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@KarmenKarma @BrandyAniston #PICKKARMEN #PICKKARMEN 👍😍@CoeyDean haha I meant I'll cook for u both@haveyouseennoor let me take u shopping lol@CoeyDean Awwwww is cook for u. Might just be me too.@JenSelter still waiting for u to snap me back!!!2.5 years! That's the goal to be in CA ☺️
Retweeted by 》G《This is ridiculous. Wake me up when they tip the Arch over. #FergusonDecision
Retweeted by 》G《This #Ferguson stuff is beyond crazy. I mean I get it but wow...is #America waking up?! #FergusonDecisionWhile CNN runs wall to wall footage of #Ferguson burning, this is happening on the steps of the US Supreme Court: https://t.co/jiaZRmKh1D
Retweeted by 》G《BREAKING NEWS: @KING5Seattle confirms @macklemore involved in #Seattle protests as shown in this video https://t.co/8soL638V7j #Ferguson
Retweeted by 》G《ALERT! Cities in action now! 30 more cities expected to storm their streets tomorrow. #Ferguson http://t.co/A6Qd0bSCBW
Retweeted by 》G《#NYC shutdown: Protesters close 3 bridges over #Ferguson verdict http://t.co/02xcC6EptD http://t.co/EaAEaXN7Vr
Retweeted by 》G《WHAT THE NEWS WONT SHOW: Two CRIPS and a BLOOD gang member, together preventing people LOOTING this shop...#Ferguson http://t.co/AHeL3tCyws
Retweeted by 》G《A scene from tonight's unrest in #Ferguson: "Season's Greetings" (@AP_Images - Charlie Riedel) http://t.co/du3TTbLTBP
Retweeted by 》G《Holocaust survivors/Tibetan monks/Amnesty International/Crips/Bloods standing in solidarity with #Ferguson protestors http://t.co/YHWX3fEQzl
Retweeted by 》G《Imagine, people from war zones, like #PALESTINE are sending their support to #Ferguson. This is a global thing! ✌️ http://t.co/VPu6CN4Bah
Retweeted by 》G《Quite a bit of DDoS packet chaff hitting St. Louis tonite... can't imagine why. ... (h/t @NorseCorp for imagery) http://t.co/cON4YdKp7D
Retweeted by 》G《@chandleraallen I think its funny her account is pvt now lol fucking racist bitch
"@ThislsAmazing: Rabbit Island in Japan http://t.co/qYPWp074lK" @KarmenKarma 🐇🐰@TashaReign I thought u were engaged and having a baby?@ChasityMerlow @Avalynn_Rose @JennyBlighe oh wow....this must be how the apocalypse starts 😈These prints are HUGE! Only a couple left. Get one Black Friday when our STORE is 50% off! Code "blackfriday" 👌🍗🎨👍✔️ http://t.co/pClCnwO2k8
Retweeted by 》G《She's a cuntasaurous.
Retweeted by 》G《If I give you advice, it's not because I know more than you. It's because I've done more stupid shit lol...
Retweeted by 》G《If you're going to be a "player" make sure you actually know how to be one. Dumbass.
Retweeted by 》G《@jr0sebabyxx yuck@TashaReign @MyTashaReign @GF_Films Hey I have this! Still gotta get it signed by u. One day....lol@KarmenKarma omg yes I wanna watch liveeeeee in person hahaha
Retweeted by 》G《@TrinityStClair @ianaLittle fuck yes she isWas that Cult of Personality by Living Colour to break?
Retweeted by 》G《#WIFEMEUP 😭😂 http://t.co/BvdDVMco6m
Retweeted by 》G《@BellaTwins Nikki, I'm so proud of you Queen ❤❤❤❤ You was so amazing ❤❤❤❤ #FearlessNikki #SurvivorSeries http://t.co/Jzrv8fOjvx
Retweeted by 》G《It's ALL OVER for #TheAuthority!! #SurvivorSeries #YouGotFired http://t.co/2nS5UOsof2
Retweeted by 》G《So... This happened #SurvivorSeries http://t.co/d7jjdnacYJ
Retweeted by 》G《Huge hug from @JohnCena for @HEELZiggler, the #TeamCena #SoleSurvivor!! #SurvivorSeries http://t.co/gV7eQ1SXKC
Retweeted by 》G《Na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye.
