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@mikebutcher traveling a lot this month, but next month let's grab a beer and complain about things :)@mikebutcher hah! Yes the one thing we cannot modify is the human skeleton. Btw not seen you in ages.@mikebutcher yeah. Not just the ditching of shallow pocket trousers, but the steps and bending over gets really annoying. Also the stopping!@mikebutcher with does risk potential product line cannibalism.@mikebutcher could prove a little small for full on productivity and battery won't match an iPad, but possible. The iPad will be used less.Thanks Joe! "@joebraidwood: A great piece from @GordonKelly on how iPhone 6 users must adapt http://t.co/2KllzV9XTb"In reference to the last RT, yes. Will be different for others, but I ended up ditching my iPad after 6 months..@GordonKelly great post iPhone 6: Owners Must Adapt To 5 Big Changes http://t.co/ul1mKvKWFS < Did you find it replaces a Tablet eventually?
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@mikebutcher Thanks. For me yes, I actually sold my iPad after 6 months.@Seatwave no payment for concert tickets sold by you in mid July and no response to 3 customer support emails. Please explain!@dissimile @RiyadEmeran @Auto_Journals #cinephilephoto... and I nominate @ehaaramo http://t.co/D2mcySmYOqMany thanks to @GordonKelly for the heads-up. As for the heads-up on what, well that's between us.
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@dissimile @RiyadEmeran @Auto_Journals *Googles*@DavidMcClelland haha! If it had TFV in it then it's still highly relevant :)They're back! "@ehaaramo: From moon Nazis to lizard people: Finnish cult film Iron Sky expands into sci-fi saga http://t.co/gOhkODAEpW"By me - physical not tech: "@Nimbletank: iPhone 6: Owners Must Adapt To 5 Big Changes, a great read by @gordonkelly http://t.co/e03kX7VIe4"
By interview with the head researcher... "@ForbesTech: "Holy Grail" battery scientist explains breakthrough: http://t.co/DS1vDVxgyX""@Ewan: Nude Celebrity Photos Hack: Staying Safe And How To Disable Apple iCloud http://t.co/ZjRm2D8VvW /rt @GordonKelly"Nude Celebrity Photos Hack: Security Steps And How To Disable Apple iCloud @Forbes http://t.co/ZjRm2D8VvWiPhone 6 Owners Must Adapt To These 5 Big Screen Changes @Forbes http://t.co/qCQot2ATIfSure I'm not the only one thinking it... ...iCloud security? #celebrityhacks
@fplhints Naismith and Duff on my bench. Chambers won't play, first sub: Wilson!World changing? My interview for "@ForbesTech: "Holy Grail" battery scientist explains breakthrough: http://t.co/Dd5Czb9xMt"@Michael98Thorpe @NUFC_Stats he actually doesn't really get played at all. Like Senderos: looks great for 80 minutes then catastrophic error
@NUFC_Stats he's awful!@BenDinnery @themrkrueger hope so!@NUFC_Stats thanks. I'll do a search for the version for proper phones ;)@BenDinnery turn out it was a good thing I kept him! Shifted the captaincy to Rooney though :(This could change everything... 'The Exciting Facts Behind The 'Holy Grail' Battery Discovery' http://t.co/uEshtoIeOl me for @Forbes@PremierInjuries @BenDinnery :)@BenDinnery thanks, excellent analysis. I kept him so keeping my fingers crossed.@BenDinnery @PremierInjuries I did. Android...@BenDinnery thoughts on Costa? (hit ctrl v!)@BenDinnery gotcha. Had seemed the perfect Harry Redknapp signing! Shame. Superb player at one point and few media mentioned the injuries@BenDinnery something happen physically? Was a big money MCFC target only a few seasons back. Now no PL clubs in for him at £3m!@maryjobsellison from over 1300 Forbes writers? Not really :)
@wonky_donky thanks matey. 2nd most read this week.This week's most popular writers: @PaulTassi @GordonKelly @laurashin @akosner @ericschiffer @Ewan @susanadamsnyc @matthewherper #FF
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@ForbesTech right link http://t.co/V8HO347Eto#FF most read in Tech this week: @GordonKelly @akosner @paultassi @_jaymcgregor @ewan @erikkain @ericmack @jvchamary @parmy @amitchowdhry
Retweeted by Gordon KellyToday's best press release headline: '4 Social Media Lessons the Pope Can Learn from Justin Bieber'@brucezayed bio - 'powerful' has one l ;)
Me for "@ForbesEurope: New Google Nexus leak confirms 192-core, 64-bit Apple rival http://t.co/pMZ3tWmdfg @GordonKelly"@Moto_Hodder @bazzacollins @charlesarthur there's no DSL-based fibre in Earls Court!@cameronhellmuth @google yeah I'm almost convinced about it. And I agree, I don't want any bigger - 5.2in at a push if bezels are tiny.@drdlwillis11 @yossisa @Forbes @forbeshealth you'd be surprised how quickly smartphones can replace common sense.
New Nexus Leak Confirms Apple Faces 192-Core, 64-bit Android Rival @Forbes http://t.co/b95Na8n4CO@ChronicleNUFC lovely. The RSS feed is handy for anything outside iTunes as it's still very low in search results. https://t.co/YxidquZfRt@integratedchg sure. Email on my Forbes homepage. Dan Diamond more likely to be your man though.@integratedchg be surprised if you did, just their opinions. Interesting to see multiple sources on concern factor. Barriers yet to break.
