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18+, #NSFW, Bi-sexual Camgirl, Science Nerd, Ganja enthusiast, Mediocre video gamer, Artist.

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@Michael36932005 @chaturbate thanks 😊@SChris2727 lol I didn't play much but I did well when I did. I'm not a big gambler@camgirldesigns lol thanks! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒJust being silly. http://t.co/CCTCJNE1i2Yay I'm up to 53 hearts ❀️ on @manyvids! That means I'll be uploading the new vids tomorrow! Vegas Internet sucks. http://t.co/aXDFLsprWR@marenelblu lol my hair is the same my mood I would say is yellow lol@Buckiemohawk I am yes!
Finally saw the water show at the @Bellagio! http://t.co/zphbvfUr16Leaving for Vegas this morning! Yayyyy! =D Heart❀️ my @manyvids profile! 5 more hearts and I'll upload the new vids. https://t.co/yRZxEgeIru
@gnarlysurfer8 thanks ^_^@marenelblu my color of what? LolEach vid that hits 100 views will be on sale for 24 hours. https://t.co/yRZxEgeIru@NakedKensie I will thank you. You poor thing I hope you heal up soon! I miss you too lady, wish you were gonna be there@NakedKensie That's exactly how I feel. lol. Hope you're doing alright girly.I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning! =D Totally un-AVN related, but I'd like to kick it with some cam girls. 😊You know what the best way to get around being banned by models is? ... not being a douche canoe. It's crazy effective! :P
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey6 hearts away from uploading new vids! =D https://t.co/yRZxEgeIruGoal: Be in the top 100. Mission: +102 hearts ❀️. Just click it! https://t.co/yRZxEgeIruCheck out my vids on @manyvids! There are some I can't sell on CB. https://t.co/yRZxEgeIru@KaileyHaze420 is on @ChaturbateApps http://t.co/TyA3Jajg8z Come chill! @DrRMoore #camgirl
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@thekenharrison yes! that's exactly what I was telling erock. Some you won't see unless they're hungry. I hate those ones. I need cuddles@thekenharrison lol maybe not that cool, but he loved me and I loved him! lolCum hang out with me on @chaturbate! Camming for a kitty tonight. πŸ˜†πŸ˜† http://t.co/4VjAG1Qb4D http://t.co/dwI1PeWdjLSorry I'm late guys, I'll be on cam in about 20 mins or so.@awesomelover69 yep in about 20 minsCondoms prevent mini vans
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey"Money won't make you happy... but everybody wants to find out for themselves." -Zig Ziglar
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@gnarlysurfer8 lol it's cool. I appreciate the info just as much lolCan any of you girls tell me more about Google wallet? I've been seeing girls use it but I'm worried it'll show personal info to the sender.Went to the pet store and found the coolest kitty for adoption! I want him so bad! 😍😍😍@zxninja10 lol of course! Why didn't I see it before?OMG OMG! I'm going to Vegas this Friday and Saturday! Fellow cam girls, let's meet and have drinks! πŸ˜ƒ@Selgomezlover94 lol well if you don't need one I wouldn't expect you to waste your time looking up mattresses lol@Selgomezlover94 cheap mattresses are packed full of chemicals that are harmful for your body. That's how they're able to price them so low@Selgomezlover94 No dude. They're not good quality at all. You have to do your research on things like thatHop onto @manyvids and heart my profile! =D https://t.co/TjGR8nyE7B@radionowhere1 lol well yes I don't quite need that, but it would be pretty fancy. lol@Selgomezlover94 yeah but the ones on amazon are cheap and fall apart very quickly. Not to mention the cheap ones are packed with chemicals@Selgomezlover94 ughh yeah. Have you ever purchased a mattress before?@Selgomezlover94 are you serious? At best I'm looking at like $500.Ughh I need a new mattress so bad. My back is killing me.@HoliHurricane I'm so jealous you're in Vegas!@tictac460 lol well thanks but it needs some color I think.@marenelblu the reason I havent done anything with it is because I'm growing it out which I much like. I was speaking more in terms of colorI really need to do something about my hair, I just don't know what! Rawr.@NikkiiKnight lol well they had a run in them so I just said "fuck it. Why not?" Lol@keegokid1 yep I'll be on later tonight 😊@gnarlysurfer8 lmfao! Nice one. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†@KaileyHaze420 LOL my pole goes up every time I see @KaileyHaze420
