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ladeitche @KathyDeitch LA mostly & NYC some

Viva la Deitche!! I like to be filthy on here bc my Moms hasn't joined yet. http://t.co/2CRXYEA2kA http://t.co/GS1zuouP10

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@cosmogirl7481 awwwwwe, thaaanks. *blushes*@CBSTweet @TheTonyAwards @ActuallyNPH Holy Tony presenters, Batman! Can't wait for this epic night @martythomasbway & @KathyDeitch.
Retweeted by ladeitche#BradleyCooper @ActuallyNPH #JimParsons #Sting & more will present @TheTonyAwards! LIVE 6/7 8pm #CBS See full list http://t.co/C1dxQr7Eiq
Retweeted by ladeitcheThis video kills me & reminds me of @cosmogirl7481 & that cowboy fic she recc'd: https://t.co/q7YrM93ZNsAmy Schumer Takes On Bill Cosby http://t.co/IgNNumV8ck via @HuffPostEnt
Kurt Cobain doc is killing me softly. #StopDrugWarNow #GoneTooSoonWe'll be okay. http://t.co/U43rYiWjyR
Retweeted by ladeitcheRobert De Niro and Martin Scorsese http://t.co/U212UGtmAP
Retweeted by ladeitcheShout out to oompa loompas bein' creepy as hell but also workin' hard to make candy for us all respect the oompa loompas y'all
Retweeted by ladeitche>> Chilling Proof That the Duggars' Homeschool Program Blames Victims for Sexual Assault http://t.co/kqKF38H9gm
Retweeted by ladeitche@ladywatchpod WE ALL DO. #DUHTime passes quickly and opportunity is lost. Each of must strive to awaken. Do not squander your lives. ~ Zen Proverb
Retweeted by ladeitche"If women's stories are not told then women's lives are not understood." – Marsha Norman http://t.co/3WrSQSjmDL
Retweeted by ladeitcheCc @ladywatchpod https://t.co/PKe5VNkT0x
Meditation is really just quieting yourself enough so you can get in touch with your own inner wisdom. ~ Louise Hay
Retweeted by ladeitche@erikpatterson Awwww I know you diiiiiiiid. I did not get picked. But I'll be blowing up timelines w commentary no matter! Xoxo.@midnight I wanna remember Daddy Pat #5WordWeddingToast #AlsoATrueStory.@midnight Christ, he's the handsome one. #5WordWeddingToast.@midnight Best Man quotes The Doors #5WordWeddingToast #TrueStory.@midnight You don't even look pregnant! #5WordWeddingToast@ShawnaHamic I knoooow! What are the chances?!I want every dress that @IAMQUEENLATIFAH wore in #BESSIE.@ShawnaHamic awwww maaaan, I just got back east! For two weeks! : /I'm gonna be tweeting like a madman! https://t.co/Vzow93XcUIYou are the people who are shaping a better world. One of the secrets of inner peace is the practice of compassion. ~ Dalai Lama
Retweeted by ladeitche"Will I succeed? I can't guarantee you that, but ... from a human point of view, it is better to show up than to give up." -- Bernie Sanders
Retweeted by ladeitche#miracles getting ready!!! #inspire #BIV Sunday 5/31 @ Ripley-Grier Studios https://t.co/0OQDjLkqu4
Retweeted by ladeitcheI want a panel w @JenKirkman @sarahcolonna & @unfoRETTAble to discuss this busted shit. http://t.co/wTOnu0PSeqWhy I don't want my students looking at the floor! #auditioning #AuditionBCwKathyDeitch https://t.co/b85Bu2PKXDCannot WAIT. #PeepsGotJokes https://t.co/ZUM3oyJJlQSometimes u have 2 shift things in ur life 2 get back on track if you're feeling stagnant Don't be afraid 2do that Work smarter not harder
Retweeted by ladeitcheCNN: Anne Meara: Way more than Ben Stiller's mom http://t.co/Z83oIQkduw
Retweeted by ladeitcheCc @TheatreOfNOTE #NOTEEntropy https://t.co/3wpVTlCE65A little boy has a surprise for his girlfriend! http://t.co/wXXIUXpA0K
Retweeted by ladeitcheGo, LA, GO. https://t.co/fLcysEjK1WWait- what airline?! https://t.co/mzwkUFsl5A
My 3-year-old daughter walked by muttering, "I have to fight the duck." I have no idea what that means, but I got the hell out of her way.
