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Host, The Jeffrey Lampkin Show & Entertainment Reporter @WACH Fox and American Idol Season 7'ite is not just a man...He is A Brand... It's Time to Get LAMPED!!!

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@J_Maine_Nelz you right about that!!! And thanks friend!!!God bless you and to all a goodnight!!Now...I'm going back to recover from my illness and that my friends is How to deal with the Devil...stand bold in the truth!!And Directing the #1 college Gospel Choir In the nation while you continue to sit back and make cheap shots, smoke weed, club, party... EtcMy response: Continue with your petty and I will continue working for a Fortune 500 company and having the #1 Television ShowAnd it's funny to me when someone is sick and just got out the hospital and weak, you decide oh let me be petty smhA friend loves at all times!!If you're my friend you will not sit by allow someone to take cheap shots and you laugh like it's cute...that's not cute and not a friend!!Those girls see all of me but say at the end of the day...I love Lamp and I know the God in him. Is he perfect no, but he's my kind of dudeAnd then God gives you friends who become daughters like @ItsJuh_Neen @JusAhhDorableMe @_skinnybynature @ILY_PSYCH @_PINKsugar who ride 4 me@AudrianaLatrice and I correct each other when wrong and celebrate when right..see her opinion matters...She is a true friend!!@AudrianaLatrice and I have the most amazing friendship. Because we abide in honesty. Be you and do you and we live by that!!No one can take away your accomplishments!!!!Those cheap shots will never take away who you are or what you've accomplished.At the end of the day...stand in your truth and be who you know God called you to be. So they make some cheap joke about you...In life people will always have something to say about you or the things that you do. Sometimes they are negative and sometimes positive.Fake friends believe in Rumors...Real friends believe in you!!!First shot out to my bruhs @_tbrunn @Vicebl3ssedbtz @theOppositeOreo for the awesome FT convo for the past hour. #BrotherlyLoveWell what can I say...I'm going to as always be classy!!! Here we go!!!
@AudrianaLatrice @JanetParker86 lol he know JESUS lol@JanetParker86 @AudrianaLatrice Janet she fool for no reason lolCan always count on @JeffreyLampkin to tell ya bout yourself.
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinGetting Lamped @JeffreyLampkin #somebodyturnalampon
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinMe and @JeffreyLampkin go through this all the time! "Audri he's a nice guy!" But he UGLY doe! His face hurt my feelings!
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@revhugg81 it's going to be amazing....@Vicebl3ssedbtz @_tbrunn @theOppositeOreo all know my excitement and how I love choirs and youth!!!I'm so excited about our upcoming youth choir workshop. Over 80 kids from several different churches have committed. @JeffreyLampkin
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@AudrianaLatrice my sis for life and half the time you actually in order. I actually deny a lot of guys opportunities...Not on your level#complimentTime @JeffreyLampkin You tell me what I don't wanna hear, but it makes me better. You're loyal and I wouldn't trade you! Love you
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinHear our take on the plight of #SCSU 'The Jeffrey Lampkin Show' #KilltheBillSCSTATE http://t.co/5so7enOaOK http://t.co/LtsFPeTH9Y
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinNo but seriously...who's bringing me a plate? @JeffreyLampkin @pastorofpain :)
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@CarolinaKimGem lol honey listen here lol I was too happy@JeffreyLampkin Could your smile have been any bigger cheezing with VP Biden lol Only you JL😂😂👏👏👏
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@KatieMcKee3 yessssss honey lol@JeffreyLampkin just saw u on the news taking a selfie with VP Biden !!! I wasn't surprised one bit ....😂
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@AshuntiBlush thanks for supporting love!!!I enjoyed watching The @JeffreyLampkin Show this morning on the topic of South Carolina State University 🙌👌
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@woodsprchr I was told about it...that is my goal...trying to work out scheduling@JeffreyLampkin Thanks for supporting us. Will u be at the state house rally on tomorrow
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@JeffreyLampkin Jesus on the mainline, Tellem what you want lol YES Lord YES! #jeffreylampkin
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@JeffreyLampkin All we want to see is Black children go to school and get a satisfactory education so they can be successful in our world
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@JeffreyLampkin It's not a racial issue, it's a financial responsibility issue. Tough love is needed #SCSU
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@JeffreyLampkin I am in total agreement that we have to let go of some traditions for a better future for the school #SCSU
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@kEE_dANiieLLe 🙈🙈🙈🙈👌👌👌😁😁Currently tuned in to #TheJeffreyLampkinShow @JeffreyLampkin
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinYassss "genesis of total success" @JeffreyLampkin ✌️✌️✌️👍👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂😂
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Join us for Celebrating Black History Feb 8 at 5:30 pm with Francis Marion Gospel Choir @LadyCGibson @JeffreyLampkin http://t.co/2JTjT2llKo
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinTired!!!!
