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@Alexjroebuck I meant send them to the base, they could be handy in the investigation. Culdrose-pro@mod.uk is a good place to start.@Alexjroebuck Cracking pics, make sure you send them to Culdrose too!
@NickMotown Nice to see you can bang in some old school Take That in your spare time...Have you been to the Roller Rink @ Epworth Hall Garden yet? Last day is the 2nd August!!
Retweeted by Terry Lander@pamplainandtall When they start posting living wills you need to worry.You'll never see me buying Evian, I'm not stupid, it's naive backwards. I buy the slightly cheaper Tnucyllis instead, I think it's Greek.
Retweeted by Terry LanderI will kill again. Sorry, thought this was Facebook. Have an advert. http://t.co/SEdMYWgysrOne for @Lyvit >> “@CakeThrottle: If you own a small, anti-Kindle bookstore and it's not called Page Against the Machine, just give up.”
Retweeted by Terry Lander@JesusSpider @CakeThrottle BURN DOWN THE BOOKSHOP, BURN IT DOWN,
@RichEdyLFC Ha ha! It's so true.@jimsmallman @ThisIs_Progress Bloody have to move bastard house again. Progress trip postponed until early next year. Hope you remember me.@ScoutFinch_75 How much have you been drinking?@ScoutFinch_75 Jim and Tony.@Jake_Riding @nighswan @Helstonbury Ha ha!@Jake_Riding @nighswan @Helstonbury Helsto' 14 has just gone...@BBCSporf That has a lot to do with the millions of pounds of shit they spread on it every Saturday. The old ones are the best.RT this picture when you find the two mistakes. http://t.co/IiTNdBsAqtA blog about burning cars, Gaza and the world being shit: http://t.co/qxYxKiBZz3
Retweeted by Terry Lander@TiernanDouieb The starter motor went on my Mini for the second time this year yet I'm still humbled by your...er...'car trouble'.Today’s cartoon is captioned by @vinharris #FF http://t.co/Yn5fRckPjF
Retweeted by Terry LanderTo resign from the human race: 1. Sit on a hill. 2. Watch shells killing children. 3. Treat it as entertainment.
Retweeted by Terry Lander
I tried to get him a point, I really did http://t.co/cSSggDus0g
Are you on my mailing list? If not, you'll miss my Aug T-Mail going out tomorrow. Instead of Aug. http://t.co/fQpbJauF1y for more diary mess
Retweeted by Terry Lander@ewenmacintosh Very convenient dream.I'd love to stop and watch reactions.Is this cruel? Poster hung on lamppost "Lottery winner with no family wants to help you out" has a no. at the bottom. Only ten digits.This was the scam (thanks to @RuudGit for finding it) http://t.co/6ti4UBiK0A
Retweeted by Terry Lander@wiggywalsh The Mayor of Hounslow himself, ChabuddyG joins us for a live Q&A tonight from 10:45pm! #AskChabuddy http://t.co/6fthPupmvB
Retweeted by Terry LanderI'm @YardTheatre on Wednesday. Use code LAUGHS for £5 tix http://t.co/SXTRTxMayj
Retweeted by Terry LanderIs this what happens if you wear a cossie without waxing - A TREE GROWS OUT OF IT??? http://t.co/UPTgwX4eNa
Retweeted by Terry LanderWith inflation Jay-Z now has 104 problems.
Retweeted by Terry LanderWe're all back to normal so everyone's forgotten the recession. The recession? Remember? When nobody had any money? No?@Wendy_Wason Bloody hell. They're leaving it a bit late aren't they?It's a shame that warning people about scams and advertising how to pull them off are exactly the same thing..@almurray Better than the Pulp Fiction story of robbing the bank with a mobile phone?@barneyfarmer That is brilliant.In this situation the preferred option is to quietly drown. http://t.co/SbhgsMPZ0q
Retweeted by Terry LanderThe Mummy's Shroud is brought to you by @taylertoons http://t.co/cSSggDus0g@NickDoody @TiernanDouieb Shit in the carburetor?He's missed the point this week http://t.co/cSSggDus0gThis was @TiernanDouieb's car yest. Why not cheer him up & see his ace @Phoenix_Fringe show: http://t.co/ZHiqqFBiMJ http://t.co/ApSx9DBOkV
Retweeted by Terry Lander
Just hoovered up my first loom band. *Proud parent beam*.@Nathanoutlaw opening the @thefishmish 's first UK charity shop. You can hear about it on Monday @BBCCornwall http://t.co/JwGLexgshu
Retweeted by Terry LanderThis year, send him postcards http://t.co/cSSggDus0gMy melon-headed children are watching the wrong Willy Wonka film. Philistines.@NOWMusic Now that's what I call two fat ladies.It's Thursday, so here's the latest transcribr express. You're welcome. http://t.co/cMXWhwsZzv
Retweeted by Terry Lander
Popped into @Helstonbury tonight, great vibe! Really excited about playing there tomorrow -Rick
Retweeted by Terry LanderLate night reading. http://t.co/cSSggDus0gThanks to @iancollinsuk on @lbc for a fun news panel. Our comedy festival is @Phoenix_Fringe http://t.co/0VRYCSxgWc Aug 2-9th. Come along!