Retweeted by ladeitche'you wish i was your poundcake, boy you know i look good as fuh, you wish i was your baby mama...' 💅
Retweeted by ladeitcheGet ready West Coast! "Show of hands - who wants to hear their dirty secrets!?" #YR @CBSDaytime @YandR_CBS http://t.co/4UaxEwDxY9
Retweeted by ladeitcheMy Dad, @EdwinRudetsky served in the Korean War. And, apparently, was also a male model. #… http://t.co/BTmsEvRDbP http://t.co/HNjBmh5Y56
Retweeted by ladeitcheEventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.
Retweeted by ladeitcheGroup of Women War Reporters, 1944 http://t.co/Md4QqO8M9P
Retweeted by ladeitche“@Moflo19: Thank you to ALL the soldiers who have served our country http://t.co/weQuQ80YPU” yes
Retweeted by ladeitcheIn support of #TheWomensHeartAlliance with @BarbraStreisand at the Ambassador Tea in L.A @FightLadykiller http://t.co/mWdmQlDBAD
Retweeted by ladeitcheWhat a night! xo https://t.co/GukMHffUCJ
Retweeted by ladeitcheSo shiny and happy! https://t.co/OLwVTNp9X9
Retweeted by ladeitcheJust beacuase you're a supernatural, unstoppable, manifesting machine, doesn't mean you can't ask for help.
Retweeted by ladeitcheBill Nye never let us down. This is so important. http://t.co/sy0pwsF7YG
Retweeted by ladeitcheI WOULD DEFINITELY GO SEE THIS IF I WERE YOU, NYC. https://t.co/3ZNLCSHznNYou can also decide to change what you choose to be, by simply changing your mind about that.
Retweeted by ladeitcheThis is what life is like for veterans the US government has left behind: http://t.co/Rt1LbCTE2S http://t.co/fPVUD2EaGq
Retweeted by ladeitchehttp://t.co/TQlOW7m0ZY
Retweeted by ladeitcheThe best way to make a statement is to make a difference. ~ Ralph Marston http://t.co/E0IZVWxNI6
Retweeted by ladeitcheI put on white jeans this morning. That ferocious winter is gone into oblivion, a bad dream. A day like this is a lamb on green grass.
Retweeted by ladeitcheThe secrecy and lack of oversight of the police department should be of concern to all St. Louisans. https://t.co/vyDI6aa6ZX
Retweeted by ladeitche“We, as human beings, must be able to accept people who are different from ourselves.” Politician Barbara Jordan. http://t.co/vnys9c5h1s
Retweeted by ladeitcheCongratulations to Jamie from Virginia for winning our VIP Tony Awards Experience! Thanks to all across the country who participated.
