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What's better than looking at type? Lookin' at it with me! http://t.co/FnRWSmoknLGreat after party. #erinandron http://t.co/RfX2oqvBR2A wonderful time. A happy couple. #erinandron http://t.co/gl7j73G7Vl
The big day for #erinandron http://t.co/M230XZGSKd@FastCoDesign @careydunne Thanks for the kind mention, dearest Fast Gang!Watch designer @JamesVictore on a typographic safari of New York: http://t.co/OkUjPxUi26 by @careydunne http://t.co/g65lsX400f
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@jamesdnesbitt Sold earlier today!Best fan letter, "You inspire kids to do more and think more."-- Serenity, 8th GradeBest line today, "I want (my students) to feel the pull of a book." Thank you, @hollywwinter.@ccm800 I'm restarting mine. At 52. Look out world.
Here's the secret of the Universe: Nobody Knows Shit. Big surprise.Should Adobe be using my monthly Typekit subscription to send @JamesVictore around NYC to talk type? Yes indeed. http://t.co/r8tbOubaPg
Retweeted by James Victore@LettArc SOLD. email me at james@jamesvictore.com. Bully for you. I'll throw in some other fun stuff.Ya'll GOTTA have lunch with @SeanBlanda He raises the watermark wherever he goes. Thanks, dude.@LettArc Hold tight, I'll let you know. Cheers, James.Stylish high school senior. http://t.co/gHBH3pSw3C"Hey, MA! Look! It's Helvetica!" Type Safari via @Gothamist http://t.co/FnRWSmoknLDetail http://t.co/jn9ey26I0jPush Pin Graphic collection for SALE. Written, designed and illustrated by the Push Pin Studios of… http://t.co/27VG285yS2
From the archives. Amnesty Int'l. Great work, great client. http://t.co/ocYDX4lUBbDear I-Tunes, Re: New terms and Conditions "Fuck You." with love, Victore.A rare dirty poster... http://t.co/3vLy6VYIzxSketches http://t.co/ox92pfXFRnWe're in #Esquire! Page 78, Oct issue. @lvictore Use what you know. http://t.co/tTS0Bm95kxThere ain't no rules http://t.co/eEIv21xGWy especially when it comes to type.Didja miss out on Perfuction? Sign up here to get the next release… http://t.co/k9iXWYfpmr@designchemist @cottonbureau Yeehaw! That's a lucky number.@designchemist Sign up for the next run here: http://t.co/D1aTcd9tdM @cottonbureau Cheers!Just arrived. Looks beautifully imperfect. Cheers @JamesVictore http://t.co/InOQ0IuNmn
Retweeted by James VictoreAdd some Motivation to your morning coffee http://t.co/Hs5eaEaCeORise up and resist the relentless pull of the couch! @JamesVictore http://t.co/FqJc2eiG3T #BurningQuestions #Motivation
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@BrunoLakritz @cottonbureau Looking good, Bruno! Cheers, James.Feck Perfuction and corry an! @jamesvictore 's artwork shirt finally arrived, yei! @cottonbureau ! #feckperfuctio... http://t.co/Jcn9D3KJwo
Retweeted by James VictoreHow to do great work. http://t.co/6kYZ3AGGaN @lonnitanner@AlvaroNaddeo But I thought galleries were the death of art?Rise up and resist the relentless pull of the couch! @JamesVictore http://t.co/nmBvyLuS90 #BurningQuestions #MotivationBig Project vs. Comfy Couch. Who wins? @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions #motivation - http://t.co/IUBbEOWiinYour chance to go on a type safari with @JamesVictore through the streets of Brooklyn and Queens, NY. http://t.co/MN00ww2cKB
Retweeted by James VictoreMy advice? Have fun, smile and try to get paid."Just keep swimming" —Dora How to stay motivated http://t.co/Hs5eaEaCeOHow to keep motivated http://t.co/Hs5eaEaCeO Today's Burning Question..@SVA_News profs @psahre @caringoldberg @JamesVictore star in tale re overhauling NYC's probation centers: http://t.co/aUQynVfNAp @arcadenw
Retweeted by James VictoreTomorrow's Burning Question, "How do I stay motivated?" Get on it.