@BuddhaBach25 @ForbesTech Hah! I get the same about Google, Microsoft and Facebook with any negative article.Essential reading - - > "@jvchamary: The Ice Bucket Challenge Can Kill. Here's Why You're Doing It Wrong: http://t.co/Uqs7k6YdQEBy me for "@ForbesTech: Some doctors have raised concerns over Apple's HealthKit: http://t.co/2m1jOqwpio http://t.co/9LBX0lNrh1"
@ChaseFailey agree. I even mostly enjoyed the final seasons of Dexter but. that. ending :s Breaking Bad & The Shield never jumped the shark@ChaseFailey likewise. Nip Tuck runs it close, but even that had one good season.@BetterDoctor pleasure and no problem@capitoltiles thanks very much. We'll pop in this week :)iPhone 6 Leaks Reveal Protruding Camera And Detailed Dimensions @Forbes http://t.co/lbyAJ7DtsF@HarveyDavies_25 you're famous http://t.co/QdiUUwZCxm
Education may be a key determinant of #Apple #HealthKit's success or failure http://t.co/we6Ls0nr42 by @GordonKelly HT @arh_cardio @mitcharj
Retweeted by Gordon KellyVia @GordonKelly #Doctors Raises Concerns over @Apple #HealthKit http://t.co/4FIXBnDAHX (I def share some of those sentiments)
Retweeted by Gordon KellyWhat you need to know about USB Type-C: http://t.co/8d1CGpm833 http://t.co/VfgAZtozLB
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@laksopmo @ForbesTech UK doctors! #NHSSome doctors have raised concerns over Apple's HealthKit: http://t.co/39UTNU3Zch http://t.co/9XCeEqmCJu
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@mycatistweeting *Checks handle, checks timeline. Laughs. Walks off*@capitoltiles no opening hours on your mobile website. Open Sundays?
@davidchow @richardlai @knowhowtohelp @CaptainAmerica y yep, it's the future. Makes set to boxes pointless and phone best UI and controller@matejp23 bloody journalists!@matejp23 I'm being facetious ;)@matejp23 you want the league's most expensive wingback?@davidchow @curryspcworld lovely lovely things!Didn't make the bench! "@ChronicleNUFC: Alan Pardew has to be brave and give Rolando Aarons a start at Villa http://t.co/uG3MAtOsoK #NUFC"“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." —Mark Twain http://t.co/x6FLguW9oG
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
#FF the most read in Tech: @GordonKelly @maxrogo @erikkain @alexkonrad @_jaymcgregor @ewan @paultassi @kashhill @davethier @ericmack
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@vgul @ManeeshJuneja nope. They say measurements are too unreliable now but *in the future* the potential is there. Simple.@ManeeshJuneja absolutely and many also keen to stress first gen technology does not replace your GP. They make both arguments.This week's most popular writers: @matthewherper @erikkain @maxrogo @gordonkelly @ericschiffer @kbadenhausen @susanadamsnyc @Ewan #FF
Retweeted by Gordon KellyiPhone 6 Production Delayed, Claims Reuters. Risks Troubled Launch @Forbes http://t.co/kKUmckrKMo@ManeeshJuneja of course, they're by far the most pressing things for Apple to address. And 'concerns' stresses 'not unfixable'Big thanks to all my supporters so far! Nessie here I come. But there's room for more http://t.co/T0YYKoLzjt http://t.co/h5BUNxAxMB
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@ManeeshJuneja @vgul they express both concern and excitement about different aspects.
I get the inside story "@ForbesEurope: iPhone 6 alert: Doctors raise concerns over Apple HealthKit http://t.co/1D5VIyZPhK @GordonKelly"@pippuri me too, in many other ways :)@pippuri @Forbes Ah. Not on Android or iOS :p@pippuri @Forbes you mean the page layout? If so an overhauled website is on the way.iPhone 6: Doctors Raise Concerns Over Apple HealthKit @Forbes http://t.co/eiRfGtJD8ZHere it comes again "@ForbesEurope: Iceland volcano alert: Eruptions, ash cloud, & travel essentials http://t.co/fuPm9e2pvO @davidmacdougall@davidmacdougall simple one: get the headline right. Bad headlines are where good copy goes to die.But they *are* cute! "@ehaaramo: LeeLuu nighlights aren't just cute, but help children afraid of the dark http://t.co/bh3SJBreFL"@davidmacdougall @ForbesEurope welcome to Forbes David, good story!
Death of the car: The tech behind Helsinki's ambitious plan to kill off private vehicles http://t.co/nGuLeawmFS - by me for @ZDNet
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
@ChrisScott__ ban adjusted to allow training and playing in friendlies. Length of ban unchanged.@ChronicleNUFC you're definitely not the tech person ;) Every podcast has a URL which can be subscribed to - for eg: http://t.co/pjAkMPrgeT@ChronicleNUFC don't use iTunes. It's about having a podcast feed you can subscribe to with any player. No-one uses iTunes these days ;)@ChronicleNUFC got a podcast URL I can use? Bit naff having to listen in a browser.@heathriel @jameslhbartlett agree, even if the quote sounds like a reference to the oldest profession in the world.
I’m running Great North Run + Loch Ness Marathon to support @CharityDEBRA http://t.co/hsNmgw1My0, Help us to support people affected by EB
Retweeted by Gordon KellyUSB Type-C: A Guide To Technology's Most Important New Standard @Forbes http://t.co/rRwq1hBjwI@SonnyDickson prefer the change? :) Fixed, thanks
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