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Here's a surfing bear to cheer you all up http://t.co/H1a2gvXy3vManeater by Hall and Oates [Shredded Version] http://t.co/UNNuwcfpal via @thepoke@amateuradam I bet you're glad that manslaughtering bastard got found out? #OJPistoriusThe walls in our house are made of diamond. I used a hammer drill, rawlplug and screw where most would use a nail.Come to mine @ Armageddon.Lee Nelson is the SUPPORT and tickets are very cheap. In Cornwall I'm watching a man on a tractor drive slowly in front of me. Potentially.I think if you use the self-service checkouts at Tesco you should be given an employee discount.
Retweeted by Terry LanderThank you to @amateuradam for the personal invite to his gig tomorrow. I can't make it so buy my ticket here. https://t.co/Ft4YNHa9uCAnyone else sold any books today? I've sold 8.
Retweeted by Terry Lander@Biggreenbooks I have sold books and @mrkhndy has sold books but I haven't told him yet.13 mins of free comedy about #indyref from me? Well go on then: https://t.co/qQaLYaoGsQ Pls listen & share if you like
Retweeted by Terry LanderDO NOT WRITE ON THE BANANAS! https://t.co/O1bWIiveVY
Retweeted by Terry Lander@LisaHartvox Stunning, thanks for that. We're live at http://t.co/HwYpz2iRHC from 6pm on Tuesday, should be in the first hour.
@LisaHartvox Hi Lisa, can I feature this on my radio show next Tuesday on Penwith Radio?#indyref sounds like unbiased sporting personnel who refuse to sell out.And cos I pledged my name is in it. http://t.co/djBNjuiHLO
Retweeted by Terry Lander@ThePsyentistUK Ta v. much once more. Your jingle still makes Si'ekick Simon laugh.Big thanks to @TiernanDouieb @Jeffwni and mikhaelovich74 http://t.co/ow7xdkkzIZI say drum hire in Helston. http://t.co/v2bkjnHeSoDrums for hire in Helston. Cheap. http://t.co/dmV22WdDBI@_Dan_Thomas Hi Dan, I'm offering a preview of books in my next novel for £20 (inc. a copy of the book) http://t.co/7PEVgvSPZL 9 left!@90daysnovel Hi guys, I'm offering a preview of books in my next novel for £20 (inc. a copy of the book) http://t.co/7PEVgvSPZL 9 left!@StoryMeBad Hi David, I'm offering a preview of books in my next novel for £20 (inc. a copy of the book) http://t.co/7PEVgvSPZL 9 left!@outofthewoods81 Hi Rob, I'm offering a preview of books in my next novel for £20 (inc. a copy of the book) http://t.co/7PEVgvSPZL 9 left!@VanessaGlossop Hi Vanessa,I'm offering a preview of books in my next novel for £20 (inc. a copy of the book) http://t.co/7PEVgvSPZL 9 left!@AnnEBrockbank1 Hi Ann, I'm offering a preview of books in my next novel for £20 (inc. a copy of the book) http://t.co/7PEVgvSPZL 9 left!Cool people say what? Then they support this book. http://t.co/7PEVgvSPZL #LyvitNovel #Books #ebooksHopefully you've all seen the video at http://t.co/rKjTxmbLjy . Please give it a look and an RT, all supporters above £1 get a copy.
Enjoy Half Price Dining at Blue Haze Restaurant, #Porthleven. Don't miss this top saving #Cornwall http://t.co/0LdSl3Z6Xt
Retweeted by Terry LanderOver 300 views in 2 days! Phenomenal. http://t.co/cnPE5otUCpUploaded "Terry's Train of Thought - 16.09.14" to http://t.co/ozsdOUl5lM http://t.co/kFrm3MJnuA listen now!@sstrong82 @PenwithRadio Damn you Autocorrect.Grammar and spelling aside, Si'ekick @sstrong82 is right. @PenwithRadioWell me and @Lyvit and on the air with Terrys Train of thought on @PenwithRadio from 6-8pm.
Retweeted by Terry LanderToday I will be busking in byron bay! If you see come and the secret code line - "Nice day to fly a kite" and I'll give you a free cd 😉
Retweeted by Terry LanderThe Music Industry. How things have changed… http://t.co/z1MXQSKmhn (via @TheMediaTweets) http://t.co/dFafUQ5HnQ
Retweeted by Terry Lander...and my bid to infuriate my brother http://t.co/cnPE5otUCpPlease support my next literary venture http://t.co/rKjTxmbLjyI see BBC3 is showing Oscar Pistorius: The Truth, would have saved a lot of time if they'd broadcast it during the trial.
Retweeted by Terry LanderHating the new U2 album is this week's ALS IceBucketChallenge except all the money raised goes to a band that already had a billion dollars.
Retweeted by Terry Lander@AlanFitz1 Use your imagination, man. Two brothers meet for the first time, nothing happens and everyone's miserable.
