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:) RT @kloganslo: I just watched your Beyond Candid show with breast cancer survivors. Thank you. Early detection saved my life as well.Xo! RT @EileenRSassCPA: Hanging out with G #QBConnect -had to buy her designs @HSN - right? http://t.co/Ep3ILGfVLz http://t.co/dRh521OQs1Lol! RT @willbxwler: "While performing in China, Mariah Carey gave us more thigh than a bucket of chicken" @GiulianaRancic u are my QUEEN 🙌I’ll be chatting with @MarthaStewart about her business success at #QBConnect Wednesday! Come see us. Tix here: http://t.co/bs2ttjZIpP
Xo! RT @ashleyvive: At @RPMItalianChi with the Boston girls!! Saved you a seat @GiulianaRancic @BillRancic http://t.co/Ved84USkr5Love that! Thank u! RT @reecereinema: No joke, @RPMSteakChi was the best meal I've ever had. Thank you @GiulianaRancic & @BillRancic!Cute! RT @april2779: @GiulianaRancic @skyzone love the socks! Great initiative too! http://t.co/won4VJxZ49Yes! RT @ljohnson2006: It seems like the women in your #BeyondCandidWithGiuliana special had no fam history. Everyone should be checked.Xo! RT @aaliyahgirl22: @GiulianaRancic hi G went to @RPMSteakChi for my birthday it was great i love it.Only TWO WEEKS left to support Sky Zone & @giulianarancic's FAB-U-WISH Foundation in raising money for… http://t.co/RNyFYAiiLd
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicYes it does! RT @LisaG_325: Watching #beyondcandidwithgiuliana talking beast cancer! In tears! Early detection saves lives!Thank U. #beyondcandidwithgiuliana RT @ComfortRE: 7am and already tearing up watching ur special about breast cancer. eye opener. THANK YOU!Awww RT @Veronica_P0well: Watching @giulianarancic #beyondcandidwithgiuliana on #breastcancer Covered in chills… http://t.co/5zFJ79g4NSA great day to go jumping & support @FabUWish! If ur heading to @SkyZone today, tweet pics of ur #skyzonepinksocks http://t.co/BNSq4lbyx8
Giuliana Rancic shows off slimmer physique in classic two-piece LBD http://t.co/UgFhbyEvZq via @DailyMailCeleb
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicXo!!! RT @donna_childress: bought a whole bag to share with others #showingmysupport #skyzone http://t.co/tCQ7CRYr4q http://t.co/FiYL6cBtcnLook what just arrived at @rpmsteakchi #stonecrabs #firstoftheseason #delish http://t.co/l0cRjHzxbuNeed wedding cage tips? I went wedding cake tasting w/ @SarahK_LA and she blogged about it here on @brides: http://t.co/2fca7X2ug8With my bae @DukeRancic http://t.co/r9cocTkzvIToronto...Come! RT @zodiacchats: Love @GiulianaRancic ?! Meet her in Toronto at #ZodiacChatFire this Nov.6th! One event u don't want to miss
Xo! RT @jenbates1: Obsessed with my @GbyGiulianaR jacket. Perfect for the fall weather. Your clothes are amazing http://t.co/3d7bTGc4w0So proud of how far @GiulianaRancic's clothing line has come! #BeenThereSinceTheBeginning with @naturallyalexa #GbyGR http://t.co/tiQU0EM5j8
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicSo fun! I went wedding cake tasting w/ @SarahK_LA and she blogged about it here on @brides: http://t.co/2fca7X2ug8What did @GiulianaRancic's assistant @SarahK_LA do when her fiancé was out of town for cake tasting? Bring Giuliana! http://t.co/G3MpVHgehr
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic
Thank u! RT @skyclark7: @GiulianaRancic my roommates and I are loving this #BeyondCandid special! So inspirational and empowering #LoveYouGWatching beyond candid with @GiulianaRancic and I can't get over how these women must feel. So scary but so brave. 💗
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicWest coast. All new #BeyondCandid starts now. Be sure to tune into my most special episode yet. It's on E! now. Tweet me ur thoughts:)Thank u:). Means a lot RT @Randy_Haas: @GiulianaRancic tonights episode of #BeyondCandid was AMAZING! Probably your BEST yet! Thank you!! 😘Thank u my love:) RT @zannarassi: So inspired by my friend @GiulianaRancic. You're so courageous! Thank u for sharing ur story #BeyondCandidXo RT @Melody4man: @GiulianaRancic Thank you for the AMAZING "Beyond Candid" hour sharing breast cancer stories we can all learn from.Thank u for all the amazing tweets about #BeyondCandid... So glad we can share these incredible stories with all of u!Watching #BeyondCandid with @GiulianaRancic. Wow, this is such an emotional episode. Amazing stories of these two survivors, Samantha & Amy.
