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"13. Happily choosing the farthest parking spot." What would you add to this list? http://t.co/0WPxeZjTMeSweaty now, stronger later. #KeepMoving http://t.co/zHLTy93Lxc#FitTip: Dance like no one's watching, run like you're chasing #llamas.Congratulations to Kodi S for losing 1/2 his weight with help from Fitbit! Now he runs 1/2 marathons. Read his story: http://t.co/I5z2vVH63w
What do you think the average step count was for the Amazing Race contestants during tonight's episode? #AmazingRaceIf you were on The Amazing Race right now, do you think you'd be #1 on your leaderboard? #AmazingRaceAre you #TeamGordon or #TeamPence? Right now @HunterPence is in the lead. Help your fav out! #FitbitForAHA http://t.co/fIQMCs7qHvLooks like @FlashGJr is in the lead in this week's #FitbitForAHA Challenge vs @HunterPence! http://t.co/jmFZtn3wdJ http://t.co/w9xDTS44v1We have @foodtrainers back on our blog with heart-healthy foods to add to your shopping cart! What are your faves? http://t.co/vaJRuJEydjTime for a #FitbitBreak! Get up. Get moving. Then get back to work.
#FitTip: Every time you feel stuck, tired, or bored throughout the work day, go for a walk. Let us know how you feel afterward.Looking for a healthy new recipe? Here's one from Rocco DiSpirito's new book, Cook Your Butt Off! #CookYourButtOff http://t.co/jLTv3UaZvP
Get stronger, one step at a time. #WalkFit http://t.co/EH9IlouLgrI'm taking on @hunterpence in a step challenge for @American_Heart.Let's do this!#FitbitForAHA http://t.co/nxDsdqmsyZ http://t.co/blkM6aFQFX
Retweeted by FitbitRound 2 of #FitbitForAHA starts today! Who are you cheering for: @HunterPence, or @FlashGJr? http://t.co/UEKOlKi4u8 http://t.co/KRZtx8LYwqIf u see me pwr walking in Scottsdale its for #FitbitForAHA step challenge.You ready @FlashGJr?http://t.co/xT1TLd7JDB http://t.co/1Uo9P736i3
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Congrats to @HilaryHRhoda for taking home the gold in this week's #FitbitForAHA challenge! http://t.co/eZJQeHrsQS http://t.co/4VBre5iyat
It’s the last day in this #FitbitForAHA Supermodel Challenge! Learn how @HilaryHRhoda uses her Fitbit tracker: http://t.co/NLxOTPYvmD@mjd877 Your body burns calories just by functioning! It's based on your basal metabollic rate.
They both walk the runway, but who’s running away with the win in our first #FitbitForAHA Celeb Challenge? http://t.co/NZkvKejaCoGrab some weights and get going with these bicep curls! #fitmoves #FindYourFit https://t.co/ViiZnMnG5HIf you're working on getting - or staying - healthy, what are you doing to help combat stress in your life? http://t.co/0ALiqP5yS9@Laura_Irle The Charge HR also has more of a traditional watch band vs a clasp, but otherwise no!@AlexWorkman Yes! This is something we're working on now, but no ETA on when it will be available yet.Give yourself a high-five, because we did it! Thanks everyone who joined #FitForFood and helped feed people in need. http://t.co/0mZZJNzeyv
You must be 18+ to enter and reside in the US. We'll randomly choose winners on 3/4. Contest rules: https://t.co/aN95CdMcISWant to win a copy of @RoccoDiSpirito's new book? Tweet us using #CookYourButtOff and telling us how you keep healthy in the kitchen!Loved watching @laurencohan and @conanobrien talk about Fitbit last night. We're dead serious. #zombiefit http://t.co/RPxl3n50uBOur #FitbitForAHA Celebrity Challenge is in full swing! See which supermodel is in the lead & get involved at http://t.co/EVY1gzLIYY@emily_coupe We love your picture! Would you mind if we shared it out? http://t.co/kzymqJEIKN@SusanJRowland That plastic clip is a part of the packaging and isn't meant to be used. Move your steel clasp to the band.
