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Lea Verou @LeaVerou Cambridge, MA

Research Assistant @MIT_CSAIL, @CSSWG IE, @OReillyMedia author, Ex @W3C staff. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. I ♥ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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@stefanovollono Thanks! Btw, it looks like it's going to be closer to 300 pages after all :)
@schfab who knows, maybe he wouldn't have accepted the call!.@zeitonline though being proud of something that comes by chance is quite... sorry...ridiculous.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@suco_de_uva +he kept referring to my friend as sir and ignoring I existed even tho I repeated 5 times that this was exactly what I said too.@EverydaySexism Me: 3915 Rivermark Plaza @Uber driver: I need the exact address Male friend: 3915 Rivermark Plaza D: Thank you sir! #wtf
CSS WG wine tasting!! @ Cinnabar Winery http://t.co/dKJOCB5fUt@gregwhitworth Hey we're leaving for the winery soon, are you coming?@svgeesus ok!@svgeesus let's meet at the lobby?@svgeesus let's find out who from @csswg is still here and wants to go. Worst case, uber/lyft@svgeesus @frivoal me too@svgeesus @frivoal when are you going?@svgeesus @frivoal I don't know what time it is! I'm at TPAC, where are you?This is an interface to pick a karaoke song. Of course picking a song is complicated bizness so we… http://t.co/uRkMUpykMm
@csswg I'm late one day and I miss the group picture! Such is my luck.@dirkschulze the other bar is right next to the sports barSpecify multiple values in a spectrum without repetition or having to do the math, by hacking paused CSS animations http://t.co/tvYaOluB7dI think I'll book with another airline. http://t.co/Xz8q4kZILf
Retweeted by Lea VerouPhoto: Peter would like the folks working on SASS to know something. http://t.co/lbznbpPEMh
Retweeted by Lea Verou
Photo: Deadlocks? That’s just Jonas on a bad hair day http://t.co/WwgNhCu9zA
Retweeted by Lea VerouPhoto: Conspiracy Simon is not able to compute where this is going http://t.co/1vZgVEfP0V
Retweeted by Lea VerouCSS WG meeting about to start! @ W3C TPAC http://t.co/vqL2sq8VwR
How @instagram evolved from a stalled project, 4 years ago: https://t.co/eDgCHAyhIN@thecodejunkie @amazon What demographic were you referring to then?¶ A brief history of the humble pilcrow and how it could be useful today: https://t.co/wNbHxM64l1@fremycompany Like “Oh, so many nice baby products out there. I should get a baby!”?@thecodejunkie @amazon How are baby ads more relevant to women? Men have babies too.@henrihelvetica @oreillymedia Yes, that’s correct. Est. release date is currently January 2015.For some reason, I keep getting baby ads on @Amazon as of recently. And no, I've never searched for baby products. Machine learning #FAIL?
@programmerchick Of course!@piazza It would be nice to allow students to change their anonymous status, if they decide there was no need for anonymity after all.
@davidwalshblog I will ask next week at TPAC, ask me again after that :)@davidwalshblog I haven't been working at W3C since August 2013, so not sure why you’re asking me :P
@selenit2 Nice!@tabatkins LOL, that's shorter but considerably less efficient!@grumpywizards For me, depends on the length of each method invocation, and the number of methods.@dennisporterjr anti-establishment? What's the establishment here? :)@dennisporterjr It’s just an observation based on how numbers in any base are created, then you remove those with any digit < 10@eyueltessema That’s still string concatenation!@dennisporterjr Thanks! To be fair, I came up w/ the solution first, and the exercise afterwards :P (Isn't that how it usually happens?) :)@headofthebored @juliancheal Including the dice and sunglasses? :PRe: https://t.co/wO3sWfrmGp My solution: https://t.co/Kxoqt1kXPd#JS challenge: Construct array of all [a-z]+ strings of length<N in lexicographic order, w/out string concatenation or String.fromCharCode()@StuRobson There is a source under the chart. But I’m honestly surprised with your disbelief. Are you living in a different Britain?Okay. I don't get this. People can't be this... THICK, right? http://t.co/O0AuJwyMgB
Retweeted by Lea Verou@juliancheal Not the same and I don't like chocolate. (sure, this has chocolate too, but many other things as well)What a brilliant, yummy idea! Can't wait for them to be widely available! https://t.co/dIGQGs2mso
Google released hundreds of free icons: http://t.co/4UZZj0hLso Nice, but why not contribute them to the @nounproject?