The News @jamalbates has...Oh the saints are waiting my God!!!#FF #CoolTweople! @PraiseNights @JamalBates @PartnerInPraise @officialbigredd @LaMyronJenkins @AKLAUGHS @JeffreyLampkin @OliviaHyatt
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@ArmbrusterTracy Good Morning My Dear!!! Have A Fab Friday!!!
@DRPullum hey friend....hope all is well!!!
@fostersenn Thanks Mayor and thanks for Your Leadership!!Inspiring words,singing & full house forMLK Day at Bethlehem Baptist.Adonis Hill doing Dream speech & @JeffreyLampkin choir among highlights
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#FF #CoolTweople! @cclarkjr @TavaresTeaches @DrMALee @MrDHen @JeffreyLampkin @Peauxetic @JohnPatrickMuz @LAsHottest @Iamkelmitchell
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@JRGreenK12 @AttyHuell @JeffreyLampkin @drcedwards74 @FCHSGriffins http://t.co/KL2JwSEiap
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"With God I Can.....With God I Did" #ClaimedIt #YGB #Fearless15 http://t.co/LiJvbr7s6X
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#Fearless15 #YGB http://t.co/ZUQirmhp5P
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#Fearless15 #YGB http://t.co/ZHIDF5Bo4r
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#Fearless15 #YGB
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinEating Moe's & being empowered! #EmpowermentFlow #Fearless15
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinFace the facts, deal with reality! #Fearless15 #EmpowermentFlow
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#Fearless15
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinF - Face the facts #EmpowermentFLOW #Fearless15
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinA - Aware #EmpowermentFLOW #Fearless15
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinE - Examine the past #EmpowermentFLOW #Fearless15
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWhen people don't mute their phones on conference calls! ! #Gawwwwhlee * rolls eyes * #EmpowermentFlow #Fearless15
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinLooked at my roomie and said " ARRRRRRA " #EmpowermentFlow #Fearless15
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#Fearless15
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinBring ya bible to the club, spread the word! #BouncerCantTouchYouGodsArmsAroundYou #Fearless15 lmboooooo #sikkke #EmpowermentFlow
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#EmpowermentFlow #Fearless15 "Whooooo CARES, Let it goooo, Let it gooooo"
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinR - Relentless progression towards the future #EmpowermentFlow, #Fearless15
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinI AM FEARLESS IN 2015! #EmpowermentFlow #Fearless15
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#EmpowermentFlow #Fearless15 "Running to the table, knowing good & well ya didn't bring a dish" -Antoinette
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinPay attention to who calls you friend, but fails to celebrate or endorse you! #EmpowermentFLOW #Fearless15
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinCan't breath....come on LampNever would do someone like this....Indescribable
It felt good to be back on air this morning...Thank you to all the loyal and faithful viewers!!!! #ifancythat
Prayer this morning with my lil Bruh @masonthethird 🏃🏃🏃🙌🙌🙏🙏💨💨💨Truly proud of this guy!! 2015...Only Going Higher!! 👌👌👌
Having A Hard Time...
Day 6 of 2015... Lord, protect me from what I want🙏 Good day everyone👋 http://t.co/OzeuvUrjNP
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@theOppositeOreo @_tbrunn @Vicebl3ssedbtz free buffets for you and Big Shirley lol@Vicebl3ssedbtz @theOppositeOreo @_tbrunn 😂😂😂😂😂STUPPPPIIIDDDDDDDExcited about #BMITrailblazers2015 next week!!!! 💯💯💯😁😁😁Congratulations to @theOppositeOreo and Big Shirley @_tbrunn & Big Ethel and @Vicebl3ssedbtz & Big Wilma on their engagements 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@MsButtsNChucks I will go back and look@MsButtsNChucks reality in some of the chapters...Sad but true...And we should not be surprised that Hollywood only wants the neg N not pos@MsButtsNChucks while we may desire to show the best and the prim and proper, the truth is that what is being displayed is actually...@MsButtsNChucks lol I only saw one episode the 1st one...I feel like this...Every Sorority and Fraternity Have a salad bowl of ppl..Just Worn Out With It..Mentally Depleted 😕😕😕😕😕Happy Founders Day to those Pretty, Educated & Innovative men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.! 🔴⚪🔴⚪ ESPECIALLY @JeffreyLampkin 😘
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@Kaboom2246 😂😂😂😂😂😂tell those demons loose lolhttp://t.co/OcMYWd2xtf Make Me Over by Tonex...Gospel Classic
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