This FB post from Finley Quaye is sobering & upsetting to read. 'I am in my 8th consecutive year of being homeless': https://t.co/F7tZrEjxOF
Retweeted by Terry LanderHey - no joke - Finley Quaye is homeless. And in poor health, too. Maybe buy a tune of his on iTunes and spread the word. Please RT.
Retweeted by Terry LanderLess than 3 hours to grab Away With The Fairies for £1.99. http://t.co/fhkt6LC4M9 #bestseller #metaphysical & #visionary fiction
Retweeted by Terry LanderOver 170 views today alone. That @MooseAllain has some punch. http://t.co/cnPE5otUCpOK. Maybe the second best bookshop in the world. It's still not too bad. http://t.co/ys5f2qXUcT
Retweeted by Terry Lander@soapytw Perfect, thanks again@soapytw Sounds awesome. We've just moved so you have my sympathy.@AlanFitz1 Man with same Surname.@soapytw Hi Sophie, if you follow me I'll DM my address.@AlanFitz1 Alas, no.@MooseAllain Thank you!@MooseAllain One last big push...postcards needed please! http://t.co/cnPE5otUCpLoadsa views yesterday http://t.co/cnPE5otUCp
.@SimonNRicketts @simonblackwell I like to show people what they're missing when I have a private conversation in the public domain.Indie writer friends - dirt cheap golden opportunity to showcase at @Biggreenbooks http://t.co/zr4NEYTDBJFree reading http://t.co/cnPE5otUCpTwo weeks until I go a bit mental and send this link out to everyone alive. http://t.co/Sin3SIVLJs@Matt_Kinson Online profile for a homosexual dating website?@YouAmuseMe I thought drying dishes was all done online these days.@Lyvit I do still have your book.
Retweeted by Terry LanderAm I right, creatives? etc. etc.Something I've found - "What are you up to?" "I've written a book." "Alright, don't be fucking smug about it." "But it's what I'm up to..."@mrkhndy Have you seen this? Do you still have a lot of Wood Green friends? http://t.co/zr4NEYTDBJ I can organise this for Panic Monkey.@YouAmuseMe Is this available as an 'Inspirational Quote' poster?@Biggreenbooks ...if you're struggling to fill the space (you won't be) then I'm happy to give it a go.@Biggreenbooks Brilliant idea. For me, my only friend who lives in Wood Green now lives in Barcelona. That said...@YouAmuseMe I don't either. People DTM tend to be family. Online people support my stuff much better*. (*not an advert)@YouAmuseMe I don't fall out with anyone; I have my reasons for badly punctuating my output/@YouAmuseMe *Puts head in oven*@YouAmuseMe It's to incite a response, therefore necessary. It highlights emotion on a platform devoid of such.@Biggreenbooks Do you still have any copies of my books? Would you want any I've written that you don't currently stock?@YouAmuseMe I thought everything was online these days?@YouAmuseMe Other stuff? Like gardening?@Biggreenbooks @vobes Yes.@YouAmuseMe What's the Yes for? Are you more positive these days?Will work for postcards http://t.co/cnPE5otUCp@DannyJohnJules One last big push...postcards needed! http://t.co/cnPE5otUCp
@SimonJBurrows85 Especially in selected supermarketsDouble points for quick responses. Nice work.#TellyOurFriendsPlease endorse my tapping activities by using your RT buttons on this Tweet containing this link http://t.co/rKjTxmbLjy #tellyourfriends@AlanFitz1 Are you drinking?@AlanFitz1 No. Just found it, thought it would bring back happy times.@alanfitz1 Holidays are comin' http://t.co/h2TTeEBXUB@alanfitz1 A bigger and better Xmas with Black Horse (now defunct) http://t.co/1vITWMP9UkSneek peek at my new strip 'Jason Statham The Pony' in the new @vizcomic. http://t.co/MuAfixkcWT
Retweeted by Terry Lander@SpacemanSonic @TheDelovely I can always pick Helen up on the way.Just laid down the rules to God and I now can't die until I've heard every album I own. I've also uploaded my pound shop albums of the week.@PacosGirlFriday Ta v. much@TheDelovely Gah. Rumbled.@TheDelovely I'm not actually 19 stone but he doesn't need to know that.@TheDelovely Real life is where @spacemansonic has to help a 19 stone man across the Tough Mudder course in 2015@TheDelovely Yep yep yep@TheDelovely Absolutely. It was probably new and exciting for too long but real life offers so much more.@TheDelovely I love cake.I'm not dissin' your time on such sites, just echoing sentiments from earlier.I Tweet more than most so can't judge@TheDelovely Also it's just an idea. Cake at 4am is an idea but can be debated.@TheDelovely Scott said that. It's not about interaction on sites, more about complete disconnection from the world. Phones are the start.@TheDelovely Really? Do tell...http://t.co/Zbljg2qXW5@TheDelovely Did you see what I said to Scott about giving up coffee and leaving your phone downstairs? Not the be-all-and-end-all but...
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