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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Born to be mild.....jeb bushKilling Fields: Baltimore Ties Record For City’s Deadliest Month Despite 275,000 Fewer… #tcot
Retweeted by Ed Chattanooga Marine to Obama: “You have done more damage to this country than anyone”: via @DCClothesline
Retweeted by Ed @VerbalHarpoon his father was a pragmatist and oversaw expansion of infrastructure projects like dams and freewaysThey could have built an aquaduct from the Mississippi with the bank bailout moolah. Would have been a lot of jobs. @EDinCali
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali gee, who could have predicted this? I quit trying to preach resouce management to those clowns 30+ years ago
Retweeted by Ed Now California is on fire after having its forest and land management run by left wing environmental zealots for past decades.If Gov Jerry Brown and left wing zealots hadn't spent 40 years fighting construction of ANY new dam in Calif we would have plenty of waterNYC Mayor Bill Deblasios is a communist....Bernie Sanders is a socialist. What political party do they identify with?Debbie Wasserman Schultz couldn't define differences bet today's dem party & socialism....She won't be able to do it with communism either@angelfitzpat51 yes in the mixed up jumbled up shook up world of obamaThe Jeb Bush Planned Parenthood Connection via @po_stYOUR BLOOD WILL BOIL: Navy Officer at Chattanooga Shooting being Charged for Doing This… @regisgiles ... Fox News Reporter Says The Harsh Truth And Obama Spokesman Hates It. Things Get Heated. the truth comes out about Hillary's e-mails and secret foundation dealings, she may run for president of planed parenthood. @EDinCali
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @SharonMcCutchan Anything that is not in the interests of the US or that does not demoralize the American People.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Oh so it is SLOPPY criminal activity that matters.
Retweeted by Ed Captain Obvious-Heilemann: Hillary Should Have Never Had a Private E-mail Server's it? NOT criminal/treasonous/unethical?-MSNBC’s Fouhy: Hillary Was ‘Sloppy’ with Her Private Email Sever already predictably failed-Christie: Planned Parenthood Videos First Test for Loretta Lynch"Birds of a Feather"-Clinton Greets ‘Long-Time Friend’ Alcee Hastings, Who Was Impeached for Accepting Bribe Liar Josh "Earnest": Obama Does Not Plan To Watch GOP Debates line streets of Dublin for Sinn Féin #RebelRossa event marking 100 years since funeral of O'Donovan Rossa
Retweeted by Ed Obama will kill our allies-Secret Deal Between Turkey And U.S. Will Sell Out The Kurds New Military: Guns Aren’t Welcome Here via @joewmillerDisgustingly corrupt-Baltimore’s Freddie Gray Case Against Cops May Have Just Blown Up With 2 HUGE Claims "Thought Police"-It’s Official: US Terror Threat Not Islamist, Only ‘Extremist’ via @joewmillerChinese Christians Defend Rooftop Crosses, Prepare for Confrontation [+video] via @joewmillerI think it's safe to say that the day has come... #tcot #pjnet #lnyhbt #teaparty #tlot #FoxNews
Retweeted by Ed Getting blanketed with advertisements from PG&E showing what a great company they are...Preparing for rate shockCompany Trying to Block Video That Could Prove Aborted Babies Were Born Alive, Then Harvested via @joewmillerSupport this very worthy conservative publication-Sharing URL - democrat, Illegal Immigrant,Charged With Murder Was Previously Detained via @nataliejohnsonn @DailySignalBill launched to halt refugee resettlement via @worldnetdailyNo better day than today to Celebrate #Jeremiah and the FACT that the #IrishFamine was indeed Genocide! @EDinCali
Retweeted by Ed
@lemonchronicle what do you expect from a company that had Hillary on its board of directors@jrg0569 many bad ones have left too,taking their state pensions and moving to more affordable, less taxed states to californicate them@EDinCali the sad thing is there won't be a Deukmajian and Wilson to try to unscrew the mess. Too many good Californians have bailed out.