Retweeted by 》G《@KarmenKarma @debunt I love this tweetELIMINATION: @HEELZiggler def. @WWERollins! #TeamCena defeats @TeamAuthority, with Ziggler the #SoleSurvivor!! http://t.co/XM9k9Amk2t
Retweeted by 》G《#SurvivorSeries http://t.co/tRO921woBU
Retweeted by 》G《STING ITS STING!!!!! @WWE #SurvivorSeriesWHAT'S GUNNA HAPPEN @WWE #SurvivorSeries @WWENetworkSOMETHINGS BOUT TO HAPPEN @WWE #SurvivorSeries @WWENetworkSo many GIF worthy reactions from Trips tonight. #SurviorSeries
Retweeted by 》G《Ok gunna stop tweeting til this is over lol @WWE #SurvivorSeries @WWENetworkBig Show turned again. #SurvivorSeries http://t.co/0A2bd7M2tK
Retweeted by 》G《Wow @WWENetwork is lagging. I seen @WWE tweet before @LukeHarperWWE got eliminated lol #SurvivorSeriesELIMINATION: @HEELZiggler def. @LukeHarperWWE! It's Ziggler vs. @WWERollins 1-1 for the match!! #SurvivorSeries http://t.co/QejNjnrRpe
Retweeted by 》G《Something is gunna happen here lol @WWE #SurvivorSeries @WWENetworkDel Rio isn't here to ruin it this time! #SurviorSeries
Retweeted by 》G《ELIMINATION: @HEELZiggler def. @KaneWWE! #TeamAuthority 2-1 #TeamCena #SurvivorSeries http://t.co/ZAZPertYGW
Retweeted by 》G《The @WWE #SurvivorSeries prediction? THE UNDERTAKER SAVES @HEELZiggler!!!!!! @WWENetworkIt's @HEELZiggler alone vs. @KaneWWE, @WWERollins & @LukeHarperWWE! #TeamCena #TeamAuthority #SurvivorSeries http://t.co/yI3o9DDy5E
Retweeted by 》G《This should be Dolph's moment. #SurviorSeries
Retweeted by 》G《Wow did that just happen? #BigShow just knocked @JohnCena the fuck out! That was awesome! All up to @HEELZiggler now @WWE #SurvivorSeriesELIMINATION: @HEELZiggler def. @RusevBUL via Countout! #TeamCena 4-3 #TeamAuthority @LanaWWE http://t.co/e0JwQL1dT4
Retweeted by 》G《THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!! @RusevBUL & @HEELZiggler @WWE #SurvivorSeries @WWENetworkOk this #SurvivorSeries match started off hella good then slowed down really quick. Sucks @Ryback22 got eliminated. @WWE @WWENetwork@Lexpece damn I love u #BaddestChickEver #SheDevil@TrinityStClair Oh baby I want one@Lexpece haha fuck yes Evil Lex is back!!! Fuck that nigga I'll stop him out.So, the title isn't even being defended on PPV. No wonder it's free. #SurviorSeries
Retweeted by 》G《@haveyouseennoor Bet u look sexy@CoeyDean @WWE @JohnCena Remember what happens to u after he fucks u 😎Ok @WWE why the hell are you opening a PPV with a talking segment? This is a PPV not a TV show! Fuck this #SurvivorSeries @WWENetworkThe Chairman, @VinceMcMahon makes his way to the ring at #SurvivorSeries! https://t.co/io4xO7ckDq
Retweeted by 》G《#NowWatching @WWE #SurvivorSeries on @WWENetwork http://t.co/BDjBUHkmOQ@DakotaJamesXXX what exactly are u refereeing too? Hehe@Lexpece HA@CarterCruise what do you want to do?"@wingoz: 5:00 gone in the 3rd..and Marshawn Lynch has 16 yards on 8 carries" is he hurt or they just not using him?Left or right? Retweet for both 😍 http://t.co/hJkYBrDALe
Retweeted by 》G《So lazy today idk what to watch. Wanna watch football but meh...wanna watch TV shows but meh@CoeyDean I will be! Can't wait. Been years since I seen a @WWE PPV@allie_brady lol@ChasityMerlow Dummies...they're missing out!@HarleeSpecter fuckkkkkkkkJust woke up feeling so tired and weak. Wtf am I even doing awake!#GirlsThatOnlyTweetSongLyrics #ByeFelicia
@Dewey_Morrison haha no but I know a really good judge or is she a lawyer?Yoga pants are a blessing http://t.co/CiKDF4nUtK
Retweeted by 》G《#ChocolateCoveredButtCracks is what today was all about. Right @dewey_morrison? #ThatsAWrap #DoWorkSonhttp://t.co/FPm2DhBeQP#StillRolling #DoWorkSon http://t.co/2mhrIPSAcj#REGRAM from jonwilson26 / Ben & I at @dewey_morrison sketch comedy shoot. #DoWorkSon #SketchComedyhttp://t.co/DvBkd8XUr9My boy Kyle directing the shit outta this skit! #DoWorkSon #OnSet #Acting #HollywoodKyle http://t.co/7zzI7GTQxqFuck me@babieqirllll those aren't men. Those are things little immature boys with no manners or sense want. If u got them it's a plus. Not a need.
@haveyouseennoor you're welcome 😑@haveyouseennoor Ain't that hard when u look that good 😍@ChasityMerlow Sext Sext Sext 💗📲@rileysheaven @xxxRiley @avnawards fuck yes@ChasityMerlow @Onlybadchicks with i could come visitIf You Haven't Fallen In Love with @AugustAmesxxx. Please Allow Us To Make The Introduction! http://t.co/qHD9WY2MQg
Retweeted by 》G《@PlaymateKhloe that's so amazingIt's better to be alone than to be with the wrong person
Retweeted by 》G《@debunt whoa my badd didn't mean for they to happen at all lolSo tired (@ Fox Studios in Los Angeles, CA) https://t.co/YFqShJzuM0@KarmenKarma I'll say it again.....@debunt what shud I get her lol@KarmenKarma can a nigga get paid first hahahah ain't a balla like u KK@KarmenKarma I legit fucking love u and worship u lol
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