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic@GiulianaRancic such a powerful #BeyondCandid episode! These are some of the strongest and most inspirational women out there🎀🎀🎀
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic@GiulianaRancic thank you for such an inspiring show! Such strong inspiring women to learn from! #BeyondCandid 💖🙏
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicXo! RT @nsibbing5: So Inspired by the interview with @GiulianaRancic #BeyondCandid tears but so glad their sharing their stories.Thank u so much! RT @kaplancrunch_: #BeyondCandid with @GiulianaRancic is so inspirational💗 RT @Vickimarie17: Sobbing watching #BeyondCandid with @GiulianaRancic These women are so strong! 💕This #BeyondCandid special with @GiulianaRancic is so touching 💕 Keeping women informed on breast cancer is so important. Get checked y'all!
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicRT @cldols: @GiulianaRancic watching #BeyondCandid thanks for doing this show #breastcancer #awareness #Courage of each of you #amazingEmotional for me too xo RT @AmyCostin7: @GiulianaRancic 2 minutes into #BeyondCandid and I'm already in tears.East coast! #BeyondCandid starts RIGHT NOW on E! xoRT @ENews: Stick around after E! News tonight for @GiulianaRancic's ALL NEW #BeyondCandid special... it all starts in 10 minutes!Xoxo RT @maddie_voges: I'm so excited to watch the Beyond Candid: Faith, Hope, and Courage with @GiulianaRancic🎀15 more minutes until my special #BeyondCandid starts on E! Hope you can tune in to hear these incredible stories of strength and courage :)Hoping u watch a special #BeyondCandid tonight 8/7c on E!. I sit down with survivors Amy Robach & Samantha Harris:) http://t.co/nq1PMkQRChLAST CHANCE!! Shop my new #GbyGR collection here: http://t.co/ylM12kmDqE & RETWEET to enter to win this fab jacket!! http://t.co/VPUQ28p0Vb
So cute! RT @chloedavidla: Enews Love It Buy It featured our Chloe David clover necklace! @enews @giulianarancichttp://t.co/f67mMfFNYFLuv! RT @PinkPinkEmily: Your hair is such a big deal! It sparked a big debate in Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide 💇 http://t.co/u27Y5roP2fThank for you an incredible evening @GiulianaRancic 💕 everyone needs to watch #BeyondCandid on E! tomorrow @BCRFcure http://t.co/NpbGljJzek
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicSo glam @giulianarancic @lesleymia #thebreakupbook party @ The Grove http://t.co/UhvyvRz46p
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicDon’t forget 2 support #fabuwish w/some Pink SkySocks @SkyZone for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! #SkyZonePinkSocks http://t.co/2W4jzEWea2In LA? Come join me at @TheGroveLA TONIGHT at 5PM for special screening of #BeyondCandid! First come first served:) http://t.co/ObCBjKc9tUSee you tomorrow @rpmsteakchi save some of these for me!! http://t.co/h7Gyhp8dRR
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicSo excited to be @TheGroveLA TONIGHT at 5PM for this special screening of #BeyondCandid! #BCA @bcrfcure http://t.co/ObCBjKc9tU
Special #screening of @GiulianaRancic "Beyond Candid with Giuliana: Hope, Strength & Courage" 2morrow! #BCA @bcrfcure http://t.co/7ChpNy66GQ
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicWow! RT @YesICandice: Amazing dinner Sunday night @RPMItalianChi @GiulianaRancic thank you!!!!!! http://t.co/gZyScvdimqShop my new #GbyGR collection here: http://t.co/icBeWAW3lw & RETWEET this post to enter to win this fab new jacket! http://t.co/mhAzdKmBQCObsession of the day: Dropcam home monitoring camera. Affordable and amazing! http://t.co/Q6BhfSOcqj #gsobsessions http://t.co/AoM6Z7uEOaCan't wait!!! RT @cottonb4beauty: Hey you!!! Did you know @billrancic and @giulianarancic will be hosts at show?!?… http://t.co/ORlFfeAbzTI'm bringing back my #GsObsessions!!! Every day I tweet something I'm obsessed with.....send me ideas:)
Look who's getting into the @enews #footsie craze! Yes, those are @BillRancic's cute toes:). Send ur shots! http://t.co/K6qhE9W9Rk@Vicki_Vas @WestEndCinemaDC I told my dad. Thank u:)Yay!!! Happy to hear that:) @hsn RT @smcaz: @GiulianaRancic Just received my black & white plaid suit, love it. Exceeded my expectations.Lol! RT @allieee2468: Kickin my feet up watching @ENews and my idol @GiulianaRancic #footsies http://t.co/TqkhvgwRKoCute toes! RT @mallorymhartman: Love me some @ENews!! #footsies @GiulianaRancic is my all time fav. 👍 http://t.co/jikFI2VuJBSpotted @GiulianaRancic and @BillRancic @ Ashley's Furniture. Sorry I only got half of your body, Bill http://t.co/1KqwqZMFsf
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicLove it! RT @JoyJolise: daily ritual watching my fave @ENews #footsie @GiulianaRancic #fun #FeetUp #chanel #pedi http://t.co/GstombDFLtEnjoying @eonline #ENEWS #FOOTSIE @GiulianaRancic @TerrenceJ @JasonKennedy1 http://t.co/uS09Y873jE
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicMake sure to watch @ENews tonight and send us your #footsies ;))Love it! RT @Trishy54: Never miss @ENews @GiulianaRancic @JasonKennedy1 @TerrenceJ #footsies http://t.co/N626G7fkgUI am all about looking good, especially when it doesn't break the bank. @AshleyHomeStore has my kind of deals. Love!!!
