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.@SharylAttkisson on newly released emails that cast doubt on @HillaryClinton #Benghazi claims http://t.co/1zce18Qcm6 http://t.co/val32NfghQ
Retweeted by Jackie YatesJust before holiday weekend, Obama administration releases news of over 100 new regulations: http://t.co/2MRHzEkEX4
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@HouseCracka @tedcruz @RandPaul @GOP Both great candidates-in fact, I could see myself voting for almost any of them against Hillary ClintonJust like the Land for Peace farce? Now we want Israel to be the first country to give up their ace-in-the-hole? https://t.co/Ysv6LhiIFO1690? hmm After he preface it was bookmarked for later reference! Thanks Don. https://t.co/Z34k2hpEP9
Retweeted by Jackie YatesAmericans Vastly Overestimate Size of LGBT Population: http://t.co/tvJKkNUGJh #tcot
Retweeted by Jackie YatesIMF’s Disingenuous Attempt to Tax Energy Use: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released its estimate of g... http://t.co/3SGJgxXwKW
Retweeted by Jackie Yates#CCOT Crush the System: Cloward-Piven Stategy On The U.S. Border http://t.co/6iTik9Vysj #Democrats #Amnesty #NoAmnesty #immigration #Obama
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@MamawJack i.e., Mike Huckabee-former Pastor, Governor, a man with solid valuesThe Liberal Left r under the mistaken impression that being a vocal Christian is an immediate disqualification in a Presidential bid. #tcotAP: Hillary Clinton Received Now-Classified Benghazi Info on Private Email Server, Documents Show | http://t.co/HRb0ZxBSFu #tcot #ccotClinton redefined the meaning of the word "is". Obama is redefining the meaning of the word "lead". https://t.co/00ZQGNLhQa
Retweeted by Jackie YatesCurrently reading Mike Huckabee Would Make a Great President and Here Are 10 Reasons Why http://t.co/XdxdQohWV3 #tcot #ccotGovernor Mike Huckabee gets a standing ovation at #NARLegislative https://t.co/MzKWaoWSh8
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMike Huckabee talking US energy. #NAR #EnergyIndependence http://t.co/mtTNE6dpMW
Retweeted by Jackie Yates"Huckabee will be a force in this election despite the snickering in elite circles." http://t.co/cbb5cdXlqK #FromHopeToHigherGround
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWhy the Republican Party really needs Mike Huckabee right now http://t.co/C5KeMFH2Fy #tcot #ccotWhy the Republican Party Needs Mike Huckabee Right Now #tcot #gop #fromhopetohigherground #imwithhuck #pjnet http://t.co/D8iXsfObE8
Retweeted by Jackie Yates"Simply put, President Obama cannot be trusted to negotiate a good deal for American workers," @GovMikeHuckabee. http://t.co/ynqjLO29QW #TPP
Retweeted by Jackie YatesIAS - Mike Huckabee - http://t.co/d6lKhNS6gi http://t.co/GUrnheJVqq #tcot #ccot5 Faith Facts Every Christian Voter Should Know About Mike Huckabee https://t.co/ytTkyZESpe via @charismamag #ccot #tcotMy latest @BreitbartNews "George Will's Elitist Attack on Mike Huckabee Draws Strong Reaction" http://t.co/kdIR0Ny9Vj
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWhy are the media whacking Mike Huckabee—Unless he’s a 2016 threat? (@foxnews) http://t.co/7WWGYAk7jk #news #security #social #government
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBreitbart dismantles Will's attack on @GovMikeHuckabee #Huckabee2016 @mhfa16hq http://t.co/t5r76du5ic
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMike Huckabee: Tax Hikes Are Off the Table http://t.co/MgzcWVtty7
Retweeted by Jackie Yates.@GovMikeHuckabee defends @JebBush on Iraq — but doesn't want his Apple Watch http://t.co/2nhHforckd http://t.co/GzQuJMdqqm
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMike Huckabee: As President I Will Fight to End Abortion, De-Fund Planned Parenthood http://t.co/IMqGKNEm0B
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMike Huckabee signs his own 'Pledge to the People' | http://t.co/LcFk1Mi6cz
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
@LOLGOP says the 99% of Dems who voted for it@MotherJones along with Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, etc. Of course the intel was right-otherwise the briefer was incompetent.@IvoryDove @Liz_Cheney @POTUS @mkues65 leading from the sidelines?Ramadi falls, ISIS spreads, Iran works to get nukes, and @POTUS thinks our main challenge is...climate change. http://t.co/DVu9iNkYh6
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@VRWCTexan Joe Biden is delusionalThe Plain Facts: https://t.co/qNwE7oFFev.@POTUS believes that intentionally & maliciously reversing our victory in Iraq is not dereliction of duty, but denying climate change is.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesGoing Back to IRAQ: Please visit the Links They Need Help. http://t.co/Z94ytBXiR2 & https://t.co/rjByxSOJeB http://t.co/Qaz0m6Lnl5
