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Happy Birthday to my fam @edgerrinjames ...#goodguy ain't shit LMAOTo fold or not to fold... That is the question
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Sometimes murder is necessarySo who be riding thru the 6 round all those crackers
Happy bornday fam.... S/O my nigga @alladreamnc we lit starting tonight all the way to your official… niggas behind the wall waiting for the sun to burn out a few time.... To all my niggas on lockdown hold your headThanks “@bhillyaheardme @ImDaBully fasho. Either way he going to be hell”My son play Dt but he get 6'6" he can move to DE “@bhillyaheardme @ImDaBully I feel you. My lil boy small but in hoping least 6'5.”#mycurrentsituation before club phantom even before my haircut... Remy and Sprite #WeAintBegginWeBuyin hope so....real talk “@bhillyaheardme @ImDaBully he probably going to be bout 6'6”15 “@bhillyaheardme @ImDaBully how old your boy?”repost via @divvypic from ___tyric66 Devin Hester, Shaq, Adewale Ogunleye and Edgerrin James are some… at club phantom we setting the city on fire... Come party on another level.... Large Dance… 😂😂😂😂🔫🔫
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Do u know who did it 😂😂😂“@TheRealMarkitta “@iAmYungBooke I did not piss on Drake.. Stop fuccin askin me dat shit bro 😕””repost via @divvypic from @alladreamnc MY 4TH ANNUAL ALL WHITE BDAY CELEBRATION @mochacrush AUG 7TH… via @divvypic from @icebergent LOCK YOUR VIP BOOTHS IN ASAP 4 #THEALLWHITEAFFAIR FRIDAY… via @divvypic from @icebergent FRIDAY AUGUST 7TH phantom WILL BE AN… via @divvypic from @icebergent FRIDAY AUGUST 7TH phantom #ALLWHITEEVERYTHING AUGUST 7TH phantom #ALLWHITEEVERYTHING #HISTORYWILLBEMADE #BADCHICSONLY #BOSSESONLY
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Me “@SPtheeGHOST Did anybody like the Meek diss record ?”2NITE ITS MOVIETIME phantom TEXT 9198166598 FOR FREE ENTRY,FREE BDAY BOOTH & FREE BOTTLE: T/BDAY CREW…
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Milli Vanili ass niggasU quit or nah “@Diona_910 I'm bout to go home”All Meek need to keep repeating is money make fake niggas look Real.... Cause if Drake was broke and had a ... just got to work and already bout to go to break fast get it breakfast lol #wordplay “@Diona_910 I'm hungry”After BOOTH REVIEW.. It appears that DRAKE was PISSED ON
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Money make these fake ass niggas look Real again.... #ThisShitSoTrueOh OK 😩“@APaigeHigher @ImDaBully lol I sleep wild.”👀😳“@APaigeHigher My neck has been fckd up for the last 2 days.”I meant to put 👀“@ElleChanel @ImDaBully be active”Oh “@ElleChanel Squatting and tweeting”I won't laugh at a black person with some White people nopeFuck dat cracker “@Geeky_Sheek Get Norm out here 😂😂😂😂😂”Fuck u cracker and fuck Canada “@norm This is the reason people hire ghostwriters. #WeDidntWannaKnow””NOOOOOO 😭😭😭😭😭😭RT @7_randy: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder I never argue with young dudes that don't respect history they will understand the importance of it when it is their time 2..
