9m via @kforPolice say man beheaded woman, stabbed another worker at Oklahoma food processing plant before being shot: http://t.co/py0NsF4Q1M
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂LGBT rights are human rights. End of story . #citizenship #citizens #LGBTrights #Freedom #humanrights #equality #love http://t.co/QbRgA6cn04
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@mmarielle44 aww thank you, no headaches today :)@inloveml aww thank you, miss you too.. love ya lots <3@Rocket_Java you're welcome! <3#FF @GeminiEileen @LambertLover19 @MariaaQQ @aniettwiet @magicinmylife14#FF @amy_monks @ritzy0525 @_swoosh14 @mmarielle44 @silent_twerk @Glam4Mama @featheredraven @Arachnidkid @Kitanneglam @luckymosqueda#FF @TitanicRose312 @inloveml @TheOrigFRODO @seela2012 @glam_wolfie24 @RabbitholeGirl @SauliSweetheart @Rocket_JavaBig QAL news coming Monday, so excited for UK and Europe! Hope they include Finland!
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