We’re 2 days in & it’s an epic battle between @ErinHeatherton & @HilaryHRhoda #FitbitForAHA http://t.co/FoNwU847O5 http://t.co/9tJJslFIUAWhat awesome events has your Fitbit tracked? This user tracked his heart rate as he proposed! http://t.co/IpkI0bLT1n http://t.co/IidEb8WWliRunway titans @ErinHeatherton & @HilaryHRhoda bring it in our Celeb Challenge #FitbitForAHA http://t.co/LvslhpTmxp http://t.co/TPfQZ918nM
@champ_ian No, the data is stored on your account rather than the app, as long as you've connected to the internet since your last sync.@LeylaRazavi Nice one! Best of luck.What will you accomplish this weekend that you can brag about on Monday? #WeekendWarrior http://t.co/N5nwb7Jmsa
We asked Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes how tracking his heart rate helps with his training. #RunFit http://t.co/uRAF0Sc1jsWake up. Work out. Rest. Repeat. #keepmoving http://t.co/4Ng0PO6oPR
We just passed the half-way mark in #FitForFood! Your calories can still count for good: http://t.co/eiUUf3s6lp http://t.co/Om0ZpUXbmrOn Wednesdays we work out. #CantStopWontStop http://t.co/grZFCfoeISIf you're planning to indulge a bit this weekend, @foodtrainers is here with her top healthy chocolate suggestions! http://t.co/LFrTIsVXvH
We've just passed 600,000 meals donated! Join #FitForFood to make your activity count for good. http://t.co/daq48mMLpSHere are just a few ways to help you stay on-track and work fitness into your home: http://t.co/KUh5ChCqmoTake your push-ups to the next level with this alternative to the classic move! https://t.co/VMNaXmIUfGBetter sore than sorry. #fitspiration http://t.co/6iFcEeV37z
Heard about #FitForFood? The more we burn, the more @Fitbit gives to people in need. Join me! @JoelMcHale explains http://t.co/m9ESN1oTxl
Retweeted by FitbitGet fit while helping the needy in the process through @fitbit. Everybody comes out ahead! #FitForFood http://t.co/B88UAniJLu
Retweeted by FitbitThis Valentine's Day, get your loved one's heart racing. #ValentineFit http://t.co/UOI01J8TVI http://t.co/50MItemQIuHere's a vitamin-packed milkshake recipe to help sooth your sweet tooth, from chef Mo Clancy! #ShakeFit http://t.co/fppRwqMKsBHitting your goals is never easy, but it's always worth it. #keepmoving http://t.co/58i9MGFv6E
That's a wrap! We came. We saw. We tweeted. Now we’re making a #GRAMMYs workout playlist and heading to the gym. #GRAMMYfitFeeling all kinds of inspired by @beyonce, @common and @johnlegend. #GRAMMYsThis year’s hits brought booty back. West Coasters who are just tuning in: Do 10 squats whenever you hear “The Grammy goes to...” #GRAMMYfitHey @meghan_trainor—win or lose, with a motto like “every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top" you're our #1 Trainor. #GRAMMYsIt's getting hard to plank and tweet. This is a blessing and a curse, @samsmithworld. #GRAMMYs #GRAMMYfitBoost your calorie burn by doing your best @beck impression. #swaywithme #GRAMMYsPLANKS ON PLANKS ON PLANKS. @samsmithworld we owe you one. #GRAMMYfitStay with us @samsmithworld and @maryjblige. With all these planks, we're just a few awards away from a 6-pack. #GRAMMYfitHow about four-five seconds of mountain climbers...10x in a row? #GRAMMYfitPOLL: does dancing cheek-to-cheek burn more calories than dancing solo? #GRAMMYs @ladygaga @itstonybennett♫ Clap along... if you feel like your step count's through the roof ♫ #GRAMMYs♫ Sweat through the hurt. Arms day: rows, curls, lat raise, focus on tris. Legs day: feel the burn, feel it right in my thighs ♫ #GRAMMYsDance when @taylorswift13 or @PaulMcCartney dance to hit your step goal by the end of the show. #GRAMMYfit #steppingtothegrammys♫ She sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker, we put her song on and we run a lot quicker ♫ #BodyLikeBey #GRAMMYs @beyonce #18GRAMMYsThe new NEW workout plan a la @kanyewest? 5 push-ups every time a presenter says “The nominees are...” to get arms like @madonna. #GRAMMYfitThat's 2/2 for @samsmithworld. We'll just be over here planking. #GRAMMYsHey @mirandalambert, don't ride in that little red wagon. Walk—you'll get more steps. #fittips #GRAMMYsWe're moonwalking our way around the living room, @Pharrell. Congrats! #GRAMMYs.@ArianaGrande we can show you just a little bit of your heart: http://t.co/flpeDGALqR #GRAMMYsNew award show ab workout? Hold a plank during @samsmithworld’s acceptance speeches #GRAMMYFitNothing gets us more motivated to move than music. Stay tuned while we tweet the #GRAMMYs and celebrate the songs we love to sweat to.