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Drake probably wanna have a threesome with him and Nicki “@bhillyaheardme If I was Drake I'd drop a bomb and murder the fuck out him.”#Midnight the album is in stores and online @GUNPLAYMMG freshmen album #LivingLegend #RT
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Keep it real shit was better than charged up and back to back both of these niggas need to give it up ... won't trash but it won't good enough. Damn
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Somebody tweet the link “@MarcusTheMesiah I ain't heard it. Lol”#balleralert #weaintbegginwebuyin where lolAll u people that be going to Miami will Neva know bout 79th and 112th get to whole life checkedI dare a nigga talk about Ross in Miami Gardens... Let me see if y'all gangsta“@NanasiaMusic 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀” 😍Flex killing himself “@KaraPublishes Flex killinnnngggg me”I look at some chicks and be like damn these past few years been rough huh Lil MamaWe dropping tonight #THECHASERS
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder $10 early bird tkts on sale now for @alladreamnc All White Party.. Fri Aug 7th at Club Phantom.... J like get fuck from round me “@BB919 Doubt it RT @KnaledgeNC: Jay been in his ear I think«@BB919 Meek diss tonight...finally!»”10 piece shawty “@rickyrozay Fatboy be creep'n!!! 👀🔥🔥“@CAPOSTATUSENT “@UPT_HJ That vibe!!!!!! @YoungBreedCCC””Its been a chick at the bar talking to me for 30 minutes and ion know WTF she talking bout imma just buy her ... evening look. #BelaireBrut #BlackandGold
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder And paid well “@MarcusTheMesiah I didn't beg. I bought. Bitch. 😭😭😭😭”I know y'all don't like me but it's cool to not wait in line at the club so y'all keep it cool 😂😂😂😂😂😂I be minding my own business but once u cross me I turn all the way up@MarcusTheMesiah My neighbors hate me they be like look at this nigger #weaintbegginwebuyinThursday July 30 @FATTREL Performing Live At @G5IVEmiami‼️ #Georgetown #MMG #SBSB
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder @Geeky_Sheek watch gone girl 3 times.... Ummmmmm 😳For what he a cornball “@PrinceDollaz_ Flex mad hype right now.”#ionlyloveherifherassfatNigga too crazy “@bhillyaheardme Yall ever seen gone girl? Bitches crazy”Money Power and Disrespect... Should've never gave me a check #weaintbegginwebuyin“@iamkevingates Richmond Va - sold out”Yo make sure y'all cop @ImDaBully and @PrinceDollaz_ new mixtape Called We can't sing but we still got hoes ... thing y'all can take to the bank about Bully is..... I DONT FUCK WITH PUSSY ASS CRACKERSOh “@OG_ShicaT The "old"me 😂 RT @ImDaBully: If I can't have my way I'm leaving”Chicks wouldn't even like Drake but dude sound like he was crying on Marvin's RoomI meant Gump “@ImDaBully U mean Hump Master Flex “@KaraPublishes Pump Fakemaster Flex””U mean Hump Master Flex “@KaraPublishes Pump Fakemaster Flex”If I can't have my way I'm leaving@Diona_910 where is @King_Eog1984U spelled pussy whipped wrong “@BB919 Game and Budden ever beef that shit gone be 100 bars each. No hook. Them niggas long winded”All I drink is Remy don't pass ME no henny that shit taste like Paul Mason@_MargoSunshine_ @Rell_Connected Margo I will have anything u want me to have..... LMAOMeek up north dark-skinned tho @Rell_Connected down south Darla niggas would've left the tour and dissed Drake at his momma houseYep “@Rell_Connected This nigga @ImDaBully got on a dark skinned Cape that says We Ain't Beggin We Buying 😂😂😂😂😂😂”Where is @King_Eog1984I never seen him with any girls besides bird man “@MarcusTheMesiah We already know everything about ... @KaraPublishes That watch what u say to me was way more fire than that ludacris shitJay Z is the king of subliminal disses I think dude done dissed every rapperTo the bathroom “@Rell_Connected To the damn Grocery Sto 😂😂😂RT @MarcusTheMesiah: Nigga take a street sweeper everywhere he go smh.”He didn't even need a Band Aid “@KaraPublishes Must have been a graze cause T.I. kept right on going lol😂😂“@Rell_Connected Yo @ImDaBully gonna make me slap a ashy dark skin nigga at the All White Party just to prove a point 😂😂😂😂”I mean everywhere “@MarcusTheMesiah Nigga take a street sweeper everywhere he go smh.”I'm riding with Meek by default #BlackBottleBoys@Rell_Connected got the tape and we was out of control.. Had Friday's lit and we told Chuck I was signed to a major record labelThis I know..“@OG_ShicaT @ImDaBully I'm for the Real niggas! Streets don't make you real big homie lol!”I need to have a sit down with yo big and little big brother LMAO “@MarcusTheMesiah ... u be sliding so I know it's 🔥🔥🔥“@YoungBreedCCC Looka the Streets!!!! 💉💉💉 Feenin' Ti watch what u say to me@OG_ShicaT no Shica u for the street niggas don't go to the #Drakeside LMAO@YoungBreedCCC I'm waiting on that rotation remix like 👀👀👀#Repost @gunplaymmg with repostapp. ・・・dadecounty nigga support…
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder
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