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Shoulda just took zzzquil at 10pm when I got in bed instead of trying to fall asleep on my own@TashaReign Winning these too@TashaReign Def winning this@TrinityStClair @Customs4U god thank u for making my life!!!! So excited now ty ty ty@TrinityStClair u r so perfect and fun sized@TaylorrRosenx3 real man would spoil u@TrinityStClair @Customs4U really omg yes@TrinityStClair @Customs4U How about the video and the panties u wear in it? #LateBirthdayPresent lolgirls who are hot and bitchy are a waste.
Retweeted by 》G《@JillianJansonx3 wowza I wish u were my girl next door lol I'd leave little gifts and gift cards in ur mailbox.@ChasityMerlow #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES! #YES!@FiveStarScar I miss playing with u. Lol u were a good master.
"@darriandallas: If you can't get someone off your mind maybe their supposed to be there ;)"@ChasityMerlow Wow what happened??? Hope the pup is OK. Swollen face???@TrinityStClair hope you're feeling better@TashaReign thats so sexy but as one of your favorite fans I should do the same thing and find u a pair as well.How many days can a person drink LA tap water before dying?
Retweeted by 》G《@TrinityStClair Bet u could have the richest guy spoil u@GalaxyBlackHat @TrinityStClair @Customs4U I WANT AND NEED ONE ASAP!!!!@JillianJansonx3 which theater?
@RavenBayxxx @naughtyamerica U r amazing....I love u lol@Lexpece #Played@Lexpece nahhh ik lol and I was sayin I'd kill that kid cuz YEWZ A MINEZ lol #TheBae #StayGorgeous@RileyReidx3 so so sooooo unfair how lucky he is....@Lexpece I'd beat the kid ta death if anyone called u ugly@DakotaJamesXXX 😍😍😍😍😍 deal babe!!!! Wuv u!!!!@DakotaJamesXXX promise? 😍@purrbunny @hosie_ God bless you. Can't the world just be populated with women just like u please???
@actuallyKendall Me me meeeeeAs the years pass I learn to appreciate my few real friends.
Retweeted by 》G《@LilveronicaR @Leche305 @VRodProductions play with them all and make her love it@MellieZadeh wow I miss talking to uSources tell @AdamBenigni that #Sabres owner Terry Pegula has made an initial bid for the #Bills #NFL #BillsMafia http://t.co/8GhLFW3OmO
Retweeted by 》G《@LilveronicaR @Leche305 @VRodProductions fuck yes"Askhole" - a person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them.
Retweeted by 》G《@TripleB85 totally ugh@PaisleyParkerXX deal@sexiisabrina21 God yes how do I buyyyyy@PaisleyParkerXX how can we make that happen???@AlexxxaRose_ @sexiisabrina21 #NowFollowing & #NowBuyingThe deadline has passed for initial bids for the #Bills. Learn what happens next. http://t.co/qvdukivH0I http://t.co/yLKoic1bQe
Retweeted by 》G《@PaisleyParkerXX I would buy everything of yours damn it!!!! So tiny and sexy!!!!!Love how I bought a new phone battery and it doesn't even work. FML@Lexpece oh ik@Briana_Lee_xx @masuimimax got some picked out??? ;)@Tali_Dova god damn #NowFollowing@MyTashaReign @rikki_six @GFFDistribution Love love loveeeeeee this video! @TashaReignI think @Lexpece just made me the happiest niggah in the world... Lol #JustSayin #SeeYouThisWinter 😉@HarleeSpecter @BadLatinaBtches #SitOnMyFacePlease@DakotaJamesXXX @FreeOnes I'd do anything u asked me to do.... #AsYouWishDakotaJameshttp://t.co/5qr1syhBLU
Retweeted by 》G《Osama Bin Laden's death. http://t.co/ETX1BYA9N0
Retweeted by 》G《'The Devils Cave' http://t.co/Lr22v7YyVT
Retweeted by 》G《The Door to Hell. http://t.co/yaF6egLFr4
Retweeted by 》G《MH370 Conspiracy. http://t.co/AAVaBIy1FE
Retweeted by 》G《Poveglia - the ghost island. http://t.co/EvSUzlU0Dl
Retweeted by 》G《@TrinityStClair Wow congratz!!!! I gotta sign up now.@RileyReidx3 How come u switched from MyFreeCams to Steamate? Also why'd u unfollow meeee????@Angel_Elexxxus @Mr_Mike_Hawk Wait with???? What do u mean with??????@Lexpece #DumbTweet
@RileyReidx3 haha caught...something I'd fn do too haha we just love the Riley Reid lol@Lexpece #ThoseEyesDoeLate lunch / Dinner (@ The Pizza Cookery) https://t.co/yhgyMtUIzV@purrbunny Did u get work done on them?? Or have u always had the heavies?@darriandallas awesome! Can't wait to meet ya!!! DM me that list plz.@SummersRikki I wanna buy everything u got 😍😍😍@xDakotaTaylorx grr baby very grr!!!This summer flew
Retweeted by 》G《
@Briana_Lee_xx Who have u picked out? I have a TON of suggestions lol@RavenBayxxx No I meant if u had a bf lol either way ur a catch! Love ur work@RavenBayxxx I think your starting to like the cuck life haha wouldn't be surprised if u made ur bf one.@Briana_Lee_xx do u have some girls already picked out or r u taking suggestions?@KhloeeKhaos just wanted to say hi and see how you were@KhloeeKhaos hey@ALC_MAC And DM me back@ALC_MAC Jon*@Brooklyn_Chase as long as u keep doing work and being bad IDC if u follow me! Loved that lifeguard suit on u boo 😉@purrbunny Now that makes me proud to be native American@JulieeLondon damn!@mariahmilanoxxx good morning@Sassy_Linn good damn let me but it all lol@THEREALHARLEE @HarleeSpecter gotcha@HarleeSpecter @JessikaGotti @snapgirlz Damn who screwed u girls?@HarleeSpecter I'm so confused which twitter is which? @THEREALHARLEE@THEREALHARLEE did you get hacked again?@katieehaze Dont give up. I wanna be next in Line.@Sassy_Linn I LOVE U@TrinityStClair I want one!!!!
@chandleraallen as u wish@chandleraallen love when girls like u say daddyyyy hahaha love it@Boootystar Damn still horny and tryna get it in? Hahah@TrinityStClair Love reading what u write@ChaosChloe 😍😍😍😍 I've missed u....when can I get a goody bag from u??@ChaosChloe I miss u....u missed my bday too 😢@TrinityStClair I love the female to be tiny!!! God I wish I had bank to have lunch with u lol@Mr_Mike_Hawk @Angel_Elexxxus fuck her in those panties and stockings@KimKxxx I do I do I do@actuallyKendall Hahahaha@Lexpece WTF I DO!!!!!
@A1GirlsDaily @jencarpentieri Whoa almost thought this was you lol
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