Retweeted by Terry Lander@mrkhndy I think you underestimate how hard you have been working. Either that or I'm ignorant of your wit.@mrkhndy They're like buses, two at once etc. or something.@spacemansonic Pisshead.Well I reckon this is EPIC!!! #Tshirt http://t.co/md3EfTskZw
Retweeted by Terry LanderNo Coke or illegal drugs though, please. I'm not an animal.If companies would like to offer me free stuff I will happily give it a positive review, unlike those grabbing celebrities who don't bother.@mrkhndy I tend to delete everything from LinkedIn so didn't get your request until today. I have completed the activity you asked of me.Lyvit Publishing has a small mention in @Cornwall_Today magazine, hopefully the first of many.I will never charge for a book signing. I promise. #VoteWithYourWallet #BuyMyBooks #ComingToAWaterstonesNearYouDear @bbcpress - I agree with latest findings by @bbctrust - @bbcthree is young, diverse and should be protected #savebbc3! @SaveBBCThree
For anyone that wants to see a follow up interview I did yesterday u can C it here http://t.co/7Ya4fcyYUz #guilfest @GuilFest
Retweeted by Terry LanderPlease. I don't want to see pics of dead people on my timeline. It's unnecessary. I'm not going to argue/discuss this.
Retweeted by Terry Lander@james_blue_cat Great, it's 2014 and they're still applying the Smurfs ratio of men to women.
Retweeted by Terry LanderPlease mention for http://t.co/cSSggDus0g . Looking for talented people to create postcards for me to send. 22 weeks left.@Roisinconaty Any chance of a mention for http://t.co/cSSggDus0g please? Looking for talented people to create postcards for me to send.I'm a catch. My mum says so.
Retweeted by Terry LanderMight as well tell you I'm having sausage and banana pizza for tea in accordance with this website's original agenda.@bobbyllew Any chance of a mention for http://t.co/cSSggDus0g please? Looking for talented people to create postcards for me to send.It seems everyone knows who @blobbiewilliams is now and it's about darn time."Released today in 1987" - Today wasn't in 1987. It has only ever been in 2014.Were you off to the Secret Cinema tonight? Gutted it's cancelled? Why not use the time to read a book instead. It's like a film, but better.
Retweeted by Terry LanderMy radio show is returning soon and it would be jolly nice of you to Like the FB page https://t.co/Wj4unUDAff*Someone's* happy this morning. http://t.co/TZDNO566qV@SpacemanSonic Loads of people. I think London's a big deal, population and employment-wise.
@archtempterred @TiernanDouieb You can only choose who to follow, not what they Tweet.@thecurlz Totes.@thecurlz Nope. #Helpful@Stevebassist Well. I asked for that.@TiernanDouieb My phone says 20 and only one of you two plays music to me when I'm bored dagnammit #1920sTweetEnding@TiernanDouieb 20 RTs and you're worried about the one guy who semi complained? Surely not worth the effort?Sometimes you can predict the general content of Twitter without logging in. Where do all the nob gags go during the #CommonwealthGames?@pcranner No such thing as British in Commonwealth Games@Isysuttie Any chance of a mention for http://t.co/cSSggDus0g? We're after talented individuals to showcase their work on a postcard.Wanted: Postcards. http://t.co/cSSggDus0gAnybody doing Sky Sports Fantasy Football?
Nothing quite like going in to a situation armed with the knowledge of experience.Had a great chat with Chris and the team at @PDQProperty this morning, thanks all.@PDQProperty I can, I'll be there just after 11am. Shouldn't be too long.
@Mikeyukhc @SpacemanSonic As long as you keep getting out, that's the key. Little and not often is better than never.@PDQProperty Hi Chris, when's the best time to pop in and see you? I have house related questions.Mrs L's uncle really is called Bob.For those watching ch4, I'm a troop sgt in the Army and have kids like these under my care, it's bloody challenging at times.
Retweeted by Terry LanderHere is chapter eighteen of #squattingforcompliments. It's called "A Crack in the M25" http://t.co/TEdM8MNMAD
Retweeted by Terry Lander@wiggywalsh Ta v. much!@Mikeyukhc Not bad thanks, did Plymouth Half and Tuff Enuff this year. That @SpacemanSonic is coming with me to Tough Mudder next year. You?@wiggywalsh Any chance of a mention for http://t.co/cSSggDus0g? My brother has no idea he's partaking but we need some more postcards.@elisjames You get around. Last time I saw you was in @Roisinconaty's bed.@mrkhndy @transcribr I like your style, the way you just do it.@mrkhndy @transcribr Looks like another Cease and Desist to me.I was going to do something with this to advertise @transcribr. But I did something else instead. http://t.co/8mp1ceUxYG
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