Retweeted by HazyEyedKaileyI think I might put my pole back up today! =D@KSmooth85 yes I am doing well thanks! Hope you are as well. I will most definitely be on tonight! =D@Woolfgg Oh I love that idea! Now I'm on amazon looking for wigs lol@KSmooth85 hello hello hello!I'll be uploading 4 new boy/girl vids when I hit 50 hearts ❀️! Gooooo! https://t.co/yRZxEgeIru@Woolfgg I know! I wish I could do it. I think I'm gonna buy myself a blonde wig and dye it lol.NEW Clip From Kailey Haze https://t.co/LXYrVUGhdN @manyvids #camgirl #manyvids http://t.co/870k0cVbB3NEW Clip From Kailey Haze https://t.co/rw6hGgCEgJ @manyvids #camgirl #manyvids http://t.co/svi83pQNrxI wish I was bold enough to do this with my hair. http://t.co/RWzwM0sKNA@NikkiiKnight lol I need a new pair, I tore mine off in that vid lolYayy! Good night tonight on @chaturbate! See you guys again tomorrow night! 😊@ZliaBarmalay I've never seen that show, but that does seem like a fun one! I'll have to watch a few episodes =)
I'm on @chaturbate with @xErockx420x! http://t.co/W3zAPRb32A http://t.co/2fW7nB6WB9@sexiannemarie @nadianadiaduh lol I know I'm hoping so too!@awesomelover69 yep very shortly =)NEW Clip From Kailey Haze https://t.co/ABPoPk1Ty2 @manyvids #camgirl #manyvids http://t.co/OSHbHfzay8Alright guys, I'll upload my NEW boy/girl videos to @manyvids when my profile hits 50 hearts ❀️ https://t.co/TjGR8nyE7BNEW Clip From Kailey Haze https://t.co/3WL31rt9Ol @manyvids #camgirl #manyvids http://t.co/YWNsSK9NV4NEW Clip From Kailey Haze https://t.co/1Iw5Gi2YIl @manyvids #camgirl #manyvids http://t.co/tyERm2pfHJNEW Clip From Kailey Haze https://t.co/QkFlQwID4B @manyvids #camgirl #manyvids http://t.co/kSaQzzQE98Gonna be gettin on cam tonight w/ @KaileyHaze420 come kick it with us! @chaturbate @ChaturbateApps @IllestCams @CamsPerv
Retweeted by HazyEyedKaileyNEW Clip From Kailey Haze https://t.co/oXQi3IKOFU @manyvids #camgirl #manyvids http://t.co/is4eeXYTXUNEW Clip From Kailey Haze https://t.co/MGrp5tCFTQ @manyvids #camgirl #manyvids http://t.co/ibKjncRbKs@zxninja10 @chaturbate wayyy ahead of you lol@gnarlysurfer8 lol well I'm good so far so they better not!I'll be on cam on @chaturbate around 8 pm PST. =)@zxninja10 I can't wait to wear it tonight ^_^@nadianadiaduh @sexiannemarie I think it's because of the stupid holidayBought a sexy outfit on Amazon and they sent me 2 lol. I guess they figured I'd need a spare. http://t.co/cuJGrJ7lZqIf you prefer @clips4sale, here's my page. =) New vids will be uploaded shortly! http://t.co/AeK3JLF2lh@Shelle_Chelle Thanks! You too! I'll be on cam tonight if you're around =)@CumslutBarbie thanks =)So my manyvids profile is just about up to date, and then I'll be getting my clips4sale store in order next week. ^_^@CumslutBarbie hello there@Shelle_Chelle awhh thanks for hearting my profile shelle! =DAbout to upload new vids to @manyvids! Get your subscription now to get all new vids as soon as they're uploaded! https://t.co/TjGR8nyE7BYay! Only 6 more hearts ❀️ and I'll be at 40! Goooooo! =D https://t.co/TjGR8nyE7B@SChris2727 lol it's cool, I'll take the decorating into my own hands.#Libra keep their heels, head, and standards high but middle finger even higher.
Retweeted by HazyEyedKailey@SChris2727 lol I'd have so much fun doing thatJust uploaded some new vids on @manyvids as you can see from my spam. I'll be editing and uploading some more later! =DNEW Clip From Kailey Haze https://t.co/yLDInCnBsj @manyvids #camgirl #manyvids http://t.co/1sE30cbMQrI'll be on cam at some point this afternoon and definitely tonight! =DNEW Clip From Kailey Haze https://t.co/ygn95645ts @manyvids #camgirl #manyvids http://t.co/pHlUKMfZGTVisit my @manyvids page and heart ❀️ my profile! =D https://t.co/TjGR8nyE7BNEW Clip From Kailey Haze https://t.co/O1q0xFQV5l @manyvids #camgirl #manyvids http://t.co/bx6MvyVH3eNEW Clip From Kailey Haze https://t.co/LXAdjVOwjI @manyvids #camgirl #manyvids http://t.co/YdKO60K9bvCustom vid shooting starts tomorrow! Get your order in meow. ^_^ @KaileyHaze420 @manyvids #manyvids #camgirl https://t.co/ynFIv1mQaOI have cockturnal vision.@kamer1231 I'm good you?"@4U2N1CKLUTS: @rainbowgangx follow back lady http://t.co/KjStGCYYnG" @NaughtyBritches @KaileyHaze420 @AnabellePync @PornEmily69 @GiaJordin
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