Retweeted by Ed Ironically for Jerry brown and Calif the state is in flames/ running out of water, directly from policies he embraced his 1st 2 termsHe craves the white hot spotlight-Chafee: I’m Betting Joe Biden Will Enter 2016 Race Perino: Upcoming Benghazi Movie Could Spell Trouble for Hillary Martin Dempsey Sings Old Irish Ditty Californias water shortage is a direct result of far left environmentalist rule over past decades@EDinCali Burned by their own Flawed Doctrine & Agendas
Retweeted by Ed It's called Quid Pro Quo in Rio Linda-: After Hillary State Dept. Helped UBS, Swiss Bank Donated to Clinton Found’n will burn due to decades of far left environmentalism turning the lands into brush choked, diseased tinder boxes...So unnecessary@DWCDroneGuy Yes but that was not going to happen if he complied with orders...No need to go round and round on this I know what you meanBecause todays democrats ARE socialists!-Wasserman-Schultz Struggles Differentiating Democrats and Socialists Go back to my 1st statement, then none of this is necessaryCarefully Scripted-Hillary Clinton’s Cuban ghosts via @POLITICOMore lunacy from the left-GOP Tries To Block This Outrageous Change to the Citizenship Oath via @sharethis@DWCDroneGuy What would the outcome be if the man complied with the cops orders?Until you are the one who has to pay-Ben Carson: ‘I Used to Be a Flaming Liberal’ via @genevievewood @DailySignalLawless Administration-Boom: A Federal Judge Just Issued A Powerful Threat That Could Doom Lois Lerner in Headlights-DNC Chair Grilled on MSNBC: 'What's the Difference Between a Democrat and a Soc... via @theblazeChurch sticking its nose into politics, why are they tax exempt?-Cardinal Dolan slams Trump’s anti-immigrant stance Republicans Like These....Who Needs Democrats? These admin wants more than $18,113,000,000,000.00 debt via @worldnetdailyA much ignored hard truth, no matter what color or race you are:Obey the lawful orders of the police officer if you dont want to get shot@IrishCentral @EDinCali You're on the national news here lads, #BankingInquiry #Anglo #Drum
Retweeted by Ed
Looking at the trophy animals the lion killing dentist is posing with..I wonder how many of them were killed at the edge of sanctuaries@Matwork21 because your state like others is getting californicated by obama@phippsjm its the canary in the mineshaftSocialisms endgame~If You Care About California, Then You Should Care About Salinas--Heartland of Poverty Jury Tells Costa Contra County to Attack State Pension Laws! A large % of those on entitlements never paid a penny into them!
Retweeted by Ed What an antidote for the years of obfuscation corruption to have Trey Gowdy be the Attorney GeneralDonald Trump said his Attorney General would be Trey GowdyWhy Obama is the Leading Sponsor of Terrorism @regisgiles #girlsjustwannahaveguns via @regisgilesCecile Versus Cecil: One is the World's Top Predator, The Other is a Lion campaign reportedly growing edgy over possible Biden run | REVEALS HIS PICK FOR AG: Liberals Will Hate This... ⋆ Doug Giles ⋆ #ClashDaily via @Doug_GilesAnother day, Another Illegal Immigrant Raping And Murdering; Feds Said To Release Him via @sharethisHillary Clinton Strongly Defends Planned Parenthood and Cites Nuance on Glass-Steagall via @NYTPoliticsTurkey Using Its Unpopular Bombing Raids on ISIS as Cover to Kill Iraqi Kurds via @joewmillerWeaponized govt against political foes-Contempt Warning: Federal Judge Threatens to Hold IRS Chief in Contempt Obama Knows Iran Will Use Its Nukes on Israel via @joewmillerAlways believe the opposite-CBS’ Brennan: Obama Admin Denies Connection Between Pollard Release, Nuke Deal and those who are here legallyThe biggest genocide being committed today is Planned Parenthoods slaughter of black infants...Democrat Party is tied to PP at the hipRand Paul on Planned Parenthood Expose: Black Communities ‘Horrified’ most efficient way to raise minimum wage without govt mandate? Only US Citizens allowed to work in our countryLiars At W.H. Praise Clinton’s ‘Commitment’ to Transparency in E-mail Scandal"Voter Suppression" by democrats-Newly Uncovered Lerner E-mails Prove Obama IRS Targeted Conservative Groups like the new upgrades twitter has madeFallon: Tom Brady Should’ve Asked Hillary’s Help Before Destroying His Phone as his numbers go down-Rubio: Polls Are Completely Irrelevant The Romans would add a few snakes and an ape
Facial expressions of proven liars vs @CecileRichards. See the difference? Me either! #DefundPP #PPSellsBabyParts
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Great job, can we get the same journalism on the Clinton emails and her foundation donors? *crickets*
Retweeted by Ed Reporters dug deep to find that the guy who shot Cecil the lion...donated 5k to the Romney presidential campaign@VanityResearch I agree13 Things You Should Know About the Man Who Wants to Oust John Boehner via @nataliejohnsonn @DailySignalDemocratic Lawmaker: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Should Be in Front of Planned Parenthoods @DailySignal🇺🇸Libtards, RINOs, @USChamber, @AZChamber versus Conservatives, to violate our Constitution & extend their power🇺🇸
Retweeted by Ed Evidently a "smidgen" of proof of corruption has been uncovered by Judicial Watch in the Lois Lerner IRS email scandalNaked prey w Cornell wildeBOOM: 10 Million Kenyans Deliver Brutal Message To Obama... Do Not "Push Us" via @conserv_tribune
Retweeted by Ed Worlds Apart on Kathryn Steinle: When Political Opportunism Reigns Supreme! Hillary gets the benefit of the doubt with her emails server but Tom Brady does not #deflategate #benghazi
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