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Good Grief. Don't follow me. I'm lost too. On the plus side I'm not using Twitter to peddle anything

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BBC News - Gaza: UN accuses Israel over Jabaliya attack http://t.co/VN1zCWkXJM <Israel no longer has any moral authority or credibility@Boothacus So get some spotty college kid to cater to your whimsTrying to imagine Justin Bieber & Orlando Bloom fighting. All that scratching and biting and name calling...Florida Police: 450-Pound Man Stashed Marijuana In " Rolls of Stomach Fat" http://t.co/LePyK2aBxw <Human evolution at it's most advanced@RounderRecords @driverminnie @THR Was wondering when this would finally surface. Glad you found the time to complete it.@Boothacus Isn't there someone locally who delivers? I thought everyone delivered everything in USAhttp://t.co/Z7C6QpmFOA A go to track for thoughtful melancholia@driverminnie lol @ "record". Wonderfully retro.We made a little video of Waltz #2 from my record #askmetodance http://t.co/EhUbXwmv8F
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@Boothacus @Salon Her credibility was shot when she first opened her mouth. It was all downhill from there.@Boothacus @Salon "What went wrong?"? Please tell me that's a rhetorical question@Boothacus $9.99p/m Many sad men will subscribe in the hope she gets em out after the watershed.Sarah Palin has her own news channel. Genuinely unsure whether to laugh hysterically out of amusement or despair...@Boothacus @TrainingMindful Smart man...@BBCNews just asked "Why are councils now charging so much for Diesel cars to come into town centres?" A: To fleece us even further, idiots!@TrainingMindful @Boothacus "If you wake up in te morning feeling like you've had it, be grateful" - Ebenwolfe@Boothacus http://t.co/VWYXxMhAdK@Boothacus Feel better x@Boothacus I am blessed with an abundance of common sense & sound judgement. Not to mention profound modesty. & humility...@Boothacus Frankly it would be remiss of @Seamless [https://t.co/9O83qPOSAM] to a] Not award you with a trip & b] not get you to write of it@Boothacus Good luck!@DebbJay @ProblemauMerch Always a pleasure to be of service@DebbJay @ProblemauMerch My work here is done................... :Now look you @ProblemauMerch, follow @DebbJay. Man a man a mwnci@ProblemauMerch @DebbJay Yeah. On your normal Lambrini & Cassis you're all class.@DebbJay @ProblemauMerch It would be rude not to...@DebbJay @ProblemauMerch I find it entirely remiss that that has not already happened, you being the very best of Welsh girls... Isn'tit?@ProblemauMerch @DebbJay Well, you're not slutty are you?BT blasted for superfast famine by City of London policy boss http://t.co/Rlsn1GpZOz
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@ProblemauMerch @DebbJay Welsh Girls eat their friends? How... accomodating...@DebbJay My work here is done@gravewriter71 I spent some time looking at the image, but the caption rang out in my head immediately@MrJacHart @dml Once again, rules being applied to the web by people who don't understand it & probably never use it in any meaningful wayThe House of Lords Committee on Communications is suggesting that you shouldn't be able to join a website anonymously... don't agree at all
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@terrychristian @DebbJay "fewer"The problem isn't so much what Richard Dawkins wrote. It's that he truly fails to comprehend how hurtful such "observations" are to victims.@RichardDawkins Sometimes it's far better to keep personal thoughts & opinions precisely that. Personal.@RichardDawkins Conversely, is it so hard to understand that such a "ranking", however subjective, is deeply offensive, esp. to victims.What's that you say? Richard Dawkins is a bit of a twat? Shocker....I Have OCD but I find it goes away if I shot "Stop!" & tap y foot 137 time...@Noobfails @DebbJay http://t.co/6O8jKE1xtM@DebbJay @tsetse97 Seriously, well worth a couple of hours if visions of dystopian futures appeals@DebbJay @tsetse97 Thy have these little disks now, and in really advanced places you can get the film on the internet....@dml @CityAM Take the survey? I'm going to contact City of London!@driverminnie For some reason, Eric Clapton is my earworm... Jokes aside, a win would be well deserved for deeply emotive & thoughtful work@tonyhazzard @tsetse97 Well... quite.@dml @CityAM All very well, but for efficiency&productivity hardline broadband is essential, & that's impossible with poor condition cablingCity of London Broadband Survey: http://t.co/DEk7vZbndg via @cityoflondon