@meyerweb Sounds like it’s going to be a fascinating talk. Wish I could watch it. :) My best wishes for it!!Bad #UX is not just a nuisance. It can literally kill. https://t.co/bBsFC0fpc6@dennisporterjr Oh yeah, totally! Thanks a bunch!@dennisporterjr Nice one! Were these animating along the circle? It’s not very clear in the screenshot.@dennisporterjr Haha, mainly because I want a screenshot for my book, so it would be nice if it was in the same language as the book.@dennisporterjr Yeah, that was the main one so far. Best example of this I've seen: http://t.co/fTHKg1rAHf (sadly, not in English)@_jimjum_ Thanks for the effort, but the issue with the XML is rather obvious.@dennisporterjr What I’m describing doesn’t help much in any of these cases.@_jimjum_ https://t.co/J2w8wuHubI@piazza Thanks! But how do I see my starred posts again? Also, it would be nice to be able to star comments (and link to them)@shinuza I can see that. The question is why, as it’s a generated file I’ve never touched.@voxpelli Thanks! Have you tried feed press? Do they have a lot of users? I don't want to have to keep switching…@joeaugie What PHP tags? I’m only using the official plugin… Don’t remember making any file edits…So, apparently, my blog feed is broken: http://t.co/y3BnJg2JE4 But I’ve changed nothing & just using @freedburner… Anyone facing same issue?In css-backgrounds-4, we’ll get a property for border clipping. Until then, border-image & gradients to the rescue! http://t.co/etu5yAOX3S
@fharper Sure, I’m honored! Though I think there are much better designers at dribbble :PThis is the best video ever! MIT Gangnam Style https://t.co/okpeh0mqwO Highlight: Noam Chomsky at 3:19 saying “Oppa Chomsky Style”@crsexton @kmsexton @juliancheal Awwww :( Jealous.
@gluedonbeard Ask me again in a month :)@nirmal_kumar @divya Because Opera is using Chromium and I guess the detector is not smart enough :)@naman34 Nope. They ran out of non-contract ones way before me in the line :/@manoz @real_css_tricks Depends on whether you support IE8 or not. Other non-supporting browsers are negligible.@stephoncemorris Are you repeating my joke or do you not know what TWSS means?@jjjjeeffff It’s not a 5, it’s a 5S :PFinally got my new iPhone 6+ today, after over a month of waiting!! First impression: OMG, it’s so huge! #TWSS http://t.co/SzSRHye7vg@_apsingh86 Doesn’t seem too. Always shows suggestions I never use first.
@bumi @slvrbckt @hackerbeach @dominictarr @juliancheal @xmartin @secoif Hopefully! Not sure I can afford it, I’m a poor grad student now :P@tabatkins You mean MRU, not LRU, right? That’s great, but utilizing usage counts would be even better.@gtramontina @TheCatFanSpeaks Nice to know!@cr1901 Are you kidding me? Sorting is O(nlogn) and we’re talking about rather small ns here.Why have I not seen a single editor/IDE that keeps stats of frequently selected autocomplete entries & shows them 1st in future suggestions?@fidonetrunes That’s a brilliant use case, thanks!
@piazza Feature request: Bookmarking questions or specific posts for future reference.@michaelarestad I will know in an hour.#ProTip Never let the foodie in the group pick a place to order from. I just spent 40mins trying to find the best nearby option on @grubhub!
Is there any real use case of animating elements along a circular path (like http://t.co/L7NGA0ATF4 ) or is it just a nice CSS exercise?Very nice illustration RT @rgourley: Why Users Aren’t Clicking Your Home Page Carousel #UX http://t.co/C50STfZgca http://t.co/FrHsSvhd6i
Retweeted by Lea VerouThe illustrated difference between <script>, <script async> & <script defer> via @Tyriar http://t.co/lRvuu0oRbI http://t.co/HWzQ5UpylG
Retweeted by Lea Verou
@gauravchl CoffeeScript is compiled anyway, so not sure why byte size matters.@pornelski goto fail?@gr2m @k0pernikus Huh, that’s a pretty cool idea! Nice!@gr2m @k0pernikus JSHint catches that? How? By indentation?@gr2m @k0pernikus Sure, but it adds to your cognitive overhead and it’s easy to forget, especially given one’s mental state while debugging!@gr2m @k0pernikus That simple return might soon become console.log(someDebugInfo); return foo; and then you have a problem.@stefsull I’m not! The other girl was taking the picture :PMIT people, partying hard on a Saturday night. (A study party is still a party, right? Right???) http://t.co/LW626q9SVV“CSS: It was 20yrs ago today: an interview with Håkon Wium Lie” So much fascinating history there— follow the links! https://t.co/our07CKJeO@pgbovine flat as a pancake :)@thebabydino They’re not private :) It’s as difficult for anyone to read them as it is for me :)@brianleroux Ternary ALL THE THINGS!!1!!1@brianleroux @tobie https://t.co/snn0jWHbwc@pgbovine That’s what I do too. But it's so interesting how people can have so many (justified!) opinions about something like this :)
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