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@juliarubin "Harmony"
Number of times today my dad has compared my haircut to Connor Barwin's: three and counting@seth_rosenthal think Shawn knows who T-Swift is?@minakimes lenny's so stoic
Jeopardy has a Brad Pitt roles category tonight—none of the answers are SEVEN—then another category called "What's In The Box?" CHEEKY
@RichJuz VAMPIRE KEVINNNNNNNNA Girl Walks Home Alone At Night will also be the movie whose title I mess up the most number of times this year. I KEEP ADDING A WHOmale kemp, shawn
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@miguelreymorles i was grinning like an idiot through that whole sceneDo your best to see A Girl Who Walks Home Alone At Night as soon as possible. Steal a car to get there. Teleport@nbj914 @rwohan i'll probably pass on that one@Alannabean @rachelysanders @rachsyme @annehelen keeping it fresh for the streets@Alannabean @rachelysanders @rachsyme @annehelen also, rules@Alannabean @rachelysanders @rachsyme @annehelen rare actor who shifts btwn indie (Happy Christmas) and major (Into The Woods) w/in monthsKitty looks ~very~ nice on an iPad: http://t.co/s6JHuCAtRA (Thanks, @thedailybeast <3)
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@walkerkaplan this is well arguedWrote about Hemsworth, Claflin, and Hutcherson, the Hunger Games supporting players. I'm pro-Hutch http://t.co/VesfcspUkSThis William Friedkin Criterion Top 10 is a damn treasure map http://t.co/NPrlrrVI5u. Many of these are streaming on Hulu PlusIt's FAMILY WEEK at Could Be A Pip, Inc. Today, I recommend THE SPECTACULAR NOW, which is a very good movie http://t.co/pV2D4NHEzTWant To Feel Old? Look At Your Greasy, Decaying Body"Me and Cormac [McCarthy] are the only two writers. Everybody else is a nuclear physicist. Which is cool, you know." http://t.co/pPEJJPShAA"I'm about my dinero / like Robert De Niro" — line off Chief Keef's new tape, or my future epitaph? Trick question: BOTH
Woody Harrelson's wig in Hunger Games should win Best Supporting Actor
@juliarubin why is there no robot emoji
@SteveKandell @Circa this seems like a good direction for them, thoughDanny Glover Park has a nicer lawn RT @PAPPADEMAS: dude http://t.co/nvLuolojXA@michaelbd thanks Michael, I really appreciate itHad three things pub'd today: on politics http://t.co/i4mzhg6Mxu film industry http://t.co/dkjZd1NmTo being a robot http://t.co/TR9flAaXV3@SpikeFriedman THANKS DUDEFor the afternoon crowd: @KTLincoln "attended" a conference via a robot that looks like this http://t.co/YrCsFp2TWp http://t.co/XQsM7PGUOv
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@DKThomp definitely true. if you want to realllly understand how a movie gets profitable in longtail, those are essential@DKThomp @nbj914 totally fair point, though that expands scope of piece, I think. b-o grosses still mean something, and are read, in vacuums@russellbrandom reasonableWrote for Vice about Dem. presidential candidate Jim Webb through the only prism I could: his bonkers novels http://t.co/i4mzhg6MxuReminder: I write a newsletter where I recommend movies, and you can subscribe http://t.co/zPWgxlg461. If you already subscribe, I love youToday's recommendation: THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER. One of the greatest and most terrifying movies ever made! http://t.co/1RjcSsBqtgThe RZA offers @joncaramanica a fascinating remedy for recurring nightmares: http://t.co/umA5kqZZgG
Retweeted by kevin lincolnGWYNETH VS MARTHA STEWART IS THE SCIPIO AFRICANUS VS HANNIBAL OF OUR TIME http://t.co/oAcRecjG9Y@ChiaraAtik @FastCompany it's the weirdestI went to a computer conference using a robot stand-in for @FastCompany and found mild existential dread http://t.co/TR9flAaXV3
@BenMathisLilley you mean 4 itemsActually said "nooooo" out loud at the end of this week's Serial when they said they wouldn't be releasing an episode next weekThis goes goes goes goes goes, Pusha T is having a WEEK http://t.co/CzBA9wkSH7For Grantland, wrote about BAD TURN WORSE and how 2014 is the year of the indie thriller http://t.co/aHtSWpNmYDAlso, the line "The party is like a cool tween's bat mitzvah" is pretty much the ultimate @juliarubin sentenceThis huuuuge deep-dive into Hello Kitty by @juliarubin is as good of a business story as you'll read http://t.co/wHtlJ2gBz8These dudes let @rembert and me talk about haircuts and pizza for an hour and he's getting paid for that! http://t.co/VR7fKreApX
Retweeted by kevin lincolnREMBERT EXPLAINS: LISTEN AND WATCH EPISODE 1: @cordjefferson EPISODE 2: @JamilahLemieux http://t.co/pLBmzbd9pC http://t.co/VKbIzPzDX9
Retweeted by kevin lincoln
@_Cooper sang The Middle at karaoke the other night. really left it all on the floorNever Forget that Action Bronson put the full audio of a Phil Mickelson arthritis-medication ad in a songBetween Mitski, Chumped, and Girlpool, music has been really super good over the last weekNew podcast: @emmacargo tells the saddest college newspaper story ever. (And says many smart things re: the internet) http://t.co/X09X1K3QLa
Retweeted by kevin lincoln
Shout out to @tombreihan for shouting out this really fantastic Chumped album http://t.co/Zt4Kvdf0Di@netw3rk + actual, non-basketball playing famous people. PG Martin Scorcese. PF Prince@BenMathisLilley a dope horse disease@BenMathisLilley you're just still shellshocked from all of the Gucci Mane references you had to take out of my copyIf you don't think life is full of potential, then you aren't properly aware of the fact that a new Kanye album could come out AT ANY MOMENT@LesHorn he is a godPUSHA T PRODUCED BY KANYE WEST LUNCH MONEY TAKE YR SHIRT OFF AND RUN THROUGH THE STREETS I DON'T CARE HOW COLD IT IS http://t.co/kfWyHKbzav@LesHorn wait have you heard this yet http://t.co/kfWyHKbzav@misterpatches @kateyrich #TerrenceMalickForLiterallyAnyCoensPart http://t.co/hsDnDTSoMJThe TRUE DETECTIVE effect is real: FX announces TABOO, an eight episode series starring Actual Movie Star Tom Hardy. To debut in 2016.
