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Start your weekend off right by getting in a quick workout tonight. #FitbitFriday@ianfarlow We have never sold customer data, although we recently updated our privacy policy to make this more clear.3 walks a day keeps blood pressure at bay. http://t.co/L7lwUzH7CM #UsefulScience http://t.co/R7Z7i9HR2tGlad @Fitbit is doing the right thing w/ key customer privacy protections & won’t sell personal health data to third parties.
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Cory the dog gettin' steps in (thanks, @nicoleligh!) http://t.co/IUsLKZSmsyOne of the first boxes of Fitbit Classic Trackers at our factory nearly 5 years ago. #tbt (via @parkjames) http://t.co/HH5fRisKBIWhat small step will you take today to be healthier tomorrow? #fitspiration@timohbee Just let our support team know you found one, they can help get it back to its owner: http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6
Want to work out in the morning? Get your gym bag ready now and sleep in an extra ten minutes tomorrow. #keepmoving@abigailsloan Freakin' love this photo! Mind if we reshare it? Click to approve! http://t.co/aUulW49LUp@duffeleanor Thank you :)@rachelwagner9 Congratulations!
@JimGaffigan Any time, Jim!when Henry and Ella take me for a walk, I get a lot of steps in @fitbit http://t.co/2IolNMVSZb
Retweeted by FitbitIf you have time to be scrolling on Twitter, you have time to do some squats. #getmovingLace up with us for a training run w/ @DeanKarnazes on Monday August 25th in Marin, CA! You could win a free Fitbit. http://t.co/dGxwlcbDZB@beccacaddy Awesome! Mind if we reshare this on our social channels? Click to approve! http://t.co/LevleNj59BPeople who track their sleep with Fitbit see improvement in just a few weeks. http://t.co/YIdWkP0eOx http://t.co/SIv3MUd6er
With every workout, you're one step closer to your goals. Even taking a break right now to go for a walk counts! #getmoving@aNYTaxiCab Love this photo! Mind if we reshare it on Fitbit social channels? If so, you can approve here: http://t.co/mZHnIdfSzj@ccynthh Nice photo! We'd love to reshare it with our fans if you're cool with it. Click through to approve! http://t.co/wwD0lKOzbw@jarrettimamura Our support team can help you get one: http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6
Can exercise help you kick a cold? Here's what the science says. #FitFriday http://t.co/x7eTh9MMpl@pookasluagh Ha! Love this pic. Mind if we reshare it out to our social channels? Click to approve! http://t.co/MpeaRDQ38sWhat are you running towards? #FitbitFriday@JimGaffigan Any time!This WILL be epic: don't miss the first-ever Fitbit Tiburon 1/2 & 5K. Registration's limited! http://t.co/pQdqcKDMKO http://t.co/zYzwarihD3Getting exercise + quality sleep can DRASTICALLY improve your health. Track both w/ Fitbit http://t.co/YIdWkP0eOx http://t.co/UIXPsCo9Kh
@joncity1984 Nice day, Jon!@1motivatingmom @DailyMichelle Soooo, not taking advantage of adding user profiles, eh? ;-)@nhpaulao Sorry to let the cat out of the bag ;-)@philippedaamen Glad you dug it!Consider this your reminder to get up and move. Even if it's only for 10 minutes - every step counts! #getmovingThese 7 proven numbers can change your life. http://t.co/pUVLX2umn1@IAmRichJones Congratulations!@HealthyLoserGal We do! Just ask our support team for more info: http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6
WATCH: This *gorgeous* video is a tribute to trail running by our close pal Luis Peña. http://t.co/U8iDUqa0D2The only failure is giving up. #keepmoving@Djazzo We sell them through our online store! http://t.co/aXTGX2SANc@mitzpa Nice! How do you get steps in throughout the work day?
