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Especially Asian women who can't speak FUCKING ENGLISH!!!Rule 1 of saturday shopping. Never get behind women in lines. They take forever!!!!!@AugustAmesxxx @sexyartylust love this I want this mounted and hangin on my bedroom wall@Lexpece damn you must really hate me lol 😔@selfshotworldie @HarleeSpecter @BootyPrez @Onlybadchicks oh Harlee@alexiagoldxxx OH YESSSSS@angelronnie1 @Andy5000 @Briana_Lee_xx @EXXXOTICA ONE DAY I WANT THAT BANNER@Lexpece Lol I miss the Pece Rampages@alexiagoldxxx sent u a ton if DMs. Can't wait to get my stuff@XNicoleAnistonX Is this where ur gunna be??? If so I'll def come lol get a fan pic and autograph@alexiagoldxxx ok I'll DM you the details rn@Lexpece yay Lex noticed me lol smh@alexiagoldxxx Wow u can't catch a break! U able to send my panties and videos tho? Jw@alexiagoldxxx 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀@Lexpece I'm sure you have a ton of bfs talk to u.....smh love how u say "come get ur bf" haha trash lil boys@alexiagoldxxx Hey how come your not responding to my Kik's or DMs but I see u tweeting all day errrrrday 👀Getting the Silver Fox checked out and oil changed (@ Hart Motors in Los Angeles, CA) https://t.co/ujqHO7PwZJ@GiannaNicolexxx Wow lol #ShotsFiredSometimes I wanna vent on social media but then I remember that's dumb...I need Halloween plans ASAPFriday night and im in bed at 10pm.....YA BUDDY@Jewelxo @Twitch What's ur gamer tag?@AsheMareexoxo love when that happens. Hoping for that to happen to me tomorrow when I ho shopping.@TrinityStClair @Sassy_Linn or @purrbunny@Sassy_Linn what's wrong@TrinityStClair where ya headed? Partying?
@Sassy_Linn Black guys love the lil white bitches@johnnyZ003 whatever peace@johnnyZ003 meant as like be with peace or at peace some weird shit like that@Lexpece Prove it lol@KarmenKarma I'll take this is a yes I have them and a ton more that ur bf gets u wet in 😏@KarmenKarma I fucking always adored ya and so happy to see u come so far!!!!! So amazing and I want those panties!!!!@PaisleyParkerXX also you like Rooney and Jet?!? I love u@PaisleyParkerXX i miss the Armenian porn princess@KarmenKarma oh god the things I'd do to have it in my face again like when ya stripped lol@Halle_Von_ wow that sucks hearing you get such hateful tweets and that's sad cuz your a beautiful girl.@Halle_Von_ don't sweat the haters. Do you! Your whole is generation is fucked tho.@Halle_Von_ Hey we all do what we gotta do right? No one should be judged.I love my mother more than anyone on the planet
Retweeted by 》G《@shanexxxdiesel Hahah I wanna know this story@ouiijabored Wow ok my badd. I'll owe u a drink then when I see u.@ouiijabored everything bought and everything?@ouiijabored no way@AJApplegateXXX Id love to be friends with u lol it's been tough for me too make friends too@ouiijabored smh you ain't really going
@KateMcGowan lol ty and hello@purrbunny Wow that's big!!!@Lexpece Sorry@ouiijabored WHO BIT U?!?!!@KateMcGowan how am I not followed lol smh@Sassy_Linn Why'd u get a ticket and why'd no one ask this??? Wtf fapping??? HahahahCA needs water for the long haul. Retweet if you’re concerned about CA’s water future. http://t.co/tL461eVbWU http://t.co/4DFmQNUjo5
Retweeted by 》G《@purrbunny You'd think they'd be the best looking!!@StefaniexKnight @PlaymateKhloe @PlayboyPlus I DO I DO I DO I DO I DOI'm at Fox Studios in Los Angeles, CA https://t.co/NMkmvw1z2X@KarmenKarma @Brazzers FUDGE YA@ouiijabored how long is this stint for?
@alexiagoldxxx I'm here for u babe@alexmftanner #BestTweetOfTodayAward lolWish my back would stop hurting.... 😔😖😫@ouiijabored That's bs don't hate it. Embrace it. I still feel like a teenager! Act your souls age not your actual age.
If your entire Instagram is selfies please take a moment to reevaluate.
Retweeted by 》G《@ouiijabored Can u stop teasing me already!!??!!!?!!"@Erica_Boyle: Genuinely scared I won't find a husband one day" genuinely shouldn't be that tough for a girl like you. #JustSayin@HarleeSpecter Best tweet I've seen today@MissVikkiLynn @JanessaBrazil you both need to be wearing them@RavenBayxxx @FUCKMEBARBIE69 @mistystonexxx @MunkeyBarz love when u say daddy@CoeyDean can't wait@CoeyDean getting mines this weekFuck neck pain and back pain@HeidiWow2 nice view
Pumped to try this @GameOfThrones beer #ValarMorghulis #DubbleAle & finish watchin #MondayNightFootball! http://t.co/NiM6vsnOjYSo pumped to try this @GameOfThrones beer #ValarMorghulis and finish watching #MondayNightFootballhttp://t.co/ELloY3E2Lh@Lexpece haha 💖Slappin @Lexpece butt@DakotaJamesXXX I fucking love ur new avi. Where is that from?YO @alexiagoldxxx HEY ALEXIA IM JW WHERE MY STUFF IS THAT I BOUGHT FROM YOU LAST WEEK. PLEASE DM ME BACK ASAP PLEASE. #StillWaiting@Halle_Von_ I need a job working with u haha not in a scene but idk bodyguard? Assistant? Lol@CoeyDean @lavenderbow fuck just kissing. Double ended dildo as u grind each other and I get the panties 😎@RileyReidx3 @scarlettcabaret wow how do I get this calendar?@CoeyDean HOLY FUCK I WANT THIS ONE TOO!!!!!@CoeyDean FUCK YES IM GETTING THISHAPPY BIRTHDAY @missisadesantos I HOPE U HAVE A GREAT BDAY!!!!! #HappyBirthday@JulieeLondon badddddd@Halle_Von_ HOLY FUCK I WANT ONE TOORetweet && show me some love ;) xo http://t.co/voTr8V5xXV
Retweeted by 》G《@KimKxxx Fuck ya I love their box meals. Haha wat u want me to get u?@montanasofia sweeeeet u favorited me. Sooooo u find it?Fuck I need a new way to sleep or better pillows somethingggg@Sassy_Linn WTF DOES THIS EVEN FN MEAAAAAAN?!?!?!?@montanasofia find it and I'll get it for u
Playing in my old stomping grounds #ChildAtHeart #LongIsland http://t.co/KTRNiZsGQ0
Retweeted by 》G《@ouiijabored ???BILLS WIN!! #MINvsBUF http://t.co/7NJMyfHsIn
Retweeted by 》G《Circle(d) the Wagons #CTW
Retweeted by 》G《#BuffaloWins #BuffaloWins #BuffaloWins LAST SECOND TD TO MY BOY @sammywatkins BABY!!!! #BuffaloWins #BuffaloWins #BuffaloWins @buffalobillsif you are racist, cruel to animals, homophobic, tease the handicap, or don't love your mom ... you're not a friend of mine
Retweeted by 》G《@TrinityStClair Maybe a tight ladies one and some shiny green boy shorts?@DominiqueHope sorry I didn't notice in all DA beauty@luisaadelucaa wow...
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