Retweeted by ladeitcheShiny happy people after #deafwestspringawakening cc @RachaelEHarris @RodRedRod @jamesleoryan ♡ TY @MHoranRosenthal ! http://t.co/nRZby0qJNtGenius! Take it to Bway!!! https://t.co/AV5xQKz35262 murders and counting—St. Louis tallies its dead as gun violence keeps rising: http://t.co/YyGGwXSxjr
Retweeted by ladeitcheBeth Hart on 88.5 & i don't wanna get out of the car....Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. ~ Andre Gide http://t.co/PpPSclhgVZ
Retweeted by ladeitche
Cc @TheatreOfNOTE #NOTEEntropy https://t.co/WaFZdt9n5SI love it there... https://t.co/x8Qknz1l1rWe talked to an author who drove through Syria in October 2014 to see how the war had impacted daily life: http://t.co/VuTcfqIG0J
Retweeted by ladeitcheCalling women doc directors: @chickeneggpics is accepting applications for their 2015 open call! Deadline is 6/10. http://t.co/OkdntlZqdi
Retweeted by ladeitcheEmily Warren Roebling was the de facto Chief Engineer for the Brooklyn Bridge which opened #OTD in 1883. http://t.co/Wi9P0yIfgq
Retweeted by ladeitcheLet's all agree laundry icons are bullshit. http://t.co/pgPxsscdKJ
Retweeted by ladeitcheLove you, @AlecMapa ! https://t.co/llfebF5ERmJohn Nash, one of the greatest mathematicians and the subject of the film 'A Beautiful Mind' has sadly passed away. http://t.co/AedCsazOa9
Retweeted by ladeitcheIreland Votes to Approve Gay Marriage, Putting Country in Vanguard http://t.co/FY4PFeYFHx
Ummmm, yes Mad Max, yeeeees. #2ThumbsUpIt's been a long day. Like, Eugene O'Neil long. - Biggest Laugh at SAG Screening
Yo #Duggars Family Tell me why your ABUSED DAUGHTERS Deserve LESS PROTECTION than your RAPIST SON
Retweeted by ladeitcheWhat Not To Watch #NewTLCShows
Retweeted by ladeitche@normlewis777 @Rosie @44andX YAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!!Today's current "bid" for VIP Tony Awards Experience is $1,000. Email us to submit higher bid by May 24, 11:59pm EDT. http://t.co/wAd1vo15sX
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Dragon just completed its longest stay yet at the @Space_Station, returning 3,100 lbs of cargo & science for @NASA. http://t.co/yPqu5AwFmG
Retweeted by ladeitcheYet another study shows 1 in 5 women will be assaulted while in college. But some people don’t want to see the truth http://t.co/N27vEpCxWS
Retweeted by ladeitche“If I can’t be a soldier, I’ll help soldiers.” - Clara Barton, founded the @RedCross today in 1881. http://t.co/aDdEoYkvh5
Retweeted by ladeitcheMiss Universe of Yugoslavia, with a MiG-21F, 1968. http://t.co/lhBAvneQ3U
Retweeted by ladeitche
Soooo good. #Tears https://t.co/64eXP3yuq3Whoever stole my Drew Barrymore poster has 24 hours to return that shit before it gets REAL
Retweeted by ladeitcheUPDATE - @ConanOBrien and @pattonoswalt tell viewers to switch to @Letterman: http://t.co/6xUCT7UnVb http://t.co/h5LFO2NOta
Retweeted by ladeitche"When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt http://t.co/oxFTQuYEjv"
Retweeted by ladeitche😭 http://t.co/2OQeRN0eRl
Retweeted by ladeitcheThank you and goodnight -David Letterman #ThanksDave http://t.co/KV9F3CiLZd
Retweeted by ladeitcheCc @TheatreOfNOTE #NOTEEntropy https://t.co/ynjYnA1kxYNailed it! https://t.co/h98WXIBYPfDavid Letterman Signs Off: His Final Words http://t.co/S1xqJh7yeE
Retweeted by ladeitcheThey reeeeally need to change the McDonald's slogan from "I'm lovin' it!" to "I hate myself!"#DriveThruRegretsWE HAVE A WINNER! THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! Thx to Abby and everyone who made a meme for #AuditionBCwKathyDeitch !! http://t.co/qlyfYvkX7h
Yes! *pumps fist* ♡ https://t.co/4ztusH0AGXThis new moon got me feeling like: 🚨🎈🍎✂️🎯☎️💯💃🏻💋 ❤️⏰
Retweeted by ladeitcheSooooo purchasing. #Fly https://t.co/WmiSru6X98Come on. You know you want to do this. https://t.co/0jrfAFVd6k
Retweeted by ladeitche@bfbreavey @RetreatBroadway @KathyDeitch I love shameless tweets!! Send me a link that I can repost as I am technically stunted. XO
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THIS. #ThanksDave https://t.co/qq9CGmDWZNGod is everywhere. There is no place that God is not. Including You.
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