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Floating in a bubble in Wicked :)

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@PopPrincess08 I think there's a munchkinland mailing address on the site? I'm not sure! I'm sorry hun!@erikabubblez13 so great to meet you too, sweetheart! Thank you for coming!@JennRobinson101 awww yay!@Ev_Modec xoxo!@Ginabeckfans come on over to Canada, eh? ;)))@KaraLindsayFans me too!!! Very sad to miss such a special day:(@ShowButterflyy you are so sweet, thank you:)@Dancer_D99 thank u! So glad you enjoyed the show!@SashaPenchuk thank you! So sweet of you!@McShreddie xoxo! Thank you for saying hello!@maia_idina we absolutely LOVED Calgary! Thank you for coming!@Dangle_slie thank you! I will most likely not be there:( I love Seattle though!@ShowButterflyy thank you for this! :(((@grassmahgirl :(((( so sad not to be there with you all!@FaneEric dead sexy ;)@ny_girl4eva in Winnipeg then Toronto! Woohoo! :) love!@Jobriennyc I'm still not sure:( most likely not though:(
@hollywoodmandy @andrizz oh my goodness!!! I have weepy eyes right now! Thank you so much! You are so wonderful:)
“@JeremyMJordan: Looking at all these Newsies pics from 54 below is making me very sad I'm stuck in MA.” Me too! Except I'm in Canada!! :(
@heyimpeccy haha!@CThompsonYYC thank you so much!@NLybbert thank you for coming!@gbeingessner thank YOU!@AlexKGT thank you so much!@KawaiiTwit anything with sugar and cocker spaniels!@raddestgirlever thank you!@meganp2423 put it in your nose! And just go for it:))@GratefulBwayFan yay!!@carlienorris nice!!!@Newsiesfansie1 so cool!@peacelovemagic1 @elderpooptarts happy wayyyy belated birthday!@BridgetRobinso thank you!@AntheaStunning aww thank u!@heyberni thanks gal!@disneyclubucla awww I wish I could! I will be out on the road then. Thank you for thinkin of me though!@SingingMomR this is incredible!!! Love this!@revoltingleah ahhhh!!! Happy belated birthday to you!!!@ughnikolee xoxo!@wicked101_ sure will!@bmcuthill amazing job sweet girl! You have quite a talent!@Katrniawright thanks girl!@LifeCarriesMems awesome!@justonesecond24 my nephew!!@fangirling_bway awww thank you sweetness!@caraaa_93 thank you! We almost have the same name! ;)@psycholovekaty haha! Yup, it's a tough one!@RuthMylesCH thank you so much! Lots of fun!@NEWSlESFOREVER I'm so sorry I missed you! Was out if town for family:(@Revoltingfansie you're so sweet! I won't know for another couple of months. Thank u hun!@minicaissielevy I'm not sure at this point. We shall see! Thanks hun:)@erikabubblez13 I'm so sorry I missed you! Hoping you had a blast! Xo!@nessyschu I'm so sorry I missed you! Was out of town for family:(@eatoneeds be the best YOU you can be! And be diligent! Xo!@SierraManial this is so sweet:) thank you:)@Lauraromamo haha! Awesome!@thebroadwaywiz haha! Subway convos:)@maia_idina wow, such a wonderful memory:) thanks sweet girl!@Swoop1fan awww thank YOU for bringing us lots of joy and support!@TarzanDan @geneweygandt awwww!!!! I'm sure you two had a ridiculous time together! Sad to have missed out on those laughs! Xo!@coldnorthgamer that's amazing! Thank you! I wasn't in this week so I may have missed ya. Hoping you had a great time!@syddyysquidyy I'm not sure at this point. Thank you for your tweet!@ShowButterflyy well come on out! Hoping to see ya there!@bri_conley hi lovely! Oh very good:) enjoying this special wicked experience!@vxleriejoy well thank you dad!@ajhauk oh I'm not sure! I was out of the show yesterday due to family stuff. I think you saw Kelly!
@maia_idina we generally stage door after the shows! I will definitely be there after the matinee:)
@BTCalgary @CanadaTheatre @taratheslone thanks for having us! Y'all are the best!@bradley_walker I burped! :)))
@AndreaClarinet @WICKED_Musical @Valerie89Austen :))) thank u!@ElderMcPriceley aww well that ain't true! You're so sweet@xLoveMx xoxo!@ShowButterflyy you're gonna be amazing! Trust yourself!@gpinksen thanks for coming!@BriannaHope23 thank u!@Camp_Ashley16 :)))@ShaleenG thanks for coming!@ValDaubert777 see u there!@lelahrosie so sweet!@JoLily1 for good:) I love my girl, Laurel!@alexeiflores :)))) thank u:)@grantmemywish cute! :))@fangirling_bway at this point, through November:)@clancambeul wow, thank you so much!@October32nd xoxo!@thatpebbleskid what a sweet message:) thank u!@mrw1965 awwww! How sweet! Glad you came!@AmandaAnnexo thank u!@revoltingphan97 @ElderMcPriceley :)))@LKeindel thank you for comin!@JennRobinson101 hope you enjoyed it! Thanks sweet gal:)@erikabubblez13 @madtrum we sure are:)@DavidMcIntyre12 thank you! Glad you enjoyed it:)@LKeindel aww so sweet! Thank you so much! Love the pic;)@EllePhabaa thank you!@StefanJamess thank you! I am super proud of this company. Glad you enjoyed its,@Ekikki89 thank you!@BreannaK0204 thank you for being so supportive while we were there! Xoxo!@Valerie89Austen thank you so much!@lillexasays thank you sweet girl!@steph41493 we had a blast! Thank u!
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