Retweeted by EbenwolfeBecause you choose not to see me does not mean I am not here... http://t.co/788NGzv3QuOh... How I hope & pray against the odds that this is real... http://t.co/u9TOBgnfwmBut... but... you're missing the point... NEXT DOOR'S CAT WAS HERE!!!! http://t.co/OvZ2hqpy6ABeyond the title "Deserted Street" I know nothing about this. A naive perspective exercise, but evocative. I love it http://t.co/uWzvGKSSkLI'd like to congratulate everyone at Southampton for their magnificent preparation for the Championship. Superb job. folks. Well done.Careless Wispa #SongsAboutSnacksThe Monster Munch #SongsAboutSnacksHip To Be Rice Krispies Squares #SongsAboutSnacksNo truth to rumours that Godfrey Bloom is to replace Nick Griffin as head of BNP@tsetse97 http://t.co/TYDNuHfZXd@tsetse97 That's just sexist. They are neither tits nor moobs. They're Mreasts. & they are bigger than Knightley's.@tsetse97 Oh... whole new topic of ire...@tsetse97 I hide my worldliness effectively@tsetse97 She's actually quite capable, but the constant trout pout drives me spare.@tsetse97 For someone who revels in puns you missed that whole byplay...@tsetse97 If only they had put a bucket on her head. They used a scooter helmet instead. Sans distress flare.@tsetse97 http://t.co/rV5KTS6JIY Always thought Chanel missed the real trick with this one. Joss Stone.... Bloody hell...@tsetse97 Isn't that duckfac.... I mean Keira Knightly?@tsetse97 Ah. I will never give Murdoch any of my money.@tsetse97 Is it being screened somewhere?@tsetse97 I steer younger generations towards her. "Forget Kardashian. Look. Intelligence, beauty & talent in 1 fantastic packet"@tsetse97 It appeals to my every thought & feeling about modern State attitudes to the general public. And also... Natalie Portman.@DebbJay "Privately educated" does not denote intelligence or wisdom. It merely demonstrates family wealth & connection.I struggle ti understand why The Sun is still the biggest selling paper in UK. It's an unconscionable rag owned & run by lying scum.#TulisaThePriceOfFame is a misnomer. Fame & infamy are not the same thing.@Mightymorph @_youhadonejob Mate... You just quoted the Daily Mail at us... Don't So It Again...@MrsMowtown @tsetse97 @eddireader September can't come soon enough...
RT @Reverb: Melon mining! #FunFinds #FF http://t.co/zsIz5PQPie
Retweeted by EbenwolfeSo, you can listen to one of the tracks off my new record #askmetodance right here xo http://t.co/rqs7TrZcNA
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@secularbloke @tsetse97 "All religious wars are about people arguing over who has the biggest invisible friend." Yasser Arafat@JoPlattTweets @DebbJay Isn't that a botched poaching?@superglaze @dml a total absence of consultation with anyone who actually does. Politicians are morons.@superglaze @dml The funniest thing about web legislation is it is generally written by people with no clue how the web functions best & in>@Campanula09 @DebbJay OK@Campanula09 @DebbJay OK. You just keep thinking like that. And nothing will change. Ever.@Campanula09 @DebbJay keep on doing what they are doing.@Campanula09 @DebbJay Qui tacet consentire videtur. "He who is silent is taken to agree" basically because no one has challenged they can@Campanula09 @DebbJay effectively legitimised the monopoly created by privatisation.@Campanula09 @DebbJay the industry is structured, blame is deflected neatly onto subcontractors. It's a brilliantly engineered scam that has@Campanula09 @DebbJay happing right or even legal. It just means that nothing has been coordinated in proper protest & because of the way@Campanula09 @DebbJay Because some are lucky, & some just blindly accept hat they are told. They never question. It doesn't make what is@Campanula09 @DebbJay You pick ONE fight, win that & set legal precedent that would apply in law to ALL. Don't hunt the herd. Hunt the zebra@Campanula09 @DebbJay These are unconnected industries under different Govt. Depts & regulatory bodies. A scattershot argument wins NOTHING!@TwoPaddocks @ifanwynroberts Why should they? There's probably an "app"...@Campanula09 @DebbJay Exactly. And digressing way off the point.Note to @twitter give us the option to view pictures/videos in a grid display. Scrolling through one post at a time is tedious & irritating@Campanula09 @DebbJay so it's left to one or two long voices to howl by ourselves. Which just makes it harder & longer.@Campanula09 @DebbJay It's even longer & harder because everyone keeps moaning "It'll never change" or "It'll never change any time soon"@Campanula09 @DebbJay It DOESN'T change here because people mumble "it'll never change" & say nothing.@Campanula09 @DebbJay complaint did to net neutrality agreement that was being bulldozed by US comms corporations@Campanula09 @DebbJay It would if people ganged up. If you want to know what consumer power is capable of look at what sheer weight of >@tonyhazzard @DebbJay @play_buzz peaking as a flipper fingered typist, typos are forgiven
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