@hellomuller (Full belly laugh)@markweaver You put out some seriously funny ideas. Bully for you.Too many idiots out there looking to spread their pain, lookin' for fights. Take care of your own business and make a commitment to yer lifeWatch designer @JamesVictore on a typographic safari of New York: http://t.co/INjjbcmRw4 by @careydunne http://t.co/vptIbvwrRX
Retweeted by James Victore@lore_mondragon I answered your Burning Question on tomorrow's show! Cheers and thanks, James..@richardson_joel @monteiro @KeenanCummings Ya'll got me pegged wrong. I agree. Stop lookin' for fights and get back to work.@marcthiele @jolioriginals Sponsor love!!I've got sexy email with #MailChimp. http://t.co/w2C9cncMQXSome fine and sexy products from @jolioriginals See here http://t.co/9tt2CpFD2j
Old comps... http://t.co/cxSUHlEbHTA whole new grid theory! Can't stop me now. http://t.co/Nglu5OM0bqWorking on a secret collaboration that I think you will dig the most, baby! http://t.co/QklUv2I4NnHad my fill... http://t.co/qO9cM0OM2YMe, Brooklyn and Typography, what else is there? https://t.co/vG5GVa17xG A film by @jacobkrupnickFrom the archives... http://t.co/xtq3fkGS6VAt the soccer field. http://t.co/myxVRYYNVO.@_kim_anderson Dearest Kim, Go make stuff up, make work that matters and never seek permission. You already rock. Your fan, James.Genius idea from jimboispretty http://t.co/VQzrVpjz5JFound. Maybe placed. http://t.co/ZiLBGfuC3T
I spy seriousron Williamsb. http://t.co/bqHsicShtqThanks again @jamesvictore for the sticker swap -they are perfect to slip into #homemade birthday cards for friends 👌 http://t.co/Hxgrb1Ngsb
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@TravisStearns Let's rock!.@TravisStearns Yes! As a special deal for those few who are afraid of themselves and their creativity!Working on my next book. It'll make you quit your crappy job and find the life that's waitin' for you.Ya got a manifesto to live by? No? Get on it! @slowfactory_ has a great one http://t.co/sOLRW6l8kZ@inkmixerYYC I'm a reg' Lolita.I write "HEARTS" because I don't do emoticons.Gear up for a type safari with @JamesVictore through the streets of Brooklyn and Queens, NY. http://t.co/mW6VtNQVfh
Retweeted by James Victore@IanSanders Thanks, Ian. This is very kind of you.'Take this job and love it': career lessons from a firestarter. What happened when @JamesVictore came to London http://t.co/S06xG4JgbQ
Retweeted by James Victore@brandnewjen james@jamesvictore.comJames Victore’s TOP GUN. Tuesday Sept 23rd, 6 to 9 at the Woods, 38 South 4th Street, Williamsburg,… http://t.co/lzPqfMUBuH@Rosscott Thanks, Ross.
Dinner! http://t.co/tfvOSzorLOSketch from 2011. Buddhist clouds of remembrance. We all lost someone. http://t.co/CFJSKU9BIqFk Fashion. Fun with direct mail. http://t.co/hClY88Vajb@iancul Great finally meeting you. I'm a big fan. Cheers, James.Fk Fashion. http://t.co/FOnJlgPHma@MariesaKDale You forgot 'sexy.'@jehnglynn Hell yeah, Jehn.Designer tip: "Don’t Be A Design Zombie"–@jamesvictore. Here's some other tips for #designers: http://t.co/l6TtDx1XMh http://t.co/fAEm2vXhqn
Retweeted by James VictoreRe: Type Safari. I may be 'endearing' but am in no way 'cranky'Just had THE most legible/illegible typography accepted by a (brilliant) client. Feck perfuction and the graphic design rules it rode in on..@BrillDekko Secret World Domination Plan!!! Stay tuned.@Signalnoise Wow. You're good at this!News! 'James Victore Inc' is changing names to 'Victore Productions Inc' The road goes on forever and the party never ends.Submit your project to Crit Night with @ellenLupton,@jasonsantamaria, and @JamesVictore! http://t.co/Yo3BYDUhKv #design #brooklyn
Retweeted by James VictoreThe most dangerous tools in the world. Just add ink. http://t.co/9nDmG5cyBd@bitchwhocodes "Criticism is easier than craftsmanship."—Ovid@bitchwhocodes Dearest fine young woman who codes, wanna grab a drink some time? cheers, James.@LisaSVA I'm glad you like it, dear. Cheers, James.Nothing says, "I love you." like meat. http://t.co/QcjcvHTdnJ@JoshuaDavis Looking great, brutha!Feck Perfuction / @jamesvictore http://t.co/j1BqUFUYrN
Retweeted by James VictoreTHAT'S IT! http://t.co/ZMABMNIYxZDawn in the studio skylight. Time to get on the road. http://t.co/7srDRGfuLWMy work is considered 'good' because I'm willing to go to the ugly places.
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