Retweeted by Jackie YatesClinton: My Iraq war vote was ‘mistake’ Wed May 20, 2015 3:46AM Clinton says her vote in favor of the Iraq war in... http://t.co/WICEUcYdTa
Retweeted by Jackie YatesCNN: CNN announces details of Republican presidential debate http://t.co/HsmYKzfF3a #tcot #ccotFox News to Limit First Presidential Debate to 10 Republicans http://t.co/AkAcFtpInf via @NYTPolitics #tcot #ccotIran's leader rejects foreign access to military sites, scientists | http://t.co/2uqRNljGfe #tcot #ccotMajor Gay Marriage Study Was Fabricated, Author Admits http://t.co/hL5JBnmCsq via @dailycaller #tcot #ccotHayes: Obama Admin Ignored Proof of Iran-Al Qaeda Link After UBL Raid http://t.co/KgsUZELyOd #tcot #ccot'Look at the Timing': Peters Says Bin Laden Docs Meant to Distract From Ramadi http://t.co/9AUeY7GaY9 #tcot #ccotBetween China-Russia-the middle east and BO dismantling our military-I have never been more scared for America
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@BarracudaMama or intentionally obtuse.@SueLynsey .@LeahR77 .@ChristieC733.@seanhannity .@Farmer_MW .@Hollyhoo71 .@WEdwarda .@MotoWolfe .@pat_596 .@KLSouth http://t.co/avRArGfRpu
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHelp us help them. @Montel_Williams @GitRDoneLarry @SEALofHonor @rob_saunderson @GRIMREAPEROFROC @KidRock @KenWahl1 http://t.co/HsigVxe1Tg
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Hillary and Obama-without conscience https://t.co/USw0G8UxHfBOMBSHELL: Obama admin knew al Qaeda had planned Benghazi attack 10 days in advance http://t.co/OOAmHhNixy via @LibertyUnyieldi
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@GR8_2B_alive @LibertyUnyieldi and both Obama and Hillary knew the danger to those Americans-lambs to the slaughter.Former Navy SEAL @RepRyanZinke has introduced a bill to honor the fallen heroes of #Benghazi. http://t.co/MTXPRnDAXD http://t.co/2NrTXjbEYW
Retweeted by Jackie YatesGowdy subpoenas Sid Blumenthal http://t.co/PUTTlTVbQe
Retweeted by Jackie YatesPROOF!!!! WATCH! OBAMA ADMIN RUNNING GUNS VIA BENGHAZI TO SYRIA!!!!! | NEXT-GEN PATRIOTS http://t.co/40gtTnn0fd
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHello @POTUS here is a real question for you: why did you lie about the #Benghazi terror attack? We found the docs: http://t.co/nPGPakVBKH
Retweeted by Jackie YatesSaudi advertises for swordsmen as execution rate soars http://t.co/aa0CpIPH1c via @YahooNews #tcot #ccot'ISIS Takes Everything': A Letter to the American Church | http://t.co/w0rkUZpyez A MUST READ #ccot #tcotWhite House Says ISIS Strategy Is A SUCCESS!!?? | http://t.co/A8vZkjMcxl Most incompetent admin to date! #tcot #ccotAnxiety grips Hill over US strategy for ISIS, possibility of Iran fueling violence | http://t.co/lZ6MoeWLiW #tcot #ccotFaulty Takata air bags trigger largest auto recall in US history | http://t.co/GgNcOiEP87 #tcot #ccotLouisiana religious liberty bill goes down in defeat as State Republicans side with LGBT activists http://t.co/CW5HDEyjgq #tcot #ccot
via @RedState: Pay-to-play at Hillary’s State Department http://t.co/HyBMQAXgmM #tcot
Retweeted by Jackie YatesIraq braced for the Battle of Baghdad http://t.co/A1lz0OXWOQ /Obama-caused disaster. Barbaric savagery and evil.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesEgyptian TV Presenter Calls for Netanyahu to Put His Trust in God and Bomb Iran via http://t.co/om4tYEfVxa http://t.co/om4tYEfVxa #ccotSo why has Obama been hammering Israel for so long? http://t.co/1FiYZ0wBqz #tcot #ccotundefined http://t.co/RgszaXkdyy #tcot #ccotIslamic State Supporters 'Tweet' Eerie Pictures Threatening Rome And Milan http://t.co/9BEXzmatgi via @HuffPostUK #tcot #ccotAre mystery ‘trumpet blasts’ in sky from God? http://t.co/4qI6NwrpSI via @worldnetdaily #tcot #ccotStarnes: Radical Group Wants Christian General Court-Martialed for Speaking About God | http://t.co/wjolZnWrpO #ccot #tcotHillary Received Memo Describing #Benghazi As Planned Terror Attack Within Hours | http://t.co/ZUiX7TNpre #tcot #ccotMilitary intel predicted rise of ISIS in 2012, detailed arms shipments from #Benghazi to Syria | http://t.co/dfa8PZv6UK #tcot #ccotIran Claims Religious Right To Destroy Israel ➠ It’s In The Quran – BB4SP http://t.co/l8yBn8z7Wx
Retweeted by Jackie YatesJust in case you are confused about the crusades... and Islam.. http://t.co/1247VmB5KS
Retweeted by Jackie YatesVery, very bad --> Newly released #Benghazi documents show Obama admin lied about attack: http://t.co/K2Q2815HmT http://t.co/u152gOGhvR
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWhatever you may think of the Iraq War, it was WON... Obama lost that won war, and did so intentionally.