Just hit 169 million of our 1 billion calorie goal! Join #FitForFood to help people in need: http://t.co/GRMPuXDopY http://t.co/XZ51PPyBkzWhat are you wearing for #WearRedDay? We know how we're raising awareness about heart disease. http://t.co/sTDBUESCz4RT if you're going to make this weekend count. #keepmovingCelebrity chef @roccodispirito teamed up with us in his new book, Cook Your Butt Off! You can pre-order it now: http://t.co/gQHeBAvlT5We asked cardiologist Tara Narula for her recommendations on activities to do to keep your heart healthy: http://t.co/vE9uepYGlL@mikekell It can, but you would need to set it up with a separate account if you wanted to only see that data.
Looking for ways to make your time in the kitchen healthier? Rocco DiSpirito shared his tips with us: http://t.co/Qx4kVOQgHeFitbit trackers are being used in a study to try and predict recovery time in surgery patients! Check it out: http://t.co/xRV7KoApLzCelebrity trainer Harley Pasternak is here with tips on mixing up your workout: http://t.co/KHHhTI9ibr http://t.co/2snK3VeCS2You won't know your limits until you pass them. #pushforward@champ_ian But the Charge is all one unit, whereas the Flex has a tracker that can come out of the wristband, so no switching with Charge@champ_ian You can change to metric in your account, and the Charge does have real-time stats available on the screen.@EricNogues Everyone needs breaks, if only to take the long route to the restrooms.
#FitbitBreak time: get up, get moving, then get back to work.Getting fit is good for you. Now it's good for others, too. @JoelMcHale explains #FitForFood: http://t.co/P9sfG6TDY4 http://t.co/je24LEpoAT
How many calories do you think the #leftshark burned on Sunday? But more importantly, did those calories count for good? #FitForFood@jeweloree Our speculation is that it's from the time difference.The race to 1 billion calories starts today! See why @JoelMcHale is doing it & why you should, too. Join #FitForFood: http://t.co/P9sfG6TDY4We were curious to see how watching the big football game affected people's heart rates: http://t.co/qq64n479iP http://t.co/4385wr0DTVBe the person who doesn't quit in February. #fitspirationPopSugar calls the new Tory Burch for Fitbit accessories "the perfect Valentine's Day gift"! http://t.co/TpoH2Tn0Jz#FitForFood is officially! Good for you. Good for USA. Good for squirrels. Good for—OK, I’m just naming stuff now. http://t.co/BlCcxONOkT
Retweeted by FitbitDiscover how @joelmchale & @fitbit are helping us fight hunger in America: http://t.co/OzjTvT4PTw #FitForFood http://t.co/s862iR8UYX
Retweeted by FitbitWorking out is good for you. And, starting today, it’s good for America. Watch @JoelMcHale explain. #FitForFood http://t.co/t8DtRjSWXs
Today's workout is tomorrow's improvement. #keepmoving
We looked at how the football season affects fans' activity levels! See what we learned: http://t.co/r3SilnP9IA http://t.co/9yjTM5xyL0
Want to stay active while enjoying the Big Game this weekend? We're here to help. #GameDayFit http://t.co/NqtbBMqYH2 http://t.co/wdeFjPpWT4Weekend Challenge: Hit your step goal both days. #getmoving
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