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@mattzollerseitz @misterpatches @kateyrich feel the same w/r/t Jonze in Wolf of Wall Street + Herzog in Jack Reacher@misterpatches @kateyrich I'd camp outside of a Best Buy for a week if it meant Tarantino would direct a Herzog performance@kateyrich we need a movie cast only with occasionally-acting directors. Spike Jonze, Spike Lee, Tarantino, (I guess) PTA, etcetcetcMaybe you want a lunchtime read? COOL: http://t.co/kLJoeLRfXt http://t.co/Onf0gabHi6
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@rachelysanders who said it: jaden smith or god@BAFeldman hmmmm — i'm not sure off the top of my head. that's an interesting question tho — definitely builds off his persona in Oz some
@BAFeldman @ggggggoldy @frenchamnesty I'd never lead you astray@_Cooper hot new santacon pick-up line: "hey girl will you be my virgil"Great piece on indie rock's embrace of and resistance to digital media by @sashageffen: http://t.co/5IXz7VE7XW
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@noahchestnut thanks, Noah!It's also packaged with a William Gass book, and Gass is the greatest stylist in American literature, so why not, right!Attn: all who read Pulitzer winner's story about falling into poverty: his novel is in the NYRB Classics holiday sale http://t.co/2ExcuK4QND@davidlsims i walked around my apartment for five minutes just trying to shake it offToday's recommendation: George Sluizer's THE VANISHING, an excellent / chilling / O_O Dutch thriller from 1988 http://t.co/PARhS4oo6uWould describe my current outfit/look as "Daniel Day-Lewis at the end of There Will Be Blood"@nately yuecchhhhhhPusha T has the first words on the Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack, the good guys wonFOXCATCHER leads ranking: #1 Ruffalo #2 Carrell #2.5 Tatum #4 the guy who plays Henry@KTLincoln What if I don't respect your opinion, or you (jabs finger) TATUM #1 CARELL #2 RUFFALO UNAMBIGUOUS #3 LET'S FIGHT
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@jeremypgordon I'm going to take my gloves off, rest them delicately on a nightstand, and throw a glass of port in your face@jeremypgordon but I respect your opinion, and you. i definitely think you could make an argument for any of them as the best@jeremypgordon oh man, the way he looks at Tatum after the time-jump felt chewable to me. he perfectly nails the like, anchor American@jeremypgordon I disagree! I think he's the best, and by a big margin. He's the only one playing an actual human being, and that's hard@ibmartin i didn't think of it being carrell at all. he's unrecognizable. if anything, this performance ruined him for me as a comedian ahah@BAFeldman Whiplash, and I cannot be more emphatic about this being the choice hereRelated: I was pretty lukewarm on Foxcatcher as a whole, but Mark Ruffalo's performance is historically greatAnyone out there running a support group for people who just saw FOXCATCHER@sternbergh little surprised he'd go with a response so light in creative cursingBRADY HESLIP IS AVERAGING 39 POINTS PER GAME IN THE D-LEAGUE, THE THREE MONOCLE LIVES http://t.co/XXJEmTMBvg http://t.co/QkSVkui90i
@rachelysanders shoutout to all the pearIt's 2014's Hottest Christmas Gift: TARS@harmancipants DIEDERICH'S RV MART@rachsyme it's perfect and horrifying@mariskreizman I think my brain's blocked out most of the two days I spent reading it as a sort of defense mechanismJust remembered The People Who Eat Darkness, an excellent book that I hadn't thought of in a year, and now I need to go hide under my bedI am listening to Lorde sing a Bright Eyes song while wearing a shawl-collar cardigan, so today's going very well http://t.co/BixAt2j8H8This Mitski album is as good as its name, which is "Bury Me At Makeout Creek," which is a GREAT name http://t.co/viOdev1ATa@yksnpnwrbrhsa yeah, I can understand that. even as someone who thinks it's a Great Movie, it's pretentious as hell
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