Retweeted by Jackie Yates#CCOT Hillary's 22 biggest scandals ever http://t.co/aLQOcnUMcx
Retweeted by Jackie YatesEveryone needs to listen to the DEFEAT JIHAD SUMMIT (P.1 of 3) #Pjnet #tcot http://t.co/iGzQw5Ki14
Retweeted by Jackie YatesTheologian finds joy in midst of incurable cancer diagnosis -- http://t.co/XNjZ9uYj6J
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Retweeted by Jackie YatesThe world is not worse because we toppled Saddam, the world is worse because Obama reversed our victory in Iraq. #tcot #tlot #p2 #lnyhbt
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWould Americans have allowed 1.6 million followers of Nazism into this country following WWII? http://t.co/VInNczTvwO #CCOT #tcot
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@ReviveOurUSA Something that complex could only come from God.If uncoiled, the DNA in all the cells in your body would stretch 10 billion miles - from Earth to Pluto and back. #random
Retweeted by Jackie Yateshttp://t.co/zWIuZyHJc2
Retweeted by Jackie YatesAs If Iran Wasn’t Enough, Is Obama Helping China Proliferate Nuclear Weapons? http://t.co/vCQ3za6xVJ
Retweeted by Jackie YatesInternet Name Governance is Going Global – What could go wrong? http://t.co/RAmvmPawWl #CDNews #tcot
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@CorlessJones @Fingersflying I think the Clintons r experts at dodging issues-no one in authority has the courage to challenge themKrauthammer: Only Two Reasons For Obama’s Fox News Slam – And Neither Are Good http://t.co/swYioeBXcu #tcot
Retweeted by Jackie YatesAWFUL! Barack Obama Announces Plan to CENSOR Fox News (MUST READ) - The Political Insider http://t.co/0CpMIvfQtS
Retweeted by Jackie Yates51-Year-Old Actor Michael Enright Joins Kurdish Militia to Fight ISIS - Breitbart http://t.co/RoiBKtmncx via @BreitbartNews #tcot #ccotAmbassador On Nuke Deal: 'When Israelis And Arabs Are On The Same Page…Pay Attention' | http://t.co/vnpWmYxt3C #tcot #ccotFox News Poll: 56 percent want Congress to continue investigating Benghazi | http://t.co/14dkXP9mvf #tcot #ccotNews Poll: Voters believe White House incompetent, US still in recession and ISIS has moved next door | http://t.co/179qeBjYuM #tcot #ccot
undefined http://t.co/YMjl8SZCdL #tcot #ccotJeb Bush: "Don’t let Hillary Clinton get away with saying, well I would have done it differently...she was a partner with Barack Obama."
Retweeted by Jackie YatesNew Fox Poll: Scott Walker's slide continues. Jeb Bush & Ben Carson are tied for 1st. Walker is at 11% -- just one point ahead of Huckabee.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesJeb Bush Smacks Down Liberal Know-It-All | http://t.co/g6sde8kD7y
Retweeted by Jackie YatesVIDEO: Terrorist Training 'No Go Zones' Now In U.S. - Where are they? http://t.co/RdvAZOv4Zp #tcot #ccotElderly cancer patient calls 911 because he has no food http://t.co/PuVp7e80Ua via @abc11_wtvd #tcot #ccotHere’s What Happens When A Christian Encounter a Muslim Cashier At Walmart - http://t.co/EqebggxOqd #tcot #ccot
One of Jeb Bush’s top advisers on Israel: George W. Bush http://t.co/S3SYOWX9OD #ccot #tcot
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