Today is the perfect day to start hitting your step goals. #keepmovingWith a Fitbit Aria WI-FI Smart Scale & our 30-Day summer workout plan, you CAN shed the pounds http://t.co/7ihw5rvprw http://t.co/GYidqATSL5
Congratulate yourself for all of your progress, not just when you hit your goals. #fitspiration@quaunaut Let our support team know - they can get you a larger band! http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6@Lybron Awesome shot! Mind if we share it on our social channels? If so, click through to approve! http://t.co/nRiN2SncrF@skbrande I love this pic! Mind if we share it out to our fans? Click to approve! http://t.co/y1VgclsnM7@rabbilaufer Yes, you can! Although you'll need to download Fitbit Connect on your computer, you won't have to set up again."I'm a Fitbit user... this device has improved my health and my career more than I ever imagined." http://t.co/Kz6LFBrhHa
What will you work for this weekend? #FitbitFridaywizard of id and @fitbit http://t.co/SxcFkbrB0n
Retweeted by FitbitWith a Fitbit Flex, you get exclusive access to Tory Burch’s newest fashion accessories: http://t.co/XlFu1kTAdf http://t.co/Y4XrOwlMGJ
@stephgas Hey there. Love this pic! Mind if we share it out to our fans? Click to approve! http://t.co/wG0f5EjVDfCreate a lifestyle, not a diet. #fitspiration@ladida90558829 The Flex stays on constantly - you don't need to turn it off!@brandonperry We have a 365-day warranty. Just contact support! http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6Register now for the first-ever Fitbit Tiburon 1/2 Marathon & 5K before it sells out! http://t.co/pQdqcKDMKO
@Kido79 Ohhh, this is a great one! Cool if we use it? http://t.co/6hWMw59WMRHere are 7 simple ways to undo a long day of sitting. #GetMoving http://t.co/lDszwBJPEyHaving trouble motivating yourself to work out after work? Go in the morning and get it out of the way. #getmoving@shannonk That is the most original morning workout routine we've ever heard. Good work!
High-intensity workouts are especially effective for improving cardiovascular fitness & heart health! Try this one. http://t.co/isrC8PicInYou're going to struggle before you make progress. #keepgoing@paulmadsen That plastic clip was only supposed to hold the band in place in the packaging. Swap it with the metal clip you have.@reneelbeck Congratulations, and here's to many more!@appledaughter There's a 365-day warranty, so just let our support team know what happened! http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6With a Fitbit & our 30-Day summer workout plan, you can lose weight & get in peak shape: http://t.co/8YyZblS7gv http://t.co/qDV1wVUX13
@andreadudla Rad pic! Mind if we reshare it on our social channels? Click to approve! http://t.co/KlBAZ8yv7BAthletes are made, not born. #keepgoing@JimGaffigan At least it wasn't a hot pocket. Send us a DM, we'll get you sorted.@Jenn_Jean Best of luck!@elreyspencer That's great to hear. Happy stepping!@MADinNYC That's the best kind of pain. Good work!
There's so many reasons to work out this weekend. What's yours? #fitspiration@ThisGirlBeauty It also tracks your BMR. You burn calories just by being alive!@ReDouek There is! We're working on it now, but haven't released a date yet on when it will be available. Check back soon!Think you can match author David Sedaris’ Fitbit step count? Get started right here! http://t.co/8L3EUa8Oc5 http://t.co/ZKNgGSyPGp
We're logging in some steps with the new #toryburchforfitbit gear - you can actually put your little… http://t.co/UrG5hiesmk
Retweeted by FitbitDon't postpone your long-term goals for a short-term craving. #fitspiration@cristela9 Awesome! And congrats on the new show. We'll keep you on our VIP list if you're interested :-)@Stappela Nice!
If you start a workout schedule, eventually it will simply become habit. #getmovingThe Fitbit dashboard gets updated with weekly activity and a fresh coat of paint. Here's what's new! http://t.co/014AvT4uFA@ultramookie Glad you like it!@mercenator We're happy to help! Keep on dancin'.@rayhanyuzar Thank you!
had a blast last weekend. Even won the @fitbit challenge! This thing is awesome!
Retweeted by FitbitWhen you fall behind on your training plan, don't give up: move forward. #keepgoingExercising outside has greater benefits than working out indoors. Grab a Flex & #GetMoving! http://t.co/YIdWkP0eOx http://t.co/0kevyOrcMj@Back2backPT LOVE this photo, and gret work! Mind if we share it to our fans? http://t.co/0D77Qi7ci5
Big news! Today Fitbit launches on @WindowsPhone 8.1. Check out our post for all the details. http://t.co/2aaH7WaQpdStart your week right: go work out."I'm in love. With my Fitbit. I'm smitten, which makes me Smitbit. Or maybe Fitbitten." #MondayMorningPoetry http://t.co/Yj3om2WM4j
One more week down, one to go before July is over! Let's step it up to end things right. #FitbitFriday
Put the emails on hold and take a #FitbitBreak! Can you go 1000 steps in 15 minutes?@auttech22 Hey! - Love the matching sneaks! Mind if we reshare this photo on our social channels? http://t.co/r7OXicU0Z8@mksartin Hey there - Nice shot! Mind if we reshare this photo on our social channels? http://t.co/54lCrXlM4n
Are you taking up our Monday challenge of removing 1 unhealthy thing from your diet? Either way, don't forget to #hydrate!@SkipSugg @MyFitnessPal Nice work, congrats!Try this: a quick & effective outdoor workout with a tennis court or flat outdoor surface! #FitbitSummer http://t.co/4EPqCaeqGW
@OrangeWillow3 I LOVE this. Mind if we share it out to our fans? Click to approve if you're cool with it! http://t.co/EcvqFInySJ
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