Love! RT @giulianascar: I'm going to buy bottles &bottles of Gs new wine because I love wine, I love her, and it's a wine with my name on itJust had pizza w/ my new wine @XoGWine! The Pinot Grigio is amaze! Can't wait for Nov 3 when it hits shelves:) http://t.co/580qgagsT2UK & Ireland: Watch @KrisJenner's interview with @GiulianaRancic on 'Beyond Candid with Giuliana tonight at 8:00 PM on E!
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicUK dolls! Kris Jenner opens up to @GiulianaRancic tonight, 8pm, only on E! #BeyondCandid #excited
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic@GiulianaRancic @KrisJenner eeek!!! Only 35 mins to go, cannot wait #beyondcandidwithgiuliana
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicLove! RT @lindsb2003: Perfect way to spend our last day in Italy! #honeymoon @GiulianaRancic @GiulianaBill http://t.co/Rech9AP9WzThank u! Sky Zone so fun!!! RT @NKOTB78: Went to @skyzone today to support @GiulianaRancic #fabuwish http://t.co/iLeUGsBG5y
We're so excited to see @GiulianaRancic back in Miami to co-host #Cotton24Hours Runway Show! #Fashion -1,440 looks: http://t.co/tZhukw7ekd
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicFamily outing w/ @billrancic @dukerancic at @skyzone_vannuys. Love Sky Zone for supporting #fabuwish this month!!! http://t.co/j0AuVnT5uHMy nephew Luke!! NFL here he comes!! RT @gailrancic: St. Ignatius' Luke with 96-yd Pick 6!!! http://t.co/NGrNi1V8Y9
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic
Xo! RT @StefRaffa: U design the best jackets! Wearing my Trapunto this wk, everyone ❤️s it #GbyGR looking 4ward 2 chkg out new fall line!Wish I was there! RT @artmusictech1: @GiulianaRancic I'm at #RPM Steak. So far so good! http://t.co/gKx9rd0GNBLol! #superfan RT @swenglishcake: just seen u on @ENews & your @NKOTB report-your just like the rest of us BH's http://t.co/l4dQeMugtqU really r naughty, Rob;) RT @NaughtyNiceRob: Giuliana and Bill Rancic Developing Talk Show! http://t.co/bvICDVj2jWShop my new #GbyGR collection here: http://t.co/ylM12kmDqE & RETWEET to enter to win this fab jacket! http://t.co/A8WFi9pXZxShop my new #GbyGR collection here: http://t.co/ylM12kmDqE & RETWEET to enter to win this fab jacket! http://t.co/atjlJkg0sCToday is a great day for a RETWEET contest!! Haven't done one in forever! Retweet my next tweet to enter to win a FAB jacket!!!Xo! RT @DETNeens: Just watched @ENews.... You go right ahead & fan girl your ass off! I know the feeling, ... http://t.co/KYejwQSAxV@Lo_xoxo24 lol. Hiii
My teen dream was to get backstage at #NKOTB show. Decades later, I'm behind scenes as they get star on Walk of Fame! http://t.co/KItoJwblwZWouldn't miss it!!! RT @kujhawk316: @GiulianaRancic Glad to see you covering the @NKOTB Walk of Fame ceremony today #BlockParty #NKOTBWOFLol! #malibusmostwanted RT @eddiegaona: I came across this on vh1. #fashionpolice #enews #QueenOfENetwork http://t.co/KNBf1ujwpIPoor @JasonKennedy1 but his face was priceless. I love @GiulianaRancic this is why @ENews is the best show.
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Spent my last two nights at @RPMItalianChi, ugh you can't blame me. #AmazingFood #EvenBetterService. @GiulianaRancic @BillRancic
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicCheck out @OKmagAustralia for my interview and exclusive shoot with the gorgeous @GiulianaRancic & @BillRancic #fun http://t.co/bl9U9waJi9
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicCould we love @NeneLeakes any more? Catch her interview with @TerrenceJ & @GiulianaRancic at 7 & 11 tonight! http://t.co/FryuMxFUhl
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicWe'd fight over makeup remover RT @XabierHernandez: @JasonKennedy1 you and @GiulianaRancic will be funny roommates #LiveFromEThis article in @peoplemag is so inspiring:) Love your message @richwilkersonjr 🙌 http://t.co/ZMifUL6C85
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