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#NomNomNom (at @MightyTacoInc in Tonawanda, NY) https://t.co/C989tM28zQ
Welp....wishing I was in LA rn....whatever@Halle_Von_ @PaisleyParkerXX sorry for u girls. U deserve the best.@XNicoleAnistonX FUCK YES!!!!!!So weird sitting in my room packing up stuff to take with me back to LA.@TashaReign Why must u be absolute perfection? Love how that looks on u hun. Hope ur having a great day.@Lexpece You make the boys weeeeeeeak@DakotaJamesXXX In Alaska?@TashaReign @AskMen Sooooo purdy Tash@HeidiWow2 or nahhhhhhhh lol@daribarbz that deserves a follow back lol def@HeidiWow2 #FollowBack"@UberFacts: Hugging and non-sexual contact are essential in maintaining a long-lasting relationship."@DirectModels @adrianachechik @SapphireDayClub @SapphireLV @abbyleebrazil Fuck yes@RileyReidx3 Haha I swear u r the cutest most adorable but baddest and hottest star in the game!!!! THE WORLD LOVES RILEY REID!!!!@delinquentnymph Haha for u maybe not lol jk@delinquentnymph fuck yesWhen I think of how much money I wasted on some people lol #SMH I'm dumb@TrinityStClair #Wifey@Baddiies y'all need to post of @daribarbz she hotter than @savmontano and @MileyCyrus 👌@daribarbz 🙊🙈 OK WOW UNFAIR NOT NICE LOL WOWZA 🙈🙊@daribarbz OK stop unfair wowza 🙈🙉@TrinityStClair yup I agree haha gotta have a good smart mature man not lil boyAnd she FAVS me too. One day she'll follow back too lol #TwitterFamousIdk why but I'm def startin to love when @daribarbz #RT's me hahaha #SheBaddddddddddd lol #GoodNightWorld@briannafbaby haha werdd@briannafbaby 💨💨💨 bet u roll DA bestest@daribarbz 😱🙈@kbabbezzz #BestCostumeEver@KhloeeKhaos wish I could be a fly in the wall@StefaniexKnight @AirCanada I hate flying. May I ask what reason ur delayed?@DanceEmily11 @DaRealAmberRose you are an amazing dancer!@PaisleyParkerXX #Wifey
@johnnyZ003 So mad u got rid of Titanfall. Why'd I even get it lol ass@TashaReign @dominos @AnimalPlanet Haha you're so cute. Ud make the perfect lil gf.@johnnyZ003 Whateverrrrrrrrr@johnnyZ003 #Dumb@purrbunny I love u lol@FreeshiaMFC you look amazing@HeidiWow2 need a rub down?And yes I'm finally watching the #VMAs #VMA2014Wow @Beyonce just drips with sex appeal. Ik I'm stating the obvious but I just wanted to say it. She's another talented woman. #JustSayinIf u hate on @IGGYAZALEA & you're a female you're just crazy jealous! She's gorgeous & talented! #JustSayin #IGGY http://t.co/kgTZ8Izkf2Feels so weird being home. Just finished cleaning my garage the way I like it. Think I'm going to order some food and just sit.@TashaReign @jessejane @DPxxx Wow this is a dream come true lol@GoldLeilani love that I found u. Gotta thank my girl @TashaReign for that. #NowFollowing@CamCamGia @daribarbz haha sorry meant no offense.@CamCamGia wow 😍@daribarbz haha how and why are u so baddddddd lol #SoSexy@daribarbz @MileySourceNews haha when does your shoot come out? I think ur as or hotter than her. If u wore her outfits hell yes!@PaisleyParkerXX Wow I'm very sorry for that. Hopefully she'll come around.@aliceced99 very lucky guy 👌👍@JulieeLondon prove it@HarleeSpecter I already have an account hahaha but its like we dont talk enough right? Lol@HarleeSpecter Wow yes I'm getting this"@UberFacts: Being ignored causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as experiencing a physical injury."
I'm at The @BlueMonkBflo in Buffalo, NY https://t.co/z59Mr0DkTq@LilveronicaR @VRodProductions @RileyReidx3 holy fuck this is real and amazingHaven't had a Wegmans sub in almost a year. I love life rn! (at @Wegmans in Amherst, NY) https://t.co/VbIgauYJYB@PaisleyParkerXX @MyFreeCams gotcha@PaisleyParkerXX @MyFreeCams What's ur name?@daribarbz Daaaaamn@luisaadelucaa wow 😍@kbabbezzz damn do work! What do u do? Jw@HeidiWow2 hiKinda just wanna lay here in bed all day...Wow nothing like realizing how broke you're going to be to ruin your day even more...ugh
Finallyyyyyy...The Great One is.....home. (@ The Ghosen House in Buffalo, NY) https://t.co/YMGQ3UJw10Today is going to be an extremely long day....
Yup already feeling the great lakes area vibe. Not even in Buffalo yet and I have a sinus headache.Last round....almost home. (@ Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) - @dtweetin in Romulus, MI) https://t.co/HDyEZZikE3Well 1/3rd of the battle is over. 2 more flights left. (@ Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) - @slcairport) https://t.co/5F42HsIgMPAnd wow $4 for a bottle of water? I love airports.Just hope I don't miss one of my connecting flights...man that would suck. Please don't fuck up @DeltaBut overall I think I'm OK now. My flight leaves in about 2hrs and I'll be traveling all day and if anyone knows me I hate flying.Over the past few days I've really taken a good look at what my life is and I'm going to try to be a better person from here on out.Its been rough cuz she was one of my biggest supporters and always believed in me and what I wanna do with my life.Also, for those don't know my Gramz has passed away. That's why I've been MIA fro social media the past few days.Well here 2hrs before my flight so they can't deny me today! Man this day is going to be long and shitty.Let's try this again... (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - @flylaxairport in Los Angeles, CA) https://t.co/pbe5PVnPng
I'm at @InNOutBurger in Long Beach, CA https://t.co/7LIgE7FkmOI'm at Fox Studios in Los Angeles, CA https://t.co/aKMwEIu8eg
@taymonnnzzz I'll bring u some@KarmenKarma @KimKxxx one day I gotta find away to party with you both. Y'all seem wild and fun as fuck plus 2 of my fav stars.@KarmenKarma @KimKxxx the fact you two hang out just makes me so happy. Perfect friends and u both look amazing.@PrinceYahshua @RavenBayxxx Daaaaaaaamn@tailorxxx I fuckin feel u. I didn't know and it was months ago this happen I guess."@KirillWasHere: All my friends are getting married or having kids and I'm over here like "I love tequila and sluts!""
@RoseRedModel I love you Poison Ivy 😍@Satin__Bloom holy fuck I've just found u and why haven't I noticed u before! Must own everything you'll give me!!! #NowFollowing@AugustAmesxxx #HappyBirthdayAugustAmes 🎉 🎊 🎁 🎂But in a good way lolFucking bored@Briana_Lee_xx God damn it I want pics hahahaha ur so close but so farnomnomnom (@ California Wok in Encino, CA) https://t.co/cLLGewvgtr@AcaciaBrinley at Ameba?Ugh i should go move my car so I'm not parked a zillion blocks away. Fucking hate LA sometimes.@CoeyDean We should talk then lolI just don't understand how a person can be so cruel to another person .......
Retweeted by 》G《"@GiannaNicolexxx: I just don't understand how a person can be so cruel to another person ......."
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